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  • [Music]
  • Wow Romer your new bedroom is so
  • beautiful you're so lucky
  • I know splash I can't believe it
  • sometimes that this is my new bedroom
  • well I'm so glad we're good friends me
  • being a little mermaid and everything
  • and this definitely is fit firm mermaid
  • it sure is and I can't believe I'm being
  • turned into Ariel today I know I'm so
  • happy for you roller thanks splash well
  • I know that Ariel is your absolute
  • favorite princess
  • yeah and Gigi knew how much I love Ariel
  • so she thought I'd be perfect well I
  • think she's totally right and you're
  • gonna be the prettiest Ariel ever thanks
  • splash that means a lot to me coming
  • from you being a little mermaid yourself
  • I hope she adds glitter to your hair
  • like she did to Tinker Bell into the
  • unicorn me too that's what I'm hoping
  • flash did you see boo today yeah she's
  • so cute as a little mermaid I know right
  • check her out she's so sweet
  • Gigi even gave her a little tiara she's
  • so cute talking about cute how come you
  • babysit and surfer babe today actually
  • Gigi didn't tell me she just asked me if
  • I'd babysit little surfer babe googoo
  • gaagaa googoo gaga Oh little surfer babe
  • you are adorable
  • googoo Gaga googoo gaga seriously how
  • cute is she she's such a little cutie
  • hey splash I've never noticed but little
  • surfer babes got the same hair as you oh
  • I already noticed that isn't that cute
  • Oh totally oh you don't think that she's
  • gonna turn the baby into Ariel - do you
  • and maybe like there will be a little
  • baby Ariel oh can you imagine do you
  • think so Oh that'll be so adorable I
  • really really hope you're right roller
  • yeah I have to admit it I hope I'm right
  • - googoo gaga
  • a little surfer babe you would make the
  • cutest little more
  • she really would she really would white
  • girls hi oh hi Gigi
  • hi Gigi hi girls so how's babysitting
  • going okay oh yeah little surfer babes
  • doing just fine
  • Gigi Roller and I'm wondering why is
  • little surfer bait here today I was
  • wondering if you were gonna turn her
  • into a little baby Ariel well that's the
  • surprise I am you're going to be brawler
  • Ariel and little surfer babes gonna be a
  • baby Ariel what do you guys think of
  • that Gigi are you kidding me
  • oh my gosh that's exactly what we were
  • hoping for
  • yeah Gigi we're just like she's gonna
  • make the cutest little baby mermaid oh
  • we're so excited so happy that she's
  • gonna be changed today too
  • so what are we doing first well first
  • let's talk about all the different
  • things that gonna need to change you
  • into Ariel so the first thing that you
  • want is to have something that you use
  • as your inspiration whenever you're
  • doing a custom and there's this gorgeous
  • picture of Ariel here you can see her
  • hair is long and flowing and you can see
  • her outfit especially at a shell top in
  • that one you could use something
  • adorable like this this is an aerial
  • lollipop spinner and you press the shell
  • and your lollipop spins and you can eat
  • your lollipop like that I love those and
  • she's super cute so you could kind of
  • you know use that hair as your
  • inspiration but today I'm gonna use this
  • gorgeous Disney animator doll because
  • Disney's the creators of the Little
  • Mermaid and Ariel so this is really true
  • to what she would look like you can see
  • they bring her tail out the front rather
  • than the back so we're gonna do that
  • with roller and you can see they give
  • her very big swoopy hair so I'm gonna do
  • something very similar to that kind of
  • hair or enroller
  • and I'm even gonna make a little clay
  • top like that purple one there so let's
  • set that little cutie there and I want
  • to bring in boo for a second
  • I made boos mermaid costume a while ago
  • and
  • I used the costume that was on a mermaid
  • doll that I bought at a dollar store so
  • I was able to get her tail and also have
  • some leftover fabric from that mermaid
  • doll that I could use today would that
  • be beautiful to use that for the you
  • know little tail on roller but I found
  • something more exciting this is a bow
  • that I bought at justice and when I
  • bought it it was this color here blue
  • and silver and what this is is it's one
  • of the hottest things right now
  • it's reversible sequins so if you go
