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  • some things don't exist in real life
  • these days but you showed me if I
  • you just find the fit I need to believe
  • time is possible if you want a bad look
  • this guy - hi
  • test your lip
  • oh yeah I can see I'm sorry princess
  • what's today first day of school yeah
  • you excited you getting ready for school
  • right now I'm almost doing your hair
  • uh-huh
  • what are you doing over here el you
  • flossing your teeth
  • good job first day of school you want to
  • look presentable right I look beautiful
  • Oh okey what what are you doing you want
  • daddy to do it okay thank you
  • looks pretty good thank you work alright
  • guys so today you told mom what you
  • wanted a bun
  • okay cool so your friends gonna be at
  • school they're not also you're gonna
  • meet friends oh you're not you're gonna
  • take a family with you okay so do you do
  • you know who your teacher is so when you
  • go it's gonna be like a surprise right
  • okay okay mama let's take pictures for
  • you for your first day of school come on
  • sit up there okay we got to take
  • pictures of you for your first day of
  • school you get up like that alright here
  • we go
  • oh we got to get some smiles in there
  • okay alright so look at mommy smile for
  • Mama
  • hello bland smile be happy mama got
  • smile big smile
  • we got to work on that smile we gotta
  • work on it look that maybe look up show
  • the dog don't eyes model model you got
  • to the model model pulse model it model
  • it say cheese
  • no look up there you go no your neck
  • your neck look like it's broke baby
  • don't don't do it like that you got a do
  • model like like like like relax like hmm
  • go look you got a look at the Cameron
  • and relax like okay there you go doll
  • doll faced off its face doll face smart
  • face my face happy face there we go
  • there we go now that's a doll right
  • there thank you
  • high five good job okay you ready
  • Lucy oh I love no sore you ready to get
  • your backpack in books okay let's go in
  • the room come on let's go pick your back
  • make up come on mama come on let's go
  • let's get your backpack backpack
  • backpack oh you got options look they're
  • right there they're right there
  • you got options look at you got that one
  • you got this one the monkey or you want
  • that one you want that one gotta get
  • some dr. Seuss books in there don't want
  • them things in there just in case you
  • know she want to read a recess or so put
  • a ball in there play later because in
  • case you know we're late to pick you up
  • or something
  • put balloon there well now we have to go
  • make your lunch we'll go make your lunch
  • all right come on let's go make your
  • lunch alright there we go we got it you
  • ready to go all right let's go
  • all right we're gonna send you off on
  • your way all right come on come on go
  • ahead all right bye-bye
  • no I'm just repentance I'll just play
  • you need a lot you need a lot so let's
  • go look good your lunch ready come on
  • all right so this will be working with
  • for ELLs lunch for her first day of
  • school we got some fruit we got some
  • pretzels we got some sandwiches and we
  • got a fruit snack mm-hmm yeah we got her
  • a water yep yeah gotta get the fruit
  • wait wait what is this little thing go
  • fit three low fruits in here all that's
  • wrong look look how she I come on my
  • doing you she's giving you three little
  • fruits geez you really stuffed them in
  • there they come back all right I think
  • you ready now huh you got your backpack
  • you got your lunch
  • you made go to school
  • all right good thing schools not far
  • from here I love you all the kids
  • goodbye mama all right have fun now you
  • told me the experience later drive safe
  • all right bye
  • but wait where where you guys go
  • what hey what's going on everybody Hey
  • if you weren't new to this channel make
  • sure you hit that subscribe button and
  • join the family guys today is a very sad
  • but exciting day because today is Al's
  • first day of school
  • what the hell today a holiday no one's
  • here no one's here
  • alright let's just get out and then
  • maybe your classmates will show up come
  • on oh yeah all right sit down please
  • gotta wait for your teacher now you all
  • water
  • okay mama we'll get you water all right
  • your water is here here open did you
  • talk to your friend today did they tell
  • you that they weren't coming to school
  • yeah that's what they said they weren't
  • coming to school so you're the only one
  • here today that's wrong because I'm here
  • your teacher mr. bell for okay that's me
  • mr. Bell full okay what's your name
  • honey what's your name
  • Elle Elle how do you spell that L like
  • that that's how your name last mom all
  • my spells it oh I wanted to meet her
  • because she she don't got it all Turk or
  • excuse me you can't park your car in the
  • classroom well why is your car in the
  • classroom yeah let's move it let's move
  • your car what was my name mr. bell for
  • can you say it bail for mr. bail for say
  • bail for good what bail for good you
  • just miss their bail but just before
  • well today we're gonna do we're gonna
  • start off with since you're the only one
  • here
  • today to be honest with you you're the
  • smartest kid in school so you had to be
  • alone this is what we're gonna do you're
  • gonna do a dot okay we're gonna learn
  • how to do dots okay okay so look it's
  • that easy okay so do a dot okay guess
  • what you get for that you get an egg
  • clock honey okay so since you're
  • throwing dots I got you paper and a
  • pencil to do a whole paper full of dots
  • so for those who don't know who this
  • beautiful child is she was placed in my
  • class and I must say that I am very
