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Video Morphe Morphe Morphe, Hmm....... | Jackie Aina
25:44   |   views   |   01/11/2019


  • hi guys welcome back to my channel it's
  • your girl Jackie I know Jackie Jackie
  • Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie
  • Jackie Jackie Jackie so I was gonna like
  • to do something cute like flat iron my
  • hair all the way out but you know what I
  • figured like why not just accept the
  • y'all used to it by now anyway just
  • gonna have to accept all this Dora the
  • explora realness
  • fight me step where so the T is Miz
  • Morpheus miss morphine Oh so I've been
  • getting I've been getting non-stop
  • tweets text messages White House press
  • alerts about the new Murphy foundation
  • and not only did they just launch
  • foundations I believe they've also come
  • out with a new line of concealer a new
  • line of a bunch of pressed powders and
  • below blah and it's so funny how like
  • it's got sixty shades all right can we
  • just like let the dark-skinned people
  • talk about how we feel about the dark
  • skinned shades first before you start
  • making videos anyway so I do have some
  • some questions and there's some things
  • that I'm quite excited about I am quite
  • excited about this foundation and the
  • launch in general and I guess we'll just
  • go ahead and get started okay that means
  • just cooperate and staying here toe the
  • line damn it expose the back don't be
  • messing with me this is definitely one
  • of those launches where I look at a
  • foundation range and I'm like I have no
  • clue what my shade is just by looking at
  • it it's very confusing
  • sixty shades like they really went in on
  • the shades here are what the concealers
  • look like and you'll notice that there
  • are some missing there's some missing
  • because I actually gave a couple to
  • Alyssa Alyssa really wanted to film her
  • video today but she didn't get a PR box
  • if you notice there's like gaps and
  • holes because I gave her the lighter
  • shades so these are the concealers that
  • I have and I'm kind of feeling like to
  • highlight I'm somewhere in here so we
  • have the revitalizing foundation primer
  • which I'm assuming is probably like the
  • universal for all skin types and then
  • there is a
  • equalizer which I would assume is
  • probably like an oil balancing oil
  • controlling these are really tiny I
  • don't know why these seem
  • disproportionately smaller compared to
  • the other products but and they also
  • have what looks like a pure white
  • consumer very interesting there's a
  • couple in here that I'm gonna take out
  • and just watch I'm just gonna take the
  • mountain swatch I'm gonna start with
  • primer the equalizer primer blurs and
  • softens imperfections instantly makes
  • the skin feel smooth and balanced and
  • then the revitalizer also blurs and
  • softens but it instantly makes the skin
  • feel moisturize I already got enough
  • damn moisture okay so what I'm gonna do
  • is I'm gonna try the equalizer and this
  • is one of those like shiny kind of oily
  • primers I don't really care for the
  • texture of these kinds of primers but
  • for the purposes of the demo I'm going
  • to anyway because that's the point I
  • will say it does feel nice on the skin
  • it feels like it actually does blur I
  • just wish it didn't have kind of like
  • that serum II oily feel to it but it's
  • okay it's definitely not a automatic
  • right off like I would still use like I
  • have primers like the lyso blur that's
  • what it feels like it reminds me a lot
  • of Dubai's so blur primer the more that
  • I rub it and it does feel really nice my
  • hands just kind of glide over my skin
  • and I don't know if you guys see any
  • improvements in texture but you be the
  • judge the longer I wear this more it
  • kind of settles and melts into the skin
  • which is a good thing this is the
  • fluidity sponge and brush trio I'm
  • assuming this one is used for concealer
  • this one obviously for foundation which
  • looks amazing very dense very thick
  • definitely the kind of brush that I
  • would reach for every foundation and
  • this is the sponge don't care not
  • interested I like what I like which is
  • meh damn Beauty Blender just stick to
  • that and not foundation um so this is
  • the deep category this is the rich tan
  • medium white I think it completely does
  • you a disservice to swatch light medium
  • and tan I'm not like medium or tan and
  • there's gonna be completely screwed up
  • on me vice versa it like I don't want to
  • see dark swatches on somebody who's not
  • dark it's not helpful to me and that's
  • like no shade to anyone I just want my
  • videos to be helpful and informative
  • so I'm going to stick to rich and
  • deep categories so the first shade I'm
  • gonna swatch is f4 100 its scribed as
  • warm with rich red undertones definitely
  • quite red this is f4 110 it is described
  • as neutral with green undertones very
  • accurate pretty neutral and dare I say
  • quite olivey that's f4 120 it's
  • described as cool with deep red
  • undertones
  • this is F 4.80 this is described as rich
  • with golden undertones that to me looks
