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Video $163 Chipotle Burrito Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD
14:51   |   02/22/2019 at 22:37


  • - How expensive can Chipotle get?
  • - Let's talk about that.
  • (alarm rings) (playful theme music)
  • (fire blasts)
  • Good Mythical Morning.
  • - And good Mythical news.
  • The fall Tour of Mythicality's coming to Toronto,
  • New Jersey, and Connecticut on November 8th, 9th, and 10th,
  • so get your tickets now at
  • - But right now, Rhett and I have something that we are
  • very excited to show you.
  • (burrito thumps)
  • Our go-to Chipotle orders.
  • I like to do a classic burrito con guacamole.
  • - And I like to get a little crazy by doing
  • three different tacos, one carnitas, and one barbacoa.
  • And we have these for good reason.
  • That reason is today we are finally making
  • all of our wildest Chipotle dreams come true
  • as we step inside a fantasy land to build the fanciest
  • and potentially most expensive Chipotle meals
  • the world has ever seen.
  • - Oh yeah, that's right.
  • It's the same fantasy land that brought us
  • the fancy Taco Bell Cruchwrap Supreme,
  • the fancy Big Mac, the fancy Chick-fil-A sandwich,
  • and the fancy McGriddle.
  • Join us in the Mythical kitchen, won't you?
  • It's time for Fancy Fast Food: Chipotle Edition.
  • Hello Josh.
  • - You're still here in the Mythical kitchen.
  • Do you ever leave?
  • - The doors were locked last night
  • so I kinda just slept here.
  • - All right, so you've got all the super fancy versions
  • of the ingredients.
  • - We have a flour tortilla from Burritos La Palma,
  • and then we have Masienda red corn fried taco shells.
  • And then of course we have chips
  • and those are dusted with a little bit of Jamaica salt.
  • - Ha-mica.
  • - For Micah.
  • - We're also getting cheese, so what we have here is
  • Vella Dry Jack and then this is called Quicke's goat cheddar
  • and then of course creme fraiche 'cause like,
  • it's just fancy sour cream.
  • Instead of using pinto and black beans,
  • we're using Mayocoba beans.
  • - Oh I'm familiar.
  • - Yeah? - I'm the bean man.
  • - I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to assume.
  • And then for the rice, we're doing morel, oat,
  • barrel, aged, Charleston long rice.
  • And then we have extra fancy bay laurel.
  • - And it literally says--
  • - [Together] Extra fancy!
  • - And then we need a ton of vegetables.
  • I actually drove up about 200 miles to San Miguel
  • where I actually dug up that onion myself.
  • - Did you log your miles?
  • - I don't know what that means so no, I suppose not.
  • - [Rhett And Link] Good.
  • - And the most important part is gonna be all of our meats,
  • starting here, this is gonna be for our barbacoa,
  • we're using American Wagyu short rib.
  • Instead of doing chicken, we're gonna do duck.
  • - Water chicken.
  • - Fancy.
  • If you can afford waterfront property as a bird,
  • then you're fancy.
  • This is pork shoulder from Iowa Swabian Hall,
  • which is a breed of pig that an engineer actually revived
  • and it was thought to have gone extinct in the 1800s
  • due to German feudal politics.
  • - They Jurassic Parked a pig?
  • - They Jurassic Parked a pig.
  • (Rhett whacking hand) It's a cross-breed
  • between the Chinese Meishan hog and the Russian wild boar,
  • the fattiest pig in the world
  • and the most muscular pig in the world.
  • - Gosh, you're a genius, Josh! - Thank you.
  • And then so the fanciest meat that we have in all of this
  • is gonna be our grilled steak.
  • So this is imported Japanese A5 Kobe Wagyu rib calf,
  • and we even have the certificate of authenticity
  • that came with the cow.
  • - You didn't print that out, did you?
  • - No, I didn't.
  • I framed it myself, that's why it's crooked.
  • All right so we're gonna cook this duck breast first.
  • We're gonna cold smoke this.
  • - Yeah!
  • - [Josh] So if you just drop that right there.
  • - Okay, so we're making like a duck breast aquarium?
  • - That's exactly we're doing, it's more of a terrarium.
  • - Terrarium. - Just dump most of them
  • on the table, that's perfect.
  • (Rhett and Link muttering over each other)
  • - I can light fire!
  • I can't use bags, man, but I can use fire.
  • - That's fine, no you guys just fight among yourselves.
  • That's cool.
  • - You just disqualified yourself.