  • like this and brush your fingers across
  • it you can make it go all blue or you
  • could go like this and turn it back to
  • the silver isn't that cool but they
  • didn't have green and I wanted green so
  • it would look very much like her tail
  • and so what I did is I took my finger
  • and I brought all the silver to one side
  • and then I lightly brushed a green coat
  • of nail polish overtop of the silver I
  • let it dry and once it dried I tested it
  • out and sure enough the reversible
  • sequins still work so we're gonna have a
  • beautiful green tail but she's gonna
  • have a reversible tail so you can add
  • movement to it and it's fun to touch and
  • play with and it's gonna be very
  • beautiful
  • so this bow was not very much money it
  • was a great price and you can remove the
  • clip off of it and I'm gonna have lots
  • of fabric that I'll be able to make more
  • things using this so I'm gonna make her
  • tail out of this today but the first
  • thing we want to do is start by making
  • the hair on roller and I'm going to be
  • using some air dry clay and I've got it
  • here in red and I found this at the
  • Dollar Tree for $1 so we're gonna use
  • that and it depends on what the red
  • looks like Lemoore done it might be
  • perfectly fine but if it's not I'm gonna
  • give a coat of red nail polish over the
  • hair I thought this was a beautiful red
  • and we're also gonna be topping it off
  • with some glitter just like I did to the
  • unicorn and Tinkerbell I want all of my
  • customs to be very glittery so that's
  • gonna be exciting yeah hey Gigi oh I was
  • really hoping my hair would be glittery
  • like your splash I love how glittery
  • your hair is thanks Roller I'm so happy
  • my hair is glittery - it looks so pretty
  • doesn't it
  • oh it sure does don't you think that
  • tails gonna look pretty cool - oh yeah I
  • can't wait to see what it looks like
  • when it's done yeah me too
  • well roller why don't you come up and
  • we'll get started on your hair okay and
  • splash yes why don't you and the baby go
  • up and hang out on rollers new bed Oh
  • fun cool sounds good to me
  • come on little surfer babe googoo gaagaa
  • googoo gaga come on sweetheart
  • so we have a special guest joining us
  • Roller we do who is it
  • can you take a guess hmm let me think
  • let me think
  • oh is it Jeannie is Jeannie here to
  • grant us some wishes you sure yes you're
  • absolutely right heard you guess that
  • well I noticed she helped you out with
  • Tinker Bell's custom yes she did she did
  • help speed things along a little bit for
  • us didn't she
  • yeah where is she I'm right here roller
  • I roll hi Jeannie how are you
  • all I'm fine thanks I'm excited to be
  • helping you with your aerial custom yeah
  • I'm super excited Gigi's about to start
  • my hair right now
  • Oh roller it's gonna look so beautiful I
  • just know it
  • well I'd have to agree with Jeannie I
  • think it's gonna look beautiful too so
  • let's start it roller okay well Jeannie
  • why don't you go hang out with splash
  • and little surfer babe and I'll call you
  • when I need you oh I can't wait to go
  • see that little baby doll oh she's
  • adorable are we turning her into a
  • mermaid today - we sure are cool ok call
  • me when you need me thanks hon you're
  • welcome
  • so now let's open up our air dry
  • modeling clay and it's red like I told
  • you and when you take it out you can see
  • it's actually a little bit closer to
  • pink than it is red but maybe when it
  • dries it dries darker and looks a little
  • bit more red so I'm just gonna start by
  • draping the entire block over rollers
  • head like this okay so now I'm just
  • gonna turn Ariel around and see how they
  • did her hair at the back so it looks
  • like they've got her hair right down to
  • her bum so we can see that's about the
  • same with roller right now so that's
  • good you look so cute right now I wish
  • you can see what you look like does it
  • look like Ariel do I look like Ariel yet
  • no honey you don't look anything like
  • your mo yet but we're gonna mold your
  • hair and make it as pretty as possible
  • okay okay
  • I trust you Gigi thank you okay
  • so let's see what we can do here the
  • first thing I want to do is create a
  • side perm right here and I'm gonna take
  • it to the corner at this I push my
  • paintbrush in
  • [Music]
  • how's it come on GDD oh it's coming