  • a bit more pink and neutral F 4.90
  • deep with peach undertones these are
  • just looking like one big blob it's this
  • one here and none of these are my color
  • yet we're not even close this is f 4.50
  • described as rich with golden red
  • undertones this is f 4.60
  • described as cool with red undertones f
  • 4.20 described as deep tan with rich
  • golden undertones this is F 4.30
  • described as deep tan with golden peach
  • undertones so these are all of the rich
  • category of foundations lots of neutrals
  • you get a couple of olives the golden
  • shades unfortunately just don't run dark
  • enough in my opinion like most of the
  • golden shades are more in them upwards
  • of medium category so it's gonna be
  • really tough because these are quite
  • cool for me and I'm just not feeling
  • like oh let's step into the five family
  • this is f 5 100 s describes as deep with
  • slightly red undertones f 5 110 which is
  • deep with rich red undertones this is f
  • 5 120 it's categorized as a deep neutral
  • this is F 5 70 which is rich with red
  • undertones this is F 580 it looks pretty
  • neutral to me this is described as rich
  • with deep golden undertones this next
  • one is f 590 this is described as rich
  • with green
  • Oh Charles don't be scared I just need
  • olive real red this looks like a
  • corrector this one is f 580 I told you
  • she looking real red I don't know why
  • that's categorized as slightly golden to
  • Hume this next one is f five six zero
  • this is described as deep with neutral
  • undertones Oh work work oh this is F
  • five twenty by the way this is a matte
  • foundation and F five 20s described as
  • deep with neutral golden undertones and
  • then the last one that I have in the F
  • five category is F five thirty which
  • they described as deep with rich peach
  • undertones well that was quite an
  • experience
  • okay so far out of all the ones i
  • swatched I think the closest I could
  • probably work with is f 480 it says it's
  • rich with golden undertones this one to
  • me looks a little bit more olivey and
  • neutral on me I think I can make it work
  • so I'm concerned this foundation is
  • really neutral and I don't know if it's
  • going to do what I need it to do like I
  • think in the center of my face it could
  • work but I would need it to really work
  • on correcting this because this side of
  • my face is dark so in order for my
  • foundation to be all cohesive I'd rely
  • on that yellow that golden to kind of
  • balance out my skin let's just work with
  • what we can and see what we end up with
  • you know it actually doesn't look too
  • bad and I will tell you it's definitely
  • a full coverage foundation because I
  • started off with very little and the
  • reason why I do that is I want to see
  • how much a little takes me before I
  • really start back a little one I'm gonna
  • add a little bit more once again the
  • color that I'm using for reference is f
  • four eight zero so far I think the color
  • works I'm feeling like I look a little
  • pink in person but I don't really feel
  • like it's much to make a big deal about
  • like it's workable by the time I load on
  • powder and all that other stuff I could
  • probably make it work which brings me to
  • look
  • I do quite like how some of these
  • concealers are really yellow and I don't
  • know if you guys are peeping this also
  • but I feel like a lot of brands what
  • they're doing with concealers is they're
  • adding these really super golden yellow
  • shades that can be used as correctors
  • and actually double conceal a lot I have
  • only done it recently but I use like one
  • color that works as a corrector and then
  • I put my highlight shade underneath or
  • below it and then I kind of lend them
  • out but it just ruins of the mood
  • sometimes I'll blend out the corrector
  • first then I'll blend out the highlight
  • whatever is just my little hardens
  • desiring that day is what I do and I do
  • that because one cancels out the
  • darkness the other highlights and
  • brightens and I feel like the
  • combination of the two together look
  • incredible I'd rather layer them more
  • than I wouldn't mix them together the
  • shade that I've just watched is C 4.25
  • very yellow I'm going to be putting that
  • one to the side and I'll be using that
  • as a corrector don't mind if i zoom damn
  • monkey rich this one closed C 4.35 which
  • could probably get away with
  • highlighting with sure sure why not why
  • not C 4.45 also looks pretty golden I
  • think I'm actually I'm more happy with
  • this one that I am back what I'm gonna
  • put this one to the side this is C 4.55
  • looks a little pink in the tube
  • she's a Pinker this is C 4.65 another
  • seemingly neutral kind of pink shade
  • kind of red here's where it gets a
  • little extraterrestrial this is C 5.15
  • she's definitely giving us yah so that
  • movie trailer for Jordan peels new movie
  • us a little life after death vibe you
  • know this is C 5.25 pretty orange red
  • that's a corrector that's straight up
  • it's red girl this is C 5 3 5 pretty
  • neutral kind of pink C 4 0.45 that's a
  • beautiful color pretty rich and very red
