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Video Amazon Drop Shipping - Setting Up my FREE Amazon Seller Account
07:06   |   8K+ views   |   09/20/2018 at 20:24


  • so what's up guys this is mark from the
  • ash uni and I am starting to sell on
  • Amazon in front of you guys so this is
  • the first day I'm just going into
  • selling of the Amazon account this is a
  • very first day so basically okay so I
  • sign I set up a brand new Amazon a brand
  • new Amazon account okay
  • and then once you log in to - once you
  • login so I had just logged into this
  • account on the right it says your other
  • Amazon accounts so your seller account
  • okay so once you logged into - let me go
  • back to first with Jesus I just did this
  • from scratch so I'm doing this for you
  • guys so once you log in you come here
  • your account account list then under
  • your other counts hit your seller
  • account now this is I'm setting up right
  • now guys so what you need is a pro
  • account okay
  • 39 bucks a month but to start and for
  • this video and those I know some of you
  • guys don't spend any money which
  • is ridiculous with okay right you want
  • to set up if you scroll so you have the
  • option of selling at 39 bucks a month or
  • you could set up as an individual right
  • and start selling for free now let me
  • show you the difference where's the I'm
  • just showing you guys live the
  • difference so if you want to sell more
  • than 40 items which is where you want to
  • be if you want to sign up for this it's
  • a 9 bucks for it you can sell over 40
  • items a month and you can list whatever
  • right
  • well not whatever but we get into all
  • the categories if you want to sell it
  • and as an individual you'd be charged
  • put sale plus other fees so let's do
  • sellers and and and as an individual
  • all right so this is
  • the account I set up today continue to
  • do so I'm basically going to show you
  • guys how to actually wise this Amman
  • Nicaragua's Rashida shown up as right so
  • legal name that's my name should I do
  • the business I'll do my person off right
  • now so Amazon is setting up the account
  • my other Amazon account is really also
  • I'm not even I haven't gone through in a
  • while
  • so credit card number blah blah so I'm
  • going to fill out this information
  • I think I could blurt this out I'm using
  • Camtasia right now I think I could blow
  • this out I'm such lazy f edits
  • in anyway I'm going to fill this
  • out maybe I could add it maybe not let
  • me running at my credit go
  • yeah I know you guys I think in this
  • had to be nuts to just get
  • up and go do something else right sorry
  • I have my credit card at hand let me
  • hopefully I'll be able to edit this
  • numbers out
  • hmm Oh flag it speed through this and
  • you guys are not like have to sit
  • through all this nonsense
  • just my card guys this is my us address
  • this is the some of you guys know I'm in
  • um I'm a Nicaraguan but hey if letting
  • users number before I suspect that some
  • reason tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu ok display name
  • I guess as a store arm to to to shops
  • let me see if chubs is available I guess
  • so their display name will be jobs I
  • don't know if that's my store name
  • because I'm selling in the video but
  • let's see what's going on so I'll have
  • them send me a text
  • JooJoo - that's my Google Voice
  • number guys so I'm waiting for this text
  • that's sent by Amazon they usually fast
  • to be patient with me guys this is my
  • first video for today
  • I just been away from the internet I
  • could be I'm not really bothered by
  • staying online too much come on let's
  • see if the text came through
  • yeah I didn't come throughout that was
  • quick put in my pin
  • alright complete registration
  • right so my account is set up guys is
  • that simple I'll go into any other
  • details of the featured I need to set up
  • this is just a one this is just to let
  • you guys know that I would be selling on
  • Amazon it should be hella fun so yeah
  • have a good one guys I'm looking forward
  • to showing you guys what comes out of
  • this and peace make that money love be
  • love traveler world later look at the
  • description subscribe comment ask
  • questions later

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In this video I simply show you how to set up a free amazon seller account to start yoru amazon drop shipping business.

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