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Video Surprise Brother and Sister Room Makeovers! | Mr. Kate Decorates
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  • Hello my creative weirdos! Welcome to an extra special Mr.Kate decorates.
  • We are partnering with Sherwin Williams for their national painting week
  • Which is all about celebrating the transformative power of paint in our communities and our homes, which you guys know
  • I'm all about I choose paint all the time to transform spaces
  • But today we are doing something extra extra special. We got a letter from a creative weirdo
  • Just like you guys, this creative weirdo has gone through a lot though
  • So if you guys remember in 2018 there were wildfires and then mudslides that hit Santa Barbara, California
  • devastating wiped out a ton of people's homes.
  • An eleven year old, Milla, a creative weirdo just like you had her home ruined her and her family
  • So she wrote to us asking if we could come and help her decorate
  • her new room in her new home because she just feels very unsettled. So let's hear a little bit more from Milla.
  • Dear Mr.Kate my name is Milla, and I'm 10 years old. Well, I'll be 11 in April
  • I'm an artist and a major perfectionist and you are a great inspiration to me
  • I think that when I'm older, I want to be a designer like you I have many different styles, Minimalist
  • Bohemian, Urban Outfitters, Retro chic and not over colorful except for art anyway in January me and my family evacuated from the
  • Montecito mudslides, I'm sure you've heard about it when we went back to see it
  • It was surrounded by mud and filled under the floorboards
  • Our landlord had us pack everything up and we had to stay at friends and families houses
  • Since January and a lot of December for the Thomas fire now we have found a new rental
  • all my belongings are packed up in boxes
  • I'm very homesick now, but it would mean the world to me if you could come and decorate my new room
  • You should decorate my room because why not? You're creative weirdo friend Milla
  • Knock Knock
  • I'm Mr.Kate. You don't even need the introduction. You are already know who this is
  • I'm Mr.Kate, I'm here I'll take a look at your place
  • I'll stop by for a while and help you find your style
  • We'll laugh and we'll paint Mr.Kate!
  • Oh, I'm Mr.Kate!
  • Hey Guys!
  • All right, we're in the car we're on our way to Santa Barbara. I got my paint band, Joey's got his...
  • measuring team and notebook. Milla here we come!
  • Joey, nice to meet you! What's up, man? What's your name? I'm Jack
  • Hi, nice to meet you. What's your name? Johnny.
  • It's like in here isn't it? Yeah but I don't think anything really matches right now
  • It doesn't really show my style cause I want it to look minimalistic
  • It looks kind of cluttered
  • But obviously we don't want to get rid of your stuff, maybe just store it better
  • This is actually a really great piece for that sort of minimalist look
  • you know because the lines are really nice kind of like mid-century lines. You did a really good job
  • Did you draw all these things. Oh my gosh. You're a fantastic artist!
  • Thank you!
  • You're so good at all this! I like some Pinks when it's very light
  • Okay, I like that too pink is one of those very like nurturing colors
  • So I think that's a great instinct. Yeah, Milla on three, One...Two...Three
  • Milla!
  • Why don't you show us Jack's room
  • Okay
  • Milla diagnose this room because I feel like you're the the style Queen. He has a lot of stuff and he likes to display it
  • What's he need?
  • He needs more furniture cause there's a lot of empty space in here. Definitely. That used to be my bed
  • It was my bed frame and then my dad repurposed it. Oh my gosh this family, why are we here?
  • Yeah, Exactly!
  • Let's look at this paint band and see if there's anything just tell me what sticks out to you
  • I mean like this like really really light green. Let's get in. Okay Jack on three
  • One...Two...Three!
  • Jack!
  • She's talked about you for over a year, I mean all the time
  • Third one for good measure
  • Milla and Jack on three. One...Two....Three, Milla and Jack!
  • Yay! I love them right Milla and Jack we have to do both their rooms, we got to do this
  • This is like a creative weirdos mission right now no budget. So let's get to it. Let's get decorating both those rooms
  • Make sure they're homey and settled and just awesome for those two awesome kids to live in
  • Let's do it!
  • There he is! Hello Joey
  • So these are gonna go in Jack's room. I sanded down Milla's dresser
  • Yay!
