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Video Action Movie «MAYDAY» Full Movie, Action, Thriller, Drama / Movies In English
01:20:00   |   views   |   12/13/2017


  • Well that being said you better clear next week to them and ask Raymond in the design department
  • To email me the blueprints of the factory, okay?
  • Can I just have the keys?
  • When I know I'm on the flight no no no
  • No, I'm gonna make it. No. I'm just talking to my kid. I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna make
  • Dad this is bulldog. We're just having forward me to still specs then okay. Hi
  • Can you tell me what time flight 52 arrived 11:15 a.m.. Tokyo time any bags. Nope just there yet, okay? They were already boarding
  • you'll have to hurry the
  • Plan is in here
  • I
  • Don't care whose birthday. It is or how hard it was to get the tickets the SATs are next week
  • And you are locked inside facility, but it's okay for me to be a driver
  • Don't be a smartass you wanted the car so you're dropping me off
  • Whatever so whatever we had a deal and you have to live up to your end of the bargain
  • It's not a deal you want me to go to college and not that yeah
  • I want you to have options all right. I gotta go. I'll call you when I land see if you need any help
  • Yeah, you mean you'll check up on me
  • Get on that you want to look at it
  • Hey
  • Forgetting something
  • Electronic checklist check and complete hydraulic pal set
  • weather radar operational stomp unscrewing 1,500 miles out okay
  • David call Sharon, let's get this show on the road hear that
  • Hey Sharon. We all set back that just one more straggler coming through the gate, and then we're good to go
  • I know it's always in my section
  • Excuse me sir. Yes, Oh
  • Keep you looking fresh for when we land little late for that
  • What do you need to drink?
  • Yes, but I'm gonna have a coffee. Yes. I got work today, okay
  • Maybe later, okay?
  • Dex daddy has to go now, buddy
  • Yeah, that's right time to fly the plane
  • Okay, I love you too. Pal. Bye. Bye
  • Sorry well, that's okay daddy
  • Yep anything else I should know yeah, we're carrying a couple of golden retrievers down below
  • And a mr. Stein and 7b has permission to look in on the mid flight. No problem. Are you done with the scene?
  • Yeah, thanks. Yeah, okay guys. Let's get going here
  • Ground control Pacific level 52
  • Roger Pacific level 52 you are cleared for takeoff
  • Yeah, you just save your money with me -
  • Excuse me. We're about ready to take off you better shut that off now mm
  • I gotta get a spoon cop says I have to hang up now
  • What's the difference is all the same exactly so you mom won't mind switching
  • All right
  • Right, but you're gonna have to take your seats now, okay?
  • Turn off your cellular phones and electronic devices. They're no longer
  • Okay, that's going off now I
  • Was looking at the proofs of the menu you know if there's a problem with the layout we're not gonna have time to keep any
  • Relax for one second, please it's all in the control all right. No. No it's not okay
  • We open in three weeks
  • And there's always the if factor nobody if you lose our maitre d if the coolers don't arrive. You don't shut up
  • We're the flight attendant. Go it's Mike infirmary at the conference room
  • My crew wastes IQ seeds to prepare for takeoff these Sherpas and gently hey is swimming in the shallow end
  • Five ready for takeoff
  • Roger Pacific level 52 you're cleared for takeoff
  • Gear up Roger you're coming up
  • Flaps up laughs I engage ah damper
  • Y'all never engaged
  • Oakland Center, this is San Francisco Tower handing off us to the global flight 52
  • Like 52 you are leaving track on air space engine, Oakland Center airspace, please make contact with Oakland Center at 1:30 2.05
  • Have yourselves a good flight?
  • Oakland Center, this is Pacific global 52 climbing to a flight level of 65,000 feet
  • 52 radar contact you are clear to flight level six five zero viable. I planned route to Tokyo
  • Confirmation
  • You've kept a tight lid on this
  • The man in this room and the pilots in the air. That's it Admiral
  • Commander the pilots are standing by waiting the commencement of a missile test very well
  • Is this the projected range of the missile
  • 500 miles sir if the Phoenix missile is successful it will double the range of any air-to-air missile in production
  • That's an awfully wide berth instead we're gonna need it when the target run drops from the c-130
  • It'll climb to an elevation of 65,000 feet and establish a circular pattern
  • The f-18 will be moving at Mach 1 when it targets the drum
  • The missile will be moving and accelerating it better than one mile per second by the time it hits the target drone
  • It's a lot of elements at play sir now with a lack of a warhead
  • Will it affect the missiles accuracy I know sir, we've replaced the warhead with the titanium replication targeting will remain exact
  • Commander the c-130 is reporting rough weather moving in that storm. I'll ring out there all day should we consider postponing?
