Video iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 - Which Should You Choose?

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Oct 20, 2019


iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 - Which Should You Choose?
iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 - Which Should You Choose? thumb iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 - Which Should You Choose? thumb iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 - Which Should You Choose? thumb


  • hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and the iPhone XR and 11 are some of the
  • less expensive iPhones that are currently available and while they are
  • by no means budget iPhones I wanted to help you decide which one you should
  • pick whether that be the iPhone XR that I have on the left or the iPhone 11
  • that I have on the right now we're going to cover everything from price to colors
  • to speed to cameras and everything else and if you want to jump to any specific
  • section check the description so you can see the time codes and jump to what
  • you'd like to see most now the first thing is the price on the left here I
  • have the red iPhone XR and the XR starts at $5.99 and goes to 649 and
  • these are prices in the United States it may vary depending on where you live now
  • the XR is available in 64 or 128 gigabytes of storage it comes in white
  • black blue yellow coral and the red that I have here now when it comes to the
  • iPhone 11 this starts at $6.99 and goes all the way to eight hundred and forty
  • nine dollars it has 64 128 or 256 gigabytes storage options it comes in
  • white black green yellow purple and red and I have the green color here and the
  • green color is a new color for this year the red is pretty much identical to what
  • we have on the XR they might be slightly different shades
  • but they're very very close when it comes to the actual size and build of
  • the phones they're absolutely identical as far as size they're made of out of
  • aluminum they have an aluminum ring around the outside edge and all buttons
  • are in the exact same place so on the right you have your power sleep/wake
  • button on the bottom you have a Lightning port and you have a speaker
  • and microphone and then on the left hand side you have your volume buttons and
  • your silent switch and everything's identical in that way you have the same
  • size display and we'll talk about that in a moment and you also have the exact
  • same weight they come in at six point eight four ounces or 194 grams
  • both are identical that way now on the back that's the only way you can really
  • tell the difference they've moved the Apple logo in the newer phones to the
  • middle and gotten rid of the word iPhone and then obviously we have to
  • hammers now instead of just one now as far as the displays are concerned
  • they're absolutely identical they're both 6.1 inch liquid Retina displays
  • they have a resolution of 1792 by 828 with a pixel density of 326 pixels per
  • inch that's exactly the same pixel density as an iPhone 8 for example now
  • the displays while some people say they're 720p displays they're actually
  • in between 720p and 1080p and you cannot see the pixels and this is the best LCD
  • display on the market there's no difference between the two and you can
  • still watch 1080p YouTube videos so if you go into YouTube if we go to my 11
  • pro max video and then we tap on the options for resolution
  • you'll see that we have 1080p 60 frames per second is an option the phone will
  • actually scale to that size and it looks great most people will not notice a
  • difference especially if you're coming from an iPhone 8 or 8 plus and
  • considering those phones these displays will be just as good if not better as
  • far as viewing angles and they go bright in sunlight no problem whatsoever
  • between the two of them so you'll be happy with those and they're identical
  • on both phones there's no difference whatsoever if I turn the brightness up
  • it's hard to tell with a camera like this but you'll see it gets very very
  • bright so let me bring those back down and both of these phones have haptic
  • touch that means the display is not pressure sensitive Apple has done away
  • with 3d touch so you get the same features so if you hold and press on an
  • icon for example it pops up at the same time so you're not really seeing any
  • difference between the devices so I'll do the same here with whether you get
  • the idea they both do the same thing when it comes to haptic touch so you're
  • not missing out between either of them now when it comes to specs there is a
  • little bit of a difference with the iPhone XR we have the a12 Bionic
  • processor that has three gigabytes of RAM and has the second-generation neural
  • engine it's very very fast and I'll compare those in just a moment but it's
  • not slow I don't think you're going to find a problem as far as scrolling or
  • opening apps things like that in the iPhone 11 we
  • have the newer a 13 Bionic CPU with a third-generation neural core but an
  • extra gigabyte of RAM so 4 gigabytes of RAM I really don't see a difference as
  • far as the two of them I think that extra Ram could be used for anything
  • from storage to processing photos and things like that
  • now when it comes to opening apps you're going to find they're very similar in
  • fact I don't think I have really anything open on either of them now if
  • we open the music app for example you'll see they popped up basically at the same
  • time if we open the App Store you should see about the same sort of speed as far
  • as load times and things like that you're really not going to see many
  • differences when it comes to speed maybe a half a second difference the big
  • difference when it comes to the processors really has to do with the
  • cameras and processing images so if we do something such as compress 4k video
  • which is actually a pretty intensive task that doesn't really show the speed
  • of the phones but shows that they can do equally good things so let's go into the
  • same movie that I created we'll edit the movie they have different names but they
  • both have a title on them they're the exact same movie and they're the exact
  • same length so there are three minutes and 43 seconds so we'll go all the way
  • to the end you'll see they're exactly the same and if I hit done on this movie
  • and then I share and then I'll bring in an iPhone as a timer here or a stopwatch
  • rather slide these over now let's go ahead and save the video now let's go
  • ahead and export the project in 4k and see how quickly this actually can export
  • so we'll go ahead and hit 4k and start and let's see how quickly they both
  • export the exact same video
  • now both exported incredibly fast but you'll see that the iPhone XR was
