Video Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN

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Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN
Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN thumb Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN thumb Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN thumb


  • Hey guys, it's Mike Chen I am in Taipei, Taiwan. I feel like I've been here a lot this past year anyway
  • I'm just passing through on my way to the Philippines for the first time ever really excited about that
  • But I do have like a 10 hour layover here in Taipei
  • So I figured I go get something to eat outside of the airport and a lot of you guys been messaging me asking me to
  • Kind of explore the the 7-elevens scene in Taiwan because unlike the U.S.
  • Here the 7-11s are like the greatest thing you can buy your train ticket some of them
  • You can do your laundry and a lot of people here actually go to 7-eleven for breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Guess which one of those appeals to me the most?
  • Anyway I didn't want to go all the way into Taipei
  • So I found one of the biggest 7-elevens and Taoyuan city right near the airport
  • So I'm gonna go and let's go eat out of local 7-eleven
  • Yeah
  • All right, there it is!
  • if anybody ever told me that I would specifically leave an airport just to go eat out a
  • 7/11 I would never believe it, but here I am and I'm actually really really excited
  • How was another country with a ton of motorbikes and
  • Again, I think I'm just gonna have to go
  • Just like I mentioned is one of the biggest and supposedly one of the prettiest 7-11s
  • In Taoyuan City. Gorgeous big windows looks very bright inside you get these like individual sort of booths
  • I can already smell something that's fried in there, and it smells good
  • This place
  • ...this is beautiful
  • (The is coffee, and there's added carbonation)
  • (So it doesn't taste as bitter)
  • (So there's some fizzy-ness in it?) Oh really? So this is like slightly carbonated coffee
  • (It's like black coffee...black...dark beer)
  • (Dark beer?!) I never had...she said it should taste like dark beer I never had dark beer before but
  • Carbonated coffee, slightly carbonated...interesting.
  • (Would you like to drink?) Oh...thank you. So nice here.
  • All right, let me show you guys around
  • 7-11 of course is known for their snacks, and they have a ton of it
  • So this is like a bunch of Japanese snacks here and stationary. Look at this, this is like so interesting
  • They got they got Muji stuff here.
  • You can buy computer games here...of course a lot of Hello Kitty stuff, did you know she's not a cat?
  • Oh, I think I need this. This is this is a soup base for hotpot. I might need to take this home.
  • Check it out, vacuum packed rice, you know what's great about this is that look at this you can stack it like books
  • You're so your rice is nice and organized and just looks neater, and this this is one of my all-time favorite aisles
  • Their instant noodle aisle, check it out. Look at this, they're like dozens of types of instant noodles here and this
  • is my favorite one. We are definitely eating this today. I love the drink selection they have here
  • I mean look at this this is all like juice and different types of milk tea, strawberry milk tea, green tea, lemon tea like
  • Asparagus milk tea. I think I'm gonna stay away from this little bit also
  • I don't know what it is, but drinking tea on out of a paper box. It just makes it taste better and Dr. Milker
  • was that like Dr. Peppers Asian cousin besides that salad, fruit salad you can buy mushrooms here, eggs, fruit
  • We got all sorts of bento boxes Taiwan sausage over fried rice. This is ribs over rice, pork belly over rice
  • I mean the selection is just overwhelming and of course, there's the hot food items. We got tea eggs here I must get
  • That fish tofu here being boiled
  • They don't have anything here yet because we're so early
  • But I really hope we can try one of these things out cause this will go great on top of noodles
  • Then you got like a case just for for hot drinks
  • You got hot chocolate, lattes and hot milk teas that's all here. A case for buns, bamboo pork bun
  • Charsiu bun, roast pork bun...okay all this looking at food...you know you know it's making me really hungry, so I'm gonna
  • I'm gonna get a few things. I know it's just breakfast, but I think I'm gonna need one of these
  • Fresh sweet potatoes. The bread it says (freshly baked & delivered) is so so I asked them and apparently every day the bread is
  • Freshly baked and delivered here. They said this is a really popular item. This guy looks pretty good and
  • Chocolate QQ balls (Taro balls). QQ in Taiwan is really bouncy really chewy, so this is gonna
  • Be like like mochi chocolate buds. I'll take a hot drink
  • formosa milk tea oh
  • Yeah, it's really hot in Taiwan drink some milk tea. Pork bun, bamboo bun
  • She's well a roll. You for sure need a tea egg from a 7-eleven. The boil food is still being boiled
  • We'll come back to that we need some bento. I'm going for this. This is a chicken leg
  • I saw earlier that look pretty good and whenever I see beef noodle soup, I can't pass up
  • Soft-boiled eggs
  • Sure, you know what?