  • It's just another variable for the missile Admiral
  • Stones been upgraded to tropical
  • We're gonna be up above the weather, but it's gonna kick up a headwind, that's gonna slow us down change course
  • When you want to sit over here one of these days, but would you do?
  • 90-minute myself, I want to have a schedule won't affect our arrival time. That's it
  • And save on fuel and make for a much smoother ride for the passengers I'd do it
  • Well, maybe I can retire make this flying computer to you to
  • Hang out with the grandkids play a little golf. Yeah well
  • Let's just hope you don't play golf with the grandkids because the world can't afford to have that sly serious paddler
  • Funny guy
  • Open Pacific level 52 request permission to deviate for weather
  • pacific global 52 DBA this needed
  • That'll take us close to intersection Hawes
  • Yeah, it's a military operation zone
  • Want me to plot an alternate course? No that's doing this side of the line and the most a numbers
  • Ok commencing turn
  • Well coffee oh yes, please thank you, good time well that looks like fun what Oh
  • Keep up I know the feeling
  • Huh
  • Oh
  • We've reached our cruising altitude of 65 thousand feet
  • And the speed just below the sound barrier and this time you're free to move about the cabin
  • Just sit back and enjoy the ride
  • Changing the name of the restaurant. Oh yeah, so how about Mickey's mind our menu changes by the minute?
  • Elements in position commander contact the c-130 launch target
  • Navy five five nine. This is home plate
  • Lunch target
  • Listen I'm sorry. I snapped at you
  • When I get home, we'll sit down. We'll talk man-to-man about the whole College thing okay
  • All right
  • All right, I love you. Where are you study?
  • Bye
  • Hey, the oysters will be harvested in Massachusetts at 6:00 a.m.. And then touchdown in Tokyo time for dinner, beautiful
  • That's if they make their connection and if we can maintain a supply if nothing slows us down
  • Rachel some cocktails. Yeah, don't delete the car check. What what did I say?
  • Drone is transmitting and is accelerating to Mach 2 contact. Maybe 3 4 70 confirm
  • Maybe 3 4 7 this is home plate. Do you have target acquisition?
  • Stamina funk plate 347 is eliminated timing acquisition
  • mr. Stein
  • You the heads towards flight attendant dad. I've been called worse
  • I've been instructed to take you below that sounds ominous
  • Maybe a couple of those chill out. I'm chilled
  • just enough
  • At least Carter and Kennedy will be happy to see me we should get moving it says here every two hours
  • And it's been almost three. They're fine. They've got each other to keep them company. You're right fine. Oh
  • this way
  • Oh restroom, there's one in the back of this section right here
  • Carl honey my binoculars
  • What isn't it probably some military jock too and some altitude mentors or something
  • We did deviate 34 so close to the military zone, but we're still outside its perimeter the last visual
  • What do you think that's pretty far off our starboard Carl make your way back to the galley window see if you can spot it
  • Go easy back there, we don't want to alarm anybody
  • But guns any closer will turn I might get the folks back in their seats
  • Ladies gentlemen, this is the captain speaking?