  • lucky to have her as you can see she's
  • the only one here because she is the
  • smartest little girl in school stayed up
  • with her alone because all the other
  • kids couldn't relate so right now I gave
  • her her first assignment which is a
  • paper full of dots because today is all
  • about dogs
  • today's dot day so I'm gonna give her a
  • couple minutes to do that we're gonna
  • grate her we're gonna do another
  • assignment and then she'll have a lunch
  • and then we'll you know finish it up
  • with a little bit of volunteer work and
  • then I'll be sitting her on her way and
  • please camera lady do not get my bottom
  • half down I was lazy today okay keep it
  • up here keep it up here good job you're
  • killing those dots good keep good good
  • job okay okay oh my give me a high five
  • give me a high five honey you get an
  • a-plus okay okay so next assignment is
  • going to be called mimic the teacher
  • okay so when I say bird what do you say
  • you say bird god this is easy I know
  • you're smart so next word here is uh
  • pizza
  • okay so next word is dog go hey next
  • we're here debbye good hey you want me
  • to draw that down okay you want to draw
  • daddy what does that look like I never
  • met your dad before but he must be
  • handsome you were gorgeous that that's
  • what your dad has a big head all your
  • dad is a really big head
  • okay that's your dad is this your dad oh
  • man your dad mama you want to tell mama
  • now okay that's Ryan okay well okay they
  • don't look like humans are they not
  • human oh okay no okay she's
  • incorporating the dots all right I think
  • it's lunch time did you hear the bell
  • did you hear the bell I heard it okay
  • it's lunch time did you bring it lunch
  • okay
  • you eat your lunch oh I gotta go pick up
  • my off Taco Bell I'm sorry L forgot my
  • wallet I couldn't eat today do you have
  • any food you can share with me no you
  • got extra food okay yeah our teachers
  • hungry he's okay have some nutrients
  • another keep the teacher right thank you
  • he's such a caring person
  • I'm staring competition yeah I'll make
  • this what a mighty garden
  • well maybe you can teach Bell for that
  • he can chew with his mouth closed huh
  • yeah like how you do Missy how you chew
  • your mouth closed and me show you how
  • you do not I gotta get the flavor so it
  • doesn't make it did it the flavor mm-hmm
  • Oh a fruit snack is looking delicious
  • connected can I have some nice fruit
  • snack Wow you just care about me so much
  • oh you just share this is sharing a
  • person I'm just gonna give you a
  • scholarship
  • who's in strict college you such a
  • caring addition are you such a sharing
  • person who'd you get it from I'm are
  • dead okay who makes you beautiful mom or
  • dad oh I want to meet this young man who
  • made you smart daddy make you smart oh
  • my god do you even have a mom you all
  • right I'm sorry to say but we got to get
  • back to class I'm we're back at it and
  • we're gonna come back with numbers okay
  • we're gonna do numbers okay so when I
  • say one you say - I say three you say
  • four we're gonna go like that always
  • you're ten okay we're doing numbers okay
  • you want to count here we go
  • one good three good five oh good seven
  • you missed eight eight nine ten yeah
  • we're gonna add today's class with
  • dancing okay so we're gonna play music
  • okay and we're gonna finish the class
  • out with panting okay because you know
  • you got to be happy that class is almost
  • over right here we go
  • okay give me a high-five you know what
  • you get today you get you graduated you
  • get a scholarship all right al are you
  • ready to go back home you're ready to go
  • tell daddy how your first day of school
  • was all right say bye teacher bye did
  • you forget my name yeah you know what
  • our next class is when is it yeah it's
  • two weeks from now okay okay you come
  • back and I'm gonna see you again okay
  • make sure you work on your dots okay
  • makes you work on your numbers make sure
  • you work on your mimic skills okay all
  • right good job honey
  • you go on your way now say hi to your
  • daddy for me okay since you don't have a
  • mommy okay bye
  • damn where the girls are Oh should be
  • out of school by now
  • oh there they are hi guys
  • I missed you you got to share the
  • experience with that dad did you like
  • your first day of school yeah you didn't
  • really like it no all right guys we're
  • gonna go ahead and close out today's
  • video right here hopefully you all
  • enjoyed today's video today she's like
  • she had fun you like to teach her who
  • was your teacher you guys make sure you
  • comment below if you want us to do more
  • series like today's video
  • nay's family don't forget the ace family
  • jerseys are now up on the site you got
  • the red you got the white - I'm Shawn
  • Bevan
  • whoo-hoo see it you see it yep yeah but
  • the red oh we all you're gonna do is put
  • the link down the description or you can
  • just go to shop a family calm all right
  • guys before we close out today's video
  • we do have to give our pulse indication
  • shut up to whomever
  • so today's posted a vacation shoutout
  • goes to joseline Gonzales
  • a shout to you Jonathan thank you so
  • much for being part of a family you
  • already know we love you we love her
  • yeah whoever else like a pulse
  • indication shoutout all you do is
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  • at the same time once you do those two
  • things all you gotta do is comment done
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  • like me and my beautiful family always
  • say back more videos peace it it wait
  • before you hit it give him a kiss give
  • me a kiss bye oh okay hit it
  • bye

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