  • - That's great. - You can hold the smoky,
  • limp side, okay? - Fine.
  • - [Josh] And then you just hit the button right now
  • and you'll actually see smoke start to fill this.
  • (button clicks)
  • - Look at that. - Don't do that!
  • - Don't do that!
  • - [Link] It's full, it's full.
  • - So we can kinda let that sit
  • and then you guys ready to sous vide?
  • - [Link] It looks like a printer.
  • - It would probably not work if it was a printer.
  • That's all I'm gonna say. - Switch this to operate.
  • - We're gonna have to call IT.
  • - It should just go (makes sucking sound).
  • - Let's do a countdown from seven to five.
  • - Great.
  • - [Together] Seven, six, five!
  • (machine whirring)
  • - [Link] Whoa.
  • - Let it go.
  • That's all it does.
  • I didn't know if you were expecting more.
  • - Alexa, what is 25 centimeters in Fahrenheit?
  • - Alexa, tell me a joke.
  • - Okay, Google, cook duck.
  • - So this is a Nova.
  • It's like Alexa's more functional cousin.
  • It cooks things at a very steady temperature,
  • so we're gonna do up to 150 degrees.
  • We're gonna leave it in there for about 12 hours.
  • I hope you guys brought your sleeping bags
  • 'cause it's gonna be a long night.
  • - Whoo! - Whoo!
  • I can't believe we just watched the entire director's cut
  • of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • - And 23 minutes of Eyes Wide Shut.
  • - Now our duck's done, so the last step.
  • - Nope!
  • - Well it's been cooking in the bag for a long time.
  • And so what we need to do is just cut that open.
  • All you're gonna do is putting it into
  • a screaming hot cast iron
  • and that's just gonna crisp up the skin.
  • We gonna let this cook for like two minutes
  • and then we got fancy chicken.
  • - What are we gonna watch in two minutes?
  • - So a lot of people do a lot of funky stuff with carnitas.
  • I like two ingredients: pork and more pork.
  • - Oh.
  • - And so we're just gonna add that pork
  • to this melted pork fat right here.
  • See it's all just kinda lardy.
  • - [Link] Pork on pork on pork.
  • - Great, so we're just gonna let this hang out
  • for six hours. - Six hours?
  • - Yeah.
  • - Man. - Whoo!
  • - Can't believe we just watched Dances With Wolves twice.
  • - So we got a season up these short ribs.
  • It's gonna turn into a barbacoa.
  • So Link I have a fun task for you specifically.
  • So here's garlic right?
  • - Hey hey hey! - This is called
  • the ring the bell method.
  • What you're gonna do is you're gonna put another bowl
  • on top of this bowl. - Okay.
  • - And you're gonna hold it tight.
  • - Hold it tight. - And then you're gonna
  • shake it as hard as you can
  • and it should dislodge all the garlic.
  • (pans clanging softly)
  • That's, as hard as you can-- (pans clanging rapidly)
  • - Yeah!
  • Tatonka!
  • (Josh yells)
  • How's my hair?
  • - So yeah, Rhett, if you just wanna cook those
  • face down in this pan.
  • Awesome, we need to impart some sort
  • of smoky flavor to it, right.
  • What we're gonna use is Laphroaig Scotch.
  • It's known as the peatiest, smokiest brand
  • of mainstream Scotch. (cork pops)
  • - Okay.
  • (Rhett groans gruffly)
  • Oh, where does this go, on that?
  • - If you're ready to do it, I'm ready to do it.
  • I just have a glove and you should--
  • - What do you mean, ready to do it?
  • - Well I don't know-- - There's gonna be fire.
  • You wanna do this? - That's the point.
  • - Oh no, I definitely don't wanna do this.
  • - [Rhett] Okay good.
  • (meat sizzles)
  • - Holy moly! - There we go.
  • And we're fine, and we're fine.
  • We're calm and we're fine and this is just gonna burn off,
  • and no one got hurt.
  • Link, you're gonna toss in the garlic cloves.
  • - Oh yeah, just whole?
  • - Yeah, just whole.
  • We're gonna put some water in there, cover it up,
  • put it in the oven and we got about eight hours.
  • (sighing)
  • - I can't believe we just watched the YouTube video,
  • how to crochet an autumn poncho for a dog 9.6 times.
  • - [Woman] This is the finished product.
  • - Yeah, if I watch it one more time, I think I'll have it.
  • - So we have our A5 Wagyu rib calf right here.
