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Video My Prescription Glasses for Cosplay! Firmoo Glasses Review
09:46   |   2K+ views   |   today at 02:21


  • hey guys just the messy rhyme just went
  • out life is a mess and today I am doing
  • a review for these wonderful glasses
  • right here I got these glasses from a
  • site called firm ooh you remember from
  • ooh from the last video that I did where
  • I reviewed these glasses right here and
  • I still wear these all the time it does
  • a boy I'm getting these glasses was that
  • I was going to use them for cosplay so
  • that's why that's in the title of this
  • video because I find a lot of glasses on
  • the firm ooh site that would be really
  • good for cosplay so I got these for a
  • character you'll see him later on in the
  • video I think my old glasses I got these
  • for around $60 at a Walmart vision
  • center $60 keep that in mind Wow and
  • these being $60 are the cheapest glasses
  • that I have ever gotten in an actual
  • vision store and most of my other ones
  • were around between like 80 and 120
  • something dollars that's insane for me
  • and I keep in mind I'm someone who just
  • uses normal lenses like I don't need
  • anything special so that's one the
  • reasons are really like for MU these
  • glasses right here were $25 I always
  • have trouble choosing like what glasses
  • to get just because there's so many
  • gulong but like I said for these like I
  • got these for a cosplay but I do think
  • they're really cute so I can wear these
  • around for a couple of weeks now and I
  • love them okay these have little nibs
  • here whereas my last one
  • we're just straight plastic and then
  • also the ones that I usually used to war
  • used to war to wear everyday have just
  • like normal plastic I usually don't get
  • glasses with nibs on them but I needed
  • them for the cosplay and so I thought
  • I'd try it out and I actually really
  • really like them I've gotten glasses
  • with these I called him nibs I don't
  • know if that's what they're called I've
  • gotten glasses with nibs on them before
  • and I hated them like I hid them with a
  • passion and they were like a hundred and
  • twenty dollars and keep in mind they
  • were made out of metal so they were good
  • quality but I hated them they suck
  • I literally never wore them I think I
  • ended up wearing them in the pool like
  • it's cool glasses so like with every
  • purchase on for mu every time you buy a
  • pair of glasses you get this
  • here this beautiful lens case which is
  • so cute I love me so much it comes with
  • a little screwdriver keychain that has
  • two different screwdrivers at the ends
  • and then it came with two extra nibs
  • yeah there we go and then some like a
  • bunch of screws just in case anything
  • happens these are my new everyday
  • glasses I haven't worn these in like two
  • weeks so that's what allowed because
  • these are like my comfort glasses like
  • my safety glasses and now I literally
  • don't wear them anymore I just want to
  • wear these all the time and these don't
  • touch my cheeks so like you know a full
  • day like an eight-hour shift and no
  • breakup of my makeup on my face it's
  • everything is perfect except you know
  • right around where the nibs are
  • functionality-wise I like them better
  • than the other ones that I got from for
  • move but I do think that these are cuter
  • these are just like funner they're more
  • fashionable I think but these are like
  • more practical and like professional
  • kind of looking I will tell you is that
  • these glasses are slightly slightly
  • crooked I don't know if you can see like
  • they're slanted down very very slightly
  • I'll tell you what I do fixed I feel
  • like every time it's my glasses on
  • though because they kind of like reset
  • also but just keep in mind that my
  • eyebrows are different heights and
  • because of where these are placed on my
  • face it makes it look more crooked than
  • it really is so yeah they are a little
  • bit crooked but it's not super
  • noticeable it's not enough to where I
  • thought I should send them back and be
  • like hey can you fix this trust me I
  • have crooked glasses honey those glasses
  • that were like $80 that I took back
  • three times and they still couldn't get
  • it right yeah those are super crooked
  • and I can show you a clip right now be
  • wearing them they're awful I hate them
  • eighty dollars down the drain I never
  • wore them why why do I do this anyway
  • those were from provision by the way
  • like my doctor a provision was great but
  • the service like the glass and service
  • was garbage anyways overall I know I'm
  • talking a lot but I love for mu I think
  • they have great service I think they
  • have an amazing like beautiful selection
  • they have so many classes I have a hard
  • time like not buying them I just want to
  • buy more if you want to get them on
  • prescription you do need to know your
  • pupil distance I measured mine by myself
  • and it works great and I can see
  • perfectly out of these there are you
  • having a little go right now buy one get
  • one so buy one pair of frames and get
  • the other pair completely free and you
  • know all of their normal standard lenses
  • are free all the way around there'll be
  • a link and everything that you need in
  • the description box below if you would
  • like to check it out I know a lot of you
  • ordered from fur mu before when I did my
  • first video I would love an update from
  • you guys if you guys liked your glasses
  • let me know in the comments below what
  • you thought of them at this time it is
  • just buy one get one so if you'd like to
  • get some more glasses because I know I
  • would you can go ahead and click that
