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Video Clash of Clans Subreddit Base Review #3
21:36   |   today at 12:22


  • hey Internet mclovin of zero here with
  • the third base submissions review video
  • for the Vedic clash of clans to youtube
  • channel just continuing from what we had
  • yesterday nice continuation getting the
  • rest of the basis that were submitted on
  • the post it was there's going to be a
  • few more so we're gonna try and get
  • through for today if we do manage Duford
  • under 20 minutes i'll try and get the
  • fifth one that's on here but no promises
  • there and great news within the reddits
  • excuse me within the subreddit right now
  • this morning a bunch of the leaders got
  • together and try to time all of their
  • clan wars together and the results
  • happens to be that zero is now in war
  • with el fino alle fino i always plaza
  • wrong but uh that's that's fantastic and
  • reddit flames is also in war with red
  • raiders so there's gonna be a lot of fun
  • war posts on the subreddit for the next
  • two days and the action and drama is
  • going to be very exaggerated so let's
  • get started with this review for today
  • first space is from Endor soup of reddit
  • vortex alright so here on the screen
  • right now i will put the screenshot of
  • all the traps and Tesla placement and
  • let's get start with this review this is
  • a very generic very square farming base
  • I have seen it many many times in the
  • past few months while searching for
  • raids it is not my style of base but i
  • will give credit where credit is due it
  • is a good base very centralized plant
  • castle very hard to lure with anything
  • other than hog riders or giants right
  • now he's building his to crossbows as
  • he's a new town hall 9 so in place of
  • where the crossbows should be has got
  • his hero plates which is a good
  • substitute for now
  • cool thing about this base is we've got
  • the triangle mortars all in the center
  • or close enough to the center dark
  • liquors well protected by all of those
  • mortars square air defense square wizard
  • towers just outside opening air defenses
  • little drill in there as well but a
  • point defenses on the outside which is
  • another nice coverage trick and in each
  • of these side compartments you have two
  • storages spread out across the base this
  • way it's much harder for people to get
  • all of your storages versus perhaps
  • maybe one or two of them so the
  • splitting is a very good design for
  • farming basis it's got some nice little
  • funnel spots right over here and
  • identical on each side of the base very
  • nice little addition to this generic
  • design as most people usually just close
  • it off and make it even more square
  • without such a funnel so that's a good
  • way to put a change on it eat ender soup
  • just seems to be a very new temple nine
  • very generic design but moon yeah suni
  • uh but it's a very good design very good
  • for new tenho nines and I know plenty of
  • longtime town hall 9 so we're still
  • using design similar to this the only
  • thing you really have to worry about
  • with this kind of design is hog riders
  • which are going to have a field day
  • unfortunately but not too many bases
  • that are farming bases are been able to
  • defend against hog riders unless they
  • are specifically designed for them so
  • outside hog riders is a fantastic base
  • any new tahoe nines i would definitely
  • recommend to use this all right then now
  • moving on to our next person is sheldon
  • from a clan old school and notes he left
  • for us are he's a slightly premature
  • tahoe ten war hybrid base all right i
  • did get to look at this the border hand
  • so i do know a little bit about the base
  • on the screen right now should be
  • screenshots of the Tesla's and trap
  • placement first thing is to point out
  • looking the center he's got the two in
  • front of dollars one of them's upgrading
  • and the three Expos which of all three
  • that movie upgrading but since he did
  • say it was a war base that's not too
  • much concern right now it's just going
  • to be a pain for him on the fence he's
  • got the square wizard towers which is
  • very good here is in the center which
  • isn't too necessary but it will make it
  • a bit harder to lure them out clan
  • castle in the center very nice let me
  • pull up the picture myself so I actually
  • see where his Tesla's are he's got a
  • little giant bomb between these two
  • buildings here some air mines as well
  • mortars in a nice triangle within the
  • center the first flaw I see is the air
  • defense placement it's not bad all it is
  • in a rectangle formation is apparently
  • fine but the problem is when someone's
  • attacking the broken perhaps this side
  • or this late it's going to take a while
  • for the air defenses actually reach the
