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Video Korean TRADITIONAL Market Street Food Tour in Seoul
13:52   |   views   |   07/02/2017


  • *Calm Music*
  • Welcome to Tongin market where you can find everything from shoes to clothing and of course delicious food
  • *Piano Music
  • But what makes this place really unique?
  • Is that most of the food stalls here instead of accepting this they accept well these tokens.
  • And how it works is that you come here to buy your tokens in batches of ten they give you a little lunch box tray
  • And whenever you walk up to a food vendor with this sign
  • You can use your tokens. Now normally ten tokens is more than enough to fill up this lunch box
  • But it's me come on
  • I want to try everything so you know I got a little more like forty this tteok-bokki stall has been around since
  • 1956. It's even certified by the Korean government. This is the original grandmother. For two coins
  • I'm gonna try the spicy tteok-bokki, and I'm really in the mood for some fried chicken and some blood sausage
  • Apparently this place is so good John Kerry came here, but unfortunately
  • I already have tteok-bokki on my plate something to this fried leaf looking thing
  • These are Korean fried pancakes called hotteok it looks like dough, and he's putting inside some sort of nuts and sesame filling
  • Round one for my ten coins. I got pretty much a full plate of food. First thing
  • I want to try are these rice cake tteok-bokki. This is from the really famous stall that's been around for over 60 years
  • mmm
  • That's awesome. The rice cake has really nice chewy texture, and oh my goodness
  • It is spicy. I feel like it just punched me in the throat. Only thing better is if they just poured cheese all over this.
  • I can't stop eating it
  • I'm out to go back for seconds next to try a piece of this fried chicken.
  • That was surprisingly good because I saw that the chicken was siting there for a while also after I bought it
  • I walked around for a long time still you changed a nice lunch nice delicious. Whatever I feel kind of vampire
  • like I do today. I really welcome blood sausage, but this was just simmering in a huge pot looking all beautiful
  • I mean, how can you resist that?
  • I'm not an expert on what a good blood sausage should taste like the sauce here is insane. its so
  • So spicy also should cut fresh herbs on this and that gets a sausage a really nice natural earthy flavor, This is delicious
  • I'm not exactly sure what this is I'm guessing if I could get but it's a sesame leaf wrapped around
  • Something then deep-fried only one way to find out
  • It's sesame leaf. There's some sort of flavored dough on the inside, and it's really delicious I
  • Love the flavor. This filling it tastes like dough. I'll complete little like like potato paste that with a piece of chicken p
  • That's how you make fireworks in your mouth. now finally this is the Korean pancake I expect this to be
  • sweet because I think the filling is made out of sesame and nuts
  • This is awesome, I could feel my arteries clogging as you speak the holy cow is this good
  • I taste sesame peanuts sunflower seeds and a lot of honey
  • That's just a beautiful crispy fried donut this thing might be my favorite thing on the plate
  • I know, it's not spicy if there's any meat inside
  • But just the fact that I'm topped initially was hoping under 10 seconds as a testimony to
  • How good this is all right round number two. I give them tokens, and they give me delicious food
  • This is like the best arcade ever
  • Korean dumplings actually long, Sikhye I love this rice drink. Yeah
  • Got a grill octopus and this will cost me three tokens
  • oh
  • Thank you. Thank you little rice drink Kimchi noodle soup grilled Octopus and some dumplings
  • I need to act fast on this octopus before it dies on me
  • About two types of dumpling here one.One I think is with chive I'm the other with kimchi. Let's try the chive dumpling
  • There's no meat inside. It's just eggs, glass noodles and chives
  • This is the Kimchi one again. No meat mixed up with some kind of rice noodles and a kimchi soup
  • All right, the noodles have been soaking in this soup for too long
  • That's probaby my fault because I was walking around with this for a long time
  • That's all I thought that one was that you got a nice crunch from the Kimchi
  • So for future reference if you guys get this, eat it right away, round three
  • not that I trust john's taste in Korean food but we'll see
  • Round three I got some Japchae had to go back for some tteokbokki, but this time from a different place, and I got some kimbap
