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Video The Rise of Duton Lang (1955)
06:37   |   2K+ views   |   06/21/2018 at 21:51


  • ah my friend salutations
  • perhaps you'll join me in a toast to do
  • town light do turn lane that great
  • friend of mankind never heard of it
  • - tunnel hang the chemistry genius who
  • gave to the world - Tom Mason great
  • industries were founded on the discovery
  • student gave to his fellow man he could
  • have been rich but he was content to
  • work for room and board chemical
  • research was his whole life he shunned
  • publicity preferring to live simply
  • humbly in his basement laboratory but
  • while he lived simply to live simply to
  • eat and a grateful industry insisted on
  • showing its appreciation but how by me
  • Stark
  • a nice watch do time to climb the
  • invitation to attend the presentation
  • until they convinced him there was to be
  • a banquet to the president of doot on
  • products introduced a great genius of
  • chemistry guten lang
  • with hundreds of admiring eyes upon him
  • guten rose to the occasion he said for
  • he was stuck stuck tight like a leave us
  • in a plot he tried to ignore his predict
  • but the muffled Snickers pierced deep
  • into his sensitive soul he felt
  • humiliated
  • guten paste the awful truth to almost
  • 500 pounds he just had to reduce but how
  • he couldn't give up eating he put his
  • great my he calculated compounded and
  • concocted and came up with a colorless
  • odorless tasteless concoction which when
  • sprinkled on his food caused him to lose
  • 12 pounds in a single day an amazing
  • formula called to take it off which
  • permitted one to eat as much as one
  • wanted and still the pounds fell off
  • 400 375 imagine being able to eat
  • anything and everything and continue to
  • lose weight happy day he reached his
  • goal 150 pounds to celebrate he decided
  • to go off he's done have a complete
  • dinner without one drop of dude take it
  • off then do tun became uneasy he had
  • lost 365 pounds but he was still the
  • same size losing weight by the miniature
  • was Lisa distorted funhouse mirror a
  • figment of the imagination
  • why did he suddenly feel so lightheaded
  • go on man go on
  • I got a frantic phone call from do time
  • he needed help
  • I hurried over he was airborne something
  • had to be done
  • perhaps palace would bring him down
  • desperately I grabbed anything in sight
  • nothing a miracle he was saved by the
  • birds down down town and then those
  • blasted birds to Saturday I tried and to
  • Tong Lang the greatest man in chemistry
  • sailed away into the wild blue yonder yo
  • penis you seventeen dollars and fifty
  • one sentence but Missy you got off easy
  • the last customer I told that story to
  • he stretched it out to 28 martinis Thank
  • You Monsieur
  • you

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a Freeloading Gent Spins the Tale of a Brilliant Man Who Bit Off More Than He Can Chew.
More Over, This was a Cartoon I Watched Back in My Youth, and the Nostalgia Made Me
Want to Share it with the Rest of the Youtube Populous. Enjoy!

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