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Video Baking With My Boyfriend! - FORTNITE Cake - NERDY NUMMIES
17:38   |   views   |   01/12/2019


  • hey guys it's ro welcome to another
  • episode of nerdy never used today I'm
  • hanging out with my boyfriend my bf hi
  • ski hey guys I'll be putting his links
  • down below so go follow go subscribe
  • show him some love if you guys are new
  • to my channel you may not know this but
  • husky Mike he's usually on the other
  • side of the camera and he's directed
  • like every episode of nerdy nummies so
  • is it weird being on this side of the
  • camera like it look weird thing over
  • here now it is a little weird that I'm a
  • little nervous
  • but I feel like I can contribute because
  • I've helped with every episode in some
  • way yeah you've learned a lot about
  • baking so what would you say your baking
  • level is I mean if we're talking about
  • world warcraft i could say level 60 high
  • class no idea what that means I love you
  • but I I have no idea we'll say like
  • maybe like a seven out of one 7sm okay
  • that really that's very helpful
  • alright you know how this goes let's get
  • started so the recipe that we're making
  • today is a vanilla cake recipe and I'm
  • specifically using the one from my new
  • cookbook for the gender-reveal ombre
  • cake we've made this one before so if
  • you want to follow along with this
  • recipe you can or you can use your
  • favorite vanilla whatever you'd like
  • do I get to whisk yes you do Mike are
  • you ready
  • we're gonna do it with step one is
  • mixing all the dry ingredients together
  • also I'll be posting all of the
  • ingredients and the measurements in the
  • description below so check it out there
  • alright so Mike you're in a medium bowl
  • you're gonna add the flour and she goes
  • nice cake flour baking powder baking
  • soda and salt something salty and then
  • whisk together until well combined I can
  • do this and having been behind the
  • camera so much I know it's important to
  • get the sides of the bowl I will try to
  • be careful not to be too messy you are
  • wearing black too wasn't the best choice
  • oh wait so if I get flour on me you're
  • not gonna see anything but my guess
  • black so if he gets any flour on him
  • okay might as well just get it messy
  • otherwise you
  • pointed later now I can be more I can
  • I'm work on with it I don't are you
  • really married don't worry I'm on it so
  • I will slide this off to the side and
  • let's do these wet ingredients see you
  • already know I know I know the process I
  • think you might be more than a level
  • seven you might be a level like eight or
  • nine so now we're gonna cream together
  • our butter and sugar in a big mixing
  • bowl so important all the sugar and you
  • hold this on the teaspoon hold on just a
  • second mm-hmm just scoop it in there
  • scooping the butter it's at room
  • temperature it's very soft then with an
  • electric hand mixer you're gonna beat
  • together for a few minutes and tell it's
  • light and fluffy now you always see me
  • do this but now it's time for you to I
  • don't want to do this take two I know
  • how to do this
  • Oh points back like a video game you got
  • or in the point here I'll do next
  • okay helping hands this is an impromptu
  • helping hands why are my arms so small
  • yeah there it is and you want to whisk
  • really close to your face okay so we
  • want to pour in one egg and that's an
  • empty bowl but we're just making sure
  • that it doesn't have anything in it
  • which it doesn't so we can go ahead and
  • set that one off to the side and then in
  • front of us are two eggs but we need to
  • make sure that we're only putting in one
  • at a time so we're just gonna go ahead
  • and pour those right in there it's okay
  • to touch the eggs it'll bake out as they
  • say there we go and that's a good
  • precise measurement is when you use one
  • hand and then we're gonna go ahead and
  • grab the mixer and you beat it together
  • once again low speed at first and then
  • we work up to a medium
  • there you go raise it nice and high so
  • the camera can see
  • [Music]
  • strain yourself here aren't my hirsute
  • I don't like this because there's no
  • where but wait here and I'm like this
  • okay I'll let you add this egg for here
  • we go once you've got both your eggs
  • mixed in you're gonna add both the
  • extracts of vanilla and almond and mix
  • it up one more time there we go this
  • part's easy that looks really good I am
  • really excited this pop quiz time this
  • part is always tricky for me to say and
  • I'm super dyslexic and poor Mike I have
  • to rerecord this like four times this is
