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Video Going 1ST PERSON MODE in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (ALL GUNS)
22:21   |   04/14/2018


  • Guys look how amazing this is and you can do this at home as well right now
  • Welcome everyone my name's Ali A, We're about to jump some live Fortnite action as we talk about first-person mode in Fortnite
  • And I'm gonna be showing to you guys every single weapon in fortnight in first-person mode in action
  • That is wrong lol im click bait
  • I'm also gonna be letting you guys know how you can turn Fortnite's and view Fortnite into first-person mode aswell
  • It looks amazing it is so cool when I discovered this I was so so excited
  • And also a little bit of a poll, a bit of a vote from you guys; if you would love to see
  • first-person mode be introduced into fortnight give this video a like right now if you're not keen if you don't like the idea
  • I will let you guys dislike the video as well, so you've got a live voting system through the likes on this video
  • It'll be really interesting to see which people prefer.
  • As always if you're new around here subscribe, turn notifications on and without further ado guys
  • Let's start playing some Fortnite and talk about first-person mode, and how it would look.
  • I can't lie guys, I'm totally addicted to the Dark Knight again or the Black Knight
  • I get the name of Batman and the actual character name mixed all the time
  • It's just such a badass character, and it blends in so well with the map that people don't often see you. It's absolutely
  • amazing it's one of my favorite places to land at the moment
  • Beautiful some shield great weapons already not the best
  • I definitely saw some other people chilling over here as well in Greasy, but this is be my go-to spot
  • Whenever new items and new weapons come out to land here, and it is served me well for good loot
  • I can't lie, but also got another loot spot, but it's been amazing recently
  • I want to share with you guys and we'll talked about that probably in another video, but today guys. Oh my gosh. I've discovered something
  • absolutely insane that when I was watching it
  • I was like there is no way this is real, it's basically a video showing all the guns in Fortnite in first-person mode
  • As soon as I saw it I was like this is just crazy
  • and actually
  • The gnome is in here, but also you hear that someone else, take that back, thankyou very much
  • Know what he's going for that secret chest up there, there is a chest lodged-
  • What are you doing? Why are you-
  • Oh?
  • No, I didn't wanna kill him, I was actually gonna leave him be for a second. I'm so sorry buddy
  • Best mates though right?
  • Hopefully you likes my little dance back at him hopefully he appreciates that
  • But there's always videos like this is absolutely crazy so for those you guys that have ever throw back for a second
  • I'll throw the
  • Thumbnail on the video from screen for a second here showing you guys the very first
  • First person video that I did I think it must been a few months ago now where someone completely made and like animated
  • a gun a scar specifically in for tonight battle royale
  • And how it would look and how it would animate within the Fortnite
  • world if it was first person.
  • For those of you guys who don't know, if you go on to Fortnite's
  • FAQ page, which is they're frequently asked question, or- Someone's got a Port-A-Fort, why didn't I land in that building? Whenever I-
  • Ooh, buddy, let's deal with this guy first.
  • God that is some shocking shooting
  • I swear this person doesn't know what they're doing come on stop building!
  • No, I demand you to stop shooting
  • This is disgusting and someone else is here
  • What is going on
  • What are you doing what is there more Dewey stop just everyone stop for a second to think about what you're doing, okay?