  • We may encounter a little turbulence
  • So I'm gonna put the seatbelt sign back on and ask that you return to your seats and buckle up Thanks
  • Why would anybody wear that and you know who she did it I know
  • Maybe three four seven confirmed good target resolution
  • Foxtrot alpha whiskey fire we'll
  • Maybe three four seven this is home plate Foxtrot alpha whiskey fired will
  • Repeat maybe three four seven Foxtrot alpha whiskey
  • Roger fire one
  • Travel with them often nope this is the first time
  • There's all part of a deal I made with the girls if I took the transfer
  • Then the entire family would move to Tokyo for the year right guys
  • We'll be right up
  • I'm gonna target Brahmas drop
  • Maybe p-47 this is home plate confirmed only one target drones rock
  • Circulation lasts long then we'll open up the room again
  • a fighter
  • No, no that's a military target wrong
  • My god
  • So if something is strange here the drone target signal is still active, but the missile is no longer transmitting
  • Maybe 347 this is home plate
  • We are receiving conflicting signals our monitors verify missile impact however target drone is still transmitting you copy
  • The missile may have just grazed the drone without a warhead it would take a
  • Full-face hit to destroy about 12,000 feet per minute is too slow
  • Well the impact may have distorted the drones shape increasing the drag slowing its descent
  • Particle scan indicates the first descent rate has decreased
  • At 11,000 feet 347 proceed toward target immediately
  • There is only one explanation for recovery from a rapid descent like that. I'm aware of that Admiral
  • We go there
  • We're second
  • Don't play maybe three four seven hours visual contact
  • We hit a commercial airliner
  • Confirm last transmission
  • Three foot all on its starboard side and a six foot one of the pork fuselage
  • Are we operating outside our house oh, I don't know sir
  • It's close is it possible the missile locked onto something outside the zone
  • It's possible sir if they were close enough to the perimeter and had a big enough heat signature. What would be flying that high?
  • Three four seven can you identify aircraft? Oh?
  • plate its Pacific Global Stratton
  • It's a new SST. They're running out of San Francisco
  • Why weren't we told about this we were sir, they must be flying outside their normal corridor
  • Three four seven are there any signs of life on board
  • No apparent movement in the cabin or the cockpit, I'm less than thirty feet away
  • 3:47 drop back to safe distance and monitor from there that aircraft is unstable copy
  • Roger help late
  • Go
  • When the decompressing all right when all unconscious now let me try and get us somehow forgetting to find the crew lever
  • Wait wait, I think I remember going in
  • Okay get low okay
  • Okay
  • To the side of the plane
  • The junkie stick planet
  • Drop your show
  • There have been no Mayday and either international emergency Channel
  • Maybe their radios down anyone who survived the impact would have been subjected to complete decompression
  • sir
  • There's less than 1% oxygen in subspace and no one's surviving on that how do you account for the planes?
  • Leveling off maybe in the chaos someone in this sense to read engage the autopilot Matt house reported them slumped over the console sir
  • So you're assuming everyone is dead
  • it's an unfortunate probability sir, but yes, I
  • believe they're all dead
  • Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is specific global flight 52. Do you copy?
  • Nothing like this Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is specific global flight 52. Do you copy?
  • Carson yeah Jack you got 52 to Tokyo hang on
  • Yeah, they were overdue with their position report
  • Yeah, you're right no updates in sauce you want me send a request
  • Give him till 1430
  • This is specific global flight 52 do you read me?
  • Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is specific global flight 52. Do you read me?
  • Baby baby, they made it there's a specific global flight 52 does anyone copy
  • Sharon Sharon, I need your help in here
  • Stay with your copilot if he wakes up and starts talking at all come and get one of us
  • To be visibie and then my mom so that I had to go to Japan ah yeah
  • Mistake you right
  • We can't change that right now we have to look after each other. Okay, you can do this
  • What if he dies he won't die just stay with him keep him company is it a stadium
  • I'll be back to check on you in a bit
  • Anything yet does anyone copy nothing
  • Responded by now
  • You know this is cockpit anything look familiar in here brother pilot
  • Nice time after at all times and dates visit the glass cockpit all the instrumentation is here Titus's don't know where
  • And we need to make contact with someone who does that's our first priority?
  • Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is pacific level flight 52 anyone copy
  • There's been nothing broadcast on any frequency keep on it. Yes, sir
  • Nothing sir it won't be long before open Center realizes that they've lost contact with a Stratton we have containment for now I
  • Propose we classified the aircraft as a derelict ship and act upon it accordingly
  • Scuttling an abandoned trawler is a long way from downing a commercial airliner perhaps, sir
  • But these are the facts as we know them right now
  • There's no physiological way that anybody would have survived explosive decompression
  • That aircraft is on autopilot, and it will if left on abated
  • Eventually fly back overland run out of fuel and then drop to the ground
  • We've already made one mistake today, and I would caution against acting too hastily
  • I believe not acting would be our second mistake sir
  • If the halt of that aircraft were ever found the facts would make themselves known
  • Valentine get me the oceanic depth charts for the area. Yes, sir
  • We're 1,500 miles from the closest cell tower we'd have to be just off the coast to get an interception
  • What about the radio? It's not transmitting? We probably lost the connection with the antenna, so we're alone up here
  • Right now
  • Hello
  • Lady up there no
  • Hey sis listen if there was anybody out there. They would have heard us my help
  • I'm the pessimist in the family, right
  • And I know where you're gonna be okay, hey listen listen here
  • We're still fine
  • That's because they're not dead Mickey
  • Pacific global this is Oakland sand a flight 52 positions report is overdue. Are you in contact with them? We'll look into it
  • Jack
  • Oakland Center lost contact with 52 tried the data link find out what's going on
  • Okay
  • Maybe I do look at it
  • It's a dolly why not think of that what like 50 - what's your status?