  • but it's gorgeous
  • this one is C five point five five could
  • potentially be a contour I will put that
  • to the side and the darkest shade is C
  • five points
  • five which looks like this is really
  • dark it's a pretty deep shade so as I
  • explained earlier I'm gonna use the
  • concealer in the shade se425 it's quite
  • yellow so I'm gonna kind of use it as a
  • corrector and I'm gonna start with this
  • color immediately under the eye it's
  • good so far it's quite yellow I'm also
  • going to add that to the center of my
  • forehead and my chin my chinny-chin-chin
  • and then for my highlight shade I feel
  • pretty confident that C 445 will get the
  • job done I feel like the other ones are
  • the right shade wrong undertone this one
  • is a little bit light for me but I'm
  • going to use it anyway and hopes that
  • the undertone when mixed oh no I just
  • like the fact that this is golden
  • so first I'm using a concealer brush to
  • work down the bridge of my nose and then
  • using a clean Beauty Blender sponge I'm
  • just gonna go straight into it already
  • that kind of added some balance to the
  • foundation you know what it kind of
  • feels like I kind of feel like this
  • concealer is sitting on top of my skin
  • and not really melting into the
  • foundation but I suppose it actually
  • doesn't look bad on camera she's gonna
  • keep layering and keep layering seeing a
  • lot more balance in the foundation now
  • that I've added the CLO concealer and I
  • feel like the more concealer add the
  • more it looks better
  • womper got the contour I'm gonna take C
  • 5 5 5 and I'm gonna contour I'm gonna do
  • it at Zhu just allow some for jollof
  • I've been eating this week don't judge
  • me so far so snatched
  • oh I'm now adding miss laura mercier so
  • definitely seeing an emphasis here once
  • the powder was added I don't feel like
  • the concealer gave me radiance or bounce
  • back and now that I've added a
  • translucent powder and mind you I didn't
  • even add that much I feel like it only
  • sin-shoo ated uh just lack of coverage I
  • guess like that's literally what it is
  • like leverage I'm not gonna add any more
  • product but I'm gonna keep adding maybe
  • everything will kind of settle and melt
  • into the skin a little better and also
  • I'm gonna change to my Sasha Buttercup
  • I'm just gonna add the slightest amount
  • I tell you I'm adding a little bit I'm
  • adding a little bit and I'm dusting it
  • off I'm just not getting the smooth
  • flawless finish that I expect in a
  • concealer but more I mess with this the
  • more it's probably gonna get worse so
  • I'm just gonna set the rest of my face
  • and move this relationship is over like
  • we're over you cheated I found you in
  • the closet with another woman we gotta
  • go we gotta move on we've gotta move on
  • so just make video check-in I really
  • actually quite like the formula of a
  • foundation it's almost kind of like this
  • velvet matte finish you guys already
  • know how I felt about the coverage
  • because she was all the way here for the
  • concealer I feel like so far it's very
  • passable sitting on top of my skin oh I
  • feel like I see a little bit of
  • separation here girl let me move forward
  • cuz you know she's in 4k and I know
  • y'all claim y'all clock everything so
  • can you clock what's going on here
  • probably not I'm just gonna use some of
  • my hangover RX spray this is 35 beat
  • she's conical banger I'm gonna take this
  • shade here and start working that on the
  • outside of my crease nice deep burgundy
  • brown I'm gonna switch over to this I
  • lost it this one right here the perfect
  • transition shade right there and I'm
  • gonna start working that in my crease
  • it's my transition color I'm gonna take
  • this color here but it's quite sheer so
  • I think I'm gonna kind of like scratch
  • it up just to get some of the pigment to
  • show up and I'm gonna pop that onto my
  • it's really pretty with the Burgundy's
  • in this color but unfortunately I plan
  • on adding something on top of that I'm
  • gonna take this really pretty payment
  • from Make Up For Ever called the starlet
  • diamond powder it's in this really fun
  • purpley green duochrome color really
  • kind of slimy now let's see what color
  • it shows up today because you know these
  • dual Chrome's can be real real tricky
  • girl and she's green as she should be
  • I was actually really kind of digging
  • the mixture of the green and the blue so
  • I'm gonna put a little bit that blue
  • back in the inner corner I'm lining my
  • waterline and my top lash line with
  • black pencil liner then smoking and
  • smudging over it with a bit of the black
  • in the palette I'm gonna go back to our
  • I think I'm gonna use this one yep I
  • want to use that I'm gonna blend that
  • and smoke it out a little pop of blue
  • why not let's take this Funko bablu for
  • my lash I'm gonna use insta heal from
  • baddie B lash I'm applying stormy Sahara
  • Maybelline and this gloss from ABH
  • called winter warmer I'm sorry why did I
  • say AVH it's Mac it's a cream she lost
  • sorry so lastly we have the finishing
  • powders I think that the one powder I
