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  • this shit is seriously starting to
  • bother me considering that my post was
  • fucking deleted your post in the thread
  • question first was deleted reason a rude
  • be respectful this is actually bothering
  • me I don't know who deleted my post but
  • literally all I said was they don't know
  • what they're saying because they clearly
  • don't okay here we have a high pixel
  • moderator ok Jake and Chabad he's a
  • moderator he has a decent amount of
  • messages on the forums okay and he
  • basically says okay I'm just going to
  • read this to you to see how ridiculous
  • is fucking it like I swear to God okay
  • long range it's a characteristic of kill
  • or reach hacks don't work on hypixel oh
  • my I'm done I'm done I don't know you're
  • talking about no one has ever hacked on
  • hypixel because a client cannot change
  • the server oh my god you're so fucking
  • stupid what the fuck do you understand
  • how any of this stuff works you don't
  • understand any of this works and I told
  • you out on it and you deleted my post
  • what the fuck is going on with the
  • Isaacson staff team seriously oh my god
  • so heed it right now because people I
  • swear these people should not be hired
  • to be staff the biggest minecraft server
  • if they don't know what they're saying
  • oh my gosh similar to how a hacker
  • cannot get themselves diamonds oh my god
  • I think everyone who's watching this
  • should know exactly when the videos on
  • this shit okay it goes okay six blocks
  • is the server distance and three blocks
  • is the client distance you can modify
  • the client distance oh my god you can
  • what the fuck like seriously oh my god
  • like head snaps are a symptom of this is
  • just I can't okay you're actually stupid
  • okay you cannot
  • the head can't someone just like move
  • there like what love fuck reaches an
  • apparent to killer it's not possible to
  • head her head some syrup here
  • it must be cosmic something making them
  • a symptom however it's possible for
  • reach to appear when a player with high
  • click speed can make their reach appear
  • to be higher than usual okay so let me
  • just think about this for one second I
  • don't click for good be more reach is
  • that what you're trying to say if you
  • said the auto clicker to 20 CPS is that
  • fucking give you more reach or are you
  • just like what the fuck
  • like seriously oh my god like okay
  • everyone ultimately the way you know you
  • were looking at a hack is to identify
  • characteristic and hydrolyze that are in
  • replicable without piece of that hack
  • client this applies a bhop tiller
  • economic snowfall scaffold plank x-rays
  • because the only happy high pixel snap
  • teams inc exist by the way on so I mean
  • that's just that's just it
  • I know whether it's ever have some hives
  • you know watchdogs the machine learning
  • AI and it's a cheap detection system and
  • eliminates all be hoppers on the edge
  • teams I have lots of friends who play
  • hypixel UHG and they complained every
  • fucking game there's a bee hopper or
  • some shit okay tell me about this stuff
  • okay it's true it's happening okay it's
  • somewhere just like new me pickles this
  • guy's actually smarter idea this guy is
  • actually smart and he's just I can't
  • believe yes the deal with this fucking
  • bullshit that this guy is spewing out of
  • the fucking like I don't know and all I
  • said was they don't know what they're
  • talking about and it was removed because
  • apparently it's rude to say it's okay
  • apparently according to the hyper cool
  • stuff
  • it's rude to claim that the hypixel
  • staff don't know what they're talking
  • about when it comes to reach in
  • minecraft okay apparently that's rude
  • okay I don't understand how that drew it
  • in any shape or form
  • okay come over here this fucking
  • moderator is a fucking idiot
  • okay he's an idiot this is moderator he
  • he's saying that reach hacks don't work
  • on hypixel
  • you have any words that guy in that
  • picture it looks like like his head
  • it's too big to fit on his neck his body
  • all right okay so seriously like
  • seriously this guy that's important okay
  • look at this literally right here just
  • watch this guy's watch it ready ready
  • here's a killer a reach hacker look Oh
  • what is that what is that uh I don't
  • know what the actual fuck like like okay
  • we just need to stop okay we it's time
  • to stop okay this is this is worse than
  • the DNS regedit okay this is this is
  • like the new thing okay so I'm sorry
  • guys but uh I I just needed to get that
  • out that was like kind of building up on
  • me for for about six hours but I needed
  • to kind of vent that and hope you guys
  • enjoyed I'm doing my cert I'm doing like
  • hit the surgery on Friday so I won't be
  • around for a week but after that week I
  • make sure actually I might schedule some
  • uploads but I'll be back
  • uploading daily in a week from now about
  • so if you guys later peace out

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This video is satire, do not send hate to anyone involved

client cannot change the server :V

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