  • It's cut pretty thin so all we wanna do
  • is get like a super hard sear on it.
  • We need to season it first, so we have here--
  • - Be gentle with your meat, man.
  • - It's called Sal de Gusano.
  • You guys wanna try this real fast?
  • - Whoa!
  • - It's really great, so what they do is they take
  • the agave worm-- - This is a worm?
  • With salt? - Well it's a worm with salt.
  • It's called Sal de Gusano, it's super delicious.
  • It's smoky, it's gonna add a nice smokiness to our beef.
  • - Whoo!
  • It is smoky.
  • - If you just rub it in a little bit with your hands,
  • it'll start to melt the salt into the fat.
  • And then if you just lay that salt side down,
  • and we're working against the clock.
  • So do it fast, so it fast.
  • That's beautiful.
  • All right, pull it out.
  • - Now, he says, now, now!
  • Oh yeah.
  • (gentle music)
  • - [Josh] All right then we're just gonna keep that up.
  • - [Rhett] What is this, Ghost?
  • - What are we doing?
  • - Just say, "I love you."
  • - I love you.
  • - Ditto.
  • - Ditto ditto.
  • - So most people use like a smoked pork product
  • in their beans but I figure since we have
  • so much of this delicious Kobe beef fat--
  • - Let's use this again?
  • - That Link seems to really love.
  • Just kinda blow smoke at that beef fat.
  • I already smoked it earlier today, so whatever you do to it
  • is just for fun and know that it's futile
  • and also a metaphor for this entire process.
  • - All right we're good.
  • - [Josh] Put this beef into this pot.
  • - [Link] Smoky smoky.
  • - Okay, can I just say that beans are kinda sacred
  • to me and I kinda just would like to do this on my own.
  • If you guys could just support me in this.
  • - Yeah, absolutely, anything you need.
  • (suspenseful music)
  • (Rhett chuckles and grunts) - That's good.
  • - It's a little too smoky.
  • You usually don't have the smoke, it's so gray.
  • (martial arts grunting)
  • (sighs)
  • - Okay, now we'll just wait about 45 minutes
  • and the beans should be done.
  • - Okay.
  • I can't believe we're still doing this joke.
  • - Yeah, let's drop it.
  • - So we're gonna add the chilies to the pan right now
  • and then what you guys are gonna do is
  • you're gonna blow torch them.
  • - [Link] Fire!
  • The pepper!
  • - This is not a two-man job!
  • - [Rhett] You getting tired?
  • Let go, let go, let go!
  • - Yeah those are looking pretty good.
  • (mixer whirring)
  • - [Rhett] Stop!
  • - Salsa time!
  • So how is our guacamole gonna be more fancy?
  • - We're gonna use a super traditional molcajete,
  • that then which you actually, instead of dicing and mixing,
  • you're actually gonna kinda smash the onions.
  • Great and so there's no wrong way to do it.
  • - [Link] What is the secret to guacamole tasting so good?
  • - I think it's the right salt levels.
  • My Spanish teacher in college once told me,
  • "Kissing a man without a mustache is like
  • "eating an avocado without salt."
  • - Wow.
  • - We should taste this.
  • (gentle music)
  • (Josh chuckles)
  • - Needs more mustache.
  • All right.
  • Let's assemble.
  • - Well at Chipotle you usually don't make your own.
  • - Welcome to Joshpotle, how may I help you?
  • - I'll take a burrito with fancy white rice,
  • fancy black beans, fancy steak.
  • And I will take the blistered
  • shishito pepper fajita veggies.
  • You know what, throw on some medium salsa,
  • and I'll take guacamole.
  • I know it's extra.
  • I don't care if it's extra, I love it that much.
  • - Okay.
  • - Let's see how his roll job is.
  • Can you wear gloves?
  • - No, I cannot wear gloves.
  • - Wow, he's really good at this.
  • - Only the best at Joshpotle.
  • (burrito thumps)
  • Thanks.
  • - I would like the taco trio.
  • One barbacoa, one duck, and one carnitas.
  • I'd like a little of the light colored beans as well.
  • Is this as fun for you as it is for me?
  • - Is it zero fun for you?
  • - Maybe mild, medium and hot.
  • Just kinda run the gamut on the sauce, yeah.
  • Oh gosh.
  • How hot is that?
  • - [Josh] Uh.
  • - Okay, and then a little sour cream, yeah.
  • And some cheese.
  • - And lettuce? - No lettuce.
  • But how about a side of chips and guac?
