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Video Crazy Neighbor | Mike Tyson & Anwar Jibawi
02:58   |   10M+ views   |   07/22/2018 at 18:41


  • I must confess I still believe hit me
  • baby one more time
  • and what what you're doing how's it
  • going Mike Sam why are you coming over
  • what man come on Mike I told you I'm
  • busy all week brother
  • I really can't bro you can you can
  • please don't do this right now
  • no no okay now you can't give me a good
  • reason why you can't come I'm actually
  • cooking dinner tonight so I'll make your
  • sandwich never believe it pita bread and
  • all I'm not hungry right now I honestly
  • I don't have time for that I come over I
  • really don't have time to come over now
  • one of the teeth please the whole thing
  • all of it I'm the cheese master if the
  • thing was like you know that taste
  • before in your life sandwich floor too
  • much change don't you think sir listen
  • don't disrespect my secret recipe
  • they're my family for 2000 years we
  • survived slavery being little that bad
  • only fine sandwich isn't it delicious I
  • agree
  • we'll go cheese and ricotta stand mount
  • rippity goat cheese get some cutters man
  • aren't you know oh wow really good stuff
  • you better finish that real fast the
  • whole thing you understand the whole
  • thing suck it down buddy can I take it
  • to go Mose can't do this anymore I gotta
  • go home nah fuck that we play call of
  • duty we're on duty right now I can't no
  • why
  • oh man you got me pushing oh really get
  • you maybe try again had better luck yeah
  • okay what time I was bidding ringing I'm
  • with God here take over Egypt one all
  • the time the room now on the tip now we
  • can't call him the muddies country no
  • more you he was cheney served a little
  • good extracting me she was talking to me
  • I got a claim from kind of one like that
  • it was just one kill it was just one
  • care I don't get the fuck out of here
  • you

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