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Video The Secret Life of Jeffree Star
30:09   |   02/23/2019 at 22:59


  • okay so before we get started with the
  • finale I am so excited to tell you guys
  • that once again we got a sponsor and
  • it's the perfect sponsor for today's
  • episode because today is all about
  • Geoffrey coming into my world and
  • meeting new friends and hanging out with
  • us for the first time which is something
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  • match so quick match is a new addicting
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  • you can also text them or voice call
  • that or send them pictures or emojis so
  • you can play with your current friends
  • and you can also make new friends and if
  • you want to play with me my code is
  • eight - eight seven - can I force my
  • favorite game so so thank you so much
  • quick match for sponsoring this video it
  • means a lot to me guys please make sure
  • to go download it I'll put at the top of
  • the description below it's also
  • available on iOS and Android and there's
  • new games being added there all right
  • enjoy part one of the two-part finale
  • dear diary I wish there's more than two
  • genders because I'm getting really bored
  • I didn't know that you were gonna holy
  • shit
  • you've never talked about this no they
  • don't want people to use it against me
  • I don't want those past experiences to
  • ruin you know I don't want you to
  • distance yourself completely from like
  • everybody cuz you're afraid of getting
  • hurt and that's what's been happening ya
  • know
  • okay so yesterday I switch lives with
  • Jeffery starter which turned out to be
  • one of the most inspirational
  • experiences of my life
  • seeing somebody take literally nothing
  • and turn it into a company that makes
  • hundreds of millions of dollars and they
  • don't even talk about it publicly like
  • the whole experience was really
  • motivating so instead of having Jeffery
  • become me today I wanted to switch
  • things I want to take Jeffery to his
  • past I don't know what his reactions
  • gonna be but I think it's gonna be
  • really cool to see that and to see how
  • far he's come
  • also he's gonna be taking us to his
  • makeup lab which is where they make all
  • the make of it nobody's ever seen it
  • before and he also just wants to meet my
  • friends so everybody's coming over we're
  • getting ready I'm freaking out I put on
  • my Gucci's which I'm really scared I'm
  • gonna start wearing an ironically if I
  • do please unsubscribe
  • alright Jeffrey's coming over I have to
  • hide everything from Target Oh God
  • okay I just have to hide this house okay
  • [Music]
  • okay I don't have time to explain me
  • what do they become right in the Gucci
  • never mind you're already in it yeah put
  • on this jumpsuit what is this no oh here
  • we go are you wearing the diamonds okay
  • okay Garrett come on are you ready come
  • on reveal
  • we need to work on walk start them
  • inside that room and come on out like
  • you have somebody to fire say something
  • scandalous but apologize right away okay
  • I'll say something really controversial
  • [Music]
  • excuse me just this once
  • I've got something to say your shoes are
  • expensive they might not clean it before
  • I get started explain what's happening
  • today Garrett take that track suit off
  • that's it really gee that's a fake I see
  • one I didn't turn the gooc inside out oh
  • oh my god laughter this way the turns
  • out people who like oh it's real and oh
  • it's xxx
  • okay Jeffrey just texted me saying that
  • he's pulling in should we go outside and
  • wait for him yeah probably I hear a
  • really wait how do I look but you can
  • hear gently coming like this literally
  • do you hear it yes it's saying money
  • money money money money money
  • oh my god clearly like chester the
  • cheeto cheetahs coming seriously cheesey
  • but a lot more expensive
  • [Music]
  • I work my Houdini for you my kuchi hello
  • I'm broke coming up the hill
  • oh yeah it's a really dress down but
  • they'll make up and be like
  • down-to-earth what happened I thought
  • you're lying I brought a change of
  • clothes for later wait really
  • yeah like what Sunday more just another
  • tracksuit eventually wealthy people okay
  • okay we actually no I don't there we go
  • [Music]
  • you see it's covered in dog hair which
  • is we have the same couch I actually
  • think we kind of do minds from living
  • spaces my joy living spaces oh yeah it's
  • like one oh my god it's not the only
  • things I didn't rid of yet
  • [Music]
  • you have 100 pinball machines I am a
  • broken mariokart except for your nice
  • honestly renewing okay we actually need
  • weight no seriously though yes
  • are you a really funny I'm just gonna
  • stand I'm a picture and say making you
