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Video I can’t believe they tried this...
15:05   |   03/13/2019


  • Guylaine yeah of course there's two
  • dudes and some purple on the fuckin main
  • yeah fucking sniper I'm not going for it
  • they laid a man close where's my son I
  • have full shield and the shoddy 2343 got
  • one push on that bleep up shield he's
  • he's at Harveys side I mean that RPF
  • fuckers our visa not RV side quads keep
  • down on quads okay
  • I'm punching that by the way I'll push
  • it with you right now I'll be there plus
  • a rapscallion well nevermind it up
  • pushing bush it bugged out he's picking
  • him up dude he's on me I'm breaking
  • through the roof 56 in the flesh okay yo
  • he's 10 HP 10 HP nice let's get the fuck
  • out of here brother Han yeah
  • you check this vending machine ya know
  • how everyone's up bang there's no
  • vending machine there okay Gavin - yeah
  • done their zone is right on us
  • there's two cause if you under a couple
  • yeah
  • Oh double chefs won by caning ha
  • ain't no time nobody got time for that
  • fuck dude there's own pop sleazy Lagoon
  • again I'm about to start lender there
  • okay
  • gotta go this guy's here again we go to
  • the other one alright gotta get down
  • tomatoes find out who did for how much
  • rock does that fucking turtle thing up
  • there give you man I had slogans 200
  • metal I love it bro was this turtle
  • should give you up here
  • damn a rock turtle up here
  • this thing's doodoo there by now the
  • base of it's actually really good all
  • right no I should fire
  • this shit's fire there's three fucking
  • fat rocks or like five fat rocks in the
  • bottom I should I'm like Cleary huh Gak
  • everything except for wood we got to go
  • towards tilted let's go back to our quad
  • here yeah I'm gonna get maxilla no pay
  • for these yeah I am too
  • I have two campfires by the way too
  • fucked on the shield in the light bad oh
  • my god dumbass s funny here
  • more minis either do you got double
  • chest one I got double silence snipers
  • oh yeah
  • let's go baby yes I'm talking about all
  • right well how you fuckin dipping or we
  • dippin did you leave this last chest are
  • you max already five five five dude okay
  • all right fuck it
  • take back that hill big dick it did or
  • we could take cannons we can pick and
  • rotate
  • that's not it wasn't looted fucking
  • Christ entrusted I didn't want myth
  • hey you're fine you might as well just
  • bring it back here dude back to
  • hoverboards you can grab those arenas
  • over for a free rotation
  • I think however well get my wish busted
  • by the way we're gonna push oh yeah you
  • aren't there building above you I blind
  • shot of them once the roof of our armor
  • twice soccer's gonna the sniper that one
  • the one in the back of the snipers well
  • they both have slippers yeah behind the
  • back stack twice in armor shoes him with
  • the one of these real quick
  • I do have three 30s looking at us and
  • snipers are watching III neon 4501 I
  • don't you fucking idiot dead another one
  • on you
  • 147 like um you're so dumb they're both
  • at you're so shit those guys were pretty
  • fucking terrible I'm like a lot that was
  • probably the most idiotic fucking play
  • of every scene I want you to know that I
  • pump both those guys for 140 to 150 and
  • you did absolutely nothing dumb shit for
  • both 140 fuck I bought one for 145 147
  • fucking shit what are you fucking doing
  • you fucking box
  • Matt yeah no more brain cells row the
  • fuck were those guys thinking Armour ha
  • 330 they're worth fighting I think they
  • are still fighting the other stuff
  • fighting through 30
  • primary gun in la chanson hey I might
  • hurt someone next night flush flush
  • guys run in and filter it out guys okay
  • yeah yeah north north north snorts and
  • toepick oh sure those guys in their
  • buildings yeah hold on there's also
  • people at our old build original build
  • the original bill too hey what's in the
  • shield in watching the ball guys lunch
  • close to us under have that down
  • I shot him now where now there's mine
  • I'm warming it up though why I got that
  • good there's a person you drop down fuck
  • did it why would we go into that do i I
  • mean we can't reach Allah we don't
  • really need to lure also it's there er
  • oh hey my shot is no armor these people
