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Video CRYPTOS BREAKOUT!? POWER LEDGER UP 30% (11/19/17) Daily Crypto Update + Technical Analysis
18:18   |   today at 13:56


  • hey what's going on everyone Matthew
  • from the right here back
  • today with another daily crypt update as
  • per usual I mean going over my normal
  • schedule I'm also going to be giving you
  • a update on Bitcoin cash normal schedule
  • is Bitcoin aetherium like coin ripple
  • neo vert coin or Manero home ec go and
  • Liske in a more detailed technical
  • analysis in that order like I said I'm
  • also gonna be covering Bitcoin cash give
  • me a quick update on that other than
  • that go check out coinbase if you
  • haven't yet you can $10 free worth of
  • Bitcoin when you sign up I have a
  • referral link in the description and
  • also check out my last - price
  • prediction and analysis videos that I've
  • made so one on five coin one on Power
  • ledger after a lot of requests you can
  • find these in my crypto currency price
  • predictions playlist 11 link to this in
  • the description in the comments below
  • but let me update you with what's been
  • going on with a general market and the
  • out coins so we have you know some
  • crypto currencies that are sort of
  • breaking out you know maybe not strong
  • breakouts but they're at least setting
  • themselves up for a nice little breakout
  • higher mainly you know the top three
  • really Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin
  • iota moving higher here getting closer
  • and closer to a dollar now at 86 cents
  • that's really good to see neo pulling
  • back a little bit after it's big
  • breakout Bitcoin cash also experiencing
  • a bit of a pullback ripple moving
  • slightly higher that's good to see as
  • well risk moving higher as well mineiro
  • you know down a little bit and let's see
  • other than that an important one to
  • point out today is gonna be Power
  • Ledger's so I have made a price
  • prediction now on that one like I said
  • but let's see what coin down slightly as
  • well power ledger up 32% here in the
  • past 24 hours and that's because it
  • broke out of its previous high right
  • over here at a you know just under 30
  • cents so it did that just today and is
  • moving you know drastically higher here
  • so just take a look at how it acted last
  • time it got a breakout it moved up quite
  • a bit and you know this looks like an
  • even stronger increase the price has
  • just been ramping up I mentioned that in
  • my
  • price prediction video but Power Lunch
  • are definitely looking nice here other
  • than that you know pretty mixed today
  • not that much going on except for some
  • of the main ones like I said right
  • Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin that are
  • setting themselves up nice for a bit of
  • a breakout and then move higher so let's
  • get a take a look at all of those and
  • starting off with Bitcoin cash now
  • experiencing a little bit of a pullback
  • so now it does look like we're getting
  • pretty cemented in our range here
  • between you know about 1400 let's say
  • and this 970 area that I had drawn so I
  • do kind of expect the price to bounce
  • around that you know arguably I can even
  • pull this down a little bit more down to
  • 930 that might be a little bit more
  • accurate so I do kind of expect it to
  • stay in this range for a while that's
  • what it's looking at now you know of
  • course we came back and tested you know
  • this lower level which is good but now
  • it looks like it's gonna consolidate a
  • bit more especially with the indicators
  • right the mackney coming back down the
  • history I'm pulling back down RSI now
  • back below the 70 line so unless were
  • able to break through this you know high
  • over here of 1379 we probably will stay
  • in this range for a bit longer we do
  • have the uptrend line that will serve as
  • you know support and could push the
  • price higher that just depends on on how
  • it'll act when it reaches the price
  • level you know if it flattens out that
  • will pretty much confirm that some
  • consolidation is in play here and that
  • would kind of make sense right based on
  • how you know the alt coins and the
  • general market has been moving upwards
  • now that the whole Bitcoin cash thing is
  • kind of out of the way at least for now
  • so just wanted to update you on that
  • other word otherwise let's get into a
  • normal schedule here starting off with
  • Bitcoin so you know I like what Bitcoin
  • has been doing here in the past couple
  • days it had put in you know a little bit
  • of a double top here just under $8,000
  • wasn't able to break through that came
  • back and tested the our support line
  • over here which is a really good sign
  • after getting a breakout right that
  • means that the price is probably ready
  • to move up higher now and came back and
  • tested that at around you know seven
  • thousand five hundred five
  • let's say so we're now moving back
  • higher broke above that 8000 level today
  • which is a really good sign hopefully we