  • Do peace around a little bit, this is all runny. This is the good stuff
  • See good stuff that guy still chilling in his face up there what you reckon
  • We're gonna have to sort this guy out or an RPG time come on you're gonna have to be sorted out buddy
  • Can't just let you chill in your poor fall base forever in fact
  • We're gonna have to move anyway because the storm is gonna be coming in
  • There you go exposed
  • Can get out in the base
  • That communi not quite enough chew chew chew chew chew I
  • Think has a direct shot
  • Literally just waitin. Thank God. I did for that last shot to make superflee geez okay
  • Let's get it to be some interrupting in fact the only other time
  • I think I've done a live commentary and discuss news with you guys was the other time we talked about first-person mode
  • But in that video is all fake
  • It was all like custom made
  • Basically by someone in a 4d cinema program to make the Scarlett like it's in the game and first-person mode
  • And it was a lot of makes feedback on but the video. I'm gonna show you got another portable base
  • Okay, I'm not even gonna this guy's just going a little bit Larry
  • He's gonna have to move you're so far away. What are you doing yet? You're wasting
  • Everyone's time over there look at him little dark Voyager
  • Look at that 100%
  • accuracy
  • Beautiful girl things 60 shoot. I think that's just gone right there. It's gonna have to come out of its base
  • it's gonna wait for them to come out I
  • Mean this guy just does not stand any chance come on, bud are you cut we've got first-person mode to show and discuss with people
  • This is just it's not gonna work out well view again. How do I am. Never?
  • Vending machine location
  • That's the end of you buddy serious, it's the seafood doing no damage to someone on this vending machine all over again
  • Finally geez all of these guys distracting us getting in our way using porta force. Why can't we be the one to port affords? I?
  • Don't have enough materials for that anyway
  • yeah
  • but this
  • And I'll show you guys here when we get a little bit of a break and people chill out for a second
  • This is a free gun in action in fortnight in first-person mode. There's no funny business
  • It's not being edited or faked in any way it is
  • legitimately how every gun would look in first-person mode and said guys let me know down below in
  • or using the light feature on YouTube
  • Hit the like button if you would like to see this come maybe even just as a limited time mode rather than
  • Like just turning everything well
  • I guess it would always be a limited time mode like an option to play third person or an opt-in to options play first person
  • Which exactly the same as it is in games like pub GP or known backwards backgrounds? We can choose which mode you play it in
  • And if you're not too keen and you think you know what wasn't a stick third person let me know with a dislike
  • It hurts me to say despite my video. I would never normally say that I'm gonna let you guys dislike the video
  • okay, just as a way of showing your votes and showing what you are preferring like now and
  • Since things are chilling out the storms coming in let me just see where it's gonna land and where we gonna travel to next
  • Okay, not too bad. Not too bad alright guys. Take a look at what?
  • First-person mode will look with every weapon in bought night battle yow a big
  • Thanks to ADR a videos who has put this all together
  • I'm gonna leave a link down to the original video in the description so go and show some love for sure
  • So guys without further ado let's take a look at every weapon in fortnight in first-person mode then come back
  • After you've taken a look after you give the video a like or dislike
  • And I'll let you know how you can do it yourself as well
  • So guys, what did you think I'm currently hunting someone down here? We go. I saw them right up
  • into Tootie
  • Don't worry let you guys know how you can also
  • Check out first-person mode from the comfort of your own
  • We can sort out this very Larry person that is taking the completely wrong route to the next storm. I don't know what they're doing
  • Come on come on RPG
  • Maybe taking the weirdest route I've ever seen to get to the next storm, but I'm not too bad
  • I'm gonna have to go down. We're going down boys. We're going all the way down. We're gonna pay your visit, please
  • Don't shoot my base down. This could kill me
  • Hume Hume shotgun is at the ready I know your game coming at the back door
  • Okay
  • Six kills to our name seventeen people less
  • Going, not too badly so far so what you've just seen is fortnight in first-person mode guys
  • Let me know what use your favor weapon in first-person
  • What did you think of it II think you looks cool, so as I was watching this video
  • I was like there's no way this guy's animated and put together
  • Every single weapon in the game of first class there's just so much effort. That's absolutely crazy gonna try and loop up here
  • Cuz I need to get myself some help anyway
  • And I was like you know what I think I know how it's done, so
  • As I do up here, I'll show you guys on screen here
  • How is done because I've actually recreated it myself, so it's done in the replay tool
  • If you stand still in the replay tool pick up a gun and just shoot it a little bit
  • but don't move your character around to shoot it a little bit and stand still and
  • then back at that game go into the
  • replay feature and then go into free cam and zoom into your character and
  • Then once you're in your character make the camera super wide angle like a really fisheye dangle
  • You can actually make the game look like the weapon is being held in first-person mode that is how it's done guys
  • I've just showed you there and it looks amazing
  • There's some sniper shots going on here as well
  • so it's all based in love of a trick using the new replay mode, but he's
  • Legitimate and the most accurate way of showing you how first-person mode would work
  • I don't know if I should take shots at her whilst I'm not in a storm um
  • But why would you want a first-person mode because third-person is actually broken?
