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  • this is fancy today did you get real
  • pretty so I won't steal you'll know I
  • know tell them what this was your idea
  • no text message no this was Michelle's
  • idea I just wanted it would make for a
  • good no that is not what you said
  • Michelle regrets this idea I thought it
  • would be funny I said dude it's so weird
  • dating apps keep giving me your
  • boyfriend as soon as I download it's so
  • cool dumpin gross and you said the first
  • thing I thought was it would make for an
  • interesting video I hate me and I said
  • can we you said like you go on a date
  • with Matt lol I can ask him what is
  • wrong with us welcome back as you guys
  • know I took a compatibility test with
  • Michelle's boyfriend it's a long story
  • but you can go check it out it will be
  • linked in the description below if you
  • haven't seen it yet go watch that video
  • first but today since we are more
  • compatible than you and your girlfriend
  • yes we're gonna go on a date and see how
  • it goes well Michelle watches but yeah
  • how do you feel about me going on date
  • with your man you know what I could be
  • petty I could be angry I could Kia
  • Gabby's car and put you know what I'm
  • looking forward to a night of being
  • single for the first time I really want
  • to do so what's your type yeah man if
  • you like a blondes or brunettes
  • wow I love me a fit Indian thank you I
  • think my goal for the restaurant is to
  • see if I can get someone with me how
  • about you Matt how are you feeling are
  • you excited for our date I'm excited
  • this is pretty much the end of Michelle
  • and I was a relationship so Matt hasn't
  • smiled this much in a long time let's go
  • on the date yeah okay so we need to
  • decide what kind of date we're going on
  • because generally with tender dates I
  • would do
  • something more casual like a coffee or
  • something but I know that you don't
  • drink coffee because I got to know you a
  • bit already but dinner might be like a
  • little too serious because your
  • girlfriend's here I'm gonna let you call
  • the shots this is our first date where
  • do you want to take me I'd say let's
  • pick either like sweet green or like one
  • of the coffee shops okay but this is the
  • decision are we having a beverage or a
  • meal because those are two very
  • different things
  • first I would probably just go to like
  • something more casual like a coffee shop
  • Wow let it go to let everyone know which
  • is the coffee date now
  • Starbucks is an exactly first date
  • material but since you have a girlfriend
  • I'm gonna let it slide I'll just have a
  • tall ice black coffee light ice at 7:00
  • p.m. and I'm just endless
  • a chocolate milk well I'm caffeinated
  • and ready for a long night Michelle so
  • how do we do that it's doing small talk
  • I guess so
  • normally I ask people where they're from
  • is like they aren't actually from right
  • but I don't know if you remember when we
  • first met you told me that I believe we
  • came through the same
  • I'm from Butler PA right guys I made a
  • friend Garrett ran into each other at
  • the coffee shop we're having a great
  • time we're having a great time
  • way better Michelle did you know that
  • we're from the same town yes I know
  • you're both from Pittsburgh you don't
  • think that I've already thought about
  • all the ways you're way more compatible
  • than I am think about how easy Christmas
  • would be yeah we just go home and like
  • we'll go to your parents house even my
  • parents house together they may be both
  • from Pittsburgh
  • but Pittsburgh is cold I don't have to
  • go home and visit Matt's family over
  • holiday that's fine by me I will stay in
  • California where it's warm I've never
  • had a white Christmas and we started at
  • BuzzFeed like within the same week right
  • yeah you believe I forgot meeting you I
  • remember your name because I I don't
  • like to hold you this but in high school
  • I had a huge crush on a guy named Matt
  • Miller and he asked me to homecoming and
  • then he dumped me as bring my sister I
  • just have this peace of mind that like I
  • am a strong independent woman I just
  • haven't been
  • with my oxide such a long time it's been
  • really fun playing games on my phone
  • dunno why I there's Matt just reminded
  • me of something else that we talked
  • about years ago I don't know how you
  • remember all the stuff I remember any of
  • it I remembered as you went to did yeah
  • I went to school at Point Park which are
  • also like wait and then wait I remember
  • this conversation because I remember we
  • grew up 15 miles apart yeah we went to
  • school 15 minutes apart and then we
  • moved to LA and we lived 15 minutes
  • apart oh we're only 15 minutes away from
  • falling in love Garrett I'm trying to
  • find someone who will go on a date with
  • me right now or never talk to strangers
  • I don't hey do you want to go on a date
  • with me right now I haven't been on the
  • scene in such a long time
  • I don't you mind we're trying to block
  • okay okay
  • I'm I'm gonna go find a date of my own
  • so do you have any siblings yeah I have
  • is a five years into the me I have one
  • younger brother and 5:55 sisters so we
  • have that in common
  • okay struck out I did not go well what
  • is your favorite music not the Pixies
  • it looks like they're having a lot of
  • fun what's it like to go on a first date
  • for the first time in three
  • what are your deal-breakers being super
  • super messy and like it's like they're
  • really hitting it off
  • how's your milk can't wait till Gabby
  • finds out that Matt only drinks
  • chocolate milk and nothing else I don't
  • think she realizes no here it's okay I
  • have an exercise for outside I think
  • that we just need to make eye contact
  • for a minute straight other okay I'm
  • gonna set a timer
  • they're having a great day did you get
  • rejected chickened out twice I have it
  • like think how do you ask someone out I
  • haven't done it in so long have you ever
  • I need advice from people on a
  • successful date how do I ask someone
  • Romy we're gonna go for a walk a
  • romantic walk and we might even have
  • some physical contact this is the moment
  • that I've been waiting for because I
  • feel like you can't really tell if you
  • have that physical chemistry with
  • someone and so you have physical contact
  • we're going to hold hands as we walk
  • they're a gorgeous home ready yep wait
  • which way are you an over and under are
  • you interlace fingers or handshake I
  • feel like the interlace fingers this
  • more intimate okay but you have to reach
  • for my hand okay then I would do one of
  • these oh wait this might be the deal
  • breaker my hands over I like to be under
  • is that an issue that's our Z over here
  • you know who are you baby s weird dude
  • you're likely the man in the reliever
  • weekends is more intimate than sex like
  • this is weird it is right people have
  • sex on the first day they very rarely go
  • Hey
  • oh my god
  • [Music]
  • yes you're cute you guys actually look
  • really good maybe I should download a
  • dating app and see if I get the same
  • person over and over again and go on a
  • date with them yeah and I was single for
  • a little bit what did we my god the
  • Starbucks trendy just ask someone out
  • and it was like I feel so uncomfortable
  • I don't know how anyone would do this in
  • real life you don't your Los Angeles
  • when you're not a model if you were
  • single would you consider me a cross
  • yeah here's the confession I had a crush
  • on Matt at Busby oh I remember
  • me introduce to you in the cage you guys
  • get together then I feel like I tried to
  • flirt it didn't work why didn't you do
  • anything cuz it's gonna be a video you
  • have to I don't know get a thumbnail as
  • you're okay with interference my
  • relationship I just needed a video this
  • week

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