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Video Bowling Ball Cannon Shoot | American Guns
01:56   |   101K+ views   |   07/18/2018 at 22:06


  • you guys ready to shoot it we're ready
  • this has never been tested by us and I'm
  • running the risk of putting everything
  • we built on the line drop in at fuse mic
  • set your powder balls going in we could
  • set that powder off so we got to be real
  • cautious
  • you guys ready to light it all right
  • don't hear it guys ready have to Olli
  • huh
  • run for the mortar here she goes
  • holy smokes
  • how do you think does that seal the deal
  • update I fix show alright I'll tell you
  • what let's shoot it one more time oh
  • yeah let's go let's shoot it three more
  • time we're gonna do it again go bigger
  • go bigger go go bigger let's double it
  • it's going over that fest baby it's
  • clear in the feds uses in set your
  • powder twice the powder charge let's see
  • how she goes this time do it over the
  • fence get moving
  • this one's gonna be a lot bigger oh man
  • yeah
  • yeah yeah

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Rich and the Gunsmoke guys have a blast firing bowling balls from a cannon.

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