Video Restart A Healthy Lifestyle + New Ardene MOVE collection | 2018

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Restart A Healthy Lifestyle + New Ardene MOVE collection | 2018
Restart A Healthy Lifestyle + New Ardene MOVE collection | 2018 thumb Restart A Healthy Lifestyle + New Ardene MOVE collection | 2018 thumb Restart A Healthy Lifestyle + New Ardene MOVE collection | 2018 thumb


  • hey guys welcome back to my channel and
  • Happy New Year's it is officially 2018
  • is actually New Year's Eve over here but
  • by the time this video goes up it will
  • be 2018 so I'm just going to go ahead
  • and say it is officially 2018 so for the
  • new year I've been wanting to revamp my
  • channel a little bit I'm gonna be taking
  • a break from Mel weeklies the weekly
  • vlogs just for a bit they'll probably
  • come back I don't know I kind of just
  • want to switch up my channel a little
  • bit I just feel like I haven't really
  • been inspired I haven't really been
  • loving what I've been posting I've been
  • doing the weekly vlogs for over a year
  • so besides the slight revamping of my
  • channel another thing I've been really
  • wanting to do this new year is get back
  • into a healthy lifestyle and that's what
  • this video is going to be all about I
  • feel like for most of my life I've lived
  • a pretty healthy lifestyle I've always
  • been in a workout routine I've eaten
  • pretty clean there was a few years where
  • I ate really clean like the past few
  • months for some reason I just I have not
  • been in a workout routine and I haven't
  • been eating properly I didn't move and
  • I've been traveling a lot so it's been
  • hard to stick into a routine and I think
  • that's a big factor it's just something
  • I've fallen out of and I wanted to get
  • back into that brings us to this video
  • I'm making this video for me I'm also
  • making it for anyone who feels the same
  • way it's the beginning of a new year so
  • I thought it'd be a good time to post
  • but also I don't usually make New Year's
  • resolutions I kind of just set up new
  • goals whenever I feel like it so this
  • just like I've kind of been starting
  • already but it's kind of nice just to
  • have a new year fresh start kind of
  • feeling so it is a 2018 goal to get back
  • into a really good healthy workout
  • routine diet skincare just like
  • self-care all around
  • I just want to up my game a little bit
  • first tip for restarting a healthy
  • lifestyle is getting up a little bit
  • earlier I like to sleep in and this is
  • something that I want to work on if you
  • want you can try waking up 15 minutes
  • earlier than you usually would do that
  • for a few days
  • put it back another 15 minutes and then
  • get down to whatever your goal wake-up
  • time is and then once you're up just
  • having a good morning routine just
  • setting up your day for success and
  • positive vibes one thing that I've been
  • doing lately is when I wake up I just do
  • a little bit of a clean throughout the
  • house make sure it's all organized this
  • is huge for me because I work from home
  • if myspace is messy I feel like I can't
  • focus properly
  • so I really like having an organized
  • space and I just feel like I'm a lot
  • more productive that way and it puts me
  • in a better mood I also like to set the
  • vibes a little bit so different lights
  • that I like to have on I don't like all
  • the lights on
  • also my apartment has really good window
  • lighting so I love that but I have like
  • little white lights here
  • I love lighting candles I also have air
  • diffuser those also make it smell really
  • good which is another thing also having
  • plants greenery fresh flowers really
  • adds life to your space how many space
  • you're really happy with can totally
  • affect your mood and just get your day
  • started right lately I haven't been
  • having the biggest appetite in the
  • morning but breakfast is super important
  • try to have a good healthy meal in the
  • morning if you can if not what I've been
  • doing lately is having smoothies I
  • usually make pretty basic smoothies
  • almond milk protein powder banana
  • sometimes I'll add peanut butter
  • I don't eat enough greens so sometimes
  • I'll put spirulina powder in the taste
  • of it is so strong that I usually avoid
  • it just because I like to enjoy my
  • smoothie but if you put in enough stuff
  • it does mask the taste of it pretty well
  • so and then I try to get a workout in in
  • the morning just so I get it done and I
  • can't push it and avoid it if you
  • haven't been in a workout routine like
  • me what I've really been into is doing
  • 15-minute hit workouts just in my house
  • and you can search this up on YouTube I
  • really like Sara's day and there was
  • another channel that I found recently
  • it's super fast it's not a lot of time
  • out of your day and I get really sweaty
  • and I feel really good yesterday we went
  • for any two ish hour walk slash hike and
  • then we did a 45-minute workout in the
  • gym so that felt really good making sure
  • I at least do a 15-minute head workout
  • but I'm trying to up it from that now
  • and either do like half an hour of gym
