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  • Jesse comes home today I'm on my way to
  • pick him up from the airport I'm excited
  • to see him passing the stadium and look
  • at this car right here it looks pretty
  • cool I wish you get to see the rims
  • better they're like pink
  • oh my god it's a dudes cooler there's a
  • guy in there I thought that was a girl's
  • cars in pink blue it's nice I like it
  • tired you are why
  • sleep at all why feel handsome
  • your strings are always messed up I
  • haven't slept like at all this whole
  • tracks
  • really I know I didn't sleep a lot
  • either while you're not because you know
  • what
  • reunited and it feels so good and I
  • don't know new birds best the words and
  • we're lost we got lost
  • the cheetah can't drive very good they
  • were talking about mr. jang seongju
  • develop our third pioneering the cake
  • last night I think it's so funny I might
  • you know I thought I thought you got you
  • guys were talking about you told to do
  • this I was smart he knows he knows what
  • stopped her I mean and it wasn't my
  • birthday si or today my birthday is
  • tomorrow right now for you guys tomorrow
  • for me anything we're like three days so
  • I figured why not go back Jesse keeps
  • getting this weird call from like a
  • police organization they have the best
  • fake person like telemarketer ever it's
  • like a reporting but it like answers
  • your stuff watch how he answers your
  • question sounds so legit listen Haleh
  • Judy answers the phone twice - it's so
  • fake though I figured he probably will
  • say it again oh ha ha
  • how about the first time that's me
  • wait is this a recording is this a
  • recording you do it sounds like you're a
  • robot this is a so you need to tell me
  • you're a live person a sniff you fuck
  • yeah no I hate I hate the police and now
  • he's a paid fundraiser
  • you just said you're a policeman Tom bit
  • what do you want
  • what is that I don't get it I don't
  • get it I don't get it they call it me so
  • I just call it it back
  • let's call it again it's like Siri but
  • it's like a but you'll see the same
  • thing hi
  • well thank you for calling back yeah I'm
  • here you hear me how you doing Dave
  • pardon I have a question
  • wait I have one yeah I have one question
  • how do i how do I have a ticket get out
  • of a ticket how also also I have another
  • question Dave Carter hey Dave oh you're
  • such a faker you're not real person
  • you're not a real person don't fake me
  • you're lying you're Seliger you do sound
  • that bad he left he actually like had a
  • fake laugh in there is this is this
  • series boyfriend like series boyfriend
  • the first time I'm laughing right now
  • Jessica's the first time that the guy
  • caught the fake recording called Jesse's
  • on the phone and he's like oh this is a
  • recording and then I was like he's he
  • laughed and he's like a haha he's out do
  • I sound that bad I was like just stop it
  • it's the police it's this puppies and
  • then don't lean ah before I know he
  • figured it out you did the same thing
  • good so be nice
  • birthday once again he excused himself
  • from the table because he was done and
  • he's tweaking at 29 stuff because it's
  • his birthday and I asked him to stop but
  • it's good cuz you know why it's my
  • birthday right now it's good she doesn't
  • want you happy birthday happy birthday
  • yay killing me look knives come to say
  • happy birthday happy birthday to you
  • happy birthday Saudis birthday it's my
  • birthday it's my birthday I love to put
  • it inside come on whoa Dollaz now let's
  • go with hit him in Detroit Santa come
  • with you
  • yeah so I just jumped up heaven I go
  • crazy I'm so tired anyways it's my
  • birthday I can do whatever I want now
  • jump on a couch it's your birthday she's
  • staring at it
  • you're enjoy why she can't baby the dope
  • First Nations in your way neither are
  • you gonna go stick it out like what we
  • different yeah I'll show you as you see
  • holder that's awesome that's it okay now
  • all right guys I really think I need to
  • get to bed so I can get a full night's
  • sleep so I can at least make a cool vlog
  • for you guys tomorrow
  • Marcus it's your birthday yeah I know
  • these last vlogs you got what you guys
  • don't know like behind the scenes like
  • we really enjoyed making the laws we
  • love putting on a net we love the fact
  • that from years from today our kids
  • could go back and see every day our
  • lives it's crazy I love reading the
  • comments it isn't a first thing to
  • upload the vlog and I read all the
  • comments well not all of them but a lot
  • of them and what you guys don't know
  • though is like once the camera shuts off
  • and say peace on the streets we don't
  • usually go to bed usually stay up for
  • another couple of hours editing the vlog
  • and making sure it's all good exporting
  • it and we're usually up really late all
  • the times and like oh we're on this trip
  • I was doing all this stuff like the MMA
  • fights all the collaborations and by the
  • end of the night Gina would have to get
  • her clips to me our out I'd try to get
  • to my clips to her and we edit and then
  • like I couldn't even I had I was
  • traveling so I was working like it so I
  • was getting like we're asleep to edit
  • the vlog but I'm not complaining because
  • I love doing this and that's why I want
  • to continue doing it I'm just saying it
  • now because today was a real day I was
  • really tired from traveling and I just
  • wasn't able to get a great vlog I felt
  • to you guys so I'm gonna try and get bed
  • early tonight even though it's not early
  • it's already probably like 3 a.m. and
  • I'm still good at editing I still gotta
  • edit the vlog it's we're in a vicious
  • cycle but I'm gonna get back on track
  • make the vlogs epic dope freshness and
  • hopefully you guys can understand and
  • we'll see you tomorrow so
  • peace I'm going to save for now I the
  • end of other I'm gonna go to bed now
  • because we don't let's just see you guys
  • tomorrow
  • all right of course the safety issues
  • and I've been like a little delusional
  • the last day some of you guys know if
  • you like don't have enough sleep you
  • start feeling like you're drunk like the
  • last three days your trip I felt like I
  • was a drunk when I wasn't even drunk but
  • I haven't been sleeping much but and you
  • can hear to my voice and my body's just
  • beat up I probably look like poop so I
  • apologize and I'll see you guys tomorrow
  • peace I want to show reads now I'm gonna
  • say bye to okay wait what yes

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