  • not far behind at all and so this is a pretty intensive test when you're
  • actually exporting 4k video you're using a lot of the processing power and the
  • crazy thing is is neither of the phones is even warm which an iPhone compared to
  • a macbook should be getting a lot more warm but if you're using a macbook to
  • export the same 4k video the macbook will spin up fans and everything else so
  • these are very powerful devices and you'll see the difference is not that
  • great when it comes to actual performance of an intense task now like
  • I said the cameras is where it's going to be a little bit different when you're
  • actually processing images from a camera and it's it's doing all of the new
  • processing that it can do on the new iPhone 11 that's where the power
  • actually comes into play and speaking of cameras the back cameras on both of
  • these are quite good but on the XR we have a singular lens and this is a 12
  • megapixel just like we have in the iPhone 11 we'll talk about in a moment
  • but it's a 12 megapixel with a 1.8 aperture we also have our flash here as
  • well so we have that single camera and the single camera is quite good but we
  • cannot do portrait modes of anything other than people it will not allow you
  • to do that you'll see it says no person detected whereas the iPhone 11 because
  • it has dual lenses will let us do that now the iPhone 11 on the back has dual
  • 12 megapixel sensors but we have an ultra wide and a wide-angle lens so the
  • ultra wide is an F 2.4 lens where the wide is an f 1.8 and like I said you can
  • do portrait modes of objects and things like that and then also you have night
  • mode and deep fusion which is coming out a little bit later depending on when
  • you're watching this it could be out already
  • now deep fusion allows you to get better photos during in indoor lighting where
  • it's not great but it's still not dark and then you've got night mode which
  • works incredibly well in the dark now when it comes to the forward-facing
  • cameras they are actually quite different in fact on the iPhone XR we
  • have an 8 megapixel forward facing camera that can record in 1080p 60 as
  • far as video is concerned but on the iPhone 11 we have a new sensor that's 12
  • megapixels with an F 2.2 lens that can do 4k 60
  • so if we go to video we flip this around you'll see we have the option of 4k 60
  • in the upper right so I wanted to do a comparison of the back cameras and show
  • you some of the differences between photo and video both do 4k 60p but only
  • the iPhone 11 will actually do HDR and kind of tone map everything when you're
  • doing 4k 60p video so let's take a look at the difference between the two
  • the iPhone 11 has better stabilization than the iPhone XR since it has
  • those dual cameras you can actually move around and it just looks like it's more
  • stable footage in general so as I walk around it's using both cameras to help
  • stabilize the image the iPhone 11 does have the ultra wide lens so you can get
  • a better overall view of what you're looking at you can zoom out if you'd
  • like to you can zoom in on both but it's more of a digital zoom on both past two
  • X now we're zoomed in about 2x on both so this should give you an idea of what
  • it looks like on both devices when you're zoomed in this is the forward
  • facing camera of the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 you can see it looks a little
  • bit different I'm not zoomed in or zoomed out it's just the different lens
  • on both of these devices so they do look a little bit different you do get 4k on
  • the iPhone 11 now the batteries in both of these phones are quite good the
  • iPhone XR was the best until the iPhone 11 came out as far as iPhones are
  • concerned so the iPhone 11 and 11 pros get better bigger batteries the iPhone
  • XR actually has a smaller 2942 milliamp power battery compared to the
  • iPhone 11 which actually has a 3110 milliamp hour battery now the larger
  • battery and the newer processor given about 30 to 60 minutes of extra screen
  • on time the iPhone XR you can expect about seven hours of screen on time with
  • normal usage the iPhone 11 you can get seven and a half to eight hours it just
  • depends on what you're doing if you're a heavier user you're going to get less if
  • you're a light user you could get up to two days with the iPhone 11 so it just
  • depends on how you're using it both support fast charging but neither of
  • them come with a fast charger in the box so you'll actually have to purchase that
  • separately if you want that and both support wireless charging as well
  • now the speakers on both of them are identical they both have a really good
  • sound you've got really well projected sound
  • out of both sides you've got a speaker on the top and on the bottom on both of
  • them and they're both clear I would say the iPhone 11 pros are definitely better
  • but the iPhone 11 you're really not going to see much
  • the difference between the XR and 11 as far as speakers are concerned and
  • that is really it between the two of them in fact if you don't care about the
  • cameras and that 30 to 60 minutes of battery life go with the iPhone XR
  • because you're saving a little bit of money but if you want the latest as far
  • as cameras go and it is a big leap when it comes to cameras I would get the
  • iPhone 11 you still get all the an emoji and everything like you do if you're
  • interested in that on the iPhone XR but the iPhone 11 camera is just leaps
  • above that of the iPhone XR so I would take a look at that if you want to
  • if you're interested in camera and photography but let me know which one
  • you would choose and why in the comments below are you sticking with the XR or
  • are you going to go to the 11 or 11 Pro or maybe you're using an older phone let
  • me know what you think in the comments below if you haven't subscribed already
  • though please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like
  • as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time

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iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than you might think. I help you decide if you should buy the iPhone XR or buy the new iPhone 11. I compare the price, the display, do a camera and video comparison and much more.

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# - 11 Prices
# - 11 Colors
# - Design, Size and build
# - Weight
# - Displays
# - 1080P video
# - Brightness
# - Haptic Touch
# - Specs
# - Speed and Performance
# - Exporting 4K video comparison
# - Camera Comparison
# - Photo Comparison
# - Video recording comparison
# - Front vide camera
# - Battery and charger
# - Speakers
# - Conclusion
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