  • under us in here should we focus on
  • people like stop these east yeah look at
  • East I can't because Skinnygirl what it
  • did Oh God come on out the water's fine
  • where they go we immediately got snake
  • though yeah are you kidding me rub the
  • zone poles north let's launch under our
  • old fucking sketchy-ass tall build this
  • thing guys held up by two ramps yeah
  • yeah I mean we land up there we fucking
  • scare whoever is there off dude you
  • could dine by this guy North white oh
  • you just patched up I still can't you
  • can't now I'm gonna save it I'm gonna
  • save it for pretty son Hey look I twice
  • he's no shield sparkles but I'm gonna
  • save it for this next moving Zen
  • there's point well there's people in the
  • staircase you turn the other honor feels
  • mid-level they're looking at youths
  • neighboring triangles yes you baby posin
  • all right just right immediately jump
  • and put a launch pad yeah jump to put a
  • launch pad I'm light at the top these
  • guys they're trying to break it out I
  • think right now so we're got to go down
  • and uh build up I'm gotta gotta gotta
  • reinforce that forget
  • reinforce it more I'm just gonna cover
  • yet we're gonna make sure that nobody's
  • pushing up there's guys pushing up from
  • the east it was twice
  • headshot got down them
  • nice he's not gonna dive I can't
  • are they still trying to knock it out
  • yeah they're dumbass no they job they're
  • running the roads
  • yeah guys flushed to 85 if you want you
  • to check a couple died way down there
  • I'm looking at after you guys undress
  • let's focus on a rotating picture a lot
  • of picture yes you frag out you'll break
  • her lunch piccolo still try to push up
  • to it got it guys farmer guy fine
  • I'm doing these guys are fucking they
  • rift in these guys might land to me cuz
  • I just dinked me up focus the guys in
  • the air another dip in their dip in
  • their about it yeah I see em I see em I
  • see em I'm more focused on the dumbasses
  • yo Southwest look sighs I see this sky
  • basic for no armor white double flash
  • them I broke the laws bud okay double
  • flash right here that's our skin focus
  • I'm heat duty nine zones do not don't
  • eat double flash yeah now kinda back
  • that one dead
  • focus least 105 ladies another one
  • little guy in that box
  • come on snow shield we got zone we got
  • zone again we got again
  • I'm a I'm aa 250 extra okay company have
  • seconds dropping us in GME okay you guys
  • stay up I have a lot of muscles branch
  • that's in thick okay you guys are
  • rotating towards the day tag and armor
  • head shot a hit shot Norma and then uh
  • trying to run it I hit it was a fault
  • triple five triple flesh fall together
  • Lonnie guys behind us too late Bridget
  • from where you're at
  • yeah all right that guy's no armor I'm
  • fucking feel like sprint lock those two
  • we're gonna shut out okay
  • I'm dropping down
  • guy : we man I'm fucking gonna die sorry
  • I'm branching in okay
  • heck today I pop it a campfire
  • okay myself a lot best I died many free
  • dynamiting no they throwing all dining
  • my dude anyone hit with human unrest
  • come I'll go now for that
  • okay put out a boogie bombs on my toss
  • and click I need this mad man I got one
  • under me right now under me
  • you're getting a knock you got you can
  • get really good I connected your tail
  • got more about spear as well
  • hi max mass do you need some come to me
  • coming yeah yeah yeah I have to you my
  • wouldn't middle watch out for it because
  • if riffs if semi risks and they're gonna
  • get height hey pipe I use all from the
  • Wi-Fi icon nice I'm no a are Emma thank
  • you yeah perfect
  • we've in this game fingers head shot the
  • guy default
  • we're good we're good
  • now drop down 10 there's RPG on the
  • ground over there yes sir yeah I'm done
  • the sit above him I got pelted the
  • default Coltrane's him got RPG blows
  • yeah near the refugee yeah hi buggy
  • bombs
  • pontem daddy one more RPG undress links
  • connecting in I'm burying I'm banging on
  • back to me
  • mommy possum oh shit oh shit oh shit
  • [Music]
  • all right did ya did my fucking I feel
  • like he fired shots or not we probably
  • could have dropped like 30 dude shit
  • like this

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I can’t believe they tried this...

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