  • in my apartment so sometimes I'll just
  • do like a little bit of cardio and then
  • I'll do the hit workout all the clothes
  • I'm wearing and these shots are from our
  • den and they hooked me up with like a
  • huge bag of new gym clothes new gym gear
  • and it came at the perfect time so I was
  • super stoked on that I was really
  • impressed with all the clothing and
  • there was like a little matching set
  • there was some pants there's a hoodie
  • which is probably my favorite just
  • because I live in hoodies a whole bunch
  • of cute stuff and if you're not
  • motivated to go to the gym and try
  • buying some
  • workout gear and I feel like that can
  • really help you because you want like
  • when were your new set and you're
  • wearing workout gear so you means what
  • we're cabin so all this stuff is from
  • the move collection and if this is all
  • the new stuff super obsessed with it
  • definitely go check it out maybe pick up
  • some new stuff and get motivated you go
  • to the gym or do a home workout whatever
  • floats your boat this why don't you
  • super obvious and you hear it all the
  • time but I feel like I constantly need
  • to be reminded to drink more water one
  • of those things that everyone knows but
  • most people don't do it but for me just
  • like hearing it just being reminded
  • helps me like oh yeah maybe I should go
  • drink some water I don't have an issue
  • with drinking plain water some people
  • struggle with it so adding fruitier
  • water can be super helpful there's so
  • many different combinations you can do
  • so it's super fun this one is lime
  • orange and lemon just all the citrus and
  • it's super fresh
  • I also made once a day that was
  • strawberries mint and lime I don't have
  • cucumber at home that is another one
  • that I love to add to water it just
  • reminds me of being at the spa if you
  • get bored with plain water definitely
  • jazz it up with some fruits and then of
  • course diet is another huge one
  • my struggle right now has been I don't
  • eat enough but I just wake up in the
  • morning and I haven't really been hungry
  • and I used to eat decent breakfast every
  • morning I also eat out a lot just
  • because there's so many restaurants
  • around here I'm not the best in the
  • kitchen and it's just easy so if you do
  • eat out just make sure you're making
  • good choices with what you order you
  • honestly can eat out a lot and eat good
  • food depending on where you go but even
  • at most places they do have healthier
  • options it just sucks this when I go out
  • I'm looking at the menu I'm like oh I'm
  • out I'm enjoyed myself you know I just
  • want to like go all out and just order
  • the best tasting thing on the menu which
  • is usually not the best for you so just
  • making good choices when you go out just
  • be conscious of that it is something
  • that I'm also trying to work on and then
  • when I'm eating at home I am obsessed
  • with Pinterest Pinterest is the best for
  • getting healthy recipe ideas or just any
  • sort of recipe idea
  • so I usually search up like healthy
  • dinner or basic easy fast sometimes will
  • do paleo and I really like a lot of
  • vegan things those are kind of some of
  • the keywords that I'll search up on
  • Pinterest and there's so many options on
  • there last night we did
  • quinoa spinach buffalo chicken avocado
  • tomato and Cameron Burt but we just made
  • like this bowl and that was actually
  • pretty good
  • to put olive oil and balsamic on the
  • vegetables and stuff which is a really
  • good healthy dressing option didn't used
  • to be the found a bit but I really liked
  • it now so yeah skip in on dressing and
  • try oil and balsamic super good even if
  • you're making baby steps with your diet
  • just try cutting out junk food processed
  • food as much as you can and then
  • incorporating fresh foods you know I
  • think it's all about balance you should
  • enjoy the food that you're eating just
  • try to do healthy substitutions honestly
  • once you get in a routine of eating
  • healthy foods you don't really crave
  • crappy foods anymore I also love making
  • like vision boards mood boards in spoke
  • words whatever you want to call them I
  • lovely hearted you guys can check out my
  • heart it if you want it's just I think
  • it's Melissa Danielle Pinterest is
  • another one I love making boards on
  • there just getting inspired helping you
  • set goals and then one of my last tips
  • is to keep your life organized I know a
  • lot of people do it on the computer or
  • on their phone for me I love having a
  • physical planner and just being able to
  • write down stuff so I just got this new
  • one I think it's a very pretty in my
  • days organized in writing things down it
  • really helps me avoid stress and I think
  • stress is one of the worst things for
  • you so anything you can do to avoid
  • stress so I hope this video helps some
  • of you guys get motivated to restart a
  • healthy lifestyle be sure to give this
  • video a thumbs up if you guys want more
  • videos like this subscribe if you
  • haven't already and I will see you guys
  • on my next video bye

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