  • can hold above that it's having a little
  • bit of trouble really sticking above
  • that level you know but overall I think
  • that 8000 is gonna be the the new price
  • level here and was just probably going
  • to start moving up higher in the 8000
  • range now what you have to pay attention
  • to is where the upper Bollinger Band is
  • that it probably will trade just under
  • the upper Bollinger Band is kind of what
  • I'm expecting now so you know maybe
  • something along like over here if
  • there's enough strength or more
  • something like this if it wants to you
  • know be a little bit more of a slow and
  • steady increase which would make sense
  • after you know the sharp moves that we
  • would have we had recently and know the
  • indicator is looking pretty good MACD
  • moving upwards histogram moving upwards
  • as well aren't assigned not really doing
  • too much here we just don't want to see
  • a no starting to fall back down but
  • other than that broke above the 8000
  • level today pretty significant breakout
  • wasn't followed by too much you know
  • strength like I said currently a bit of
  • a flat candlestick in the making but
  • overall I do think we'll hold above that
  • level and start moving up higher based
  • on the fact that we came back and tested
  • right at 7500 level so we are now in a
  • very healthy price action and kind of
  • ready to move up higher middle been
  • coming up that'll serve as the main
  • support as well once that gets past that
  • that a black line that you see drawing
  • so Bitcoin looking good here and will
  • probably help carry the market a bit
  • higher the AL Cowen's
  • all that good stuff let's see what's
  • been going on with aetherium here like I
  • said theorem setting itself up pretty
  • nicely here so yesterday he got it's
  • sort of break above that $350 level and
  • let's see it put in a high of 374 wasn't
  • able to hold that at all right sold
  • right back off but today did actually
  • move higher which is good to see and
  • yeah I mean at this point I I do like I
  • said my first prediction was aetherium
  • reaching that $350 mark and breaking
  • above that that's what happened now you
  • know I just kind of expected to keep on
  • moving higher we'll see if it can hold
  • this uptrend line right here this is a
  • pretty sharp uptrend
  • but for now it's holding it so you know
  • I might move up pretty quickly now
  • towards that $400 mark you can see if we
  • can break above that but otherwise we
  • will of course have some resistance
  • based on the high that it put in
  • yesterday at that 374 dollar mark so
  • might as well throw that in now and
  • that's just something to pay attention
  • to as we move up but overall here
  • aetherium looking strong moving upwards
  • nicely mackney up trending RSI gonna
  • face a little bit resistance at that
  • downtrend line over here based on that
  • previous downtrend but that's going to
  • correspond pretty much right in line
  • with a 70 level so a break above that
  • will really add some strength history
  • I'm moving up nicely as well so really
  • nothing to complain about here for
  • aetherium just a matter of time before
  • it really reaches that 400 dollar mark
  • that should be you know sooner rather
  • than later at this point I think and
  • litecoin
  • also setting itself up pretty nicely
  • here up slightly now you know very
  • similar we broke above that 67 dollar
  • mark recently pulled back a little bit
  • retested that which is good right kind
  • of like Bitcoin that will help you know
  • move the price higher now that we tested
  • that we don't have to worry to go back
  • to those levels probably and we're just
  • gonna be looking for reaching that $75
  • mark hopefully breaking above that
  • pretty nicely and really getting some
  • strength here as we move up towards that
  • $80 mark and then eventually the the
  • all-time high right breaking above $100
  • Mac knees still looking good moving
  • upwards RSI pretty decent strength here
  • it is up trending and that's obviously
  • gonna be a good thing it's gonna help
  • support it to break through that you
  • know sort of $70 mark in the $67
  • resistance re 67 level resistance that
  • we have on the RSI as well so kind of
  • like a theorem just gonna be a matter of
  • time but um if it has enough strength it
  • will also probably sooner rather than
  • later here hopefully we can get some
  • kind of some kind of spike like we had
  • over here we'll see if that happens but
  • overall here I'm not worried about it
  • reaching $100 I think that should be
  • really possible within the next month at
  • this point let's move over to Ripple now
  • and let's see Ripple like I said up
  • slightly over the past
  • 24 hours so that's obviously a good sign
  • considering what's been going on with
  • him and we can actually see now that
  • we're getting really close to the
  • uptrend line sorry the downtrend line
  • which has been a major downtrend
  • resistance level for a while right it
  • created a very messy price action
  • suppress the price quite a bit and now
  • we have is a really you know nice