  • could probably see myself using is this
  • peachy orange one now I don't know if
  • they intentionally made this to be used
  • as a corrector but I could see myself
  • one like low-key this could be a blush
  • cuz it's so Orange
  • but like using it as like a topper over
  • a foundation that's just way not my
  • color you know like I could use this as
  • a corrector something like that just
  • trying to get creative and I don't feel
  • like amongst any of these powders and
  • mind you it's gonna look
  • more drastic one camera I don't feel
  • like amongst any of these powders I have
  • one that I can point out and say that's
  • my shade I'll show you what I would
  • wearing a press power this is my color
  • this is a filter number 11 two very
  • different colors as you can see this is
  • 12 so this is the orange II kind of
  • corrector shade I'm gonna try to see if
  • I can do my life so you can see what it
  • actually looks like okay so this is
  • extreme but this is how Orange this
  • powder is it's orange okay I'm guessing
  • it was a corrector but my powder is
  • still Brown and this is orange so there
  • you have it
  • this is filter 13 up against my powder
  • so clearly we're going darker but I
  • don't even feel like there's really a
  • ton of pigment in these like it's it's
  • almost like they're darker but sheer
  • it's very weird this is number 14 it is
  • darker but I don't know like there's
  • just it just doesn't look like there's a
  • ton of pigment and/or coverage in them
  • maybe they're meant to be sheer I'm not
  • sure it says their finishing powder so
  • there's definitely pigment in them I'm
  • gonna use number 15 as like a contour
  • situation why not she showed up to work
  • might as well make her do something yeah
  • for me the powder would be a hard pass
  • not only because of lack of colors but I
  • also think we use pressed powder so
  • something that I feel I could live
  • without I'm gonna put on a little
  • highlight so this is the Becca
  • Dreamsicle one of my faves so pretty
  • okay so wait a minute have now blocked
  • in so I have quite a jumbled amount of
  • feelings about this launch and real
  • quick I didn't say this in the beginning
  • but if you made it to this point you
  • might as well subscribe I would love to
  • see you join and Jack got a family you
  • are didn't watch the first twenty thirty
  • minutes of the tutorial you might as
  • well join the Jack Hanna fam you might
  • as well subscribe cuz you gonna keep
  • coming back let's be real subscribe hit
  • that subscribe button and that bail
  • notification so you don't miss new
  • uploads anyway back to the topic I just
  • feel like this was an interesting turn
  • of events I feel like the foundation you
  • got that's how I feel about the
  • foundation the concealer and the powders
  • it was just all over the place I can't
  • say that I was wowed by this launch
  • let's talk about the foundations
  • first actually let's just let's talk
  • about every single detail fabulous brush
  • go on buy five of them actually think
  • this foundation brush is phenomenal one
  • of my favorite parts about the about the
  • launch and that little concealer brush I
  • wouldn't use it for concealer but it
  • worked
  • amazing as like a lid like I used it to
  • blend out my face
  • fabulous I could live without the sponge
  • whatever I never saw the sponge again
  • I'd be just fine the foundation itself
  • she's good
  • wonderful blend love the satin matte
  • velvety bear it's a very velvety finish
  • it's not matte it's also definitely not
  • dewy somewhere in the middle and when I
  • look at the finish it's just kind of
  • velvety I do regret putting powder on
  • top of it I think I like the way that it
  • looked without that finishing powder
  • over it because I'm starting to see it's
  • a little flaky it's starting to separate
  • a little bit gonna dry and so now the
  • color the colors were interesting I
  • don't think they were bad there's
  • definitely something there for the girls
  • that are cool toned the girls that are
  • looking for more diversity in olive
  • tones neutrals they're there I feel like
  • where they kind of dropped the ball was
  • that everything was either pink or to
  • neutral not enough added warmth um which
  • is very strange because I'm usually like
  • by default it's very rare that there's
  • not something at least close to my
  • complexion
  • at least nowadays now in 2019 you
  • believe it's frickin 2019 that's so
  • weird
  • back in the day okay five six even ten
  • years ago when I started my youtube
  • channel everything was red everything
  • was Orange this feels a little
  • reminiscent of that this is why I hate
  • to say this because there were a lot of
  • people that were trying to I guess they
  • were trying to one-up other brands by
  • saying things like well morphine's doing
  • 60 more fusing 60 okay but 60 way where
  • I think they dropped the ball was adding
  • more warm shades personally for me if
  • you have olive undertone a neutral
  • undertone red cool I think you will
  • definitely find something in this launch
  • everybody else oh we still were over
  • there
