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Video Flamethrowers in World War Two
04:55   |   403K+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 18:38


  • Sep proved just as effective as the
  • Americans conducted their island-hopping
  • campaign against the Japanese they were
  • confounded by the heavily protected
  • bunkers and kill boxes which they found
  • on most of the islands without access to
  • heavy artillery the US Army needed a way
  • to flush out and destroy the enemy
  • the answer flamethrowers basically
  • you're using a flamethrower against
  • somebody who is in a dug in position
  • where they can shoot out you can't shoot
  • into it and basically you're going to be
  • pouring this burning gasoline through
  • the little hole in his pillbox to burn
  • them out each pillbox had a what we
  • called a pitcher so released a slit in
  • that pillbox so that they could fire out
  • of it and that's what you tried to roll
  • your flame through the flame would go
  • right through there and was very
  • effective February 23rd 1945
  • Iwo Jima flamethrower woody Williams was
  • awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor
  • after single-handedly taking out seven
  • pillboxes against the full force of the
  • Japanese
  • remember I'm calling on my belly and I
  • remember coming charging around the end
  • of that pillbox toward me there are five
  • or six of them and I just opened up the
  • flame and caught him it was just like
  • they went from real fast running to real
  • slow motion but by getting rid of those
  • seven pillboxes that opened up a hole so
  • we got through the Japanese were really
  • scared to death a flame throwers the
  • portable flamethrower created tremendous
  • terror but it's fear factor was both a
  • strength and weakness while the enemy
  • might surrender in the face of a
  • flamethrower they also tried to take it
  • out as quickly as possible
  • the flamethrower was a prime target and
  • very visible
  • the average life from flamethrower was
  • five minutes because he was a target
  • that the Japanese wanted to get rid of
  • very badly
  • the flamethrower had other limitations
  • flame throwers heavy doesn't carry a lot
  • of fuel is only a few seconds of burn
  • it's a tool in the inventory very useful
  • in the situations where it works well
  • that it has distinct limitations the
  • small portable flamethrower had a
  • limited range of 20 yards which added to
  • the risk for the operator
  • the small tanks also meant that they
  • could carry only several gallons of fuel
  • since you only had enough fuel to burn
  • for seconds you needed to be very
  • precise and very close to your target in
  • 1944 one man had an answer to these
  • problems
  • general Percy Hobart Hobart designed a
  • series of specialist tanks for the
  • Normandy invasion a floating tank a
  • bridge-building tank and two
  • flame-throwing crocodile they were
  • nicknamed the funnies but you'd never
  • smile at this crocodile the crocodile
  • took the British Churchill tank and
  • replaced its whole machine gun with a
  • flamethrower a huge fuel tank was been
  • placed in a trailer behind it so that
  • the vulnerable fuel supply was kept
  • separate from the tank operators the
  • crocodile tank which was a British
  • modified tank was designed to go up
  • against very well dug in German pill
  • boxes on the Normandy coast and pumped
  • large quantities of flammable material
  • into them and lighted on fire
  • you're up against a big chunky German
  • pillbox you just ruck up in your
  • crocodile tank and you pour fire into
  • her until until everybody's dead the
  • crocodiles bite proves so effective that
  • the rest of the world's military began
  • building specialized flame-throwing
  • tanks and fire-breathing t-34s and
  • Sherman's entered the battlefield with
  • hundreds of gallons of fuel onboard they
  • could rain down fire over rivers through
  • tree lines and into buildings that you
  • can wear from two hundred to two hundred
  • eighty-five yards with a thick and fuel
  • they had a lot more capacity we carry
  • roughly four and a half gallons and
  • these flamethrowers and they carried
  • hundreds of gallons the mechanized
  • monsters vastly improved the range and
  • destructive power of the flamethrower
  • shot from a flamethrower fire could burn
  • out an enemy from the deepest cave
  • trench or bunker

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Examples of flamethrowers used by americans and english troops in World War Two. Also notices the protection cream used by the marines in their faces


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