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Video 4G FDD LTE EVDO WiFi Router USB Wireless Modem - UNBOXING
04:00   |   5K+ views   |   today at 05:13


  • hello youtube today I'm doing the
  • unboxing of this 4G LTE Wi-Fi router
  • model if it's a sports USB Wi-Fi
  • wireless model with memory card slots
  • [Music]
  • first I have 40 lights in water
  • that's what do you wireless modem hell
  • poses stories cute so let's see
  • Wow this is bigger than after a motor
  • this is a 2 to 1 meter per second
  • what am I those years back here with
  • comparison
  • this is bigger let us I expected since
  • four years we using modern lie down go
  • to China
  • is really between to take the dimensions
  • of this model
  • we pressed
  • so what is modem does is this you can
  • plug this USB port to your laptop to
  • your power bank to five volt adapter off
  • like adapter for your phone and you sure
  • you're qualified wirelessly which as
  • many as eight of ten devices so included
  • in the park is this 4G like mono could
  • be anybody's in English so you read and
  • understand so I'm going to be second
  • soft I wanna see how it's gonna work
  • using my sin I have so stay tuned to
  • this channel as an oval
  • some of the things you need to know
  • about this distilled water
  • [Music]

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In this unboxing, i showed you the new FDD LTE EVDO WiFi Router Modem 4G Network, Hotspot USB Wifi Wireless Modem with SIM Card and Memory card Slot.

This WIFI wireless modem can connect up to 10 WIFI uses at the same time,

See where you can get it

This modem is not only a modem or a router, it is a real UFI, You can use it in cars via standard USB port, and outside with powerbank via standard USB port.
1.This is not only 4G USB Modem! This is USB Wi-Fi Modem Router.
2. Wireless access is available on both 3G&4G network and Wi-Fi networks.
3. Internet connection sharing, up to 8-10 users can access the Wi-Fi network at the same time.

4. Work with external power supply, no limited working time.
5. Users experience the ultra-speed internet with amazing low power dissipation.
6. Able to connect with Tablet ,Laptop, notebook and different types of WI-FI devices
7. One-touch connection
8. Friendly user interface
9. Convenient, portable, fashion.

Connectivity: 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
Wifi Transmission rate:150mbps
Download Up to 4G100Mbps,Upload Up to 50Mbps
Support 10 Wi-Fi devices
Product Specifications
Frequency: FDD LTE: B1(2100MHz), B3(1800MHz)
Security Features: Supported WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n
Micro SD slot: 32GB supports wireless multimedia file sharing
FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE: UL 50M / DL 100Mbps
DC-HSPA+: UL 5.76M / DL 42Mbps


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