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Video Anonymous - What They Aren't Telling You! (Donald Trump Russia Sanctions & CONGRESS POWER TAKE)
04:09   |   103K+ views   |   08/20/2018 at 23:53


  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]
  • greetings to the citizens of the world
  • what is the Congress up to with their
  • stupid bill that imposes more sanctions
  • and removes power from President Trump
  • to rescind the sanctions that President
  • Obama imposed Congress is doing two
  • things one is that Congress is serving
  • their campaign contributors in the
  • military security complex by being
  • tougher with Russia thus keeping the
  • orchestrated threat alive so that
  • Americans denied health care don't start
  • looking at the massive military security
  • budget as a place to find money for
  • health care the other is to put
  • President Trump in a box
  • if Trump vetoes this encroachment on
  • presidential power Congress and the
  • prostitute media will present the veto
  • as absolute proof that Trump is a
  • Russian agent and is protecting Russia
  • with his veto if Trump does not veto the
  • bill Trump will have thrown in his hand
  • and accepted that he cannot reduce the
  • dangerous tensions with Russia however
  • the bill is a lose-lose for drum there
  • is no one in Trump's government who is
  • loyal to Trump or who is willing to back
  • Trump's effort to stop provoking the
  • Russians and to cease serving as
  • Israel's military force in the Middle
  • East not only the Democratic Party but
  • also the Republican Party supports the
  • left wings view that Trump's election
  • was illegitimate because he was elected
  • by the votes of illegitimate people the
  • deplorable z-- to use Hillary's term who
  • are the deplorable 's
  • they are the remnants of the American
  • working class they are the people whose
  • jobs were sent overseas to Asia by the
  • global us corporations in order to
  • enrich their shareholders and executives
  • via higher profits from lower labor
  • costs they are the people who in order
  • to stay afloat had to rely on debt in
  • place of the missing income and whose
  • debt is now so high that they have no
  • disposable income a huge proportion of
  • the American population is incapable of
  • raising a measly four hundred dollars
  • without having to sell personal
  • possessions in other words they are
  • refugees from a destroyed American
  • middle class Trump stood up for them
  • against the rich
  • ruined them and now the rich are going
  • to try to ruin Trump it will teach a
  • lesson henceforth in the United States
  • no one will dare to stick up for the
  • American people
  • America is not for Americans anymore
  • than the world is for the peoples of the
  • world
  • America and the world are for the 1% no
  • one else Russia China and Iran are in
  • the way and thus they are on
  • Washington's hit list it is disturbing
  • to watch the Russians continue to
  • believe lesson after lesson to the
  • contrary that they can reach a deal with
  • Washington this unrealistic hope will
  • destroy Russia the Russian government
  • will continue to grasp at straws and be
  • put off guard it is utterly amazing that
  • the Russian government can believe after
  • its extensive history of being left
  • hanging in the wind by its agreements
  • with Washington that any agreement with
  • Washington is worth anything
  • perhaps Russia is aware of the evil that
  • they face in Washington
  • perhaps the Russian emphasis on
  • diplomacy is just a way of gaining time
  • to get prepared for the war that
  • Washington intends to bring to them
  • there is little doubt that the great and
  • wonderful beacon of life that is
  • democracy in Washington also known as
  • the government of the exceptional people
  • and the indispensable country is lost in
  • hubris and arrogance and will destroy
  • life on earth
  • you

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Anonymous - What They Aren't Telling You! (Donald Trump Russia Sanctions & CONGRESS POWER TAKE)
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