  • In Cisco there's a turtle and a dispatch office we can text message back and forth
  • The emergency meeting
  • aircraft damage
  • video dead
  • mid-pacific
  • need help
  • Thank 52 explain nature of emergency nature assistance
  • run of fuel
  • Okay, tell the pilot dead
  • copilot unconscious
  • navigator lost
  • Hello, I am a weekend pilot two holes and cap suspect bomb complete decompression three
  • Passengers on flight attendant survived others dead or comatose need help
  • Mr.. Johnson mr. Johnson, yeah, we got a plane in distress to Tokyo
  • Was it a bomb could well be we're gathering as much information as we can this pilot handle a Stratton
  • I don't know. I'm gonna try taking this return. Well if you think you can handle it and do it
  • I'll be there in 20 minutes fine
  • Okay people listen up. I need detailed charts of flight 52 last known position fuel estimates and contingency plans on the dump
  • Nickels what is their current position? They're about to fly over the nelson of bissell
  • It's over two miles deep
  • It's been 55 minutes since the Phoenix struck the Stratton there's been no change in course or speed our course of action seems very clear
  • If she remains aloft
  • Where's the further loss of life not to mention the damage this incident could inflict upon the Navy and upon our country?
  • Washington authorized this test because we don't want to fight even we want to fight ahead
  • And as unfortunate as this situation may be if it's surfaces
  • That could cost us that advantage sir. I may not agree with your assessment of the situation, but this is your command
  • Given what we know I won't stand in your way
  • Understood sir get me Navy three four seven six three four seven stand by
  • Standing by
  • Maybe three four seven this is home plate. You are to render the autopilot on the Stratton inoperable confirm
  • Confirm maybe three more seventh
  • Roger home-plate
  • Vexing approach Jack based on their current location and fuel port if you're gonna turn them back you have to do it right now
  • See what our weekend pilot?
  • Tell them yeah
  • Can you recover if uses control or autopilot fans
  • I got it, but tell them to give me the coordinates
  • Let's try this I see you coordinates
  • I never kenick 80 degrees okay ready
  • Oh my happens a lot
  • We're still going to land this beast very nice work everyone here is working hard to bring him on standby
  • He's heading back to California a
  • 3:47 break off and staying trail formation. Oh wait do require a visual of the Cocteau
  • Negative three four seven staying trail aircraft is still considered unstable Roger Elliott stand trial
  • Nothing has changed. No everything has changed
  • You meet the turn without age all right be ready to brief me in five minutes
  • It's here it's Wayne Johnson we have a situation. It's a spread
  • Let's hide someone no no Sharon I didn't do stay here with me anybody sup oh yeah, it's in the galley on the left side
  • Tough kid
  • They're all toughen anything
  • Yeah mini-me, no haven't found the right guy all the time
  • There's never enough time for them just try to do the best you can not screw them up in the process
  • You close with your boy, yeah
  • His mother died when he was four census
  • And when they yeah you wake up and they've got minds of their own
  • I just I gotta learn back off a little
  • I'm sure you do just fine
  • Come on talk to us talk to us
  • a lot safer maybe in America
  • He need to be closer to the movie screen my wife and like change seats
  • Planning future worried when
  • My whole life is right here
  • Look um we're on our way back to San Francisco, and there are people on the ground that are helping us
  • We're gonna make it so you should you should come upstairs?
  • How many planes do we have in here 18, let's make sure they're all right
  • Listen folks if you're not directly involved in getting 52 back. Please return to your desk
  • We need to keep this quiet until we have a clear plan of action all right
  • Thank you open all centers on line six, I think
  • This is Wayne Johnson mr. Johnson, this is Marlene, Kaba, Oakland Center. What is the status of Pacific global 52? We're in contact?