  • When she was younger she'd drawn all over the drawers. So we're just refreshing it cuz it's a beautiful piece
  • I'm gonna go pick up a dresser for Jack at the thrift store and pick up all the Sherwin-Williams paint
  • Great great. See you in a bit. Okay
  • Okay, I'm here at a thrift store in L.A
  • I'm gonna run in really quickly and see if there is a vintage dresser for Jack
  • Oh my gosh, I think this is perfect
  • They work really smoothly. It's in great shape. I love the wood tone. Yes
  • Okay. I have a van you guys because we're not kidding around. So I've already got the dresser in there from the thrift store
  • Thank you thrift store beautiful dresser for Jack. I also just went tothe paint store Sherwin Williams and picked up
  • Lots of paint this is their Zero VOC line, which I'm very excited about because this is going into children's rooms
  • Let's go back and talk with Joey. We've got to pull some stuff from the studio
  • I also ordered some stuff online All Right, see you back at Mr.Kate studios
  • Joey
  • Oh
  • This needs to be painted
  • You want to start painting this stuff? Sure, and then I also want to pull some goodies from our shelves
  • All right. I definitely want to get some of those storage boxes down for Milla and maybe Jack
  • Green throw pillows. Oh
  • That's a pretty candle for Milla oh this is perfect she likes that like bohemian look
  • Minimalist and look how cute. Oh, this could be good for Milla
  • Definitely think this could work above her dresser. Oh my gosh this
  • wall-mounted, look how long it is has this long
  • track and then this mounts on it. It'll be that super minimalist vibe maybe like over her bed
  • Oh and how about this fuzzy rug option? Okay painting who stole clean?
  • Finished this, loading the truck Santa Barbara or bust. Yeah!
  • Okay
  • We're gonna freshen up with the paint. So because this is like a yellowy tone
  • No no no, we're gonna go snowbound as the color of the walls. What is that like a white or gray?
  • It's so white but like has like the touchiest touch of gray. What about the closets?
  • We're gonna do, it's called repose gray so we have a slight contrast going on
  • So we're going like white and gray minimal. White and gray minimalist
  • But then the plan is to kind of create like designated areas because she has all that artwork. She's a great artist.
  • I know she's a great artist
  • So I want to give her kind of like a cool way to display her art
  • But then be able to like change it out something on this wall. We do like
  • Rectangle shapes I have these pretty like pale pink colors. And then I think it's right behind the bed
  • So what about Jack's room?
  • So Jack's room paint again. Guys, by the way, Jack's room was totally a bonus
  • Like Milla is the one that wrote in but we got here and we're like we can't do just one.
  • Can't do just one kids room and not the other. The brother is gonna feel left out
  • So we're doing Jack. So we got to get started on his room painted, too
  • Yeah so he has those awesome built-in shelves so those are gonna go more of a darker grey and then on the walls he's doing
  • Like we're doing like a kind of muted green. It's really pretty. It's called livable green.
  • Actually this is a great tip for you guys with teen or you know
  • Tween rooms where they might be changing their minds in a few years as to like what their style is
  • Paint is like the most budget-friendly way to update their room. So don't spend money on like the furniture and stuff
  • Just getting like basic furniture that you can then change the design around with the paint
  • Milla! Look at her artwork
  • Okay
  • So we have to celebrate the fact that
  • Milla is a creative weirdo through and through we want to celebrate that and give her an area to
  • Display her art on her walls, but also like that she's able to change it out right.
  • She's gonna be constantly creating. So, you know, she can hang up some canvases, switch them out when she wants
  • That's why we're giving her this neutral room
  • The only color we have in there is just like a very subtle pale pink, which I think is a neutral guys
  • So this is what I've sketched out here the idea is this is her bed wall
  • Which we're keeping the same bed wall, but we're giving her a bigger bed
  • But I think that we're gonna designate the areas using the paint
  • Because with a kid's room a lot of times we need to have it
  • multifunctional, like they're in there with their desk. They're studying they're sleeping
  • Maybe they're having friends over and hanging out so we can't take up the entire wall with the bed
  • so we are gonna have the bed over to one side a little bit and
  • Painting a big wide stripe as kind of an anchoring color behind the bed. That's the idea here and then above the bed
  • I want to have a wall lamp which will give it that minimal
  • look, I have this really cool black one, which you guys saw at the studio
  • So we're mounting that and then I think above the bed doing a black
  • quote type thing which this is
  • My creative weirdo quote, Creative relating to or involving the imagination
  • Weirdo. a person whose dress or
  • behavior seems
  • supernatural aka magic. Okay. So that is Milla. That's all you guys
  • So I feel like we'll have that as like the crowning moment above her bed
  • And then on the opposite side, I'm thinking we do the squares of the different paint colors very subtly different in shades
  • but the idea is giving her these patches of color that then within that
  • She can hang her canvases right? I've got the print. I've got your art. Let's go
  • Okay, so my thought with this is
  • I'm using the laser level as
  • My lines and I'm gonna tape
  • With some really nice strong tape. Like perfect rectangles together? Yeah. Do you think I should hand do it?
  • No, no, she's modern I think perfects probably good, right?
  • Well, the only thing is that we're also doing it here behind the bed. It could look really cool
  • That would be like the boho element because we're mixing minimalist with boho cuz she likes both
  • So having like the slightly like hand done line, I think I'm gonna go hand done Joey.