  • along great it's a lot of fun if you've
  • never tried using air dry clay before
  • boy you have to try it it is so much fun
  • to sculpt with this stuff you just use
  • your fingers and you can mold it and
  • shape it just the way you want it and
  • you always add your final little details
  • at the very end cuz while you're molding
  • this one you might ruin what you did up
  • here you know so that's okay you just
  • keep playing around with it turning it
  • and molding it and then I may have to
  • take off some excess you're curing me
  • Gigi I'm dying to see it oh you're not
  • gonna see it for a while I've got lots
  • to do so let's do it fast and we'll come
  • back when it's all done okay sounds good
  • well we've got a great start on this
  • hair but how about we get genie to speed
  • things up and finish it off for us
  • no problem Gigi look into my eyes Roller
  • one two three oh so so guys do I have
  • Ariel here is my hair done how's it look
  • what do you guys think is it long and
  • luscious and red and beautiful well I
  • could tell you this roller Gigi's no
  • clay sculptor but I tried my very best
  • and I think you still look really pretty
  • and hopefully the viewers at home aren't
  • disappointed
  • Ariel clay hair is actually harder than
  • I anticipated but I think once we put a
  • coat of red nail polish on it and add
  • some glitter it's gonna look beautiful
  • just the same I agree with you Gigi as
  • soon as we add some glitter to that boy
  • oh boy you'll never notice any mistakes
  • that you might have made you are so
  • right Jeanne glitter nail polish covers
  • up all kinds of mistakes so that's a
  • great little tip for you if you're ever
  • doing a DIY like this
  • okay so what we want to do is leave your
  • hair to dry and I am now gonna take my
  • purple modeling clay and sculpt out a
  • little shell bikini top for ya how's
  • that sound
  • Oh sounds great Gigi I'm so excited to
  • get my whole entire outfit when do I get
  • to see everything not until the very
  • very end okay Jeannie you might as well
  • head back and play with the baby and
  • we'll call you when we need you okay
  • no problem so now I'm gonna take my big
  • piece of air-dry clay in purple and I
  • just cut a small piece off like this and
  • I kind of flatten it out a little bit
  • and now I'm just gonna hold it out to
  • roller and find out how long I need it
  • oh about there so I marked it now I'm
  • gonna just trim that off now I have this
  • really tiny little piece of clay and our
  • little lol girls are so tiny so it's
  • gonna be a challenge to make this but
  • we're gonna put it in like this and I
  • can see it is still too long so I'm
  • gonna carefully trim off some more I'm
  • gonna try and make my little piece of
  • air-dry clay match this and because this
  • is so tiny I'm gonna try something and
  • see if it works I am gonna try pressing
  • the clay into her top and sure enough it
  • leaves me a little bit of a print so now
  • I'm gonna trim out the seashell
  • [Music]
  • so here's the one that I used from
  • getting the imprint off of the other
  • little mermaid and of course I got lucky
  • with that now here's a little piece I
  • cut out in the shape of the top and you
  • could take a toothpick or this is a nail
  • file that I use for crafting and you
  • could just do this
  • there so you can even just add the
  • little imprint yourself and that would
  • be your little top but since I got
  • incredibly lucky and I have this one I'm
  • gonna use it and I think that's a good
  • fit because when the clay dries it
  • usually shrinks so I'm gonna glue this
  • on with a little hot glue and I'll do it
  • off camera just because it's very hard
  • cuz it's a tiniest little spot to do it
  • so how's my little top look oh it looks
  • really super cute good now what do we
  • have to do now I'm gonna take that red
  • nail polish and I'm gonna give your hair
  • a coat of red hue bicha that's gonna
  • look beautiful I hope it's going to so
  • let's give it a try well the color is
  • beautiful this is really gonna make a
  • difference in how your hair looks well I
  • can't wait to see it though I know it's
  • pretty exciting you don't have much
  • longer to wait after I'm done painting
  • your hair I'm gonna make your little
  • mermaid tail oh it's gonna be so pretty
  • I just know it
  • oh I think it is I think you're
  • absolutely right so when we're doing the
  • nail-polish part we just have to be
