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Video [Tutorial] Line-Art and Colouring In MangaStudio
17:13   |   today at 02:36


  • alright hey everybody it's cute and
  • cuddly here and I'm going to be doing a
  • mini tutorial on how to line art and
  • color this was requested quite a while
  • back and it was requested again recently
  • by a friend so I thought I would make a
  • mini tutorial for you guys to show you
  • how I line art and color on manga studio
  • if anyone wants me to do it on Sai I
  • will do that tutorial also but it is
  • pretty much the similar techniques that
  • I use on here so yeah let's get started
  • hopefully you guys will understand what
  • I'm saying cuz I am terrible at teaching
  • so bear with me so since I am pretty
  • much lining this reference sheet I will
  • be doing these two parts here so you can
  • see how it's pretty much a quick go to
  • guide I guess the tool that I usually
  • use for inking and manga studio is the
  • that it's under the brush tool under
  • watercolor and it's called the dense
  • watercolor and that should be the
  • default tool the brush size is usually
  • not too small because I usually go by
  • the pressure to make thinner lines I
  • don't I don't go too small to make thin
  • lines
  • they mounted paint in the tools 100
  • density of paint is 100 colors stretch
  • zero hardness is I can't really tell
  • that looks like 100 density is 100 is
  • the stabilization I don't really use
  • that much so I'm pretty sure it's at
  • it's at 6 right now so ah yeah that's
  • pretty much it and the color is black so
  • let's get started I will line this I
  • don't know if I'm going to take too long
  • I might just speed it up but well let's
  • see oh just much
  • just start wherever you think is
  • comfortable for you usually I start
  • wherever and yeah just line like you
  • would normally line being conscious of
  • the pressure that you're doing never go
  • it depending on your style don't go
  • either too thin or too thick tie to have
  • some differences in the scale of your
  • line or the thickness of your line to
  • add some some interesting differences
  • between them
  • let's see
  • see I'm not a professional so don't
  • don't really take my word for it but
  • this is how I pretty much do it other
  • people may do it differently or they
  • will do it differently or they suggest
  • different things so just just figure out
  • what is the easiest for you just tinker
  • around with it
  • but undo button is your friend Oh
  • and if you're wondering what how I'm
  • erasing so quickly I just put the
  • shortcut of the eraser on II and the
  • brush on B so that makes it a lot easier
  • to switch between
  • this is almost done
  • don't be afraid to erase and/or undo
  • stuff this is what the program is for
  • all right
  • and if there's any other questions after
  • this tutorial just let me know below or
  • you can go on my deviantART page ask me
  • there or my Fendi page which will be
  • linked in the description down below
  • alright so looks like all the lines are
  • closed for that sure we should be able
  • to color it
  • easily alrighty so what I what I'm going
  • to be coloring it is the this character
  • here which is my character and I'm just
  • going to be replicating that onto this
  • so I'm just going to hide the sketch
  • layer and the way I color is I take the
  • magic wand which is W marked as W blah
  • blah W as the command shortcut key and
  • it is from the current layer which is
  • the layer which my line art is on and
  • the settings are follow adjacent pixel
  • that's checked off close gap and the I
  • think it's on the first this first
  • square here for the close gap which is
  • checked off color margin is zero area
  • scaling is two anti-aliasing is checked
  • so I what I usually do is I just select
  • the outside of it that's I don't know if
  • you can actually see that but you can
  • see the the lines kind of wiggling there
  • and I just hold shift and
  • select the outside of it as much as I
  • can and then I will invert it which is I
  • for my shortcut but if you don't know
  • how to do that I think it is select and
  • then invert right here and that will
  • invert your selection to select inside
  • what you want to color so you just do
  • that and you make a new layer under your
  • line art and what I usually do is I take
  • a darker color or a lighter color and I
  • will fill it in with either a brush a
  • the paint bucket or I just hit ctrl F
  • which will fill it in for me
  • to do any other way a filling is the
  • edit fill and that will fill the layer
  • of what you selected so you don't have
  • to worry about if your coloring it with
  • the paintbrush to miss any spots now I
  • do this and then to make sure that I am
  • not getting any weird color clipping I
  • will take a dark color make a layer
  • under the gray that I just put in and I
  • will fill that in with that and then I
  • will go in and see if I have like things
  • like this what I'm missing things like
  • this here and I will go to the gray
  • layer and I've used the erase tool and I
  • will erase those parts like so
  • so usually because fries are really
  • fluffy they have a lot more like if you
  • have fluff or in the tail and the hair
  • you might need to go into that and you