  • targets so it's going to be a bit weak
  • to air on those sides as well as there's
  • a different attack style where sometimes
  • beside and takes out both of the air
  • defenses then the Town Hall is unguarded
  • from any air defense other than the
  • inferno towers or crossbows entirely
  • after that point which as a balloon
  • writer myself I know it would not be
  • very difficult to set one rage we need
  • to and have balloons just go straight
  • through these two air defenses so that's
  • the only flaw I see at first point
  • defenses are all in these outer
  • compartments I do believe this is a
  • slight variation of one of the popular
  • Lotus designs or whatever the name is
  • called it looks somewhat like a flower
  • except it looks like for this design he
  • made the inside a bit more square
  • instead of rounded as the outer edges
  • are I've never been a fan of this base
  • at least a space type the many outer
  • compartments are a cool idea but it's
  • not too hard for people to start aim for
  • the center just open up one compartment
  • open up the adjacent compartment
  • and then wall breakers are almost
  • certain to give straight into the center
  • and then you're already in the center
  • without much of a struggle at all so
  • this is not a base I would personally
  • say is good I'm sure it's doing well for
  • him it's definitely got all what's
  • really necessary for a strong base to
  • defend against general tax but this is
  • not a base I personally like so i'm
  • going to say i would not recommend this
  • alright moving on to the next person on
  • our list today is a of right side a has
  • a at the moment it's a war base but the
  • screenshot is going to show it as at
  • wrote at not trophy a farming base sorry
  • about that and the main difference from
  • a swing shot that should be on screen or
  • already passed on screen is that the
  • town hall is where the skull storage is
  • and the start no storage is in central
  • town hall so we're just going to judge
  • it as a farming base as it probably
  • should be since that's why it was
  • submitted as alright so first glance
  • we've got triangular mortars set this
  • motor covers all these army camps which
  • is great makes it harder to take this
  • out unless using archers at which point
  • these point defenses should be able to
  • take out most of this archers
  • well-placed point defenses as I just
  • said all around the edges yeppers motion
  • the outside buildings very good plan
  • castles very easily lured which is not
  • much you can do about that as a town
  • hall 7 although I do think he could have
  • made it a bit harder but sorry about
  • that weird pause the phone just went off
  • in my house so I'm gonna edit that part
  • out and just throw it on this part I'm
  • not sure where exactly I left off so I'm
  • going to go back to the clan castle was
  • about
  • so it's not easy excuse me not hard to
  • get this pine castle ward out at all
  • what uh what didn't like is hey even
  • though he is awake and is gonna do much
  • is in the way of the clan castle so in
  • luring the clan castle you are going to
  • lure the king but the king could
  • potentially kill the luring troops much
  • faster while they're trying to lure la
  • castle it's a small thing that usually
  • doesn't work until higher town halls
  • when there's more clan castle troops or
  • a higher level king and queen but it's a
  • little trick that can work looking
  • inside the airbase you're well protected
  • and covers a portion of the base both of
  • them overlap in town hall which is very
  • nice loser towers cover a good portion
  • of the in and outside as well as these
  • general areas that are going to work as
  • slight funnels four Giants or goblins
  • for anything going from links within
  • these compartments sorry thumb through
  • milf a bit so yeah it's a very very good
  • channel 7 base it's as a tunnel nine I
  • would say it's not too hard to beat this
  • but from a town all seven perspective
  • it's definitely a bit of a challenge to
  • take on unless you're using perhaps mass
  • dragon or something but at that point
  • there's not much itano 7 can do in the
  • first place so is it definitely good
  • base farming or war base it's probably
  • one of the better title seven so you can
  • actually use so now let's move on to our
  • next person who is going to be the
  • fourth and possibly the last open well
  • only ten minutes in i think i can get
  • the other the other guys well so we'll
  • go for 545 on this one have some fun
  • with that alright this one is reddit mu
  • and the person we're looking for is
  • named bacon very nice now he has is a
  • trophy bass and I have seen this
  • designed for is a pretty cool design
  • because even if you don't see it at
  • first glance this is an anti-ha base if
  • you take a closer look