  • I'll try this I'm thinking this is really healthy right? and one last thing
  • I got to get my favorite ramen, and I'm gonna go for the spicy version of the beef so yeah
  • This will be breakfast, but I don't think this is all gonna fit into that little tray, also that bubble tea here
  • You can order bubble tea out of Taiwan 7-11. That's what I'm gonna do. Look at this, this is my meal
  • I can't wait to get started. We haven't even got to dessert yet
  • All right breakfast is served
  • This is crazy
  • Aite first thing, I need I need to try this beef noodle soup, the employees here really recommended it also
  • It's cool because it's half
  • lean meat and a half beef tendon. That's like my favorite ratio. Alright, let's go heat this up. What's really convenient about
  • This is that they tell you exactly
  • Which button to push when you put this into the microwave so, here it says push zero this goes in and then there you go
  • It's like zero. You push the button and you forget about it
  • That's it look at this this smells incredible. Look at this broth
  • The noodles look very nice not at all soggy look at this giant piece of beef here oh
  • You can see the tendon running through it like a delicious roadmap. For like a premade noodle dish this looks fantastic
  • I didn't expect this much broth, look at this gorgeous beef soup. I can smell the soy sauce flavor
  • I'm telling you guys right now
  • But if you put this in a regular bowl and served it to me at a restaurant
  • I would never even guess that this was microwaved, the soup itself
  • It got such a rich beefy flavor. It's a bit oily, a bit spicy. It's just incredibly
  • hmm
  • Incredibly beefy and look at these noodles. They're not too wide. They're moderately thick and they don't feel like they're they're soggy at all
  • Couple of things
  • This broth itself, it's not really penetrating the noodles because the noodles are a bit thick but like I mentioned before
  • I would never in a million years, after tasting these noodles would ever think that I'd
  • microwaved it. I mean these tastes like good quality noodles, they're chewy, they're elasticy and I think if you eat it with the soup
  • That is pretty darn good. All right the ultimate test the beef itself
  • I'm just really impressed by this
  • The beef is not ridiculously tender, but it tastes like a good cut of beef with nice tendon piece
  • and look at this big piece right here
  • Oh that beef feels tender. You guys see this right now? The thicker cut of beef ridiculously tender, superbly beefy
  • Oh there's a piece of tender here
  • I'm shocked that a 250 microwave bowl of noodles soup can taste as good.
  • I know what this needs. This thing needs a tea egg
  • Look at that delicious pattern right there
  • Oh look at that, all that flavors soaked into the yolk already. Tea eggs and beef noodle soup
  • They just belong together, they do! I like to put my yolk in the soup kind of mix a little bit
  • Scoop up some beef broth in that egg. Oh
  • Guys you need to come here and try this beef noodle soup, and you know what I'm talking about, unbelievable. Oh just out of something
  • This broth is way too good to not have a bun dipped into it
  • I think this is the regular pork bun, the bun to filling ratio is not bad
  • Wow
  • Wow, this is awesome. Oh this pork bun is delicious! You can tell by my surprise. I didn't think it's gonna be that good
  • But this is excellent!
  • You guys see the chilies in here, this thing is spicy its meaty.
  • I thought maybe like like the dough will be a little too much, and this would be as flavorful.
  • Oh, man. I was wrong
  • (Om nom nom)
  • They're just fantastic! Taste after it goes beef dipping.
  • I could eat, no kidding ten more of these and be so happy with my life the happiness to life guys
  • It's done inside a pork bun. I'm so
  • blown away by how good this is oh my goodness
  • Mmm. I'm just like being blown away left and right. I was blown away by the beef noodle soup
  • I've blown away by dish. Oh good
  • Let's ask somebody else, here jasmiyah try this
  • How good is that?
  • It's better than most the place I had in America. It's not just the most awesome thing
  • Man, let's try the other bun. This is the bamboo bun mmm a little bit of crunch on the bamboo
  • I don't think is as good as the other one because it lacks a little spice
  • but flavor-wise
  • This is on par. Again, dip it in the broth
  • Wow
  • We really get that nice bamboo flavor in this bun...so good
  • oh
  • Is this why pandas love bamboo so much are we are we missing out? Next is one of their freshly baked breads and this one
  • Look kind looks like what you find in a Chinese bakery, and you see some ham scallions
  • sesame
  • That's good, but after like two incredible bunch these pales a bit in comparison
  • A little sweet, a little scalliony, a little hammy, nice and soft
  • but those buns were incredible. Alright next let's change the pace a little bit and
  • Let's go heat up our bento box
  • 9
  • Can't wait, so this is marinated chicken leg with pork belly that oh that chicken leg
  • That's really marinated look at this and this is the pork belly right here big ol' slice of pork all right?
  • I gotta try this marinated chicken leg
  • I just took a big ol' bite
  • Not dry at all. It is incredibly flavorful. It's a soy sauce based marinade, the chicken itself is tender
  • It's not really juicy but the flavor has penetrated all of this and the pork belly...