  • Thank God I'm here to recommend and that's gonna be easier and it's gonna be faster Thank You Joey. Thank you
  • We are designating areas with paint using my laser level
  • I'm going to just do it freehand with the line again
  • So we have the same kind of look going on in both spaces like a partial accent wall because why not?
  • It's kind of a big moment in a kid's life when they upgrade from a twin
  • I know her big-girl bed, and then we're giving her a minimalist
  • Moment with this amazing
  • Right. Okay, so the way so it's gonna be work
  • Is
  • All right, yeah, that's right
  • And then like we can have it pointing kind of towards like the creative weird art. So like that?
  • Well, let's see and then we put the frame. I mean originally I was thinking that the light would be like
  • here and then the art would be here, but I think that that pulls too long with the headboard
  • So maybe we flip flip flop it. No because
  • Yeah
  • Seriously go watch us do something else
  • Okay, so guys we are working with actually some cool architectural elements here in Jack's room.
  • We have the built in shelves over there. Jack is just as artistic as his sister and he's got like all these cool
  • Like weird awesome things that I'm sure he's made in school or whatever. Like I don't know what this is, but I'm loving it
  • Okay guys greenery is very important in our minimalist room that's going on or it's sort of our minimalist slash boho, you know
  • We're combining the styles in Milla's room, and I really want some greenery in there. So I'm just helping prune the trees right now
  • Creative weirdo happening right here. guys we can all aspire to Milla, right?
  • Oh my gosh, okay guys, I'm so excited. I think Millas gonna love it, but what do you guys think?
  • We hit the challenge of combining the minimalist look with a bohemian look in this room
  • So we played with a lot of airiness in the curtains. We've got the white bedding
  • You know that kind of bohemian feeling the paint in here was so key
  • So obviously we use the pink to designate our areas with our headboard here the art over there
  • But then freshening up the walls with that white just made a huge difference and then the gray on
  • These closet doors just freshens it up really makes it feel a bit more modern
  • I just had to add the splash of Millas paint palette just you know a little secret
  • Insight into what's going on behind those closet doors her craft closet
  • The pale pink is also a really nice kind of feminine airy feel to it
  • But then we have the black and white contrasting in here. We've got this awesome kind of industrial bed
  • We've got this rad light
  • We've got the creative weirdo print framed in black
  • Which will really just celebrate the artwork Mila's artwork arranged on those hand-painted squares
  • I love that idea for any of you who are artists who constantly are changing out stuff
  • Give yourself kind of like a hand-painted frame to then hang your art within
  • Bringing in this dresser see we're giving her a ton of storage with this that she didn't have before you got her typewriter
  • here and this round mirror is a great minimalist touch. Her refurbished desk in the corner
  • Which all we did was freshen it up with some stain and we don't have her like little kid drawings on it anymore
  • We used her existing desk chairs so we didn't have to buy anything new there
  • We got the stools over there with some baskets for storage. The stools are great
  • She can kind of move him around they can be extra surface area for her
  • She wants to bring out more art supplies by her desk, her lava lamp
  • I mean, it's just a great blend and it's just a very versatile space for a growing lady
  • Alright, I'm loving this room it has such a good feeling in here. But we have to go put the finishing touches on Jack's room.
  • Let's go
  • All right, so yeah centered it's kind of like centered with the bed. It's gonna be there. This is cool. So this was his old
  • bed that his dad made into his desk, and he asked us to keep this desk
  • Yeah, he really likes it.
  • It's something they'll keep in the family cause it the family he grew up in
  • I know how cute. I know it's cool. So I like this centered position cuz he has these epic shelves here
  • And since this room is like long and narrow we've now divided the space. It's like that's bed area
  • This is now a desk area rather than finding
  • Let's just take a moment. Yeah. This was his.
  • Oh, well, you got to have it on the donut. No, you don't? Yeah, you do it what about when its in the
  • Jack, you're gonna have a peaceful happy vibe in this room
  • Welcome to your new home
  • We love you and your family and your mom your dad and Milla and your bunny. Have you seen the bunny? it's really cute
  • Okay
  • Alright
  • That was probably the most hectic meditation ever
  • Okay, guys, oh
  • I love this bedding and like a bigger bed in here makes so much more sense. Love that throw pillow
  • Yes, and look a fan a better fan. This is much cooler
  • Yeah, it's gonna keep him cool. It's a hipper fan. And that big ugly one he had before let's put it here.
  • It's so much better in here now with the bigger bed we've got our two areas and the dresser, what do you guys think?
