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Video PhaseWare Tracker Suite: TheSeanWow vs. BritFace Shirtoff (February Edition)
02:15   |   149 views   |   07/18/2018 at 22:15


  • you know what's cool facebook you know
  • what's really cool turning it printed
  • materials into facebook tabs with zoom
  • catalog I am still riding the high of
  • beating the genre and last month's sure
  • enough I'm still so upset about losing
  • to Britt face in the Shan well print
  • face shirt off Oh Ripley's what are you
  • doing uh hey Shawn wow you're home early
  • time to get wet again to stay powerful
  • I'm slamming starbucks dark espresso
  • roast caffeine to gain power I'm pawning
  • tim horns original blend coffee let's do
  • this it's phase where the leader in
  • customer service and support software
  • for small and medium businesses Oh
  • customer called can you help them that's
  • weak its phase we're helping companies
  • manage their business procedures we're
  • do stupid operational spending an
  • increase quality service like whoa whoa
  • get out the way yo oh please face where
  • I lets you go the extra mile for your
  • customer at a personal touch by
  • remembering something about the caller
  • that will go a long way I'm like
  • football throwing skills yo girl who
  • slam it's all about face worst record
  • suite of products then every phase of
  • customer support with it hey Brooke face
  • why don't you call them maybe they're
  • hiring get a job it's got multi-channel
  • service capabilities in a 360-degree
  • view of the customer and workflow
  • tracking somewhere in order tracking
  • yeah I said it check your order don't
  • guess be more organized be less of a
  • pain in the rear D or customers incident
  • details solutions soap opera made this
  • time me so if you're in the market for
  • new customer service n supports awkward
  • check out the tracker suite of products
  • from phase where you won't be
  • disappointed
  • find the best promotional products at
  • zoom catalog com they got that zoom zoom
  • Wow my hair is longer than yours is yeah
  • well my hair's redder than yours is well
  • Lionel likes me better yeah well Jason
  • Sadler likes me better Carolyn likes me
  • better I can do more push-ups than you I
  • can do more crunches than you

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PhaseWare, founded in 2005, is a leading provider of Customer Service and Support software applications optimized for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) to deliver robust and financially viable solutions. There is a major distinction between installing software and implementing a solution. PhaseWare enables companies to better manage their business processes, reduce operational expenses, and significantly increase the effectiveness and quality of customer service. The PhaseWare Tracker suite of products is uniquely designed to accelerate implementation of the solutions, which are delivered in either an On-Site or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. PhaseWare provides a competitive advantage for the SMB to serve, support, retain, and maximize the value of every customer.

Sean Ely (@TheSeanWoW) squares off against his enemy and girlfriend Brittany (@BrittanySonke) in another SHIRTOFF. Who wore it better? Who talks about PhaseWare better? Vote by commenting on this video!


Blog 1: PhaseWare Files:
Blog 2: The Successful CXO: Committed to Customer Service:
Other Links: We have an almost weekly video blog (Vlog) "Chats with Katie" You can view them on our YouTube channel or on our website:


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