  • Let's try jang Chaeri's tteokbokki really good really spicy. I feel like the texture is better than the first place
  • Maybe that's because this thing just came out of the wok
  • Was really good flavour wise I think the first place wins out is the gimbap. There's some kind of sauce at the bottom of this
  • This kimbap is excellent nice and refreshing the veggies are so crunchy and sweet
  • If I had some rice, I think it might be a little better
  • All right guys. I think I'm done. I managed to go through three rolls of these tokens snaps
  • I just bought every item down at the food arcade
  • So I think I'm going to keep these for next time and believe me there will be a next time
  • I think for future reference one roll tokens if you're hungry two rolls of tokens if you're really hungry and three rolls of tokens
  • if you want to look like me afterwards
  • but for ten tokens or five us dollars you're going to be able to get a lot of varieties of food and that is a
  • Great deal, so definitely check it out next time you're in Seoul
  • Hey guys today. I am in the famous historic Guangzhong market here in Seoul one of the largest markets in South Korea
  • And it's renowned for its quality silk products linens in fact a lot of these stores here
  • They have their own factories that even supply goods to markets and Department stores all across Korea. This market is massive
  • It's over a hundred years old
  • And as you can see it has withstood the test of time it remains popular to this day
  • And if I'm here that means this market is not just known for its great silk and linen
  • It's also known for its wide variety of traditional Street food
  • I was just walking along, and I smelt something really really good this chilli pepper store I don't know
  • Just makes my mouthwater looking at it. I think whatever that is I need it (gochugaru). I can tell right away this
  • would make some great hot oil
  • as I'm walking in from the textile section of the market I see a ton of just banchan stalls just everything looks, so
  • Incredibly you I wish it can take this stuff back with me on the plane. Oh, oh, thank you
  • Also, this nice lady here. Just just (laugh) gave me a piece of this octopus. Thank you auntie
  • It was awesome hMM
  • Crunchy So friendly here as I kept watching I came to this intersection, and this is all street food vendors right now
  • I'm standing in the middle of the foodie market in Korea, and everything is just look so good
  • I'm experiencing some sort of food deleria right now because they're just so many things I want to eat and it's everywhere
  • I'm just surrounded by it. I just I don't know I don't know what to do
  • It's like you walked into a cave full of hidden treasures
  • And you still don't want to grab because there's only a limited supply you can carry out. I mean
  • Do you grab the brick of gold or the crown of Jewels ahh
  • So overwhelmed right now. I here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna start at the end of the market which is right there
  • And I'm going to just work my way back and the plan is going to work my way back
  • I'm going to eat everything you guys think that's a good plan. I think a good plan so here it is
  • I'm at One end of the market
  • Let's go
  • I came across they serve
  • Ping chung noodles(Mandarin) Ping chung shou gang mian this place been around for over 40 years is the most famous noodle stall here
  • And they look like they make your noodles fresh
  • She also asked me if I wanted some dumplings in my noodle soup, and she said it was really good, so I say yes
  • And there's two dumpling to the soup pork and then in Kimchi
  • I didn't want to start off with something as heavy as noodles
  • But they convinced me this does look really good seaweed on top dumpling. I think there's potatoes in here. Oh put that
  • This auntie's like I need to I need to add spice. I think she already knows me so well
  • I'm going to mix the pepper sauce in
  • Talk that's where it's that mmm They have some vinegar at that a little bit. Oh
  • It tastes like a beautiful bowl of wonton noodle soup so excited to try these noodles look at this
  • Hmm. There are really bouncy fresh noodles
  • That's a good noodle you know they're not the same consistency in terms of thickness and length, but in this case different is unique and unique is delicious
  • I'm actually really looking forward to this pork dumpling here and looking inside. There's some chives in here for three plus items hopefully in there
  • Nice dumpling. I'm trying to pace myself because there's so much food here
  • But it is really delicious. Oh, I sort of can't stop eating right now. I
  • was actually so wonderful but after eating this I think I'm have to switch to stomach two because that
