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Video I spent a week in a VR headset, here's what happened
16:59   |   views   |   03/07/2019


  • - Hi.
  • For the next week, I'm gonna be eating, sleeping,
  • working, and playing in virtual reality.
  • Starting now.
  • - [Narrator] So, you may have heard about virtual reality.
  • It sort of looks like a giant toaster
  • strapped to your head right now,
  • but I truly believe this technology
  • will change everything about the way we operate.
  • So, I'm inquiring if one can remain healthy,
  • make new friends, be productive,
  • and have fun in the matrix.
  • Here's how I'll be doing it.
  • I'll shower like this, work like this,
  • exercise like this, and sleep like this.
  • Virtual reality is like standing in your living room
  • and going to a new place.
  • Pass-through is being in virtual reality,
  • but seeing a low-quality image of your room.
  • I can take five seconds to switch headsets.
  • I've also blacked out all my windows
  • so I can't see day or night pass.
  • This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever done,
  • but welcome to a week in the future.
  • (faint voices, tense music)
  • Day 1 has been trying to get used to my new schedule
  • in virtual reality.
  • Even the simple act of grabbing my coffee on the desk
  • is a little bit difficult.
  • - Oh, shoot, dang it!
  • Just spilled coffee.
  • - [Narrator] And after keeping it under wraps
  • for many weeks,
  • I finally announced my experiment.
  • And it was received with criticism and encouragement.
  • But having a 24/7 livestream,
  • I'm not used to having eyes on me all the time.
  • But what I found was solitude.
  • Specifically, in the African savanna.
  • - [Instructional Voice] This headset allows anyone
  • to create their own environment.
  • If one is feeling stressed, they can load it
  • to a natural environment for 10 minutes and relax.
  • If one is feeling energetic, the can expel energy
  • in a fitness game.
  • These are like the new rules
  • to this reality I've thrown myself in.
  • Everything is in the headset.
  • (sci-fi noises, faint voices, tense music)
  • - [Narrator] So sleeping last night was actually
  • a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be.
  • I loaded up a Netflix app in the Oculus Go,
  • and I could basically create a virtual theater
  • as I drifted off to sleep.
  • And now I'm pretty much just continuing what I normally do:
  • working out,
  • then eating breakfast and going to work.
  • - Think we, uh, just hit the hour, the 20-hour mark.
  • Um. KGgamer64 says "Love what you're doing here,
  • but don't you think the challenge would be more effective
  • if you couldn't see the real world?"
  • In the future, I believe virtual and augmented reality
  • will be one and the same, like,
  • you'll have a pair of very compact glasses, like, uh,
  • Warby Parker glasses, and you'll just be able to double tap
  • and go into virtual reality.
  • And you'll be able to double tap
  • and overlay augmented reality onto your reality.
  • So what I'm attempting to do here is just kind of
  • simulate what I believe the future of VR and AR will be.
  • (rhythmic robotic music)
  • - [Diary] So today I'm attempting
  • to be a little more social.
  • I'm jumping into an app called Altspace, which is
  • like a social media platform in VR.
  • So people can create events for basically anything.
  • There's movie screenings, concerts,
  • and one that piques my interest is a meditation circle
  • that happens every Thursday and Monday.
  • - [Instructor] ...and taking 3 deep breaths.
  • I instruct to take your breaths in through your nose
  • and out through your mouth.
  • I want you to picture that you're floating safely
  • above the Earth at about the distance
  • of the International Space Station.
  • And you can see Earth floating down below you.
  • - [Instructor] Notice how fragile it looks.
  • Notice that you can't see any borders or boundaries.
  • - [Diary] So there's something really interesting
  • about being mindful in a room full of other people
  • that are across the world.
  • I mean, this technology gives someone the chance
  • to take a break from work for 15 minutes
  • or join a party and watch a SpaceX launch,
  • which is what I did today.
  • (crowd cheering)
  • - [Narrator] That's cool.
  • (spacey techno music)
  • (clicking and faint voices)
  • - [Diary] So I almost feel like I'm
  • in my own 500-square-foot spaceship.
  • And I'm really missing Earth.
  • I'm missing nature.
  • And now I want to explore where I can go in this spaceship.
  • So some friends of mine are showing me some different worlds
  • in a game called VRCHAT.
  • One minute you can be flying across space,
  • and the next you can be talking about the implications
  • of technology while driving through a train.
  • - In terms of body, like physical, I'm feeling fine.
  • I was worried about my eyes yesterday,
  • cause I was feeling a slight burning.
  • But, um, after last night and sleeping, there's no,
  • there's no burning anymore, which is nice.
  • - [Diary] So the monotony is kinda getting to me.
  • I've been driving a train for the past few hours.
  • There's also a movie screening tonight,
  • which should be fun.
  • - [Male In Film] Just John.
  • - [Female In Film] Right. John.
  • - [Diary] Time, at this point, feels like a concept,
  • only a number.
