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Video Rewrite the Stars (The Greatest Showman) - Sam Tsui & Daiyan Trisha Cover | Sam Tsui
03:27   |   today at 05:32


  • [Music]
  • you know I want to it's not a secret I
  • try to hurt I know you want me so don't
  • keep saying our heads a tither
  • you claim it's not in the cards fate is
  • pulling your minds away and I would have
  • reached from me but you're here in my
  • heart so who can stop me if I decide but
  • you're my destiny
  • what if we
  • say you
  • nothing could keep us apart we'd be the
  • one I was been to find it's up to you
  • and it's up
  • no one can say
  • we get to be so I don't be
  • maybe the world could be
  • tonight you think Aziz
  • it's synced to wanna run
  • there
  • [Music]
  • and no wonder
  • guess we're able to be just you me
  • within this and walls when we gonna say
  • you're gonna wake up and see
  • it was home after
  • no one can
  • you
  • [Music]
  • see that the world can be
  • [Music]
  • one is to fly
  • wants to fly
  • with you so just give me
  • yeah
  • say that it's bad
  • how do we write the stars say you were
  • they - we might not they jammed a pastor
  • part cuz you were the one I was bad -
  • fine it's up to you it's up to me
  • we get to the
  • [Music]
  • changing
  • to be
  • [Music]
  • changing the world to be sunlight
  • you

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I’m coming to Kuala Lumpur on March 23rd!! CHECK HERE FOR TIX!!
Go check out Daiyan’s Channel:

An absolute pleasure covering this song from “The Greatest Showman” (originally performed by Zac Efron & Zendaya) with my friend, the incredibly talented Daiyan Trisha - If you enjoy the track, as always, please share and give it a like and subscribe - and if you’re in Malaysia, get tickets to come see me and my band LIVE in KL this March - you do NOT want to miss it! Much love to the Samily!



You know I want you
It's not a secret I try to hide
I know you want me
So don't keep saying our hands are tied

You claim it's not in the cards
Fate is pulling you miles away
And out of reach from me
But you're here in my heart
So who can stop me if I decide
That you're my destiny?

What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine
Nothing could keep us apart
You'd be the one I was meant to find
It's up to you, and it's up to me
No one can say what we get to be
So why don't we rewrite the stars?
Maybe the world could be ours

You think it's easy
You think I don't want to run to you
But there are mountains
And there are doors that we can't walk through

I know you're wondering why
Because we're able to be
Just you and me
Within these walls
But when we go outside
You're going to wake up and see that it was hopeless after all

No one can rewrite the stars
How can you say you'll be mine?
Everything keeps us apart
And I'm not the one you were meant to find
It's not up to you
It's not up to me
When everyone tells us what we can be
How can we rewrite the stars?
Say that the world can be ours

All I want is to fly with you
All I want is to fall with you
So just give me all of you
It feels impossible (it's not impossible)
Is it impossible?
Say that it's possible

How do we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine?
Nothing can keep us apart
'Cause you are the one I was meant to find
It's up to you
And it's up to me
No one can say what we get to be
And why don't we rewrite the stars?
Changing the world to be ours

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