Video The Adam Gase & John Elway Feud

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The Adam Gase & John Elway Feud
The Adam Gase & John Elway Feud thumb The Adam Gase & John Elway Feud thumb The Adam Gase & John Elway Feud thumb



According the the Miami Herald Adam Gase does not like the way John Elway treated him when he was being considered for head coaching positions back in 2015. This may be the reason Gase didn't let up when his team had a big lead against the Broncos.

In the Battle of the Bastards Bowl 2017 the Denver Broncos were pounded by the Miami Dolphins. Julius Thomas scored a touchdown against his former team, and then rode the football in the end zone like a pony. Trevor Siemian threw a pick six. The Broncos gave up not one but two safeties. Miami special teams blocked a punt. Siemian finished with three interceptions and zero TD’s. The offense failed to score a touchdown, again. The worst part is the Broncos made Jay Cutler look pretty good. NDP awards go out to CHris Harris Jr. Bradley Roby, Justin Simmons, CJ Anderson and Shelby Harris. Adam Gase also kicked an onside kick when his team was up by 24 points. Burning both Elway and Vance Joseph in a Belichickian type move.

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