  • - All right, you two paying together, or?
  • - Uh no, I'm not paying for him.
  • - He just kinda left.
  • (acoustic music)
  • - Okay, let's taste these incredibly
  • fancy versions of Chipotle.
  • - Yes.
  • - Can I join?
  • - Of course, Josh!
  • - Oh, you wanna be part of this, Josh?
  • - Yeah come on-- - Kinda, if you don't mind.
  • - Come on in, we would love to have you.
  • - No problem! - Thank you.
  • - Belly up to the desk, buddy.
  • All right, and let's reveal this amazing burrito.
  • Oh my goodness, look at that.
  • So put it on this and cut it open
  • so we get a nice cross-section.
  • So there's a knife there.
  • (Rhett chuckles)
  • - You don't have touch that.
  • - Josh, you do the honors.
  • - [Rhett] Mm.
  • - There it is.
  • Boof.
  • Look at that.
  • - [Rhett] That's beautiful, Josh.
  • - Thank you.
  • - Now what is this gonna run us?
  • - So all total it's $163.19.
  • - That's a bargain!
  • - And how much are the tacos and chips and guac?
  • - That's $104 even.
  • - $104. - Yeah.
  • - I'm gonna enjoy it then.
  • - Let's taste it and see if it's worth it.
  • But we should compare it to the Chipotle version.
  • - The expensive one is much more colorful,
  • on both counts, I mean, this almost looks sad.
  • - This is a lot of rice. - That's all rice.
  • - It's all rice.
  • - That's where they make their money.
  • - All right Link, take a bite of your fancy burrito.
  • I'll let you come to some conclusions
  • and then I'll start eating my tacos.
  • Oh gosh, you inhaled a lot during that bite.
  • - That freaking steak, man,
  • is breaking my heart, it's so good.
  • - Okay I'm going in for the duck.
  • (taco crunches)
  • - This is so right.
  • - Now I'm going in for the--
  • - You got a little on your beard.
  • - Barbacoa.
  • - Man, you got a three-for-one over there.
  • - And now I'm going in.
  • (Josh and Link chuckle)
  • No, that was the carnitas.
  • Now the barbacoa.
  • - Got a little on your face where you--
  • - Josh, I wanna kiss you right now.
  • Probably won't.
  • - Thank you.
  • - Lean in. - 'Cause I just
  • ate three tacos.
  • - I know, but I want to experience what you're experiencing.
  • (gentle music)
  • - I'm gonna taste this other burrito,
  • but that's just sad.
  • - You know what, you can experience it.
  • Take the back side of those tacos, man.
  • Fruit of your labor, now, just because we need
  • to do the comparison, I am gonna grab one of these
  • sad original Chipotle--
  • - I mean I've bitten the Chipotle burrito
  • and it is so much rice that it's just not right.
  • But this?
  • Oh my gosh.
  • You gotta taste this burrito, Rhett.
  • Give me the best taco.
  • Taste this burrito and tell me this isn't
  • the best steak burrito, maybe the best burrito
  • you've ever tasted.
  • You know what, you're gonna have to eat after one of us.
  • You can eat from that end.
  • - Okay.
  • - Well if you don't wanna eat after me.
  • I wanna keep eating that.
  • - No, I'll honor it.
  • - I want you to-- - It tastes so good,
  • it feels like it should be wrong.
  • - I feel emotional.
  • - I feel shame.
  • - There's no shame about this.
  • - Guys, we did it.
  • We somehow made the expense justified by the taste.
  • - Oh so you'd pay $163 every time for that.
  • - Definitely.
  • - I think I might pay $104 for this.
  • Josh, you're a magic man.
  • - Thank you.
  • (gentle music)
  • - Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing.
  • - You know what time it is.
  • - Hi, we're Mythical Beasts from Lithuania, Robertus--
  • - And Laura.
  • - And we're here at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.
  • - And it's time to--
  • - [Both] Spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
  • - Largest private residence
  • in the continental United States.
  • - I would love to just take a private tour.
  • Hit me up.
  • Click the top link to watch us use
  • our fancy scraps to make fancy Chipotle nachos
  • in Good Mythical More.
  • - Nacho!
  • And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land.
  • - [Rhett] Having a naked phone is embarrassing.
  • But you can avoid that by popping into
  • and buying some of our popsockets.

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We joined Mythical Chef Josh in the kitchen to bring a $163 Chipotle Burrito to life, and give our personal orders the fancy fast food treatment.  GMM #1381

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