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Video THE FEMALE BRAIN Sofia Vergara Trailer (2018) Comedy Movie HD
03:44   |   4M+ views   |   09/21/2018 at 21:42


  • Hey, babe
  • What
  • um
  • Nothing, how was um, just asking. How are you?
  • You haven't asked me that in five years I remember because that was around the time. I started taking father than this seriously, yeah
  • That's so not cool
  • That makes me wonder. Do you think maybe we just like stop trying a little bit?
  • What do you mean?
  • well...
  • Well what?
  • You're wearing Crocs with socks so are you cause they're flats
  • Oh, I got some bad news for you, babe
  • Mm. I
  • Feel like maybe we just stopped trying, maybe we need to connect a little bit. I stage houses for my job
  • I make all things look new and shiny, maybe that's what we need in a relationship
  • Sounds expensive
  • Yeah, yeah, maybe a little bit, but do you remember? How we used to dress up?
  • How we used to go out on sexy date
  • So it's probably not surprising that females have a more active system for emotional memory
  • Which means we recall feelings not just facts something that's harder for a man to do
  • This is why it seems like women can access visceral memories with search engine like speed
  • After years of research we discovered the male and female brain is wired very differently to him
  • I'm basically a blow-up. Doll. Oh my god. That is what you look like
  • Thank you. Well. You know that grooming releases endorphins in the female brain let's not forget the christmas present I gave you
  • like the Brazilian straightening. I like my hair it looked like those dudes from the Dukes of Hazzard
  • I don''t even know who that is I'm a it was my American accent. You mean, you don't know the Dukes of Hazzard?
  • The area responsible for defending your turf is larger in the male brain. I'm a physical marvel
  • Oh, try me throw something I mean anything okay?
  • So I wasn't ready for that
  • Women are also more likely to recognize flaws the hell you're wearing I threw that thing out like three years ago
  • I take out the trash so now it's back live in effect
  • (Women want to be MMA fighters but they still want us to hold the door open for 'em)
  • These gender roles they've been in us for 20,000 years
  • You like this look? how's it feel to be dating a magician?
  • Relationships take work want me to work two jobs. Why don't we take the drug morally?
  • It's not the one to make you eat people's faces
  • Shall we turn some music on?
  • (crickets) There's no music on?
  • Three let go one two, three ... ah, you son of a
  • Knowing your brain makes life so much easier even though people have been complicated
  • Nobody can deny our ability to get back up. Yeah. Yeah, yeah
  • You just said yet nine times yeah
  • Can I tell you something? Yeah sure I think you're a physical marvel I?
  • See and she thought jelly jellies not really something you catch jellies some bread eat. Yeah. Yeah, you ready
  • Those were two peppers in a bag he's like kitchen nunchucks

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THE FEMALE BRAIN Sofia Vergara Trailer (2018) Comedy Movie Clip HD
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