  • nothing in this inner ring or CD middle
  • ring it is it offense so hogs I'm
  • definitely going to outer ring of
  • defenses and buildings so that is a very
  • cool setup even though the spots will be
  • about 22 by to open space hot ladders
  • will definitely go for the skin instead
  • of this Expo because it's clearly much
  • closer to the experience itself in the
  • core there's two air defenses which is a
  • thing that it's a good thing to use with
  • anti-ha basis as many of them are
  • generally weak to air as they cannot fit
  • the air vents on the inside so that's a
  • good substitute I do believe there are
  • Tesla's in here as well there might be a
  • rogue Tesla somewhere on the outside
  • which you probably see in the screenshot
  • but I don't right now so yeah I
  • personally don't know where it is but uh
  • can't even look around let you bring air
  • defense getting that back up to tunnel 8
  • Sanders orders are exposed but the cool
  • thing is they cover the outside
  • buildings and make it harder to lure out
  • the clan castle cut making the corners
  • much more limited as to where you can
  • actually place your troops so that
  • covers that side this covers the bottom
  • of our dance recording excuse me ya can
  • conjure construction right now and in
  • this one on the right wing of the base
  • which is going to do the same thing the
  • only easy spot no not even not even the
  • top is that easy to lower troops out too
  • so cool thing about that is i would say
  • an attacker is forced to attack or
  • forced to lure troops and heroes to the
  • left or right side of the base so that's
  • a cool trick that some of the actually
  • top players in the world right now i've
  • been doing for a while so let's take a
  • look at the outer defense placement not
  • some point defenses well spread out
  • bring all the outside buildings great
  • job there wizard towers are bit exposed
  • but in this case for anti hog purposes
  • that is
  • perfectly fine and I think there's at
  • least one giant bomb between these two
  • if not too which is great for hot traps
  • and I'll explain the difference between
  • having their the benefits and cannot
  • think of the word but the downside to
  • having one bomb vs two bombs there are
  • benefits to both going further around
  • air defense that is exposed but does a
  • good job covering someone's outside
  • buildings and makes it harder to attack
  • from the bottom with air and another
  • wizard tower which covers a lot more
  • buildings on the other ways to town
  • which is pretty cool very nice heroes
  • are not hard to lure out but they are
  • awake and in the hog ring which does
  • make it much harder to for hog riders to
  • enter the center which is very nice both
  • edges are pointed up and cover a good
  • portion of the general area in which a
  • hog rider will be going through so they
  • will be under fire of the expos for a
  • good portion of the time wall going
  • around dark my service center Fitz sake
  • of protecting it alright so it's
  • definitely a very good anti hog base I
  • think I almost used this at one point
  • but opted to use something else but I
  • would definitely recommend this base I
  • do not know if he has double or single
  • giant bomb between these two defenses
  • but one thing I'll explain here is if
  • there is one bomb a hog rider is more
  • likely to panic and set his heels fell
  • down instantly to try and heal up his
  • hogs and deal with that giant bomb and
  • assuming that there would be three other
  • spots on the base one right there and I
  • wouldn't know where the others would be
  • assuming that he does have this well
  • placed he can eliminate all for assuming
  • into town hall 9 attacking or Town Hall
  • 10 only using for heal spells he can get
  • the attacker to use all four of his heal
  • spells where he wants them to so that
  • they won't be able to be set down in the
  • core and he'll have a better chance of
  • taking out the rest of the hog riders in
  • the core
  • I cannot make promises that it will work
  • out that way every time but that's one
  • way to point it out and the benefit of
  • double bombing these sections is that if
  • they're the bombs are level three any
  • level for hogs are going to be destroyed
  • instantly regardless of a heal spell any
  • level five hogs are generally one or two
  • shot from a wizard tower at that point
  • so yeah very good to put the next with
  • your towers so that they can be assured
  • Lee killed and that's pretty much all i
  • have to say about this bass clan castle
  • is not hard to lure out but it's
  • certainly no it's not hard to lure out
  • for hog riders but it's certainly much
  • harder for infantry to get to so pretty
  • well designed based I do like this base
  • I would definitely recommend it for some
  • trophy pushers I have not used it so I
