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Video Classic LoveLine Veal & Venison Q&A Full Caller's Calls - Adam Carolla & Dr Drew
11:52   |   today at 00:46


  • hether 15 hi I was thinking like
  • no fish but I
  • the most like painful part on your body
  • to get pierced is that true well hmm how
  • much more painful does it have to be
  • than what you might imagine it is you
  • know what I'm saying that the idea how
  • about somebody pinches your nipples I
  • feel good okay someone's gonna put a
  • spear through it but it goes away like
  • the pain goes oh yeah well you know when
  • you stop your arm amputated it goes away
  • too and to see answer I think there are
  • more painful piercings but they none of
  • them feel good what's that I drew well
  • like if you get your car loose do you
  • like pain it feels good like it doesn't
  • hurt but right I was about to say that I
  • think when your earlobes is not not too
  • bad it doesn't like it doesn't feel good
  • do you like you like pain Heather not
  • really but what do you have piers so far
  • I can my Belen and most of my most look
  • at here is how many years do I have well
  • most is like like my car dealership
  • mm-hmm hey Heather let me try to talk
  • you out of this nipple piercing as as a
  • sane heterosexual male I don't enjoy it
  • which means you may not be interested in
  • that though sane males oh well you don't
  • know who's sane and who is insane though
  • Heather so you gotta be careful
  • but as and like I said representing male
  • heterosexuality I don't enjoy it neither
  • do any of my buddies it freaks us out a
  • little bit it's not a deal-breaker but
  • it certainly doesn't help why does it
  • freak you out I think it makes us makes
  • us think that there's something wrong
  • with you emotionally do you know what
  • I'm saying kinda yeah I mean people do
  • that all the time you see somebody now
  • in your case if you saw some guy in like
  • a Members Only jacket with his uh with
  • his trousers hiked up too high you'd
  • think there was something wrong with him
  • right
  • probably but see I like guys have a
  • nipple fish
  • but you didn't listen carefully to what
  • else you got you got something wrong
  • with you I mean you're not right but you
  • wouldn't like guys in a button-down and
  • a blue blazer do you think there's
  • something wrong with him
  • this is basically the equivalent to that
  • except for you're in the minority sure I
  • don't think we're gonna quick question
  • veal what kind of meat is that Heather
  • that's very nice
  • all right won't you try and venison just
  • yes just again yes you want to give us a
  • venison gasps no you gotta give us a
  • guess
  • go ahead lamb lamb okay all right man
  • veal is like lamb are you okay baby
  • doesn't life doesn't sound like it's
  • going great for you but now when people
  • see nipple piercings they're gonna think
  • about Heather's answers to those
  • questions and you know I'm sorry I I
  • would like to see Heather do a little
  • better in school and stop stop poking
  • holes in her SATs right that's right
  • Jeff that is that serious that's after
  • now listen when your kid is on his 25th
  • body hole before it's 9:15 yeah all
  • right all right Jeff here is Kristen
  • who's 19 Kristen oh look we do four is
  • up I was wondering how come sometimes
  • like when you take a dump like some it
  • will sink and some of it will float
  • interesting the the ones that sink are
  • witches no no the ones that float are
  • witches and the ones that sink are
  • mortals right drew that's right that's
  • right and the ones that float you must
  • burn at the cross that's that's right
  • the same thing well it probably has
  • something to do with the density and the
  • fat content fat yes fat not all fat is
  • absorbed some of it gets through
  • thinking which one floats the
  • more dense less fat sink the less dance
  • more fat float so what happened to be
  • has both in there in one at one sitting
  • so to speak yeah very well you got a
  • little em'ly here to got a serious it so
  • I like that you've got to decide because
  • you can only save you can only save one
  • right through this is it's a dilemma
  • it's like if both your children fell in
  • the lake and they were drowning you
  • could only save one because I look at my
  • bowel movements as my children Sophie's
  • Choice Kristen why are you asking this
  • hmm well because her boyfriend told her
  • to why well because I was just wondering
  • like in my science class my teacher
  • actually was like making a joke and you
  • said that if it seems to have cancer but
  • I think he was making fun of me so I was
  • just wondering if it was true he's
  • making fun of you
  • no he wasn't well speaking of speaking
  • of a stink I smelled junior college here
  • and yeah don't you have two questions
  • for her yeah
  • veal and venison what kind of meat is
  • that milk baby cow oh nice manis yes and
  • venison Italy thank let me tell you
  • something from doing this show it takes
  • oh thank you for enlightening me as such
  • who are you alright huh they're yelling
  • at me what drew did any get on your ask