  • a little sweet, really garlicky. I thought this was carrots and radish, it's not it's actually carrots and bamboo
  • This is nice because the veggies little crunchy. I think all the items here
  • individually are really flavorful. My problem with this dish is that there's not enough sauce to kind of help you eat the rice because look
  • At this you get you get a lot of rice right the veggie is not very saucy so in Chinese terms
  • It's not it's not very (下饭?) or it doesn't pair well with a lot of rice
  • I think if they give this a lot more sauce this would be a great bento box
  • I mean, it's a good bento box, but the sauce and meat to rice ratio is a bit off
  • next up
  • my favorite instant noodles
  • You can't really find these instant noodles in the U.S. because they actually have real big chunks of beef in here
  • But I really wish they sell this in the U.S. because this this is like one of the best instant noodles out there.
  • For instant noodles, check this out. They have they have something that pulls out
  • And then on this, you can cook your instant noodles
  • This is what I love about these noodles. This is a pouch full of just gravy and chunks of beef
  • I mean you can feel big chunks of beef just just sitting in here, so you add
  • the seasoning, the oil and then this
  • This actually kind of freaked me out when I first did it because look at it
  • It kind of looks a little off because the fat kind of solidified a little bit, but don't be afraid
  • This is delicious.
  • Then go here
  • They have the water and make sure you give this enough water because this broth is awesome. This is great
  • This is all sorts of corn radish different types of tofu mushrooms soaked in broth
  • And I'm gonna add this inside my instant noodles
  • This is oil tofu one of my favorites and a piece of radish, fishcake
  • Mushroom, more fish cake, some fish ball. There we go
  • I could smell the spice look at all the chilies that's in here. Every strand of noodles
  • It's just covered in the chili look at this
  • Big ol' chunks of beef I mean this way you can obviously tell it's instant noodles
  • But I mean what have you ever seen instant noodles with like this, and this is some of the extras I got
  • Let's jazz this noodle up
  • This is instant noodles accessorized. I'm just gonna add like the broth in here because that's good broth.
  • First of all... (drink the broth!)
  • That's good broth for instant noodles
  • I love oil tofu
  • It's got such a nice chewy texture on the outside and then just tender
  • Tofu on the inside you take that dip it in some broth
  • Fish ball
  • Those fish balls are nice and bouncy. Big ol' fishcake
  • There's something inside there's like some rice noodles, and I think maybe a little pork inside of this. Dip it in some broth
  • This is crazy, this is like a fishcake dumpling
  • Let's say...oh, seems it's like a seafood cake or some caviar inside it gives it a nice little crunch
  • You guys see little white spots, those are fish eggs. Radish is good, big ol' mushroom
  • Favorite instant noodles in Taiwan, no joke
  • Usually when you buy instant noodles out from a store you have to go back home
  • or go back to the market, you can't top it with all this great stuff
  • Something I forgot
  • Soft-boiled eggs
  • I am actually a little little terrified of this. What is this juice?! And I'm gonna. I'm gonna open this up and see oh
  • wow
  • Did not expect that - now look at this tell me that aint pretty!
  • I'm telling you guys. That's a pretty good soft-boiled egg
  • That's not bad I mean just to be able to jazz up your instant noodles like this...
  • They're so awesome and convenient you know and this is a really good meal and all this for less than five bucks and trust me
  • You're gonna be full afterwards unless you're like me because I still need dessert after this. These are supposed to like you don't as that
  • Means they're chewy and bouncy? They look cool. Well. What's great about 7-Elevens in Taiwan? Check this out
  • Is to have soft-serve ice cream and they have periodically to have different flavors?
  • But I think the only flavor they have here for now
  • It's just fresh milk, and then I'm gonna add some strawberry glaze in mine if this could fit on my wrist
  • I was just wear this around and eat when I'm hungry. Oh wow!
  • Okay
  • That's really elasticy
  • Huh, all right this is very QQ; It tastes literally like a mochi doughnut.
  • these will go great
  • with my soft-serve icecream
  • Take the donut, dip it in some ice cream...
  • I've been to Taiwan many times and I been here for the drink
  • I been here for the ice cream but I never thought getting here will be so much fun and that the food would actually be pretty
  • darn good. Oh, I forgot something the
  • Asparagus....hang on a sec! Jas come here, trust me. It doesn't smell like asparagus
  • This just smells like sweet
  • It smells like soup!
  • Hang on, let me try this
  • It tastes a little sweet, little sour it's kind of funky right? it's not bad
  • It's like a milky asparagus
  • And it's kind of veggie.
  • What was your favorite thing here by the way that we had today?
  • Um, well I really loved the tea eggs. I loved the beef noodle soup, oh and the buns!
  • Yeah, I think my favorite is the first beef noodle soup and the bun. I think if I just come here and get the beef
  • noodle soup and a couple buns and a tea egg I'd be a happy man
  • Anyway guys if you're ever in time well check out 7-Eleven for yourself. Let us know what you think about it
  • All right, thank you all so much for watching
  • We are on our way to the Philippines, so until we eat again real, real soon. See you later

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On my way to the Philipines so decided to make a stop at 7-Eleven in Taiwan for some brunch.

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