  • do not know how well it performs
  • otherwise but definitely a good base all
  • right and at the 16-minute mark when I
  • try and squeeze in this last guy I do
  • not have a picture of his base right now
  • so I'm gonna be completely blind with
  • the whoops here let me type this first
  • before I speak because I'm losing track
  • thought I do not know exactly where his
  • Tesla's and bombs are but uh I i do
  • believe he's gonna be sending me a
  • picture of his base for the video itself
  • soon enough so I'm gonna attempt to
  • judge this blindly but forgive me if I'm
  • a bit off all right it says he has a
  • hybrid base here townhall 10 and thus
  • gets down to the actual review of this I
  • triangle crossbows nice I'll pointed
  • down square wizard towers also very nice
  • square go storages heroes in the center
  • decently levelled point defenses all
  • walking outside assuming that she's
  • going with the continuing theme I'm
  • going to get the Tesla's next that
  • builder hut which could be great a great
  • set up since wall breakers would go for
  • that compartment and then
  • slope would easily take out that one
  • wall breaker as it tries to open up the
  • apartment so I'm going to assume that
  • the test is our next to those builder
  • huts his Center has multiple fire dis
  • their disco inferno towers which are
  • both up so that's a very bold strategy
  • to say the least I castle also upgrading
  • in the center not hard to lure out for a
  • hog rider but hard for most other armies
  • so it's well centered pretty well placed
  • I'm going to guess there's a giant bomb
  • into this one air defenses are squares a
  • bit further on the outside but perfectly
  • fine since they cover more the base that
  • way the mortars are also in a triangle
  • almost sure exactly in a mirror to the
  • crossbow so that's a good way to keep
  • the triangulation between the two events
  • they only have three of so yeah this is
  • a pretty good base definitely looks
  • great got some funneling on the outside
  • on each side identical which is very
  • cool Tesla's guarding what I'm assuming
  • or these builder huts and an extra
  • compartment that needs to be opened up
  • by wall breakers so that's very good
  • everything seems to be well squared
  • while triangulated so it's definitely a
  • good solid base he is up around masters
  • league right now so he's not quite there
  • but he is in upper crystal so obviously
  • it should be working out for him to
  • defenses one this season which might not
  • be that much but still he is winning
  • defenses and it looks like it's just a
  • very well done well structured base uh I
  • can't say too much right now because I
  • again I don't have the picture in front
  • of me but it definitely looks like a
  • very solid base so I would recommend
  • this and hopefully I do get a screen
  • shot before I do upload this video if
  • not I'm gonna have to do some last
  • minute annotations that are going to
  • point out where the bombs and traps are
  • but on that yes it is a very very decent
  • bass all right and for the final wrap-up
  • of
  • space review I'm going to try and make
  • these base review things at least done
  • once a week where I will do a subreddit
  • posts a taking weekly submissions and
  • such and go through these that's
  • possible because these videos are pretty
  • easy for me to make and it keeps
  • something new on the channel more than
  • once a week so that'll be a fun thing to
  • do ah for the dusk new montage I was
  • trying to do what I think I'm going to
  • do is since there's currently three
  • Redick clan wars right now in addition
  • to the reddit new desk one I think what
  • I'm going to do is try make a monthly
  • montage of all the reticle and Wars
  • thrown together that way we have more
  • variety and I'm not scrambling through
  • two hundred clips vs what I would
  • probably be doing is asking what clips
  • are worth my time to actually record and
  • then I'll take maybe five to ten clips
  • from each war throw them into a montage
  • and then that will be what I can do and
  • I do that maybe every month or two since
  • montages take a lot more time and effort
  • but that will be a fun thing to look
  • forward to the defense video again
  • working on takes a lot of work real pain
  • but I am doing my best to get that out
  • as fast as possible top five will be
  • tomorrow it will be the last defense
  • replays and then we will be switching
  • over to the theme weeks and from that
  • point on I believe that's everything
  • covered here thank you all for watching
  • bye for now

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Finishing up the bases submitted from the first post.

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Thanks to all those who did submit bases for this video.

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