  • think this tomorrow
  • wait I'm gonna fucking suck your dick
  • sorry oh I don't know if I can get hard
  • this is a pinball video game wizard he
  • can fix anything
  • perfect so that was for the cat
  • but then the Gucci took over I'm antsy
  • one item no one GU Sharon I'm always
  • keep the box like it's extra special
  • what's on the agenda for today okay so
  • here's what we're doing so first we're
  • gonna show us oh my god oh wait no
  • you're gonna be poor okay that's the
  • video
  • another world collide okay so we're
  • going to the makeup louse so decided
  • they're actually currently running one
  • of my palettes right now so we can see
  • the whole process unfold now you told me
  • yesterday that like there's some rules
  • that we need to talk about yeah okay so
  • the rules are we just have to be very
  • respectful I never tell people how to
  • act ever because people try to do that
  • to me like okay Tony ah jokes but
  • they're just like very like you know
  • ride-or-die so I never like fuck around
  • with that or do anything like weird
  • they're just like they're hustle and
  • kill it for me and well so basically
  • like we can't we can't like put our
  • fingers and things no interesting
  • there's a bin though for things that are
  • like scratched or they don't press
  • correctly you can like the play
  • [Music]
  • Oh do it what is happening I'm just
  • letting you know it's an option if I
  • option I mean you have to do it can you
  • put a side-by-side in video right now me
  • and then me and then have me going why
  • um I got three compared to him but let's
  • go alright I don't want any of Shane's
  • neighbors to steal anything from my car
  • so I'm just gonna put the top up okay
  • put the top
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • nothing like our lives
  • I didn't know that Garrett was raised
  • Mormon until five seconds ago so he kind
  • of side with my beliefs of being with
  • several people at once but in combat
  • wait is that a Mormon thing or cheese
  • away what you talking about
  • I just mean like being married to more
  • than one person I know it's not legal in
  • most states but just the idea of it like
  • you want Garrett to join the family
  • exactly this is the terrain Garrett's
  • car
  • that one takes so much work what would
  • you do like you need to get here to make
  • over I like so what would you do where
  • would you start
  • bingo
  • Jeffrey quick question where the fuck
  • are we
  • this is like an abandoned like what the
  • hell stop don't touch on people's
  • lifestyles yeah because you drive crazy
  • when I hear about Slurpees I'm gonna get
  • three rice krispies treats I love rice
  • krispies treat oh really close all the
  • way oh my god miss me were there
  • this is tattoo shop up there we can
  • finally do Shane's first tattoo wait
  • okay we're at 7-eleven are you going to
  • 7-eleven yeah I honestly want to Slurpee
  • I love sweets you know that and I need
  • candy
  • [Music]
  • we have wild cherry oh sorry I got
  • excited I mean lower tolerance can't
  • relate okay where's the cuffs Garrett
  • help me I'm helpless
  • because I've ever seen Thank You Shane
  • $2.99 what
  • I need oh my god that over closed I mean
  • look at that
  • get me a software flare flare bomb
  • Garret juzd napkins Eric Jeffrey always
  • shoot napkins
  • imagine the thought I'm going home come
  • on
  • yay dinner okay we're sorry get some air
  • [Music]
  • I'm dying okay let's go
  • [Music]
  • we got the air beds of Slurpee cups I'm
  • so happy right now you're welcome
  • wait oh my god wait is this it what the
  • fuck like every video there's like a
  • whole industrial area this is what I
  • can't look at this shit
  • we're are we who you want some concrete
  • okay this is real
  • [Music]
  • yeah so this is mrs. Ryland mrs. Garrett
  • there was an outbreak everyone has to
  • wear a beard net if you get a beard and
  • a hair net okay very beard is a little
  • long yeah we just put over my whole fan
  • favorite what no just your hair baby but
  • this is mysterious right like you don't
  • - breathing anything with your nose over
  • your nose okay all right guys let's go
  • laundry
  • whoa oh my god this is like Oh Cody
  • attends they're all different parts of
  • the warehouse or this is like one of the
  • power
  • and that's a doughnut machine
  • degree sorry pearl strains always hungry
  • yeah so now we're going to the main vein
  • of the
  • oh my god
  • all right crew excellent welcome guys
  • for we're gonna make what
  • all right so take us through the process
  • shane has never been in a make up
  • backyard before
  • [Music]
  • like a movie
  • Oh
  • [Music]
  • did you steal those I found that
  • Terrence quick I'm ready to make a
  • makeup
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • no I'm ready for the next product you're
