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Video Texas Baseball Coach Augie Garrido Flips out
03:41   |   487K+ views   |   today at 11:28


  • I know why they don't have one guy on
  • that team could play for us and they
  • kick the ever-loving shit out of us the
  • score does not even reveal the
  • difference in these two teams if this
  • was a fucking fistfight or a gang fight
  • which most of you don't know one fucking
  • thing about we would be dead if it was a
  • boxing match and each individual took
  • the beating that we took here today I
  • wouldn't have to be doing this I just
  • come and visit your ass in the hospital
  • and say when you get you the fucking
  • wires off of your mouth from the broken
  • jaw and you can see again because your
  • eyes are swollen now and you can walk
  • again because a guy just punched you in
  • the gut
  • 55 fucking times all that have to say is
  • with all that when you get better we'll
  • have a little chat about how this guy
  • just fucking destroyed you okay
  • now I'm not D personalizing this when I
  • say you us is the right word it applies
  • to all of us I'm taking the blame so
  • don't I don't want this to sound like I
  • think they I'll coach this because they
  • play better I'll take the blame for the
  • loss but I want you to see clear crystal
  • clear about what this fucking game is
  • really about
  • all right in 15 minutes you guys will
  • probably all be fucking fine with this
  • okay so I'll just sum it up this way as
  • fast as I can that is the most
  • humiliating game in the last fucking 10
  • years I've been involved with how can we
  • fucking it picked up the first-base
  • nothing to do that the fuck is that
  • about
  • what are you thinking fucking one there
  • isn't about some goddamn thing is about
  • lunch don't you get it
  • God deluxe don't you get it get around a
  • choice my fucking Johnny to take you
  • type don't tell me you don't sit your
  • fucking luck
  • you understand I don't give a shit
  • like I said 15 minutes from now you
  • don't give a fuck you walked out of here
  • I can't live with this motherfucking
  • bargaining bouncing game custom on
  • fucking life I have totally fucking
  • failed you guys we got big at every
  • single fucking part of this everything
  • everything infield play they too are
  • hitting everything totally fucking
  • stupid I'm sorry I apologize I've
  • totally let you down

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Texas Baseball Coach Augie Garrido Flips out

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