  • what you don't see so now Abel have
  • turned I'm gonna have you say it one
  • take we go in this situation so I've
  • heard ro explain this step many a time
  • okay so we're gonna be adding these in
  • portions starting and ending with the
  • flour and this will be three portions
  • and you do that one in half which what
  • is this oh you get a point back you're
  • back to eight hey we're back when we
  • started so great that's good so we do a
  • third of the try yeah add a third of the
  • dry ingredients mix it up half the
  • buttermilk mix it up second third of the
  • drive mix it up the other half of the
  • buttermilk mix it up and add the last of
  • the dry and mix it up don't forget to
  • scrape down the sides and ring the bell
  • [Music]
  • oh so we got so excited to make this
  • cake that we just jumped in and I didn't
  • actually talk about what this cake is I
  • call it the fortnight cake it's like the
  • top of that big anniversary cake and
  • during the one-year anniversary of
  • fortnight they had these like three
  • challenges and if you completed them you
  • got this little cake a back blame yep
  • run run run and it was so cute and you
  • guys requested that we make that cake so
  • that is what we're doing today's our
  • batter is already yes seriously smells
  • amazing and this texture is incredible
  • the three layer cake is going to go
  • purple blue purple purple blue so we
  • need to divide our batter so we're gonna
  • take 1/3 of the batter and pour it into
  • this bowl we are gonna color the smaller
  • amount purple with a little bit of food
  • coloring just a few drops and then mix
  • it up and you can use the beaters here
  • first
  • mmm a little bit goes a long way with
  • the stuff yeah you don't need very much
  • this is a great color
  • now we're gonna dye our larger quantity
  • of batter the 2/3 batter with a little
  • bit of purple and a little bit of blue
  • for the top and bottom layer of the cake
  • oh jeez and you don't mix the actual
  • bottle in there all right so Mike loses
  • a baking point here drop II just show it
  • to cam did some pretty bad dropping the
  • bottle in there you lose a point but
  • don't worry Mike this is not the end of
  • the game you can keep those points Pat
  • now mix it up you want it to be a little
  • darker purple we just scrape down the
  • sides
  • I gotta continue mixing ain't n you on
  • my dear all right that looks good
  • now our batters are dyed and they are
  • ready to pour into the prepared pans are
  • you ready I'm so ready for this I got a
  • little messy on this side so hopefully
  • so in front of me I have 3 6-inch round
  • pans these are the ones from my row
  • baking line but you can use any ones
  • that you choose these are just my
  • favorite size for cakes and I've greased
  • and lined them with a piece of parchment
  • paper at the bottom so you're gonna pour
  • the light purple one into one pan and
  • then Huskie you are tasked with dividing
  • this between the two pans just eyeball
  • is that sticky I will do my best the
  • color of this batter will get a little
  • darker as they bake can't wait to see
  • the color it's really sweet it's gonna
  • be so cool I think it'll look just like
  • the one from the game yeah alright and
  • I'm gonna spread it out using the
  • spatula I'm just spreading out the
  • batter and I'm gonna give it a light tap
  • on the counter to bring out those air
  • bubbles I would just like to point out I
  • did not get a single drip of batter
  • outside the pan just for everyone's
  • consideration are you trying to get
  • brownie points right here I'm just
  • stating facts very competitive go ahead
  • please I am the batter is in the pans
  • and they are ready to bake that's right
  • heat your oven to 325 degrees and bake
  • for about 30 minutes and you can put
  • them all in there at the same time and
  • bake together
  • if zoomed out because you're so tall and
  • there's so much room in the frame for
  • those of you wondering at home our
  • height difference one I'm in heels but
  • our height difference is 4 10 + 6 - 6 -
  • thanks - so we had to zoom the camera
  • out look there's so much room I can't
  • even touch the sides so once your cakes
  • have baked and give them plenty of time
  • to cool we are gonna assemble them and
  • I'm gonna be assembling them on a
  • turntable because it just makes icing a
  • little bit easier so you have seen those
  • done hundreds of times so I'm gonna let
  • you take it away what are we doing I
  • gotta earn this baking point yeah but I
  • am very familiar with all of this
  • so first athlete cake school we leveled
  • them yes well that's easy and then what
  • we have in front of us is we have a