  • not just looking at like all these
  • giving like Romero that's my name
  • no I'll make let's make more more MORE
  • they're ready to roll I'm like even just
  • being in here I want to go ahead great
  • ten more big
  • [Music]
  • and here's the salad I was so excited
  • yeah wait are you filming that kinda
  • step is it billion get a review of my
  • factory makeup look I haven't seen yet
  • it looked like you had an accident
  • factory man we consume in a weird way I
  • couldn't did this lighting is so brutal
  • there we go alright so let's talk what
  • is this rumor yeah so this isn't so this
  • is actually the first room I ever
  • entered when I have my very first
  • meeting to present my ideas to the owner
  • and the creative director and we sat
  • right here and I told her my vision and
  • they don't really take on a lot of new
  • plants a lot of the time or someone
  • that's smaller so I just took a risk and
  • me full we got my vision right away and
  • they were so excited to make it all come
  • to life so this was the first place that
  • was ever here in this building so it's a
  • no sentimental moment for me so this is
  • like a pitch room yeah I'd like you
  • pitched an idea okay what if just switch
  • the roles okay now you're the CEO
  • because you are okay and maybe we should
  • pitch our make oh my god well I mean you
  • know I thought a long time ago I don't
  • know if everyone's gonna become crazy
  • but I think that you should try to
  • create a product okay me I'm making this
  • about me we have to actually pause I
  • don't know what that pigment is and you
  • don't want to do that okay all jokes
  • aside I don't know what chemicals
  • okay let's jump back in to us talking
  • about the product yes so have you ever
  • thought about ever doing something like
  • that I'd never think up thing anything
  • yeah hi okay here's the thing it's just
  • like real or is this like a bit real
  • like actually me doing some like I made
  • probably many here's the thing okay I
  • would love that because that's so fun
  • and I actually really like love this
  • shit yeah but like would people think it
  • was stupid or weird that I was gonna
  • make up like why is Shane doing that he
  • doesn't wear makeup I don't I don't
  • think so I mean it's like you're do you
  • respect makeup I give respect what I
  • mean you see what you see everything
  • what do you think about tonight I can
  • they went back to the family I
  • watchmaking only oh yeah like when you
  • see a Prada I do think a lot of
  • consumers you see if they throw the Box
  • away and they don't really appreciate it
  • not that they have to I think is I'm the
  • owner I'm Way more personal have
  • feelings involved but are they have it's
  • a whole process from the box at the
  • barcode to the you know the pants eyes
  • and although it's a whole thing so it's
  • just so fun to be creative and get crazy
  • I just know that with your brain you
  • could make something like my boys like I
  • could make like the packaging you look
  • like
  • yes yes yeah like silver and green what
  • I said it
  • wait would anybody buy that okay
  • honestly but I'm pretty good by it and
  • for the video or whatever this wasn't it
  • what the first bad once we can talk okay
  • so maybe we should pitch them Garrett
  • your life oh why do I preserve so you
  • have to know who's come sit down thank
  • you so much
  • what do you want to talk about today oh
  • I want to talk about a pallet for my
  • client Shane Dawson this is a pallet
  • based off all the emotions that he fills
  • in it's nice
  • well we don't have enough pallets okay
  • so what is like you know not doing great
  • today it's blue
  • okay I think it's very relatable okay
  • raid the others like clears which is
  • rare and it's that like I look more like
  • a limited edition oh man
  • addition moment for sure another one
  • that's called hi hi how are you I'm
  • great
  • so what's going on today so I was
  • rummaging through the okay and I was
  • thinking okay ironic right my mom okay
  • okay so I heard you got it you had an
  • idea you wanted to pitch me or tell me
  • about let me see if I can make it a
  • reality
  • okay I was thinking the palette would be
  • in the shape of a pig face okay so my
  • face
  • I thought maybe even um maybe even a
  • little
  • um no way in all seriousness though what
  • do you actually think like what do
  • people actually do they want to choke
  • but do they want pancakes or do they
  • actually want like something that looks
  • like other makers as someone that is a
  • friend and a fan of your work I'm gonna
  • tell you real man to man yeah I think it
  • would have to be actually like iconic
  • and bury you and not a joke
  • like the shade names the packaging that
  • could be fun playful and comedic but
  • like overall it needs to be like wow I