  • There's a radio problem and communication is currently limited to the data link
  • They're headed back
  • I'll call back with specifics once we have them all right, sir. We'll continue monitoring and await your call. Thank you, sir
  • Would you give us a minute, please
  • We've got about an hour until the world starts breathing down our necks I
  • Want these men thinking about that aircraft not fielding calls from the press or being badgered by Somoza agency?
  • So what's next?
  • Gina's got a great home
  • He's a weekend pilot, but with some luck. He's got a chance I
  • Said he's got passengers alive, but in some sort of coma is that even possible it's not only possible
  • It's unavoidable
  • Oxygen deprivation at 65,000 feet they have no chance. Oh, yeah, this is an mats from beneficial insurance juicy systems
  • This is what we're dealing with
  • But stay here
  • Well played this is maybe three four seven maybe three four seven go for home plate plate
  • We have passengers and debris falling from the plane
  • Three four seven keep your distance Roger all plate falling back
  • I'm not leaving my wife
  • Instructions on landing I'm gonna have to talk him down over a damn typewriter
  • How is it that this works and with the radio
  • Grunts off a satellite not an exposed radio antenna
  • So no one else, can you monitor your communications? No no I dead ends on both sides
  • So many will die
  • We have a chance here
  • It'll get worse not better
  • And it'll be left on your doorstep
  • Passenger manifest should we have BR contact relative to the passengers we can start booking them on flights to San Francisco
  • Now not just yeah. They still owe, Oakland Center a call, and I want to make sure we're not missing anything before I go public
  • All right
  • What do they mind there's a finite amount of water in the well
  • You have an amateur pilot flying the most sophisticated aircraft in the world there are three scenarios here one
  • your weekend pilot
  • Crashes into the ocean and everyone on board is killed
  • I don't to death payouts is a figure that I can calculate the tree akin
  • I deal in actuarial tables and loss of life does in fact have a fixed price attached to it
  • One scenario number two mr.. Berry
  • Slams that plane
  • directly into the heart of downtown, San Francisco
  • thousands will be killed and
  • That doesn't concern you much if he destroys ten city blocks
  • Federal disaster relief will probably kick in and you'd be off the hook possibly
  • Number three if he successfully lands that plane we are all in an unenviable position
  • The death payout is one thing man is carrying a Plane full of patients likely requiring around-the-clock care for the rest of the diminished existence
  • billions dollars in lawsuits
  • victims families pain and suffering
  • The bills will be endless
  • Beneficial insurance, we bankrupt, and then the victims will go after your airline you guys always figure out a way to pay
  • Not this time the numbers are too big Pacific Globo will fold under the weight of the strand
  • There is no upside
  • To landing a plane there are people alive up there marginally
  • I still think he has a chance a few
  • We're supposed to be going all the way to Tokyo the fuel load would have been calculated for the thin air at 60,000 feet
  • Down here, we're probably burning it three times that rate
  • I don't know if we have enough fuel to make it
  • What's gonna happen to me. Are you gonna are they gonna stay like that I?
  • Don't know, but they're gonna need help as soon as possible
  • You could include others in the decision process
  • But that would take time you think the board would pull on something like this
  • Healthy thousands of families will be ruined when Pacific global foods
  • And I think of all the people on the ground whose lives will be destroyed
  • By something the same being able to try to land that plane and you can't even talk to the guy
  • He's over the Pacific heading towards a storm
  • Very soon the decision will be out of your hands
  • It's open center on six don't update
  • This is Wayne Johnson, we've lost contact with flight 52 initiating a search-and-rescue
  • Pacific global is reporting the loss of flight 52 search and rescue on route. We've lost containment
  • No, no the windows
  • Just tightening all right if they find this aircraft that used to be the beginning of a very lengthy and damaging
  • Investigation that the Navy does not need but Nimitz is the closest carrier the launch at search and rescue now
  • 75 minutes as the earliest intercept. We are ending this right now. Oh
  • Wait this is maybe three four seven confirm current mission
  • Maybe three four seven this is home plate confirmed current mission this aircraft is deemed derelict
  • So fun
  • Like this is three four seven requesting permission to report current mission negative three four seven proceed as ordered
  • Confirmed proceed as ordered
  • Negative our plate
  • Maybe three four seven cannot follow that order at this time three four seven you are in violation of a direct order consider the consequences
  • May be thirty forty seven a sir
  • 347 that is a derelict ship do you understand no sir it's a ship in distress
  • He knows
  • He can't be court-martialed for refusing an order you have no authority giving that boy
  • Isn't killing anybody else today, and neither are we?