  • She's lychee one-shop, I swear, I think I knocked of all of her shield hit her twice with no shield. She's chilling on
  • But she's got a scar. I want that that's the new sound of a scar like medium range for the way. It's so weird
  • So so weird someone else is sniping as well
  • I can chill I can chill for a second here
  • Where are you coming from where you going? You got to move?
  • Someone is sniping over loot lake
  • Is on the move she's on the move
  • Come on
  • There we go
  • Seraph opps get out of there, and there's a supply truck nearby nice. Where's your scar legendary or epic?
  • Okay, only epic I'll take it back though. I'll take it's all good
  • so good and to get myself back up to maximum HP, but there's actually a
  • Real big issue with third person, but don't get me wrong
  • I actually genuinely really like playing a third person game like fortnight
  • And I played a lot of first-person modes in fact. I I would say I'm more of a first-person game
  • It's worse with you all my years have been spent on games like Medal of Honor call of duty
  • And shooters where first-person mode is it's the way that you shoot people however
  • I love the way that third-person mode looks bought night
  • You can see all your skin's you can see your character
  • And you can view the game in a way you can see how everything was beautiful
  • It's really nice and the guys Oh someone's going for the Supply Drop
  • And is my
  • I
  • Don't know how he survived that that was cheeky never seen someone be cheeky that was that
  • Let me go you got a lock on all entrances and exits, buddy if you're leaving holes in your base
  • It just ain't gonna work chug chug okay, so top tip you have a slurp, and you don't need it put it on anyway
  • and your health will regenerate for the next 25 seconds and
  • If I get in a gunfight, I'll start making that house back for next 25 seconds or so just a little tip
  • But there is an issue with
  • With third person mode and that is something called right hand peep
  • You may have heard all eight players are doing missed it
  • Eight players left and a key was gonna say always like you're in a matchup
  • for something called a third person Pico right hand peak
  • Where as you can see my character is to the left side of the reticle so if you imagine a line?
  • That line goes from my right shoulder over my right shoulder
  • And then straight forward like as in where I'm gonna be shooting from
  • So if I put my character around an item and I look around the right hand side
  • I'm gonna get a perfect angle and a perfect shot on someone
  • Without exposing my body this person's game Larry you do not want that
  • So it's basically like cheating a little bit in fact
  • It kind of is cheating and I always think about it when I'm in a gunfight because I always want to try and take advantage
  • Of it, but if you're shooting at someone and you shoot from
  • the right-hand side of the wall
  • Your aim is going to be looking at the wall, and if you then move into the open
  • If you then move into the open
  • Some ammo some launches are like that if you then move into the open your body is gonna be shown to that person
  • Before you can start shooting
  • Amazed darts and put all that's going to 22-metre
  • Pretty much in RPGs smite be honest with you and the golden RPG
  • I think that is a perfect reward for what we just pulled off there
  • So yeah, I may like throw out some examples on screen after after this
  • I'm focusing on this game at the moment, but hope that makes sense hopefully that makes sense to you guys and
  • you
  • Realize that why it's a little bit of an issue
  • I'm going to use a little slab technique here again, so in first-person mode that isn't an issue
  • because the shots and your view is
  • The center of your screen you can imagine the shot to come from your stomach or coming from your head in the case of Call
  • Of Duty the the bullet always comes out of the top of your head
  • That's just like the point that they use in your body
  • That's why you something called head glitching is a thing because you can sit behind cover and since the bullet is
  • Technically coming from the top of your head you can show none of your body and still take shots
  • So that's an issue with first-person mode is arguably just as bad as using right hand peak
  • Just just throwing you out there whilst we're on the topic
  • Some guys lost in the storm rip in peace Valon know we know
