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  • it's weird you like hang out with
  • animals more than people yeah
  • well animals get me a rescue George
  • Feeny was 2 years old
  • George never would have survived on his
  • own he definitely trusts you last night
  • George was 7 feet away 500 pounds George
  • you okay buddy you're scared it's okay
  • this morning his nine feet pushing a
  • thousand what's happening to my friend
  • familiar with genetic editing changes
  • will be incredibly unpredictable is he
  • the only one oh you didn't know about
  • the 30-foot wolf hello today huh science
  • experiments falling from the sky having
  • George on that plane it's big mistake I
  • think we'll be all right
  • let's go save the world
  • it's coming back to me
  • you have to evacuate Chicago George
  • didn't ask for this they're gonna put
  • him down
  • that's not happening
  • [Music]
  • there's something in the river I was
  • just thinking the only thing that's
  • missing right now is the giant crocodile
  • [Music]
  • working for the man
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • Yuuka not exactly
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • how are you I'm Mary
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • you
  • what's your name Laura setting Croft
  • Lara your father's gone you could pick
  • up where he left off
  • I see so much of him in you
  • brilliant hello sprout if you're
  • listening to this then I must be dead
  • I found something a tomb called the
  • mother of death if Trinity succeeds our
  • world is in danger promise me you will
  • stop I promise I think I know where my
  • dad went that's right in the middle of
  • the devil sea it'll be an adventure
  • death isn't a hundred an adventure
  • [Music]
  • you shouldn't have come here
  • but I'm glad that you did
  • [Music]
  • what do you know about my father now I
  • see the lightness to recklessness close
  • the to once and for the fate of humanity
  • is now in your hands
  • [Music]
  • don't be too careful these days the
  • world has gone bloody mad I'll take two
  • what is this place Lee I'll put a secret
  • we don't know who don't wanna what if we
  • were sent here for reasons you're so
  • close to the truth don't you want to
  • know why this all happened
  • three years we spent behind walls trying
  • to break out and now we want to break
  • back in I guess shotgun
  • [Music]
  • you can't save everyone's honest
  • I can try
  • [Music]
  • when the hell does it stop it stops when
  • we find a cure there is no cure
  • Thomas you can save your friends or you
  • can save us all
  • hello there welcome back I'm glad you
  • could join me today let's just dive
  • right in and run all the colors across
  • the screen that you'll need to paint
  • along with me I have my regular old
  • canvas here wet and ready to go now
  • let's grab our trusty two-inch brush
  • here whack that off a little bit just
  • beat it like it owes you money we're
  • gonna get a little damp or yellow snow
  • here we're gonna mix that with just
  • another little dab of our Benny white
  • now well that's just dancin happy little
  • sky remember this is your world you get
  • to make and break the rules here sweet
  • baby Jesus wish I could jump in there
  • and roll around and all that cascading
  • white powder yeah just get high and all
  • of life's splendor God I love cocaine so
  • much holy fuck knuckles I am high as a
  • kite right now okay let's paint in a few
  • little happy trees there nothing wrong
  • with making friends with trees now what
  • you don't want to do is eat these paints
  • trust me on this one all right I'm gonna
  • whack off from Ken that's right that
  • feels good
  • [Laughter]
  • would you look at that it seems like we
  • have ourselves a finished painting so
  • from our family to yours keep your pants
  • dry your dreams wet and remember hugs
  • not drugs
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • hey hey thank you this is yours most
  • important thing keep your finger off the
  • trigger at all times unless you need to
  • shoot somebody when that happens until
  • you run dry
  • keep your eyes open every cop in the
  • country is gonna be looking for us
  • big Nick original gangster cop in the
  • flesh
  • watch italic for dead six on the way to
  • the hospital I check he's a bad guy I'm
  • gonna make you a deal
  • give me the names of all the guys who
  • got away I'll get your medic - yo he's
  • dying son we got a problem
  • it's major crime get to know your enemy
  • boys every big-time crew has been busted
  • these are the guys who took them down
  • don't need your fix you could yeah
  • change of plans
  • we're trading up the Federal Reserve
  • it's like Fort Knox at any one time
  • there's anywhere between 500 and 800
  • billion dollars in their every
  • millimeter ever covered by cameras
  • sensors emotion detectives sent across
  • streams stare at the building for two
  • minutes now security on your ass
  • the bank has never been robbed
  • we gotta move
  • [Music]
  • you know just means means I am a member
  • of a gang only we have badges which
  • means you are done look like the type
  • from arrest you lower cadets ego put you
  • in handcuffs drag you down to the
  • station
  • we just shoot you
  • you're not the bad guys
  • we are like the house itical against me
  • don't race is for sociopathic killers
  • you gotta have gravel in your guts get
  • the mill for the smell of motor oil and
  • high octane fuel you gotta love the
  • sound of rubber own ass for the tastes
  • of blood in your mouth
  • and the solemn a bullets whizzing past
  • your head
  • [Applause]
  • you may do this stuff if I'm not gonna
  • die right or soo bahk death race gives
  • anyone the opportunity to become king do
  • you think you can handle big king of
  • this mud I'm the senior race driving is
  • more important than killing deep slow
  • pass talk kid don't let me down gotta
  • win this race
  • targeted killing is his forte
  • and I am his mark
  • got something for you baby
  • I love race day
  • death race beyond NRK unrated and
  • unhinged
  • January 30 at Bunbury in digital
  • you

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