  • formation
  • finally for ripple so a couple things
  • that I'll point out one we're now above
  • this resistance level that was the 59
  • area on the RSI moving back above that
  • that's a very good sign we'll want to
  • see that move towards 70 and otherwise
  • MACD up training histogram moving
  • upwards as well you know we've got that
  • big hook on the MACD previously crossed
  • back over and is now moving upwards
  • that's exactly what we want to see and
  • this is still somewhat start on the
  • start of the move right we should get a
  • breakout here pretty soon so basically
  • where this is the first time that we
  • tested really this uptrend as far as a
  • full-body Candlestick goes not just a
  • spike in a pretty long while and you
  • know in my face a bit of resistance come
  • back down a little bit but overall here
  • we can expect a break above this
  • downtrend line I think pretty soon so
  • definitely would pay attention to this
  • we can see increasing volume over the
  • past two days and that's also going to
  • be a good sign as well so overall here I
  • like ripples set up I think it will be
  • breaking out very shortly and after that
  • you know we do still have quite a bit of
  • resistance based on previous
  • candlesticks but at least we'll be out
  • of that downtrend and we'll probably get
  • a spike after breaking out right so
  • Ripple finally looking better after you
  • know a lot of consolidation and
  • downtrend price action neo pulling back
  • a little bit after the big breakout that
  • it had not really anything to worry
  • about it's currently finding support
  • over here based on the previous
  • candlesticks let me go ahead and draw
  • that that corresponds to about that high
  • of over here of 39:46 so it's holding
  • that pretty well right now and we'll see
  • you know if it holds in this high range
  • that's obviously a good thing if it goes
  • down down back
  • a bit more not really anything to worry
  • about right we'll have the middle band
  • currently sitting at $30 that'll move up
  • pretty quickly and that'll help support
  • the price but currently you know
  • experiencing a bit of a pullback might
  • be tapering off slightly on the MACD
  • we're still opt ending up training put
  • pretty good but we are sort of rounding
  • up now on the histogram we have moved
  • back down below the 70 line on the RSI
  • so what I would say here is that neo is
  • gonna need a little bit more time and
  • consolidation right nothing too long but
  • you know just maybe a couple to three
  • weeks before really being able to get
  • that extra boost to break through in and
  • start basically break through that final
  • resistance at $43 which would then put
  • it towards its all-time highs right so
  • we're gonna need a little bit of a
  • breather probably before the next like
  • higher which will be sort of the final
  • leg like I said that will push it
  • towards the the all-time highs which is
  • just going to be amazing to see but I
  • definitely think it'll happen you know
  • relatively soon here just gonna need a
  • bit of a break after the the really big
  • increase you know went up like 40
  • percent so you do have to think about
  • that just in a day
  • let's see what's been going on with vert
  • corn still looks like it's pulling back
  • a little bit and consolidating up
  • slightly today now unfortunately we are
  • moving downwards on the middle band
  • that's not the best sign we are though
  • trading above it as of right now
  • probably won't last we probably will
  • move down a little bit lower with the
  • middle band at this point or you know I
  • do think we will move down a little bit
  • lower but it looks like you know I don't
  • I don't think it'll crashing it'll
  • probably just flatten out a little bit
  • and we'll get a pretty tight range bound
  • and in the middle of this range between
  • three dollars 36 $4 85 cents like I've
  • been saying still moving down ones on
  • the MACD until we start seeing that
  • flatten out and round up you know kind
  • of expect more consolidation or a slight
  • pullback history I'm basically just
  • moving not not really moving down with
  • just holding it's sort of a lower range
  • here so not really giving us much
  • information same thing on the RSI pretty
  • much telltale signs of more
  • consolidation at this point for third
  • coin and I'll definitely keep you
  • updated when that changes but
  • now you know it's still looking like
  • more consolidation
  • let's see what's been going on with
  • Manero it looks like it's down slightly
  • today so let's take a look at what's
  • been going on let's see
  • so yeah pulling back a little bit we're
  • still holding above this pretty sharp
  • uptrend line and you know as long as we
  • hold above that nothing really to worry
  • about even if we break through that you
  • know that'll just mean that there's a
  • bit more consolidation that means to be
  • made before we can break above this 137
  • dollar mark which will be the final
  • resistance before really moving up
  • towards the all-time highs at this point