  • Okay, so obviously we really use paint in here to set a mood right we have this beautiful green on the walls and then of
  • course we highlighted the architectural interest in this room the built-in shelving by painting it a different color though
  • we got his awesome desk that his dad built him
  • which is a nice light wood then we've got the medium tone of the dresser and then the darker wood
  • Of the bed and then of course, we have some painted wood too with our beautiful side tables. I love this color
  • You can see just a subtle difference in the greens and that shelf is now like epic like him sitting there doing his homework
  • Alright, I think we're ready to get Jack and Milla, I know they're just coming home from school. So
  • Hopefully they like it! It is such a special project. So guys cross your fingers if they like these rooms
  • Remember what your room looked like, picture it in your mind. Yellowy walls. Ready? On the count of three you can open your eyes
  • One.....Two....Three!
  • Wow
  • Whose room did I just walk into? Yours man!
  • Nice fan, yeah, right better than the other one. Talk about a grown up bed, right? Yeah, big boy bed. Yeah
  • What do you think of your style shelf? It's cool. Kind of brought a little more style to them
  • I didn't like the white because it didn't match the walls, right it seems to make more sense
  • And then you can sit here in all their glory
  • Yeah, I mean you said you like to film stuff so we thought that this could be sort of like your that's your backdrop
  • I got you a new dresser for storage. Oh, that's cool. Yeah
  • Oh good. Well, it's alive so water it once in a while and I mean you've kept your fish alive
  • so maybe I'm sure you can keep your plant alive
  • Wanna see what everyone else thinks?
  • Oh my gosh, It's amazing
  • We kept the desk as you made that yeah you did such a good job with it. I feel like I need to make an appointment to come in here now
  • Yeah
  • Very hip clock over here on the wall. So you won't be late for school
  • Yeah, you got lucky because Milla was the one that wrote us
  • You mooched off her major. So I think it's time to see Milla's room
  • Milla are you ready?
  • We'll take you by yourself first then we'll call everyone else in
  • Eyes closed we'll put you in position and count getting Mr.Kate experience
  • You wrote to us you made this happen, you guys have been through so much and this is your
  • reward for just being an awesome human. You ready to see your creative weirdo den? I think so
  • Remember what your room looked like before?
  • One....Two...Three!
  • This is so cool
  • Is this my room?
  • This is your room
  • You like it?
  • This is so pretty. Yeah, you said you wanted new knobs, we listened.
  • This is so cool. Right and so here's our solution cuz all of your awesome artwork
  • I wanted to give you a place to display it, right
  • And you can arrange it however you want in these squares
  • And Kate did it very creative weirdo style like, you know, not straight edges. Yeah. Yeah
  • You're you're cool painted headboard
  • With your very own creative weirdo poster then your desk over there. We refinished it. So we cleaned it up
  • You know where you painted it before and that is a cow skull that actually has beauty marks on you know
  • The beauty marks we have which I have another surprise from here. I brought you some Mr.Kate
  • I was gonna order these.
  • I brought them to you! Special delivery! Because you do so much with crafts. You can wear them
  • You can also like put them on things too
  • Yeah, these are so cool
  • Should we bring them on in? I think so.
  • Why don't you call for them?
  • Comon in! Comon in!
  • Thank you so much for inviting us here. Oh, I'm so glad you like it
  • Milla look at your room. We again saved the desks that's been in the family for a while but we just cleaned it up
  • We got her art on the wall
  • Did she ever tell you she's a creative weirdo?
  • Oh, every single day
  • You guys have been through a journey hopefully this is helpful, we now feel at home and peaceful so much yeah
  • Yeah, this is now your home. So hopefully it feels like it's your space now, right? Yeah. Okay good
  • That was the goal for you guys
  • Milla, thank you for being a creative weirdo
  • Thank you for having us!
  • Jack, thanks for hanging buddy
  • You know what Kate always says at the end of the videos? Stay creative, stay weird, stay you
  • I will
  • Deal! Alright you guys enjoy the room
  • You make dreams come true
  • Aw, I love you guys! Bye Milla
  • Enjoy your big beds guys, Wow incredible it's beautiful
  • Two room, you did such a good job
  • How great was that?
  • That was so meaningful you guys right it was I mean you guys already know the power of design and creativity
  • It's so much deeper than just you know
  • Superficial things it really has meaning and effect on people's lives, and I'm so glad that we got to do that
  • With Milla and Jack there's such special kids they went through so much
  • So just being able to do you know
  • It's not a lot but like it's gonna make a big difference in lives. Guys, creative weirdos at every age
  • Celebrate! Join the creative weirdo family Subscribe big thanks to Sherwin Williams for
  • Sponsoring the video and for having the whole National painting week and just for being a great brand and doing things that get back to
  • the community. Yeah and
  • big thumbs up for Kate
  • Thumbs up for Joey and thumbs up for you guys and leave some loving comments below for Milla and Jack and family wishing them all
  • the best in their new home, we're going home we'll see you on the next one. Yep. Stay creative. Stay weird
  • Stay you. Love you guys. Bye
  • Alright we're in height order. There's a smaller one then me for once!
  • You like it? Yeah

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