  • careful not to get any on the dolls face
  • and now I'm just gonna do some under
  • here so that you guys all get the idea
  • of how simple it is to do this now one
  • thing I do want to mention that using
  • nail polish when crafting the fumes are
  • very strong so this is definitely for my
  • older viewers watching and if you're
  • young and you want to attempt a project
  • like this please get some adult
  • supervision and definitely you need to
  • be in a well-ventilated area with doors
  • and windows open okay so this is not
  • something you just go in your bedroom
  • and start painting your dolls with nail
  • polish because it can be very dangerous
  • the fumes from the polish are very
  • strong and they might make you sick to
  • your tummy we don't want that no we
  • definitely don't want any of our viewers
  • sick that's for sure okay well I think
  • that everybody at home has a good idea
  • on how
  • that's gonna look and how easy it is to
  • do now how about we get your friend
  • Jeannie in and work her magic sounds
  • great to me
  • Janie can you come in please oh wow
  • that's gonna look so cute boiler you
  • should see how pretty it looks I'm dying
  • to see it well you just still have to
  • wait look in my eyes and one two three
  • [Music]
  • aerial hair I don't even have to look in
  • the mirror to see it it's so long I can
  • see it without even looking in the
  • mirror but do I look like y'all do you
  • think I look like Ariel oh honey you're
  • getting really close to looking like
  • Ariel oh this is like the best day of my
  • life I know right I guess what you still
  • get to get glitter in your hair and your
  • little shell top needs glitter too oh
  • well why not we adding the glitter well
  • first we're gonna make your mermaid tail
  • and then we're gonna add the glitter to
  • top it all off Oh sounds wonderful do
  • you love a genie is it looking really
  • pretty absolutely real aren't you
  • wouldn't believe how much you look like
  • Ariel already okay Gigi can we finish my
  • outfit now
  • absolutely we'll call you again genie
  • when we need ya thanks for help you're
  • welcome
  • Suzanne genie okay sweet girl now for
  • your mermaid tails so we're gonna just
  • look at our little Ariel here and you
  • can see at the top of her tail there's
  • that little band that goes into a V
  • right there and it always looks like it
  • sticks out a bit more than the tail and
  • it's usually a different color of green
  • and we can see it right here in this
  • picture that it sticks out goes in a V
  • and the color is a little bit lighter so
  • we know we're making her tail out of our
  • reversible sequin fabric so that's gonna
  • be really beautiful but we need to make
  • that little V at the top and
  • I thought it would be best to use some
  • green pipe cleaner and pipe cleaners
  • about that puffy and I don't want it to
  • look too puffy so I gave it a little
  • haircut so now I'm gonna pop off rollers
  • head you're gonna pop off my head
  • because I am money is that okay with you
  • hmm let me think about this for a second
  • so what's that mean it means you're
  • getting a mermaid tail do it okay let's
  • do it so now for the mermaid tail
  • I have got my reversible sequins that I
  • painted green and we would be wrapping
  • this around her like this and gluing it
  • at the back and making my little tail
  • and we'd have to trim off some of those
  • so that they don't get in the way we
  • want to see that one's in the way see we
  • want to see a little bit of her skin
  • right there now when you're doing little
  • craft projects like this sometimes
  • something that you planned at the
  • beginning might not work out after all
  • so if this doesn't work and I don't like
  • the look of it I will be changing it and
  • using this because I have this up and I
  • actually think it might be the prettiest
  • option and the reason why is because the
  • lol dolls are so tiny they're so tiny so
  • this might be too big and bulky for her
  • but I do want to try it first so what
  • I'm gonna do is just wrap it around to
  • the back give it a little pinch and now
  • I know where I need to cut it off so I'm
  • just gonna trim some of this off and
  • then we'll glue it around the back so
  • I'm just gonna add a little bit of glue
  • from my glue gun around the edge on the
  • inside now if you are watching and
  • you're not old enough to use a glue gun
