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6 Fun Cooking Tricks
6 Fun Cooking Tricks thumb 6 Fun Cooking Tricks thumb 6 Fun Cooking Tricks thumb


  • 1: Colored Pasta Okay, start by taking some pasta and add it
  • into some boiling water with salt and olive oil, then like you do, cook it and separate
  • it out. Once you’ve removed the water, you take a little bit of the pasta and add it
  • into a bowl, just like this. Then you take some food coloring, in this case red and dip
  • your fork into and then evenly mix it through the pasta until it’s all one uniform color,
  • in this case red. Then proceed to do that with more colors like green, purple, pink,
  • blue, and yellow. Then once you’ve done it with all the colors
  • you’ve got access to then get a big bowl and add all the colors back in, this is the
  • red pasta, green, some purple, some yellow, a pink and a blue, then just mix this together
  • and you’ve got beautiful rainbow colored pasta. You can reheat this in the microwave
  • and add some hot sauce on it and you’re good to go – enjoy!
  • 2: Ice Cream Cookies Alright, you take your ice cream tub, in this
  • case Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and cut straight through it. You just want to cut
  • a disk about one inch thick, that’s two and a half centimeters, just like this and
  • then you just want to take your disk and take a chocolate chip cookie. This one is chocolate
  • with chocolate chip and just place it in the middle like this, and then put your cookie
  • on top. Then you find the seal and you just peel it off, you peel the cardboard all the
  • way around away from your ice cream. Now just press it in a little bit, there we go we’ve
  • got a chocolate chip ice cream cookie. Awesome! I’m just going to cut this in half so you
  • guys can see better, look at that, perfect and delicious!
  • 3: Egg Bottle There are many ways to separate egg yolks.
  • To start with you can just crack and egg open and then use the shells to separate the egg
  • yolk by moving it from shell to shell. Or on the right you can just do it with your
  • hands and then just pop the egg over there. Either way works great, but there is a better
  • way and more fun way. For this you just crack your egg into a bowl like this then you get
  • an empty bottle of water, squeeze, suck it up and then just remove it from the bowl and
  • then you just plop it wherever you want it. There you go, easy-peasy!
  • 4: Egg Cooking Trick Okay for this next trick you take a red bell
  • pepper and just slice a ring into it two centimeters thick that’s 4/5 of an inch and then remove
  • the center cartilage. Then place it into a pan with some butter and simply crack and
  • egg and place it into the center of your red bell pepper ring. You can also do the same
  • with a green bell pepper ring, just again crack the egg inside, and you can also do
  • the same with an onion ring just crack your egg in the center. Then you cook it like you
  • normally would, a sunny side up egg, but this way you have a much more interesting way and
  • intriguing way to serve up your breakfast. 5: Yogurt Ice Cream
  • Now for this trick you take some yogurt, mine has got some jam in the bottom and you just
  • pop the spoon straight through the lid and then mix it, just like so. Then once you’ve
  • done that you are just going to want to put this into the freezer to freeze and become
  • nice and hard. You can do it any flavor you want and have any flavor yogurt ice cream
  • you want. Once it’s frozen like this you just take
  • a knife and make an incision on the bottom so air can come into the bottom when you pull
  • it out and it’s easier to remove. Then remove the top film from your yogurt, then you simply
  • just pull it out just like so and then you’ve got this delicious yogurt ice cream that you
  • can give to someone you care about – in this case, my cousin.
  • Cousin: Mm, it’s really nice! 6: Egg Heart
  • Now to make an egg heart, you take a cardboard piece like this in a V-shape and you place
  • a boiled peeled egg in the middle just like so then put a chopstick on top and then tie
  • down each end with an elastic band just putting it around there and twisting it – there
  • we go. Do the same on the other side, just like that, and now leave it in the fridge
  • for 20 to 30 minutes to rest and become firm. This is after 20 to 30 minutes, just pull
  • it out put it on your cutting board and cut it in the middle, just like so, and low and
  • behold you’ve got a beautiful egg heart that you can add to salads or your breakfast.
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  • for watching, goodbye! END

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6 Amazing Cooking Hacks For Your Home Kitchen!
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List of Tricks in this video:

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2- Ice Cream Cookies
3- Egg Bottle Hack
4- Egg Cooking Trick
5- Yogurt Ice Cream
6- Egg Heart Hack

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