  • with um it was cute but I don't know if
  • there was enough attention to detail
  • paid attention to the
  • rich and deep category because like I
  • said there's definitely like a lot of
  • varying neutral olive but not nearly as
  • many options for those that have golden
  • warm undertones and I just feel like
  • there were a lot of I should say in LA
  • but there were definitely a couple
  • unnecessary shades but to look at a line
  • collectively and say oh they all look
  • the same like well they're not they have
  • different undertones that's that's not
  • usually a luxury that dark-skinned
  • people are afforded so I think that's a
  • good thing that there were a lot of
  • varying undertones and you know like the
  • same shade has different undertones to
  • choose from that's a good thing um I
  • don't want to be redundant I think you
  • guys for the most part understand the
  • point that I'm trying to make what I do
  • want to also say is that cocoa swatches
  • said this best and that quality is
  • better than quantity so just because you
  • have a high number it doesn't mean that
  • those shades will be useful and just my
  • professional constructive feedback to
  • any brand not just morphe is that make
  • sure you are paying attention to in
  • between shades different varying
  • undertones and don't just get into the
  • neutral neutral neutral or even
  • sometimes too many warm too many warm is
  • not helpful either
  • then we get to the concealers the
  • conceal is really interesting because I
  • felt like all of that dedication in the
  • foundations and not really I mean how
  • many concealers do let's let's let's
  • find out let me take a look so there's
  • 31 shades of the concealer which I
  • actually think they're doing is really
  • good but again I see the same pattern in
  • the concealers and that enough there
  • wasn't really a ton of detail paid
  • attention to the different varying
  • undertones they should have offered I
  • saw a lot of really neutral dare I say a
  • couple like that were even weirder lying
  • gray and I'm meeting by a couple I mean
  • like one okay one or two so that wasn't
  • the overall but
  • so the concealer like the formula oh it
  • was really hard to work with it was
  • super sticky like I've never used the
  • concealer that was that sticky most
  • makeup products in general have a little
  • tack to them that was like literally
  • sticky and that was like a lot it was
  • really intense I had to build it up a
  • lot the first layer of concealer really
  • didn't give me a nice amount of coverage
  • and I felt like I had to keep building
  • and building and building to get it up
  • to what I wanted it and when I got it
  • that's what I wanted it actually wasn't
  • what I wanted you know so I would pass
  • on the concealer I'm more emotionally
  • attached to the foundation I think the
  • formulas beautiful um powders I can live
  • without they're pressed so not a fan I
  • do not stand this year maybe in two
  • years from now I'll go back to using
  • pressed powders but she's just not in my
  • life right now and we are not on good
  • terms we're not in terms and like the
  • powders couldn't even be really used as
  • like contours and bronzers they were
  • really ashy and I just I've seen better
  • ranges I feel like a mom has a great
  • line of powder she doesn't have that
  • many colors but if you're looking for
  • really good coverage in a powder really
  • warm powders she's not a lot of colors
  • but she's definitely good for the brown
  • girls overall I'm gonna give the launch
  • I'm right here I'm kind of in the middle
  • I'm indifferent I'm neutral I can live
  • with it but if I never use it again I'd
  • also be happy I wish the foundation came
  • in my actual shade I wish it was a
  • little closer to try if she was a little
  • closer to chai and I get once you
  • throwing everything else on top it's
  • gonna look the way that you want it
  • anyway but why should I have to do that
  • you know like why should I have to do
  • that but low key I kind of like it
  • enough to do that so I don't know we'll
  • see she'll see um I suppose that's
  • everything I think I've covered pretty
  • much everything I don't like the fact
  • that you can't see my there we go you
  • got respect this Dora the explora Bob
  • Steve where um anyway congratulations
  • more feet on this launch I'm sure this
  • is huge I just you know like um if you
  • are interested in any of these products
  • I will link them down below as I said
  • earlier just because I'm an affiliate
  • does not mean I'm not going to remove
  • myself from the affiliation of the
  • nation and give you the truth patient
  • like I this is not only affiliate codes
  • are not the only way to get paid so like
  • it makes no difference to me whether or
  • not you know like I don't know if that
  • makes sense but anyway code edges if you
  • are commuting and um yeah thanks for
  • watching this is already long enough as
  • it is I'm sure I'll add me on the flip
  • side you want to keep on watching videos
  • or me to stop you as a matter of fact
  • I'm going to insist you watch next video
  • that's why I put it here click it
  • I'm waiting