  • have you're gonna do it you gotta go on
  • the way yeah what if it was like in the
  • shape of you know an Illuminati except
  • well what if it was in the shape of
  • something kind of weird like that but I
  • had like a hypnotic went white and black
  • smile no and when you open it all this
  • everything's perfect you know I'm like
  • ready to buy it right now cause I'm sick
  • yeah
  • how long does it take to actually make
  • that um like if we started today from
  • scratch you can probably get out in six
  • or seven months well guys if you want
  • 500 part series no way I actually get to
  • say to be interesting because we could
  • make this palette and we could document
  • the process of coming up with the ideas
  • making the actual palette making the
  • marketing doing the commercial doing
  • ever okay so no one has ever shown the
  • real behind the scenes of how creative
  • product game is zero to an ID on a piece
  • of paper - it's in your hand ready to be
  • shipped no one's ever done this well we
  • should do it not only to show the whole
  • process but like I want to be honest I
  • want to show like if it fails or
  • succeeds like I want to show like the
  • launch date what is that mean to
  • everyone tour with makeup I feel like
  • right without whole thing we throw a
  • party I said it before we'll watch
  • pretty bitching all the makeup coolers
  • Oh your crew meaning you know if it
  • succeeds okay how much do you think
  • we're looking we can cut for a second
  • like there's also this 300 you're gonna
  • want to cut thanks for saying yeah
  • there's no I'm just curious so like if
  • this were successful how much do you
  • think he could make it depends on
  • everything is all about the cost of
  • goods how expensive you with the
  • packaging how good you want the formula
  • obviously we want something amazing that
  • people could actually use and enjoy and
  • want to maybe order again or just keep
  • forever the collected items so it
  • depends on how many units you could
  • easily make you know millions a day what
  • that's there's that much money in make I
  • guess there is here you make what's
  • going on yeah
  • brands never really want to tell you how
  • many units I've been very candid like
  • when we launched blood sugar we had
  • 100,000 units and they were gone and
  • instantly ten 20 minutes just like that
  • was such a big moment cuz I was my
  • biggest launch to date but I spent a lot
  • of time now I never done clasps on their
  • packaging before I think beautiful and
  • the layout was
  • yeah and they're 15 does that mean
  • though that you're running the cost of
  • the hundred thousand to be in stock so
  • you in front the cost per half and then
  • you would a later after you get it I
  • know we could do test groups like we
  • gave a bunch of like makeup buyers like
  • cage teenagers whatever like in a room
  • and movie wait that's fun we get like a
  • beauty guru to like do a tutorial but
  • not tell them that it's me and I'm gonna
  • honestly review it that's incredible I
  • think there's a table here things okay
  • well I this Factory is great it I can't
  • wait for all of that but what is our
  • next adventure where are we off to so
  • the next thing we're gonna do is going
  • to be a surprise okay um I have put
  • something together so now you're here
  • which is great but I wanted to see what
  • it was like to be you before all the
  • success oh okay so I actually reached
  • out to meet your old man Lord and I got
  • access it's got the chills
  • okay to know original apartment I mean
  • literally the number the a blow okay how
  • long has it been sitting in there sorry
  • I got goose bumps
  • um four years almost and how long do you
  • look for eight years and that was one
  • thing we're not
  • oh yeah anyway so you hit up the you've
  • got the oh yeah the old landlord is
  • amazing I love her I never paid my rent
  • late once clogged how did you get your
  • rent money all different types of ways
  • sucking fucking recording music funk it
  • into that yeah love that yes there's a
  • lot of memories there crazy cuz I took
  • the same route every morning with my dog
  • you know 3 a.m. today so we cool to like
  • walk around yeah so weird yeah walking
  • around our dogs so what we're gonna do
  • is we're gonna go look at the apartment
  • and then me and you I just want to have
  • some a long time man like a talk about
  • stuff because there is a lot of stuff I
  • haven't asked you about and then a
  • little nervous oh boy but I want to get
  • into it ok a lot of people use some of
  • the things that have happened in the
  • past
  • oh you said this or you did that because
  • you know that for me to with you
  • let's just jump it okay okay so it's all
  • about glitter and anal I can't be
  • beautiful

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