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Video Inside Michael Jordan's House in Chicago: Vlog
09:15   |   13M+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 18:41


  • so what's up guys we were in Chicago for
  • the Jordan 29 where chess experience and
  • they've taken us to a very special place
  • I guess it's kind of a hallowed ground
  • and it is definitely private and that
  • being said I'll quit stalling and show
  • you guys where we are
  • so yeah the house that Jordan go I don't
  • know if he literally built it but he
  • paid for it he paid a lot of money for
  • it if you didn't build it himself but I
  • guess he kind of built it by playing for
  • the Bulls and making a lot of money so
  • this is in a sense the house that Jordan
  • built with money but those are the gates
  • and uh liqui else is here
  • all snicker guys got Lance fresh George
  • keel regolith Homer Simpson MBA Oscar
  • from modern notoriety yeah
  • holes and you can medium offices here
  • Trayvon's back to the air Jay Jones yeah
  • it's pretty efficient so it's raining
  • somewhere to the camera where it's
  • ruined and I'll see you guys inside pop
  • over here let me get you
  • they'll be like who's that random guy in
  • the bushes right now sprinkling a little
  • bit but we're walking down towards a
  • MJ's house if you just get lucky
  • everybody is like all super high like I
  • definitely want to play now if I did
  • earlier like about my interview at the
  • wolf is like rip through the roof
  • straining and I don't even care so
  • your first look and J's house yeah
  • so that's MJ's house that beer he has a
  • golf tee puttan
  • putting green over there man after my
  • own heart when it comes to the golf
  • me and Jay have more in common than our
  • amazing dunks apparently if you like to
  • play golf - there's a look at this house
  • I walk by MJ has a one two three four
  • five six car garage with the guest house
  • with the 6 car garage so 15 in hence
  • right now
  • I don't agree in there for like what to
  • say but yeah somewhere the house at the
  • Korea
  • second thousand cars here imagine this
  • nothing those aren't all his colors but
  • probably for like the help if you
  • couldn't work here that property
  • all right we're going into I'm not sure
  • with mr. Jim this is the guest house
  • this is the guest house we're going to
  • MJ's guess which is not
  • check this out
  • you know keep the pipeline
  • because it's only appropriate for
  • Chicago wool to have a wool inside his
  • house rooms into like a Jordan the 29
  • experience like we have set up here for
  • us to play
  • sorry
  • where's my Jersey our twitter names on
  • the back and then it has our initials
  • that's not I feel like I want to take
  • this whole Locker home can we Kimber
  • tickets take the whole Locker home my
  • god I'll throw by the Georgia keel right
  • there
  • G okay three is the under industry
  • insider in days truth i main societies
  • in total more crazy
  • all right let just show you has only one
  • thing I didn't show you guys this for
  • they're going 29 has the date Chicago
  • and then we watch the John man logo all
  • the sneaker media wanna Nellie foamer
  • everybody switching up putting on the
  • gear
  • yeah
  • so right now we're going to get to
  • Jordan and Jim we've got directions are
  • here the Georgia ginger have a TV room
  • this is where we're gonna watch tape
  • later about the game what's a little
  • tape on our game later on on that TV
  • there this is the chimp guys yeah
  • he's got wood ceiling
  • what feelings
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • so the day is over and we have to leave
  • the gym I just wanted to do one last
  • quick video for you guys to show you
  • what it looks like when nobody's here
  • but people are actually cleaning up I'm
  • like the last guy here but kind of don't
  • want to leave the space how often are
  • you gonna be able to say you were in
  • Michael Jordan's personal gym
  • well guys guess it's time to go all
  • right dude guys I'm sure you've seen
  • before but they actually reversed the
  • way it fits in the shoe and first thing
  • that I noticed when I played in the shoe
  • is that you don't feel it as much on the
  • ball of your foot when you play not that
  • that's a bad thing it's just something
  • that I noticed when I plays
  • [Music]

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While in Chicago testing the Jordan , we went to Michael Jordan's house to play basketball. Here is a quick vlog of his crib.

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