  • know erase every little color clipping
  • or deformation in the color to have like
  • a clean clean line thing so if you think
  • that the lines are a little bit faded
  • like right here where it looks a little
  • bit grayish what you can do is or if
  • you've lined it and you think that the
  • lines are too thin or they're not
  • they're not covering as much or you can
  • see through them under the color you can
  • select the line art layer what I do is
  • my thing is D which will duplicate it
  • but you can do is take the layer drag it
  • onto the create new layer and that will
  • duplicate it also or you can go under
  • layer and duplicate layer and that will
  • look like it it duplicates layer so
  • it'll make the lines look a lot thicker
  • or more defined and then I will just
  • combined select those two line out
  • layers and then combine selected and
  • that will
  • that's a quick fish to do the lineart a
  • little bit darker and now to color I
  • will select the gray layer which is what
  • the color will be clipped on to create a
  • group over it
  • clip it which is the button right here
  • which is clip at layer below then just
  • click that make a loop new layer in that
  • group you can always rename it to color
  • layer and you will I need to take this
  • and put it up here there we go and then
  • you pretty much just color whatever
  • however way you do so just I use the
  • same brush for line art and I just color
  • so I'll just go ahead and do that real
  • quick it's good that this this character
  • isn't that complex of a design
  • usually what I do is I do the smaller
  • things for I do the larger patterns
  • I wonder that the tongue like so
  • and create a new layer which is the L
  • command for me and the create new layer
  • is down here or it's called in manga
  • studio new raster layer which will
  • create it above right here and I will
  • pick the teeth like so
  • and I will create a new layer under
  • those two colors and I will take the
  • base color which is these and then I
  • will fill it so edit fill or control F
  • if you bound it to that and then you
  • will see there's a little bit of missing
  • discoloration here so I'll just fill
  • that in and here okay
  • there's teeth just you know go through
  • don't take your time don't you don't
  • have to rush through doing this pop
  • process you know just have fun it's like
  • my coloring book sort of thing you know
  • that sounds kind of lame but oh well all
  • right let me take this color and do the
  • white put that under the green and white
  • Claire
  • let me sure to follow the pattern you're
  • going by so so
  • and there is different techniques of
  • coloring some sometimes you find people
  • that do the where they color on the
  • outside like this
  • they kind of do the pattern and then
  • they do they get their paint bucket and
  • they color in there and they kind of
  • just fill in whatever was not is missing
  • and that's another way of coloring but
  • you have to be careful of mistakes by
  • that because sometimes the paint bucket
  • will not reach all the nooks and
  • crannies that a brush would do when
  • you're coloring it manually okay
  • that way
  • just you know take your time that
  • so
  • it seems like I actually did this a
  • little bit too far so I'll do that
  • so
  • and take the dark color here put that
  • under the white
  • like so
  • there's a line that goes
  • here
  • Thanks
  • flex
  • we can put that over the white because
  • we do need the freckles to be
  • over that white layer
  • what I usually do after I'm done
  • coloring
  • I will make a I'll do the lineart I'll
  • put a layer for a group layer if there's
  • several colors on there I'll put a new
  • group layer clip it to the lineart make
  • a new layer and I will select the color
  • that I want to lock the lineart around
  • it go to the darker just part of the
  • spectrum color it in like so the brush
  • and then erase whatever I don't want
  • like so
  • and then I will actually lower the
  • opacity so it's not as much now I'll
  • continue to do that for the other things
  • so if you have brown here try to get the
  • color in between those and go to a
  • darker part of the spectrum and then
  • just color that in so you don't have to
  • worry about
  • going through all the colors the brown
  • and I will lower that also
  • another layer again do the white dark
  • gray do that so
  • lower the opacity
  • and same for this
  • that so
  • this
  • I will lower that care
  • I will lower that
  • - almost like there's nothing there but
  • I usually don't like to have the mouth I
  • like to keep the mouth black
  • so just do that and there yeah
  • it is colored
  • I hope that was helpful and if you guys
  • have any questions feel free to you know
  • ask me all might even aren't for
  • affinity email me or leave it down in
  • the description below in the comments
  • and I will try to answer it as best I
  • can thank you for watching and take care

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Mini tutorial on how I line and colour in MangaStudio
If you want me to replicate this tutorial on Sai let me know! If you want to see other tutorials by me leave suggestions below! Thanks for watching babes

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