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  • all right we just got to Manchester I
  • just found out that there is a Taco Bell
  • literally a few miles away from where
  • we're staying now I have never tried
  • Taco Bell in a foreign country before
  • I'm a little nervous I'm a little scared
  • so we're gonna go I'm probably can order
  • the whole menu and then me and some of
  • my employees are just gonna grub and
  • just see what the menu tastes like I
  • don't know what is about to happen by
  • the way I know I met a drinker at all
  • but this hotel I'm like look at this
  • pink moment I kind of wanna pretend they
  • did this for me but let's be honest they
  • didn't so before we can go into Taco
  • Bell I was looking through some of these
  • things so in here you guys there is
  • romantic essentials like rings and
  • things that we're not gonna show to get
  • demonetised but um a good appetizer
  • before Taco Bell let's get into the car
  • and let's see what this UK Taco Bell
  • looks like I'm scared
  • [Music]
  • okay first of all are we hungry starving
  • hungry I don't know what is about to
  • happen I've heard sometimes fast food in
  • other countries aren't good we know that
  • McDonald's is good that's our go-to
  • that's our go-to like every other
  • country it's like healthier than America
  • but here I heard the menu isn't just
  • great there's like half the stuff I
  • didn't know yeah so we'll see what
  • happens
  • I've never been to talk about overseas
  • I've been to a million McDonald's like
  • Germany Singapore everywhere and they
  • always taste good
  • where's this I'm a little scared Oh what
  • oh my god it's hair we're like seeing a
  • monument it's a national monument
  • oh my god the naked chicken tacos on
  • brighten up the window I'm gagging okay
  • no one cares about cardi and Louie
  • Vuitton anymore at Taco Bell when this
  • is the highlight of your vacation
  • which is
  • we found the Holy Grail
  • [Music]
  • so we've never had talked about
  • reporter okay Lacey - that is California
  • yeah so uh plain cheese quesadilla it is
  • to go nice package of everything to go
  • please that was extra cheese please
  • do you have fun that like in America or
  • no it's like
  • just totally lame yeah I'm boring okay
  • and then let's get a big Bell box
  • chicken funky
  • fries and nachos just like the emotions
  • check in please the chairs up to the
  • outside
  • crunching so many good options here all
  • right what's a pepsi max like all new
  • I'm gonna kayo I'm just gonna try it
  • okay we'll do our Crunchwrap supreme
  • by itself you do to this pinch well yeah
  • we shot a movie for sure
  • beep of a shoe
  • she tried making
  • we'll do a volcano burrito
  • [Music]
  • I got that quesadilla
  • yeah
  • so in this country they have a normal
  • portion size drinks in America this
  • would be extra small but here this is a
  • new portable side
  • so we're gonna do a little taste test
  • and we have Pepsi Max here okay
  • [Music]
  • Oh lookit in this country just says poll
  • Wow
  • America you're so far behind I'm bored
  • of the old okay
  • pull she is like a condom wrapper love
  • that
  • no it tastes like diet oh my god oh my
  • god how does another cup
  • Jana's pour it out Pepsi Max it's
  • literally straight-up diet my tongue is
  • not happy
  • so do
  • we get the TV the cherry knocks hi I'm
  • scared to know what is this orange angle
  • let's try it
  • [Music]
  • guys I think I'm just gonna have water
  • at the hotel okay and then I oh I
  • I hope my hope doesn't set up the food
  • because there's no more drinks here
  • that's so weird crazy ah
  • okay 65 pounds and 68 cents not that bad
  • but in America probably a little more
  • expensive by girl the soda I don't
  • understand you
  • yeah
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • alright guys let's just lay out all the
  • food we got so much oh my God look
  • there's so many quesadillas we might
  • need like ten tables
  • look guys established 1962 California
  • yeah that's hurt anyone what is all this
  • this is epic
  • alright so I am here with some of the
  • jeffree star cosmetics employees we are
  • a full team and we travel together to
  • make all their conventions and events
  • happen together so we have Dane Dana and
  • of course you guys know Madison by now
  • and you know her throat very well we're
  • going to Anna CJ right now yeah let's do
  • it
  • okay so I know what to try first we dive
  • and guys let's just grab food be messy
  • of your mouth man really I wish you were
  • here honey everyone I talked about was
  • like where is she oh I want to try to
  • keep the D up should we right now what
  • is that pork okay why don't you guys try
  • that oh my god these are the chocolate
  • things I was like what is with that you
  • ordered a marshmallow and chocolate yes
  • and they don't have them in LA I'm sure
  • or in America really I've never seen it
  • okay we'll try those in a second it's
  • not it's not bad okay that's fine grab a
  • fryer Oh where's the name is they're
  • dipping oh they're good they're like the
  • loaded ones I think what's the white
  • stuff that's our cream cheese right it's
  • good without sauce I know the meat the
  • meat before we eat we have to try these
  • freezies oh yeah so we had strawberry
  • and lemon because he any wasn't gonna
  • flavor it up okay okay ready
  • cheers Cheers oh wow that's lemony hmm
  • very tart
  • yeah it's real jerk I try it it's good
  • me to go it's like that syrupy like
  • maybe needs to be blended a little more
  • I'm not sure all right