  • please do not use a glue gun and talk to
  • your parents or an adult someone old
  • enough now we're gonna wrap it in like
  • this
  • so now I'm just pressing it into place
  • and the bottom half of her little
  • bathing suit I made her is gonna be
  • covered up with something in a second
  • I'll show you in a sec but now I just
  • want to wrap this around to the back and
  • glue it so we'll do this side first and
  • don't worry that's a little bit of air
  • dry clay but remember we won't see it
  • because her hair's gonna cover it up
  • there that should hold that in place and
  • now this side so it looks messy on the
  • back but you won't see this cuz of her
  • hair and I just trimmed a tiny notch out
  • so that we could find her feet again and
  • you can see I want her to stand down so
  • if we spin this around so now I'm just
  • going to turn it upside down now that I
  • know where I want her to be and I'm now
  • gonna glue this part of the fabric to
  • this part of the fabric and when I'm
  • done that I'm gonna cut this out so it's
  • in the shape of the tail so how about we
  • bring in Jeannie to work some magic and
  • get this little mermaid tail done so now
  • what am I supposed to do Gigi well can
  • you please finish her tail for me and I
  • even want you to add a little bit of the
  • green pipe cleaner right to the top just
  • to cover up her bathing suit and edge it
  • out no problem but what do we even do
  • when we're done that we're gonna add all
  • the glitter we're almost done yayyy
  • okay look into my eyes roller okay
  • Jeannie I'm ready one two three
  • Oh so now before I put roller back
  • together I just want to give the little
  • shell top a beautiful coat of glitter
  • and it's easier for me to do that
  • without her head on
  • so I'm gonna let that dry and give it a
  • second coat okay Ariel we are almost
  • done I just have to add some glitter to
  • your hair Gigi you just call me Ariel I
  • did to deny completely by mistake
  • because you look so much like Ariel now
  • I can barely even tell it's wrong we're
  • in there but it's still me don't worry
  • oh I wouldn't want to lose you roller
  • I love you roller I love you t Gigi oh
  • thank you sweetheart
  • now I want you to just lay your head
  • back right there just like you're at the
  • hair salon and I'm gonna give your hair
  • some beautiful color with sparkles and
  • glitter we all know I love sparkles and
  • glitter yes I know you do so I'm gonna
  • start right under here adding some
  • beautiful glitter now I could have left
  • her just the way she is cuz her red hair
  • looks identical to aerials and Ariel's
  • hair does not have glitter in it but I
  • really want all of my customs to be
  • completely glittery and I kind of want
  • them to be the same like that's the one
  • thing they're all gonna have in common
  • is the glitter so I'm gonna paint this
  • last little piece and you can see how
  • pretty it's turning out and I am gonna
  • let Jamie work her magic now and come in
  • and make your hair completely done full
  • of glitter Jamie please come quick I'm
  • almost done and I can't wait another
  • second to see myself
  • hurry Jamie honey I'm coming I'm coming
  • can I get down Gigi yes you can okay
  • here she comes
  • Jamie yeah I am so sorry I have to
  • apologize for what well last time I got
  • you to work your magic your head was on
  • backwards my head was on backwards yes
  • it was well don't worry
  • I had no head for a while there okay
  • well Jeannie please grant us our wish
  • and
  • eriell completely done all right Ariel
  • look in my eyes I'm looking Jeannie 1 2
  • 3 oh so is this a am i dying do I really
  • look like Ariel Gigi am I completely
  • done do I really look like Ariel yes you
  • do I think you do do you want to see
  • yourself in the mirror oh yes please I
  • can't wait to see myself oh and I bet
  • the viewers at home can't wait to see
  • you too well I'm gonna let you see
  • yourself in the mirror first and then
  • we're gonna take a good look at ya okay
  • okay
  • okay come with me okay Ariel or should I
  • say roller are you ready yes okay there
  • you go
  • Gigi oh my goodness sakes
  • am i here look at my hair it's so
  • beautiful did you use a different
  • glitter on me yes I did I actually did
  • change the glitter on you can everybody
  • at home see me now for sure they must be
  • dying to see you okay come on down here
  • okay well everybody introducing roller