  • link down below if you like alright now
  • to the cosplay portion of this video in
  • case you didn't know if you're just now
  • this is like the first video that you
  • see on me I'm a cosplayer so I like to
  • dress up with my favorite characters and
  • act like a nerd I got these classes for
  • a character called ed nygma on a show
  • called Gotham it's an amazing show I
  • love it so much I did not think that I
  • would like it at all I went into it like
  • I was just I had nothing else to do and
  • I was like okay let's just watch Gotham
  • let's just see what happens and I
  • couldn't stop watching it so I hope you
  • guys like my cosplay I am cosplaying the
  • Riddler
  • [Music]
  • we will
  • you
  • [Laughter]
  • if you don't recognize this version of
  • the Riddler you obviously haven't seen
  • the Fox TV show Gotham I obviously
  • couldn't find a green suit so I'm just
  • doing his outfit without the suit he
  • does wear a vest and a green tie so it
  • works it's fine don't even worry about
  • it
  • I wasn't sure myself if I would like
  • Gotham life for a turn about it however
  • once I started watching Gotham I
  • literally could not stop watching it
  • it's so good obviously one of my
  • favorite villains is the Riddler but
  • Penguin is amazing and it's a Kurosawa
  • maze and you just such a phenomenal job
  • it's so good so if you haven't seen it
  • just know that like Gotham is a little
  • darker anyway the point is I'm reviewing
  • these glasses there so overall I really
  • love these glasses for this cosplay and
  • I think there are so many more glasses
  • on the firmest site you can use for
  • cosplays like this one that works really
  • well for Stein from soul eater or this
  • one that works quite well for either
  • array from free or Braille from Black
  • Butler I think they would work good for
  • both you just need the chain for grow
  • like I already have a pair of Braille
  • glasses but they don't have lenses in
  • them so I'd have to wear contacts if I
  • were to be grown but I didn't always
  • have contacts on hand and they're
  • expensive
  • you have to like keep buying contacts
  • and like keep up with them but with
  • glasses they're just there you just have
  • them because it goes all and there are
  • some people out there who can't wear
  • contacts so if you are one of those
  • people and you want to cosplay
  • characters with glasses I merely suggest
  • looking up permute all their stuff you
  • just have to sort of like sift through
  • the site and look for the stuff that
  • really works well for your character I
  • took a really long time deciding on
  • these for Ed nygma because they're not
  • perfect but they're really really close
  • as glasses are technically silver rimmed
  • instead of gold and here on the side
  • there are these little you know spaces
  • whereas Ed glasses are full plastic all
  • the way down so that's inaccurate but
  • it's still really really close it's the
  • closest that I could find all of our
  • glasses when you click on one it will
  • tell you the measurements of it like
  • this way and this way and then all the
  • way across like all the measurements
  • however it's still kind of hard to
  • picture what it would look like on your
  • face so what I do
  • is type of firm ooh into YouTube and
  • then copy and paste the number of the
  • glasses I'm looking for and if anyone
  • has done a review on those glasses
  • you'll be able to find it just like that
  • like really easy but there were some
  • other glasses that has like the perfect
  • frames for Eddie and I saw what it looks
  • like on an actual person and the lenses
  • were huge and I was like that's not
  • going to work for Ed nygma so in the end
  • I chose these glasses and I am very
  • happy with my purchase as you heard
  • earlier I wear these to work all the
  • time I really love them I bought glasses
  • in store plenty of times then I have
  • regretted it most times so if you're
  • looking to do a new cosplay who wears
  • glasses or maybe you just want some
  • glasses profession or maybe you just
  • want a backup pair just in case the
  • glasses you have now break and you'd
  • like to order from firming I will have a
  • link down below that's all I have for
  • this review I hope that you guys enjoyed
  • this video and if you did be sure to
  • give it a thumbs up I have no idea what
  • I do one with my life but I hope that
  • you guys can join me on the journey to
  • finding up see you next time
  • Wow know something that immediately I
  • was like regret ah okay Jimmy oh my god
  • you didn't see that but the TV made a
  • very scary sound I'm gonna - TV off guys
  • pretend that never happened oh my god
  • um you can't see me right now but there
  • are people walking by my window and I
  • can't let them see me so we're just
  • gonna chill here for a while okay cool
  • okay they're gone

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Buy one pair and get one pair for FREE from
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The glasses I got were but unfortunately they are sold out right now. So here are some similar ones:

I need to wear glasses everyday so when I find glasses that work for cosplays I am OVER THE MOON because I usually have to do them blind if I don't have contacts(which a lot of the time I don't) I love doing reviews for Firmoo glasses and I think they are great. They did send these to me but obviously all opinions are my own. I don’t get any money from the links or for doing a video cause I am way too small of a channel for that lol. Anyway I hope this was helpful and thanks for watching!

Also PLEASE tell me some of ya'll watch Gotham otherwise this video will be a lot less cool.

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