  • do you like lemon or no mmm really is
  • really tart I like lemonade yeah
  • [Music]
  • this is like a warhead oh my god Nate
  • would love that
  • yes massage - sorry for me I don't know
  • CL chick take a bite rip open something
  • sort of a point
  • it's the crispy chicken one oh my God
  • look at that oh okay I would never do
  • I'm really neat this it's really spicy
  • I'm so scared I'm the pickiest eater
  • okay raptor passes down the line okay
  • I'm proud of it
  • what is that hot but yeah still still
  • with the beef Danes never had a
  • Crunchwrap Wyatt
  • literally what I get only no oh my god
  • we're not home I'm so sorry
  • what is this you guys that's a great rap
  • I thought I was like yes it is okay well
  • are we trying to get free shipping to
  • the new space we also have the big Bell
  • box
  • all there's like things in here more
  • fries okay okay wait you Venus tragic
  • Crunchwrap supreme
  • yeah for the first time ever we got to
  • get a real person for instance here we
  • go I don't know what to compare it to I
  • [Music]
  • don't know what normally comes in them
  • but a bunch of deliciousness okay I'm
  • into it give me the fire sauce just take
  • more of each mmm-hmm okay now we all
  • know I'm not into condiments I hate that
  • word all this little thing these two huh
  • you know you want me
  • this is ketchup hey how hot are we I
  • like reading some my own voice take a
  • chance on me on here
  • okay we're fully censored let's bite in
  • oh I can't you know about damn tomatoes
  • that's for you guys oh yeah it's a lot
  • the show looks stunning like it's a gown
  • Wow
  • okay besides eating you guys we're here
  • in the UK and we were just in Ireland a
  • few days ago because we are here with my
  • retailer beautybay if you do not know
  • what that is in America it is very big
  • here in Europe and they sell my brand
  • and they are one of my top retailers and
  • they are epic so we have been throwing
  • some crazy events and tomorrow is our
  • Manchester event I'm so excited we have
  • a huge meet-and-greet we have a huge
  • event we have a Q&A um so I'm excited
  • good yeah it's crazy crazy okay Zach you
  • need to try the Taco Bell so give you
  • the camera all right come on aperture
  • don't tie me oh I've never been back
  • here before so my cutting focus Oh audio
  • focus
  • yeah Canon alright so what do you have
  • over there this is a volcano taco but
  • it's a vegetarian so I got the beans
  • instead of the beef okay what the Big
  • Daddy all right let's give it up first
  • impressions
  • [Music]
  • that was a good party to bite hit or
  • flop it has some kick to it
  • oh really okay let's do the inside Wow
  • okay hmm okay okay come on mess yummy
  • don't ask just put in your mouth chicken
  • yeah whoa the naked boy whoa why does
  • that look like that whoa what what is it
  • like compared to something I hate you
  • saw something it's like why me
  • yeah it's not I really only taste the
  • chicken okay here goes nothing this is
  • like freaking me out but almost looks
  • like mint and I know it's not no it's
  • like a Verde sauce yeah it has to be oh
  • I hate how it smells I can't do it mmm
  • so it's really lemony yeah I mean I
  • can't do it okay what the hall split
  • this and give it a whirl so this is the
  • marshmallow chocolate something there's
  • only one there's more okay
  • smells like a smaller type of thing but
  • not are you ready yeah
  • I mean oh no I don't think my tiny
  • marshmallow mine really where's the
  • churros I'm not living for this I think
  • it's working uh with the chocolate is
  • not like everything I think you can you
  • tell it would have been one bomb rule I
  • love you Bella okay what about this
  • guy's mr. Dresden Shiraz so we got a
  • caramel sauce guys yeah okay one two
  • cheers Cheers okay that's better
  • it was like a thang karma don't have
  • anything with my juice bars banging okay
  • since we filmed our esophagus surgery I
  • can swallow a little better for real
  • yeah I've noticed something better but I
  • can eat a little bit quicker imagine
  • when you do it again I'm scared I know
  • okay I am so full not anyone else's
  • feeling how do we feel American Taco
  • Bell versus you can talk about sounds
  • awful well let's hear everyone okay Wow
  • I don't know and they have stuff here
  • that they don't have there that I really
  • liked so yeah I don't know I'm on the
  • fence this is kind of like one of those
  • moments where when I'm reviewing two
  • foundations and I just can't decide
  • so I don't know this food was really
  • good
  • the fries in America are better the meat
  • here could be better here I don't know
  • but um all right uh time to go to Gucci
  • mama needs a new outfit I'm so glad we
  • found talk about me too god bless
  • america
  • [Music]

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm filming all the way in Manchester, UK! I think God had a plan because there is literally ONE Taco Bell location in this city and only a few stores in this entire country! But eating fast food in another countries... Will it taste the same as in America?? Today we order everything on the menu and have a giant mukbang at our hotel where a few of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics team join me for some taste testing... Find out if my stomach survived haha



+ SNAPCHAT: jeffreedahmer
+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar

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WATCH my TACOBELL MUKBANG feat. Trisha Paytas ▷



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