  • at Ascot or sport coat I must be it look
  • like a total mess so y'all want me to
  • get clean eggs and stuff alright let's
  • move on here we go dad here's Elizabeth
  • 17 hi I kind of have a little problem
  • okay I have two problems - problems okay
  • one is veal or vet okay
  • one is it smells like um it's doesn't
  • smell too fresh down there I don't know
  • what to do about it
  • are you sexually active yeah alright so
  • that's an infection and it's typically
  • of just a vaginal infection but
  • sometimes more serious kinds of STDs can
  • create an odor - I don't think it's
  • enough CD why not cuz I've only been
  • sexually active with two guys well the
  • first one I know for a fact he did not
  • he doesn't have anything in the second
  • one I've done with him for some time and
  • it's been smelling kind of like that for
  • a while now before I got with him I came
  • from the first guy probably know I know
  • for a fact he don't have anything how
  • could you know that because first off it
  • takes all kinds all kinds but what I
  • really love about this show cuz no
  • Elizabeth already who's 16 17 17 years
  • old I was completely prepared for he was
  • a virgin he's a year younger than I am
  • known his parents they're you know he's
  • he's Mormon he's Jehovah's Witness and
  • but I was completely caught off guard
  • with the prison line and it's a much
  • more entertaining answer than virgin
  • would have been he says because he
  • showed me this little thing this car
  • that he got out of prison that shows
  • that kids like cleaning everything that
  • is please buddy of his made it up at the
  • print shop please also so how are you
  • tested a doctor's office what did they
  • do
  • damn suck this stuff up me I just thing
  • you got a speculum exam you had a pelvic
  • exam
  • I don't know it exactly it was called
  • but my mom shorted had done so all right
  • hold on put put Elizabeth on hold for a
  • second true
  • alright a little a little state-to-state
  • gambling here since I am in Nevada yeah
  • I'm gonna ask the veal and venison
  • questioned Hill Elizabeth Oh for - was
  • that the bath or - that was a bet on
  • whether she can come up with this or not
  • well what are the odds on the odds on vo
  • are about 55 by 50/50 right yeah
  • medicine the water to want yeah 101 yeah
  • okay drew yeah I'll put one dollar up
  • against your hundred on the venison no I
  • don't think she'll get it that's what
  • I'm saying
  • Oh so I give you a dollar if she gets
  • venison and you give me a hundred
  • no no no wait a minute if she doesn't
  • get let's just find out what says
  • finally she gets it and I forget the
  • right course Elizabeth yeah go ahead
  • veal what do you mean what kind of
  • animal is that lamb there you go okay
  • all right now venison
  • what venison this fish fish we write an
  • O for two right
  • we got honey all right and quick
  • question on the venison that a saltwater
  • freshwater saltwater yeah well right now
  • Elizabeth yeah I I don't I don't like
  • you dating these these inmates
  • understand hmm
  • I worry about you a little bit baby I
  • think it's like ice like there were
  • periods of time before before I even got
  • socially active rice really that's right
  • and and some people that is normal for
  • other people it is an abnormal growth of
  • bacteria or some protozoans
  • and it should be thought of as an
  • infection and it's something that's
  • treatable you should talk to a doctor
  • about those creams they can give you the
  • concern in there that it takes tends to
  • take care of that and yeah it also these
  • things can be sexually transmitted for
  • sure so yeah quick question yeah what a
  • morons what are the odds that someone
  • who thinks Vilas lam is going to know
  • what protozoans are
  • do you think there's a human being that
  • is currently on this planet that could
  • explain what protozoa is but it does not
  • know the difference between lamb and
  • veal okay okay okay
  • pointer coucher yeah thank you okay baby
  • take care of yourself I know what should
  • she do dress you should go back good
  • that she's our mom is appropriately
  • taking her in to be checked out
  • especially since she's sexually active
  • and when there's a change like that if
  • you get abnormal discharge or smell it's
  • something to get checked out because
  • usually that is an infection even if
  • it's just a vaginal infection it's
  • something was worth getting treated okay
  • but the guy had a card from the warden
  • that said he was good to go that's right
  • fresh is it Daisy all right how are we
  • going to now we're going to break

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Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla ask callers what is veal and what is venison and get some funny answers. This video is the full caller's calls. Just the veal and venison questions can be found here: /watch?v=zY3SJsBoUh0
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This is from the episode on Sunday, April 21, 2002 and can be heard in its entirety here: - Download Hi-Res Songs

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