  • piping bag fitted with a 1/8 tip on
  • there Wow we have our buttercream icing
  • which we've dyed blue yes this is the
  • outside of the cake color mm-hmm so
  • we'll be using this we have our little
  • icing spatula yes you have the little
  • wind doesn't even call it a bench
  • scraper Wow I actually don't know if I'm
  • good at using this or not but I know
  • what it is I'm shocked that you have
  • paid this much attention you get another
  • point are you at 10 points right now I
  • mean I hope so
  • I am impressed hold on level 60 and then
  • this is a cricket bat for playing
  • cricket yeah he's not a quick michael
  • dawn that is not a cricket bat let's
  • assemble this cake so you're gonna start
  • with dark purple eye
  • then lighter purple ice and then dark
  • purple so you take your piping bag which
  • I've also used before behind the camera
  • not Milo and we're gonna make our little
  • fence here and then pipe like some
  • zigzags and the cake from the game has a
  • pretty nice layer of icing so you don't
  • want it super thin no you wouldn't make
  • it thick I can't fix it actually matches
  • I feel like it's that movie where
  • they're like making the clay pot what's
  • not movie that's all romantic like we
  • should do ghosts and I don't know who I
  • am I don't know the reference so I hope
  • everyone everyone off camera is super
  • offended now I'm sorry I know what we're
  • doing on TV are notching this movie so
  • then you can know that that was romantic
  • I've seen a golfing movie where the guys
  • like helping her behind like with her
  • swing I don't remember it's a romantic
  • movie or not that's ok here I want try
  • to put a game but you got to stack it up
  • even Michael here we go this is a lot of
  • pressure I haven't actually done this I
  • don't think ok line it up line it up
  • this smells good I can't oh it's
  • definitely on its way a little bit
  • oh jeez oh that's good there we go
  • that's great that was a close call
  • nothing was ruined okay you almost lost
  • a point okay it was close I should have
  • you lose a point remove ego okay that
  • has nothing to do with baking's you
  • doesn't but like it counts for something
  • is it about a ghost understand what
  • ghosts and pottery your dude well now
  • you assisted me in learning I'm gonna
  • give this a shot okay just some gentle
  • pressure and then spin as you go and
  • just hold it in one spot and don't press
  • too hard because you don't want to lose
  • the height of the frosting you just want
  • to smooth it out I am really proud look
  • at that design that was the top of the
  • cake it'd be passable hey Jess guys ski
  • here with my new cake decorating series
  • are you already at ten points or did I
  • take away of wink I think I might have
  • minutes in but then I kind of lost one
  • excited I don't know Peter and you know
  • the wrong okay it's iconic it's an
  • iconic movies who did lose a point
  • here but this Ising you've got it back
  • so you're now at a 10 again hole okay
  • now I know a tip for this one because
  • I've seen your videos what's the tip if
  • you flip the last layer of cake upside
  • down upside down that's right for the
  • last layer you flip it upside down so
  • the top is nice and flat that is a pro
  • tip if I had any more points to give you
  • right now I would give you that we've
  • reached we're ready at 10 so you just
  • want to stay there you've got full
  • health Mike in this video game so stay
  • there now the cakes are completely
  • stacked and we're gonna ice the entire
  • cake I like to start at the top and then
  • ice the sides Oh Mike this is very
  • creative venting my new way of doing
  • this so you're doing the spiral
  • technique I feel like the moat works
  • better but okay this looks poor just
  • don't go Skippy on the icing you want to
  • really load it up because it's easier to
  • take off icing than it is to add it
  • later yeah let's give it okay so give it
  • a little thicker over here
  • nice wish I put some on the side didn't
  • yes and the best way to ice which I like
  • to do and just ice all the way around
  • starting at the bottom work your way up
  • and now we smooth it out using the
  • spatulas you can either use the small
  • spatulas or the large or your favorite
  • little guy over here a little bench
  • scraper yeah you just go like this and
  • you hold it at the same angle and you
  • just keep spinning it around around and
  • around until it all gets moved all right
  • then for the top smooth it out like this
  • nice and smooth nice and smooth gently
  • pull in nice just keep doing this until
  • you get your cake as smooth as you'd
  • like
  • once the cake was iced we popped it in
