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Video Fan Interference in Sports Compilation
10:03   |   11/14/2018 at 20:37


  • [Music]
  • the man for the force trying to take it
  • back taking it back to the house he's
  • got it oh he gets grabbed by a fan
  • pretty sure that's not legal I've never
  • seen this before
  • the ninth man to another level right
  • there man Liggins keep the football but
  • yet you gotta stay out of field of play
  • and he about rips effacement yeah
  • there's there's two calls their face
  • mantas illegal use to the hands they're
  • gonna penalize Jacksonville for this and
  • put the ball on the 20 and that's when
  • you get less home off the bench and he
  • might come over here and yeah he will
  • the masseur for a Brazilian D division
  • football site has saved his team from
  • elimination with the opposition closing
  • in on the match to another clearly
  • dedicated member of the support staff
  • positioned himself next to the posts
  • snuck onto the field and blocked a
  • certain goal with the home team and
  • crowd out for blood the masseur took off
  • for the safety of the sheds narrowly
  • escaping under the stairs
  • last time up he stranded to the Yankees
  • have left ten men on base including the
  • bases loaded in the seventh and two
  • runners in both the 5th and the 6th in
  • right field Tarasco going back to the
  • track to the wall and what happens here
  • he contends that a fan reaches up and
  • touches it but Richie Garcia says no
  • [Applause]
  • here comes baby Johnson
  • out to argue as Jeter comes across to
  • tie the game contention by Tarasco is
  • that the ball is descending and the fan
  • touches it
  • he's right he's right absolutely
  • absolutely that ball was not in the
  • seats it's okay to catch it if it's over
  • the wall but if it's in the playing
  • field then it's not a lot you're not
  • allowed to touch it and you can see that
  • ball is touched right there nice catch
  • by the kid but you see right away
  • Tarasco is porting I had the ball I had
  • the ball I thought he was capped under
  • it see he's not a lot right there like
  • he's going to catch it and a kid nice
  • you look at the ball they won't and I'll
  • likely hit make the pass from the stands
  • it wasn't
  • and then Salvador's can allow a steal
  • and a dunk when every player stopped on
  • the floor
  • Nelson is beside itself
  • [Applause]
  • there clearly was a whistle on the floor
  • because all tender layer stops after
  • Kirilenko hit Turia they allowed play to
  • go on and a lot of free dunk over Utah
  • [Applause]
  • telling play-action spins
  • [Applause]
  • I'm not sure if there are whistles
  • coming from the crowd I think there may
  • be whistles coming from the crowd here
  • Rob yeah yeah they don't sound like
  • there are whistles from the officials
  • and they come at the wrong time to be
  • that
  • [Music]
  • there is a whistle in the stand please
  • do not use that that will be a replay
  • first down so you have a situation where
  • you hear the whistle and Boise players
  • will react in a way where they may stop
  • yeah
  • listen to this
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • here are the wishes from the crowd then
  • you hear
  • whistles this this was Steve McCarthy
  • versus Tony Wilson and as you can see
  • Wilson's getting the worst of it and the
  • fights about to be stopped when it comes
  • Mar Wilson Weaver stiletto heel and she
  • is clutch told McAfee and that was the
  • end of it and he went our floor as you
  • can see it going in this woman could be
  • the woman to take on Mike Tyson Jonnie
  • Jonnie fight he ever lost was against
  • his mother-in-law and he goes out of the
  • ring thinking that he's won the fight
  • yeah and the referee gives it to toy-u
  • also tony wilson or they gave it to Mar
  • Wilson really and number 20 remaining
  • whoa 1/2
  • super fatigued guy what is going on
  • [Music]
  • this is it
  • bread toast from the ball okay but when
  • I came running Oh
  • and with the Polish snap in
  • [Music]
  • Boston the ball thinking is somebody
  • they had stopped the play the winces it
  • sounded at the unbelievable Lane here
  • here's a fan running out onto the field
  • said oh man
  • Wow now that's what he deserves yeah you
  • come out on the field you're lucky that
  • this is as bad as it gets
  • well I'm green didn't even see him what
  • a total idiot not to bring up Mike
  • Curtis for the second time on a night
  • but that's one of the all-time great
  • moves
  • I listed - the guy looked like he was
  • wearing a Packer uniform I thought Gill
  • brown was back on the team
  • big boy whoever the fan was comes the
  • guy in yellow
  • hey honey I went to the game last night
  • I had my chest caved in
  • [Music]
  • someone who
  • [Applause]
  • as just
  • has been pulled away by
  • the fight has been brought to a halt
  • there's a massive melee at ringside
  • as this fellow with
  • has landed right on top of spectators
  • and officials at ringside he's in the
  • midst of a massive security guards now
  • rock Newman
  • both manager was right there this is a
  • monumental
  • disaster I'm ready I'm ready
  • a Spanish soccer coming in at number one
  • 93rd minute game-winning goal is scored
  • but it is disallowed because a fan runs
  • onto the field I mean it's easy to be
  • giggly and have fun when it's 40 mm mm
  • okay and here's the other thing two
  • games when you're winning and you yell
  • and stomp and scream the way Mike Stoops
  • has when you're winning they say he's a
  • fiery competitor when you lose it -
  • problem and we have we have a
  • knucklehead on the field that's causing
  • the delay we're not gonna show it to you
  • Jack foliar
  • but anything's going now we've got some
  • of the players who are mixing it up in
  • this as a potential to get ugly some
  • players are on the field fighting and
  • the benches are emptying
  • mayhem is broken out here at the end of
  • the first half
  • there's some knucklehead ran from the
  • stands and distracted the officials some
  • of the players waiting to line up for
  • the final play of the first half got
  • together UCLA understandably frustrated
  • and while we appear to have an issue
  • with laser pointers from the stands you
  • can see off the helmet there of Osweiler
  • somebody directing a lasers and we've
  • seen it a couple of other times as well
  • and the NFL security is aware of it it
  • was here that the officials awarded the
  • Dallas Texans are another down since the
  • Boston fans became so excited they came
  • on the field now the Dallas Texans after
  • conference with the officials we'll have
  • one more play and watch to the right of
  • your screen as a fan comes on the field
  • to help out the Patriots Davidson goes
  • back to pass throws in the end zone the
  • fan almost blocks it it's ruled
  • incomplete and the victory it's win it
  • 28 to 21
  • [Music]

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Fans interfering with games, not including fans running on during down time between plays.

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