  • 3:47 this is Admiral Hemmings
  • Report to the Nimitz current mission is aborted repeat current mission is aborted
  • Roger all place maybe three four seven hundred to Nimitz
  • Admiral this is my command I will put more aircraft in the air
  • No, you won't you're going to wait until Matos lands on a nimitz-class
  • There's no guarantee that the stratton will even make it back to san francisco our problems could just disappear into the ocean maybe
  • That's no longer your decision
  • And you can tell whatever story suits you best, but my report to the Pentagon
  • Will be as it happened
  • Any two copies of the data link printouts want to be forwarded to air traffic control the other for corporate
  • I'm assembling all the available senior West Coast executives. I can monitor the data link while you brief coffee. No no listen
  • I need you to make those copies when I try to make contact
  • There's anyone left to make contact with I just don't understand
  • There's no way the satellite failed or we'd be hearing about it from our other aircraft
  • And if the data link was working before them. They should be but it's not which is why I initiated search and rescue
  • Oh, would you feel better if we kept thinking away in there and like whatever survivors drown
  • We tried to work out the bug in our system, right?
  • DTC is waiting for those printouts
  • Keeping everyone busy keeping their minds on their work outside this room while you create paper trail
  • Working on a solution now that was her last successful communication with 52 then I scrambled search-and-rescue, it's all by the book
  • I'm assuming you have a plan
  • Yeah, what not to do in the comfort of the world's most advanced plane
  • My little sky master we'd be turning around looking for the nearest airport to sit down it
  • Knoller court to turn back to here. Nope you can't fly over and it could be hundreds of miles off
  • Well, what about if he left it on autopilot?
  • If the turbulence is too great it could disengage the autopilot doesn't have to take the controls
  • - vengeance yeah
  • All right, let's let's see if they have any advice
  • Are you ready, I don't think anyone's ever ready for something like this
  • Heavy turbulence expected as you pass through the storm. It's very important that you alter the center of gravity by transferring fuel between
  • Well if I knew what the tanks were
  • Yes still no luck
  • We're gonna use the brake. Thanks, but I need you out there making sure other planes are in the air. What's with the manual?
  • there's gonna be a press conference later, and I just want to be on top of all the details listen speaking of which I
  • Need a report and everything that happened today
  • roster of everyone on duty
  • Step-by-step an action taken by your staff as well as your own thought process behind any and all actions taken
  • now
  • Jack you were the senior man on duty today
  • FAA and NTSB will want to know what you did and when you did it now
  • I'm already starting to compile my own timeline of events I suggest you get yours while it's still fresh in your mind
  • timeline right
  • How much you like your job, what do you need me to do?
  • Why can't you just go down on your own?
  • In the center of the overhead CRT screen our four touch pads designated low-pressure fuel valve position
  • We got him got it. Yeah, switch them to the off position
  • That's what it says Oh
  • Let's just try one and see what happens
  • They want acknowledgement yeah, and I want to make sure that I don't screw this up
  • Is that off is that all
  • No it says locate cupboards switch reading fuel valve emergency power
  • Ok got it engage the switch engage. This way. This doesn't feel right. Will you?
  • confirm that
  • Just turn the gym
  • I just wish I knew what I would do it up here
  • They were definitely switched off the engines
  • I still can't stabilize this thing
  • 11,000 feet that's where the autopilot was cruising
  • Back in the company hands of Technology
  • Good company who
  • Flat fifty-two do you read acknowledge San Francisco? Headquarters? What's your status? What's our status?
  • We're still alive no thanks to you
  • What am I an idiot
  • Why
  • Maybe they don't think I can land this thing safely
  • Maybe something screwed up, and they're just trying to cover their tracks
  • You know what I don't really know why and I don't really care, how does I know is well?
  • I don't think we're God
  • We don't have a lot of options we're 45 minutes out from SFO and the autopilots Club but sooner or later run home
  • I mean I could put her down in the bay, and we might make it out, but what about the rest of the passengers I?