  • the fridge for about 30 minutes to chill
  • and now it's time to decorate it's my
  • favorite part
  • so to decorate we are gonna be doing
  • that with three different confection
  • sprinkles there's like a magenta purple
  • green and yellow because that's what it
  • looks like in the video game and I
  • couldn't find these sprinkles in the
  • right size so we just made them using
  • marshmallow fondant and these three
  • colors rolled it out and just cut it out
  • with a little teeny cookie cutter or you
  • can use like the end of a straw if you
  • don't have the mini sets there's a lot
  • of different things around the kitchen
  • that you can use take a little sprinkle
  • dip it in a little bit of icing it's
  • get on to the cake and the cake in the
  • game has a lot of these little guys on
  • there so we're gonna cover the whole
  • thing with these one at time so we've
  • got all the confetti sprinkles all over
  • the cake and we transferred it to this
  • blue plate yes in the game it comes on a
  • really fun blue plate the icing on the
  • top in the bottom almost looks like a
  • marshmallow fluff but we tried
  • marshmallow fluff and it was way too
  • runny it just dripped everywhere so this
  • is actually a thicker royal icing
  • there's a little bit more powdered sugar
  • and look at this it's still nice and
  • fluffy it really holds the shape so I
  • like to pipe around the outside and then
  • you just push down a little bit
  • and you can really guide how far you
  • want those drips to go they can go a
  • little they can go a lot might do you
  • know what kind of cake this is called if
  • it was like a ganache is it a if you
  • weren't out of ten you'd already get
  • another point right now doesn't that
  • look nice and fluffy doesn't that look
  • like a marshmallow fluff now usually
  • when I'm icing a cake I cover the whole
  • top of the cake but in this game it's
  • just around the outside you can actually
  • see the sprinkles so we're not gonna do
  • anything and we're just gonna pipe some
  • decorations on the bottom husky oh man
  • this is the challenge just pipe a little
  • border at the bottom I'm moving really
  • slow I'm going to keep it even even in
  • the video game it's not perfect this
  • looks amazing this icing super cool it
  • slowly worked its way down the cake
  • final decoration step is adding the
  • candles on top we made the pink one out
  • of fondant and when your Universe eree
  • hmm it is one years old but they also
  • make pink candles that are a big one
  • that you can all see just fine but I
  • wanted to look like just like the video
  • game so we made it out of fondant and
  • then for the other little candles on the
  • cake they're just blue candles and I
  • wrapped a little bit of purple fondant
  • around them so they look just like the
  • video game love it Michael please do the
  • honors place that number one right in
  • the middle
  • here we go can you do it everybody can
  • he keep his perfect 10 score alright
  • there we go there here is the for
  • tonight birthday cake back plane that we
  • made today a big thing to do you guys
  • were suggesting we make this this is the
  • very first fortnight recipe on my
  • channel and also a big thank you to mr.
  • Holmes so thank you for baking with me
  • today we did a great job I thought you
  • were the perfect guest for today Bubba
  • was my perfect score you already know
  • you ended thank you and the perfect
  • score it's competitive man over again I
  • did my best so please go show him some
  • love some support go follow him
  • subscribe all those things I'll put his
  • links down below I'll be taking pictures
  • and posting the recipes on a bunch of my
  • social medias and if you guys create
  • this cake please take a picture and send
  • it to me because I would love to see
  • your baking creations it makes me happy
  • it makes my day and if you have any
  • other ideas for any other nerdy nummies
  • nice job you didn't know timing please
  • leave me a comment and I'm gonna do my
  • best to make it happen alright thanks
  • again you guys bye-bye
  • [Music]

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I am so excited for a new episode of Nerdy Nummies! What other videos would you like to see??



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1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup cake flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
¾ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon almond extract
1 cup buttermilk
Food Coloring
Loved making this with my boyfriend! We used a lot of tips and tricks to complete it. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more videos.

xoxo Ro


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