  • you know it's pretty much 50/50 but I
  • will say that we are moving downwards on
  • the histogram we are tapering off on the
  • MACD so unless you get some kind of
  • strong balance or something like that or
  • now below the 70 line as well on the
  • middle band maybe a little bit more
  • consolidation that needs to be done
  • similar to me at this point for a mini
  • row before really getting that final
  • break out towards the all-time highs so
  • nothing really to worry about but it
  • does look like it will need a little bit
  • more time to just pause and regain some
  • strength before getting that final push
  • let's see what's been happening with o
  • me say go
  • let's see chose the wrong exchange there
  • sorry about that
  • Oh Mesa go up slightly today still in
  • between that previous uptrend line which
  • is currently the resistance and our
  • current op trend line which is serving a
  • support you know that's exactly what I
  • predicted it's trading in between those
  • two trend lines and I expect that to
  • continue right there's no reason why
  • that shouldn't happen now one thing that
  • I will say is that we can see finally
  • the Bollinger Bands really starting to
  • expand you know slowly but surely middle
  • band currently at seven dollars and 12
  • cents that's starting to move up very
  • slowly but it is moving up and that's
  • gonna be a good sign right that can you
  • know it
  • I think it signals that we put in this
  • downtrend we flattened out now you know
  • got a little bit of a tighter
  • consolidation but now you know we're
  • just trading in this range but still
  • moving upwards and we should still
  • slowly but surely really start to see
  • this you know round up and the price to
  • break out of some of this resistance to
  • get into this you know nine dollars and
  • eighty-six cent range at which point no
  • one really be getting closer towards
  • that 11 dollar mark and then the
  • all-time high which is where we want to
  • see the price heading
  • I think that'll happen we'll see if we
  • can get back above the RSI up trending
  • line Macke knees still moving upwards
  • here acting a little bit a week same
  • thing on the histogram but overall
  • nothing to worry about it's just gonna
  • need a little bit of a break out here a
  • little bit of a strong push so things
  • can start looking a little bit better
  • but for now it's just moving in between
  • those two trend lines towards the upside
  • which is good and nothing really to
  • become concerned about now let's see
  • what's been going on with risk still
  • finding some strength from somewhere
  • absolutely amazing now down a little bit
  • here of course let me see now we didn't
  • move below yeah so basically we had this
  • very sharp move upwards these two
  • candlesticks in the past two days that
  • tested that uptrend line again didn't
  • really make anything happen so a little
  • bit of consolidation candlestick now
  • very overextended on the Mac D we got
  • the first time the histogram started
  • pulling back downwards looks like the
  • RSI is gonna move back downwards as well
  • so we'll see you know when it hits the
  • 70 mark if it will get a bounce off that
  • if we don't know probably mean that a
  • little bit more pullback and
  • consolidation that needs to be made at
  • this point what do I see happening for
  • Liske
  • it is pretty overextended so it looks
  • like the price doesn't want to move
  • higher just yet it really depends we're
  • getting close to that $10 mark that's
  • something to point out you know we made
  • a high of $9.90 today I would say that
  • we're gonna move a little bit lower here
  • in the short-term you know we may come
  • back and test one more time that eight
  • dollars and sixty seven mark just to get
  • that out of the way so that would
  • actually be a good thing and you know
  • for anybody who missed a move pot
  • potentially an opportunity to scoop up
  • yeah a position in in Liske it really
  • depends no I'm not giving up financial
  • advice that's just my opinion but
  • probably a little bit of pullback maybe
  • some small consolidation but overall
  • keeping the the move upwards here
  • especially with the the middle band here
  • that will come quickly pretty quickly
  • towards the the current price levels and
  • yeah probably just gonna fall back down
  • a little bit lower here in the short
  • term but
  • we're all once that's out of the way
  • we'll probably start moving back towards
  • that $10 mark and then eventually once
  • we're above that going towards $12 lowly
  • but surely but just a little bit of or
  • extended here and we can see the the
  • indicators that it want to move a bit
  • lower
  • probably the fault price is gonna do the
  • same thing so yeah that's kind of what I
  • expect for liske at this point now this
  • concludes the end of the daily crypto
  • update I hope you enjoyed this video if
  • you did please make sure you like and
  • subscribe I really thank you for
  • watching and have a great day

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