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Video DEF CON 25 Backstage - Hack Across the Planet - Hak5 2219
09:38   |   23K+ views   |   today at 02:21


  • yeah yeah I was doing let's do it I'm
  • actually self eating right now
  • yeah you want to be on hack 5 yeah all
  • right now you're on hack 5 what's up
  • what's up brother I have gone awesome
  • enjoy your con man Cheers that
  • stepped-on thank you all right
  • diplomatic mission to Alderaan taking a
  • slight detour on my way to DEFCON so
  • exciting to be back in the United States
  • although I'm getting conflicted weather
  • reports from Alderaan I'm not sure if
  • it's really hot or really cold or what's
  • going on there but we'll see anyway
  • DEFCON awaits I should probably go into
  • airplane mode now it's hot across the
  • planet DEFCON Edition and it is day
  • three of DEFCON 25 I'm super excited
  • especially because this is the one hour
  • before the storm where we have an
  • opportunity to get together as a team
  • set up our booth I think it's looking
  • pretty good
  • there's so many cool things that we've
  • done this year you know speaking of team
  • actually first first oxide team member
  • to make it to the this morning must must
  • be the only one that's not hungover guys
  • this is mr. protocol I guess so mr.
  • protocol runs act what forms as well as
  • many other things I do my best I do what
  • I can
  • Sentosa backside did you did you get a
  • slushy con no no solution con yeah I
  • think we have a slushy con tonight I
  • think that's the tonight's the night
  • we're going to slushy con we're going to
  • party we're partying and pool party yes
  • we're at a pool party and sell all the
  • things so yeah plan that's the plan this
  • thing really came together I want to
  • show you guys behind the scenes of what
  • it takes to put this together and some
  • of the fun things that you only find
  • the hak5 deaf condor oh yeah hey just
  • keeps getting better and better wearing
  • the pineapples it's Sara Sara runs back
  • shop please just to say something oh hi
  • oh hello I want to do a shout out to
  • c-diddy I could wear out calm it down
  • that's my pizza he's holding it like
  • everyone he is here but one lowly pea
  • dizzle holding the warehouse down oh if
  • you guys have ever been anything from
  • the hack shop it's gone through Sara and
  • then Mars is just on the keys make it
  • happen just do them a bit did you guys
  • go to slushy con where you go no I had
  • some delicious mac and cheese with the
  • bit mac and cheese and go to bed con is
  • pretty good as well yeah we are just
  • adults in this one hour yeah I mean
  • you're partying tonight stay tuned stay
  • tuned I am loving the way all of this
  • has come together it's really exciting
  • to be able to see like you know the
  • tangible fruits of your labor there's
  • one of the things that I'm like most
  • excited about this year we did not just
  • a catalog but a comic book and it kind
  • of details so use cases in the ways that
  • the different you know fruits and
  • animals are used in the field so we've
  • got the ducky here and he's doing a
  • ducky drop and we've got a land turtle
  • here posing as a flower delivery guy and
  • he's like planting a land turtle in an
  • office and getting himself a shell into
  • the org and we've got the Bosch money
  • here social engineering people and hack
  • in all sorts of machines and yeah it's
  • great I'm just like I love it the way
  • all of this has come together to show
  • you guys all about that in a minute
  • and the most important part of the
  • morning has arrived
  • [Music]
  • so something that may come is a huge -
  • huge yet party con so something that may
  • come as a huge surprise here at DEFCON
  • believe it or not the wireless situation
  • is a little iffy which is a problem when
  • we're trying to run credit cards through
  • our phones of course using OpenVPN but
  • yeah slow pan revealed so well as lose
  • the hack job stab so obviously we
  • weren't using the wireless in terms of
  • the Wi-Fi but we were easily LTE here
  • and double screwed to so we needed
  • Ethernet and we have an Ethernet drop
  • from the con so we can do Ethernet to
  • phone because we need phones which is up
  • to square a bronze on so we had Ethernet
  • - how do you use your nephew jab has he
  • persisted and into a OTG cable and a USB
  • adapter or not yeah yeah and then of
  • course for multiple phones you got to
  • run it through a switch yeah we're like
  • how are we going to make this happen
  • we're going to need like USB Ethernet
  • adapters and you know USB C adapters and
  • we'll need a switch and it's like oh
  • right we have all of this stuff so
  • little MacGyver moment what thanks to
  • seven
  • all right now the most important gig of
  • the day yeah
  • not looking the greatest I think we get
  • about two cons out of each pineapple you
  • know your laptop really isn't complete
  • without the stickers and I'm so excited
  • about the new stickers that we have this
  • year because these guys are just looking
  • so cute look at that
  • cyberpunk ducky I love it but I don't
  • know what's up with a pineapple he's
  • into some kinky stuff I think and then
  • there's the bash Bunny doing this little
  • bashful anything what oh there's the
  • land turtle found him just all we got to
  • get a turtle on the turtle doing their
  • turtle e things right turtle section yes
  • and then oh you know what here's the
  • packet squirrel oh I love this one so
  • cute because this packet squirrel is
  • just nuts that is a badge and the one
  • guy who I know partied last night
  • there he is right we're doing to tell I
  • know we're shooting in a weird angle man
  • because I don't want to get anybody else
  • in the shot because the Horde has just
  • come in and it's just on disclosures
  • yeah what parties you go to last night
  • group or maybe before party the dual
  • core party is always the party to be at
  • I heard that it was that capacity that's
  • why we couldn't go yeah sorry about that
  • it's okay I'll go to DC 801 you're going
  • to wrap a DC 801 tonight plus a lot of
  • my boys
  • Oh have you ever done a Def Con and
  • maintained a voice yeah last year I
  • think maybe I hear that you're doing new
  • stuff yeah we have a new it looks like
  • it is check that out you can only get it
  • here what oh what a tease I thought but
  • there's another one that you can get
  • online that it's also new right yes this
  • is actually really cool check this out
  • comedian Michael kill but would you boys
  • like a kill this is also has an
  • exclusive track that you cannot get
  • anywhere else
  • oh well there you go please it's got to
  • be here it's not DEFCON with a dual core
  • and it's not dual core without DEFCON
  • the beautiful thing you're a beautiful
  • thing oh I Love You Man we do this is
  • why you got it is why you gotta come to
  • so much love all right I'll see you
  • tonight okay
  • I really do have to like shoot like that
  • because it's DEFCON and privacy is
  • important got a great idea
  • bring it to the web the way we do and
  • head over to domain calm I've got a
  • slick domain discovery system and an
  • Eevee checkout process so your site will
  • be online in no time
  • and the guys have been
  • supporting hack five beers and they want
  • to celebrate with a massive promo code
  • who's a JK jumbo for 35 percent off new
  • domain registration now through November
  • 30th it's a limited time offer so when
  • you think domain names think
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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A sneak peak behind the scenes and some new goodies debuting at DEF CON 25

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