  • as Ariel look at that hair I added a
  • different glitter to her hair so that it
  • would look less pink the other color was
  • making her hair look pink and Ariel's
  • hair is a beautiful red with lots of
  • orange in it so I thought that was a
  • better match
  • and here's Ariel's little tail and I
  • think it turned out really super pretty
  • I love how realistic it looks and it's
  • edged at the top just like we talked
  • about with the pipe cleaner and her
  • little bikini shell top turned out
  • really pretty with the glitter and at
  • the side of Ariel's hair I decided to
  • really make her look extra special today
  • and I put in a pretty pearl from the sea
  • so do you feel beautiful roller
  • oh my gosh I can't even believe it this
  • is the most beautiful I've ever found in
  • my whole entire life GG thank you so
  • much you're welcome and thanks to
  • Jeannie - yeah thanks Jeannie oh no
  • problem at all I had fun doing this I
  • can't wait to do the baby next oh yeah
  • are we doing little surfer babe today -
  • well actually we've run out a bit of
  • time I don't want my video to run too
  • long so this is going to be a part one
  • and then part two is going to be little
  • surfer babe getting changed into a baby
  • Arielle oh I can't wait for part two
  • already
  • oh well it's gonna be coming very soon
  • so for those of you at home watching if
  • you don't want to miss out on little
  • baby Arielle then please don't forget to
  • subscribe to girly girls I would love to
  • see you here anyways on a regular basis
  • yeah girly girls is growing and growing
  • all the time the club's getting bigger
  • and bigger it sure is and I'm having so
  • much fun I love all my subbies and I
  • love reading your suggestions so when I
  • do another custom please write it in the
  • comment section and let me know which
  • you know custom you would like me to do
  • next on an lol doll so I hope
  • everybody's happy with Arielle I'm gonna
  • pick her up right now just so that you
  • can all see her tail better there we go
  • and see the side of her hair and here's
  • how it turned out and this side here
  • very sweet right and I even put a little
  • curl hanging down on the sides just
  • because I love when you see little curls
  • like that on Arielle I always think it
  • looks really beautiful and really pretty
  • so yeah I'm really happy with that
  • glitter in her hair as well so that's it
  • that is the beautiful roller as Ariel
  • and like I said I'm really hoping
  • everybody at home likes it and enjoyed
  • this I sure know I like it and enjoyed
  • it Gigi I'm so happy for you honey
  • you made a beautiful Ariel absolutely
  • beautiful
  • thanks again you're welcome sweetheart
  • well it's time to bring boo in to help
  • me say goodbye and we'll see you back
  • again for part two you're gonna be
  • hanging out with little baby Ariel so
  • that where we're gonna get to see you a
  • lot more in part two and your hair will
  • be all dry by then and I can really
  • touch you
  • so anyways if you don't want to miss out
  • on part two please don't forget to
  • subscribe you can click on this picture
  • of vu right there when it pops up and on
  • the photo below if you want to watch any
  • more of my LOL customs then i'll have
  • the playlist there for you guys alright
  • boo and i love you so much
  • and we can't wait to meet up with you in
  • the comment section bye for now see you
  • guys soon
  • [Music]

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Watch as GG transforms an L.O.L. Surprise Doll into Disney's Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She looks like she could be a part of the LOL Glitter Series or Glitterati. Can you guess which LOL Doll will be getting todays custom?
The lucky LOL Big Sister from Series 2 not only gets transformed into the beautiful Ariel but she even gets a new bedroom fit for any Mermaid Princess.
Splash Queen is there to watch and Genie is there to grant some wishes for GG.
Lil Sister Lil Surfer Babe is there too. Watch to find out why.
Hope you all enjoy todays LOL Doll Story Video and Custom.

Can't wait to hear if you like how Ariel turned out so please don't forget to leave me a comment. I love getting your feedback. Thanks!

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GG & Boo

Playlist for LOL Surprise Doll Stories

Playlist for LOL Customs Unicorn Series

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