  • Not seeing the sun set or rise,
  • I've taken to games like Skyrim to experience the night.
  • Also, my virtual fish needs food.
  • (faint jumbled voices)
  • - [Narrator] I had a restful sleep last night
  • and woke up much later today.
  • But I pulled out a small rowing machine,
  • loaded up a beach environment, and rowed my thoughts away.
  • I then calmed my mind in the hills of China
  • and jumped into a virtual office to answer emails
  • while the sun rose above the horizon.
  • - [Diary] The ability for VR to have the user
  • at one point battling a dragon, and at the next
  • experiencing a simulation of blindness...
  • - [Old Man] Sitting in the park with the children,
  • I hear the footsteps of people walking past me,
  • a panorama of music and information.
  • - [Child] Daddy! Daddy!
  • - [Narrator] VR is stepping into the shoes of someone else
  • or driving a spaceship and talking with friends.
  • - [Diary] So, there are these two developers in California
  • that have created a robot that lives in their living room.
  • - [Narrator] This is the most meta thing
  • I've ever experienced.
  • (birds chirping)
  • - [Narrator] I'm experiencing frequent de ja vus.
  • I'm experiencing frequent de ja vus.
  • It's essentially like I've, uh, momentary recognition,
  • momentary points where I feel like I've done here before.
  • It's all very strange, it's all very, uh, jumbled together.
  • - [Instructor] Alec is using whole ones too. He has access
  • to white--
  • - [Diary] I've found it's very easy to find your tribe,
  • to make friends, to communicate with others
  • through the virtual landscape.
  • Or it's no longer through a digital window,
  • no longer through a screen or a phone,
  • but actually being there with them.
  • And that, to me, is what VR is:
  • Connection.
  • (jumbled distant voices)
  • - [Diary] I now dream in virtual reality.
  • I go through storylines and see VR menus and situations.
  • I then wake up, still inside the headset.
  • It's a very strange experience.
  • - And what's really interesting about VR to me
  • is that this is a completely new medium for expression.
  • You know, before we would have a canvas,
  • and we could have amazing painters: Picasso, uh, Dali.
  • And now we have amazing artists that are now able
  • to paint their dreams, paint their ideas into a 3D world.
  • - [Diary] But hold up. Before one can create,
  • they must get inspiration.
  • And being in a headset, being bound to the digital,
  • I have found no inspiration to create.
  • So I'm going home.
  • To mother Earth.
  • (whooshing noise)
  • Google Earth VR is one of the most amazing experiences
  • in virtual reality.
  • But short of actually smelling the air around me,
  • I felt like I was standing outside.
  • (optimistic orchestral music, people chatting faintly)
  • - [Narrator] Imagine how much more compelling
  • learning will be when we have tools like this
  • for students across the world.
  • (happy instrumental)
  • - [Diary] The future is bright.
  • - [Instructor] You lose the ability to show people
  • exactly what you want them to see,
  • but you allow them to be within the world,
  • and that's- that's really different than any other medium
  • that we've had before.
  • It is, it is a medium of human experience.
  • - [Eerie Voice] You can't be dead; he doesn't love you.
  • - You ready for this? Let's get up, kid.
  • Got some training to do.
  • - [Narrator] This morning I trained
  • with the Italian Stallion,
  • boxed for the championship title,
  • and won.
  • - [Meditation Instructor] Slow down the mind a little.
  • - [Diary] I feel I've successfully used this technology
  • as an addition rather than an escape from my life.
  • - [Narrator] And I wanna learn about the future
  • of creative technology with the next generation.
  • So I'm calling up a teacher here in Georgia.
  • - [Carrie] Um, so I think what's interesting
  • about game design is that it's a computer science class.
  • For me, my focus, I really do want it to be
  • on the creation side and the artistic pieces,
  • because making games and making VR, it's not just
  • about the hard code.
  • Like, there are so many skills that are involved
  • I think that they actually want to do and spend time on.
  • So, we'll see.
  • (jumbled voices)
  • - [VR Girl] Hello, viewers!
  • Welcome to the VR Girl and Pebbles show!
  • - [Avatar] He's not the first, he's not gonna be the last.
  • - [Narrator] I am ready to get out of this headset.
  • The last 8 hours, I'm jumping in
  • one of the most boring VR games.
  • (upbeat techno music)
  • - Oh my gosh, the graphics are so good.
  • - Slight dizziness, slight, uh, disorientation.
  • It's like my eyes are trying to catch up with 60 FPS,
  • or 90 FPS, whatever FPS real life is.
  • I have never appreciated the smell of outside air so much.
  • One thing we cannot replicate is nature.
  • We can do it visually and auditorily,
  • but there's something about the energy of outside
  • that is amazing.
  • (choir music)
  • - [Narrator] But that's what it feels like.

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On February 20th, 2019 we put a guy in a headset for 168 hours.
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