  • Definitely filled up my stomach five fifty for this bowl of delicious noodle. Soup didn't throw a great deal
  • I was really good, but that took up a lot of stomach space, and I'm still sweating
  • It's already hot and I'm just sweating from the noodle. I feel good about it. Oh
  • What is this look at this beautiful beautiful
  • Cut of bacon and this crazy-looking thing this is not a creature. This is Sundae or Korean blood sausage
  • I didn't know they were so massive. They look like giant snakes. This is probably the most famous food item here
  • It's called mayak(mini in Korean) gimbap
  • It literally means drug gimbap not because there's drugs in there at least I don't think they're is
  • It's just because it's so freakin addictive that if you eat it you just can't stop like girl scout cookies or doritos mayak gimbap
  • She seems really nice. I'm gonna buy some kimbap from her. Oh yeah, you mayak kimbap
  • portable gesture I think
  • symbolically
  • Difference, and I say the concept of a kimbap is really simple just seaweed wrap around sliced carrots and pickled veggies
  • sesame leaf
  • Kkaennip
  • This is also coated with a little bit of sesame oil
  • And of course sesame on the outside the dipping sauce on here is a little bit of Wasabi Sauce oh
  • there's sort of Raita called as a drug because
  • I'm sitting here just
  • Keep some of these things in my mouth. I don't feel too bad about it because it's not like I'm popping Dorito's or chicken nuggets
  • Every bite you get that beautiful punch from the carrots and the pickled veggies
  • And I think the addictive quality has a lot to do with that not only the crunch, but also the sesame element to this
  • It's almost like a like a sesame trifecta. I thought you guys can have just one so you've been warned if you eat this
  • Prepare to be addicted
  • This is something a lot of stalls here are selling mung bean pancakes
  • What's really interesting?
  • Is that some of the stalls they grind their own beans this looks like?
  • Looks like an egg foo yong these are thick holy cow. I got they're dense and heavy
  • I mean, I'm working on my biceps right now eating this pancakes are crispy on the outside
  • Oh Bean sprouts a lot of bean sprouts on the inside, and you give it a little dip
  • We're going to grab a pickled onion and put it on top
  • Got a surprise you leave your white ball, and I'll be honest with you guys. It didn't look delightful
  • I look at like something that is just so greasy and heavy and by no means is it not greasy and heavy because yeah it
  • Is it's also got a subtle nice flavor, and you're gonna have to rely on your onions a lot
  • I don't want to make it through this pancake the onions are pickled in a lot of vinegar
  • So this is very very very vinegary with Vinegar is going to help you a lot
  • Honest all the bindaektteok doesn't have a lot of flavor. It's like
  • I said it's very subtle flavor is more like that
  • It has a strong
  • Strong Bean Sprouts flavor that makes sense because it may would being with a bunch of bean sprouts on the inside
  • This is also something. I had at the toy and market
  • It's a hotteok if I'm saying it correctly maybe not
  • It's basically a honey fried pancake and it is delicious, and I love it
  • It's definitely something you don't want to eat if you're trying to fit into a smaller pair of jeans where you're getting ready to show
  • Off that peach, I mean he can show of a honey taking body, but for me my philosophy is when I'm in a different country
  • calories don't really count oh
  • oh, oh
  • Wanna hold it like I said last time. This is why eating nation right? It's donut fried mochi donut because the texture is gelatinous
  • It's crispy on the outside like stuffed with honey and nuts on the inside. It's my workout for today. That's it
  • I couldn't bear to let you guys. See me like this
  • So no walk away in Shame and eat my fried donut mochi
  • I think today is one of those days where I ate so much
  • I managed to somehow bypass the food comas all into food oblivion were the great food abyss
  • And that's a place where I just feel like I'm gonna dreamlike state am I even awake right now
  • I'm not even sure everything here is relatively inexpensive you going to find yourself some really traditional
  • Korean eats and guys all the information for this market is listening for you in my description Box below until we eat again
  • I'll see you later

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I arrived in Korea and tried a bunch of street food at the most traditional markets in Seoul. Let the tour begin!


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