  • Know the approach pretty well, I mean not the technical end of it, but if it's clear I can
  • Probably get you to the airport
  • You can get us to the airport visually yeah
  • All right
  • You better do something about these passengers first
  • They've left
  • Good now give me the last coordinates and headings for flight 52
  • Right
  • You'll be home soon my love
  • Ladies gentlemen
  • It's been a hell of a day
  • I'll fill you in on everything that's happened now most of you are familiar with Ann Metz from beneficial
  • She's already briefed me on our liability situation
  • Isn't pretty?
  • The autopilot is gonna get us to the outer marker
  • And then I'm gonna have to take the controls if I was a pro
  • I would fly right over San Francisco out over Oakland, then circle back and then come in and grab one of those
  • runways by the bay
  • Let's say SFO is one of the hardest to land at I'm gonna be flying over millions of people
  • I'm gonna be fighting the bays cross with a hat. I don't think I can do it. Well. What if he tried to straighten approach?
  • This plane needs a lot of stopping the runways at SFO are just barely long enough to accommodate it even with an experienced pilot you
  • If we overshoot we're gonna go skidding right into the bay
  • And if you come in the correct way and go along we run dead into the new Bay Center complex
  • All right you get us to the airport, and then we're gonna drop down towards the bay runway
  • Great okay
  • Howa we know we're coming we're gonna be showing up on that radar any minute now
  • They'll see us lumbering overhead that I'll figure it out
  • We've located Pacific global 52 are gonna hit it off early and clear some airspace for you, Roger, Oakland. We'll take it from here
  • Here's that is your plan
  • This is air traffic control flight 52 is coming in we need you to clear all the runways and scramble emergency crews
  • Kids man up in the water oh
  • Good idea
  • You know if we do land this thing it's gonna be next to impossible to prove someone tried to kill us
  • Check this out
  • Now we have a record of every transmission sent and received since pre flights, are you kidding me?
  • Let me see that flashlight for a second
  • There's been no indication of a bomb for all we know it's possible that flight 52 went down as a result of mechanical failure or
  • Potentially a design flaw, which would lay this squarely at the feet of the Stratton people
  • Slide 52 is an approach
  • If like 52 is on approach you all know what to do
  • Okay here goes
  • I see what you mean about the winds. No. I don't think that's a problem. What is it?
  • There's a device called the yaw damper. It takes the roll out of the fight when the autopilot on. It's working. You must have to
  • Manually engage it when it's off
  • My Gandhi for everyone we started the engines and reset the system, but maybe it shorted out. I I'm not sure
  • What happens if we don't find?
  • the
  • Getting worse and worse the wings dropping beside side
  • I can deal with that up here, but when we get into the crosswinds for the landing. It's gonna get much worse
  • Hit the wing roots
  • One of these panels never gave up
  • All right well even though. They're not lit up. They may be doing something. It's too risky to mess with it strap in buckle up
  • Let's just go in without
  • Some wieght approach
  • Yeah, but not bad for a weekend flyer found an outside marker and then flew and as the crow flies line toward us
  • Well if that's the way they come in we need to clear up some room
  • Guys I think 10 is our best bet knock out the lights and all the other runways
  • Show them the way home
  • We cheated on final approach here you are
  • He's coming in too hot
  • All right
  • Let's get him out of here
  • Another help they make it back they didn't give up
  • I've seen during the process of prints the survivors to nearby medical facilities are they gonna be okay?
  • Some better than others. We'll know more when we get them to a hospital
  • You okay, yeah, thank you
  • Have you seen David he's gonna be okay exactly what happened to the Stratton is still unclear
  • But it's safe return is nothing short of a miracle
  • More planes get home people
  • He's an amateur pilot who survived a very dramatic experience
  • Show you something
  • Is it a deadly a complete record I bet we're gonna ruin somebody's night big, too
  • I'll be with you in a minute. Yeah
  • Well are you ready to make some headlines baguettes come on
  • What thought you said you call when you in was in this it's on every channel
  • You have no idea how glad I am?
  • You

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MayDay - Action, Drama

Twelve miles above the Pacific Ocean, an errant missile strikes a state of the art passenger jet. The flight crew is crippled or dead. Now, defying both nature and man, a handful of survivors must achieve the impossible: Land the airplane.

Aidan Quinn, Dean Cain, Kelly Hu

USA - 2005


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