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Video DIY SLIME -- NO MESS NO SHOPPING | 2 Recipes for Thick and Thin | GLOSSY | SLIMEY SLIME
07:08   |   16K+ views   |   07/18/2018 at 21:44


  • [Music]
  • hi I'm Rebecca brand and today we're
  • gonna make slime milliard brand sponsor
  • this video with this very cool slime kit
  • it has everything you need in it so
  • there's no need to run around your
  • kitchen your laundry room or a drugstore
  • to get all the stuff you need to make
  • this I've made it before and it was a
  • production to gather up all the
  • materials in the mixing bowls and all
  • that but millions sent it for me so
  • here's a tutorial and how to make it
  • worth the milliard slime kids before you
  • get started let's pick the color we want
  • our slime to be they give you the dye
  • tablets in a little pouch they also give
  • you a chart I want to make green so
  • that's blue and yellow but no there's
  • more I want to be really intense so I'm
  • doing two blues and two yellows you need
  • 1/2 cup of warm water 4 ounces is what
  • 1/2 cup is because 8 ounces isn't a cup
  • so we're doing some math today bring it
  • to 4 ounces like that so in goes blue 1
  • and blue 2 and now it's time for the
  • yellow fella oh yeah
  • it's fizzy time it's pretty
  • stir it up with your little stick that
  • they give you that's a pretty looking
  • green the directions are in 5 easy steps
  • and I'm just doing what it tells me to
  • do so you can do it too now I'm adding
  • 1/2 cup of glue which is exactly the
  • amount of bottle that they give you it's
  • 1/2 a cup for a bottle and I'm stirring
  • it up and see that color change in the
  • second cup add 1 cup of warm water
  • that's 8 ounces in a cup fills it to
  • that now we add 1 teaspoon of the borax
  • solution into our warm water go real
  • slow on this part because you want all
  • those crystals to dissolve that's why
  • you need to be warm water it'll help
  • dissolve those crystals more smoothly
  • and faster do not taste this ver X it's
  • not edible don't eat it so don't give it
  • to your little brother or sister so it's
  • gonna take about 30 seconds to get it
  • completely dissolved and with the
  • plastic bowl they give you you're gonna
  • pour all of your glue solution into it
  • it's like green milk this is a fart you
  • have to go slow that borax solution has
  • to go into this slowly and do not stop
  • stirring just like a little tiny stream
  • and look at that look at your spoon your
  • spoon is getting thick with that slime
  • the minute you pour it in there
  • drizzle drizzle drazzle drool time for a
  • science school wow that is cool okay
  • keep going ah I'm gonna stop for a
  • second and get my whole spoon in there
  • now the fun part I'm gonna put little
  • hands in there I'm gonna do like this
  • and squish it in there a little mixed up
  • squish it up get your slime going and
  • after mixing if you have extra water
  • just pour it out
  • so keep playing with it until the less
  • sticky it gets oh wow
  • that's so fun it's slippery so now it's
  • time to play with it check this out as I
  • put it on top of a class watch it fall
  • to the edge of the glass and now time to
  • take it off look at that it almost holds
  • the shape of the glass it's slick
  • on the inside milliard brands gives you
  • this really great container so you can
  • save it to play with it from once and
  • months and you can give a bunch to your
  • friends too because they give you little
  • containers to stick in your lunch and
  • gift it to one of your friends and keep
  • the rest for yourself
  • so this batch of slime is gonna be pink
  • so pour in the to dark purpose looking
  • tablets and stir that in that'll take 30
  • seconds to dissolve stirring them up and
  • now pour in your glue
  • one half cup to get you real pretty pink
  • that's your glue solution you need to do
  • one half teaspoon of the borax just like
  • that put it in the warm water and mix it
  • up pour the glue solution in your mixing
  • bowl and teaspoon by teaspoon add your
  • borax to your glue solution
  • stir it up good it'll start to get thick
  • right away look at that and keep
  • stirring a little of that solution goes
  • a long way to make a slimy slime that's
  • only three teaspoons now when it starts
  • sticking to your spoon that's when you
  • get to mix it by hand this is the fun
  • part oh look at that
  • can you hear that crackle oh that's
  • great keep squishing it up and the more
  • you work with it the more it will come
  • away from your hands it's like dough now
  • that's what I call slime this pink is
  • the slimy slime recipe and the green was
  • a thick recipe look at the difference of
  • how that slime goes down that glass the
  • slimy slime is thinner and goes down
  • faster I think you'll like this slimy
  • slime better
  • [Music]
  • let's see if this one bounces kinda not
  • really this lady's line has much more
  • movement to it how I play with this one
  • better
  • [Music]
  • this kit is good for two batches of
  • slime you want to you can leave them
  • alone in the kitchen and see what they
  • come up with parents this is the
  • cleanest slime kit that's all
  • self-contained I've ever seen kids click
  • the link until your parents about it and
  • Varun's click the link below to get your
  • millard slime kit i lost one and it
  • bounces in case you don't catch it the
  • first time it's the same
  • [Music]

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How to make SLIME, with two recipes: Slimey Slime and Thick - click: Slimey slime is a different recipe than thick slime, and I show you how. This slime kit is great, it comes with everything you need, no messes, no shopping involved. Science projects with making slime, arts and crafts, DIY slime. The color you choose is easy to make with the color pellets, you can mix and make lots of different colors. Slime is fun to work with and this is a great way to make it when you don't want to make a mess! You just want to get to the FUN!


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