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1 Alan Walker

On My Way flac

Alan Walker. 2019. Writer: Alan Walker;Sabrina Carpenter;Farruko.

Here With Me flac

CHVRCHES. 2019. Writer: Steve Mac;Martin Doherty;Marshmello;Lauren Mayberry;Iain Cook.
3 Bonn

No Sleep flac

Bonn. 2019. Writer: Albin Nedler;Bonn;Martin Garrix.
4 Avril Lavigne

Crush flac

Avril Lavigne. 2019. Writer: Johan Carlsson;Avril Lavigne;Zane Carney.
5 Katy Perry

365 flac

Katy Perry. 2019. Writer: Zedd;Katy Perry;Caroline Ailin;Corey Sanders;Daniel Davidsen;Cutfather;Peter Wallevik.
6 Alan Walker

Are You Lonely flac

Alan Walker. 2019.
7 Jonas Brothers

Sucker flac

Jonas Brothers. 2019. Writer: Kevin Jonas;Joe Jonas;Nick Jonas;Ryan Tedder;Louis Bell;Frank Dukes.
8 Dido

Hurricanes flac

Dido. 2019. Writer: Dido;Rick Nowels;Rollo Armstrong.
9 Calum Scott

Undo flac

Calum Scott. 2019. Writer: Blazin'Beats;Phil Plested;Shenseea;Calum Scott;Naughty Boy.
10 Halsey

11 Minutes flac

Halsey. 2019. Writer: Matt Schwartz;Halsey;Dominic Harrison;Brynley Plumb.
11 James TW

Suitcase flac

James TW. 2019. Writer: Tom Mann;James TW;Henry Flint;George Flint.
12 Benny Blanco

I Can't Get Enough flac

Benny Blanco. 2019. Writer: Maria Cristina Chiluiza;Jhay Cortez;Tainy;Mike Sabath;​Benny Blanco;J Balvin;Selena Gomez.
13 Dagny

Hit Your Heart flac

Dagny. 2019. Writer: Steve Aoki;Gazzo;Nick Hodgson;Dagny.
14 Becky G

Green Light Go flac

Becky G. 2019. Writer: Ashante Reid;Theron Thomas;Gabriel Blizman;John Shullman;Dwayne Chin-quee.

Happy flac

DEAMN. 2019.
16 Hozier

Dinner & Diatribes flac

Hozier. 2019. Writer: Hozier.
17 Marina

Superstar flac

Marina. 2019. Writer: Ryan Rabin;Ryan McMahon;Ben Berger;Marina.
18 Dido

Give You Up flac

Dido. 2019. Writer: Simon Hulbert;Rob Agostini;Danny Tucker;Dido.
19 Khalid

My Bad flac

Khalid. 2019. Writer: Dernst "D'Mile" Emile II;Khalid.
20 Macklemore

I Don't Belong In This Club flac

Macklemore. 2019. Writer: Jacob Manson;Gang Wolf;Macklemore;Zak Abel.

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