  • But that is one argument for why third person mode a little bit broken the other thing that is a counter-argument is it fortnight
  • Has so many great skins, and I'm sure you with me in saying
  • That you want to see your skin right hey, I want to see my skin. I'm walking the Black Knight I
  • Don't want to not be able to see it
  • But to be able to see if you were in first-person mode all he ever gonna see is the arms
  • And that means people ain't gonna be buying skins if you're only gonna if you already seen the ops which is another
  • Another point some people like to mention that goes in I could kill her
  • Person literally doesn't have any
  • Thank goodness, oh he went three high no food damage. Let's go
  • Get back up to the Beast oh geez
  • now
  • Fortnight have said and I said it's my last first person video. Oh come on leave my passion alone
  • Thank you that person this storm like you always been really mad need to deal with this person in the base as well
  • Don't leave your base open like that come on - won't be warm. We have 11 queues
  • This is looking beautiful three people watching hello everyone welcome welcome welcome
  • But as I was saying for tonight have said that
  • They they aren't developing a first-person mode at the moment
  • But it is something they may look into in the future
  • If there's like a lot of people who really wanted it gonna
  • Be interesting to see what you guys think maybe this video would get hundreds of thousands of like that
  • I don't know it could be crazy
  • You guys got like
  • 200,000 likes my last dance video
  • 200,000 likes in the first dance videos to be great indeed see if we get loads of people supporting or maybe not sporty
  • I don't know a first-person mode in fortnight for this video as well
  • If interesting to see what you guys react to how you react to with the different guns now we looking first-person mode as well
  • But if there's a lot of people really want it. You know what FB games are like they they?
  • They are reactive
  • But their background epic games. I think I made says earlier is in third person games
  • They've made games like Gears of War which is a third-person game, and that's why this game works, so well
  • They are like third-person mode veterans basically
  • But the spice things up to meant to bring in more people or just
  • Make it more of an all-round like every every shooter
  • type game you never know first person
  • But it's very likely I'm gonna put a launch pad down here because it's like in the middle of an x-ray
  • And I'm gonna make it link up with this base, it's a little bit of a way of getting
  • getting back into my base if I need to I
  • Don't know where this last person is
  • But if they're not beating out I'm gonna mess with them a little bit, okay
  • I'm gonna mess with them a little bit if we could get smaller circle win on. This is actually hilarious
  • We'll try and trap them where's that launchpad needs to make sure I can get back up using that launchpad
  • Mon now let's connect that a few more times just so they can't break it easily I
  • Have so many materials this isn't so good
  • We could get a little troll ending will now be amazing okay. I think is this one how you go
  • Okay yeah perfect okay, I'm gonna place down motion traps here. Just in case a besides them
  • What what no how dare you break my face
  • Best mate dolphin deep
  • Pickaxe my face how about I think actually RPG myself?
  • Maybe I almost did know when I was messing around and then that could've been real bad
  • But look at that 12 kill victory, and you guys got to see first-person mode in action
  • What do you think I'm really interested to know guys and obviously I've worked down showing you guys how you can get into?
  • first-person mode
  • Just take a look yourself if you want to mess around of it a little bit taking a look at look at other guns in
  • First person to really set your minds on what not you do or don't want it
  • But I definitely think it's gonna be an interesting talking point and if this game has first-person and third-person
  • It'd be the ultimate shooter ever of every genre and person perspective you could ever possibly have the guys
  • I will look forward to seeing the results through the likes and dislikes in this video
  • Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you guys tomorrow as always whatever banger of a video. Do bye

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