Video How to cook the WORLD'S BEST BEEF - Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience!

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How to cook the WORLD'S BEST BEEF - Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience!
How to cook the WORLD'S BEST BEEF - Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience! thumb How to cook the WORLD'S BEST BEEF - Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience! thumb How to cook the WORLD'S BEST BEEF - Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience! thumb


  • This is Japanese Wagyu a5 the best and highest grading beef in the world. As you
  • can see the marbling is absolutely incredible.
  • I got a great deal on the steaks from Grand Western Steak. To enjoy this
  • wonderful piece of meat you must know the best way how to. From previous videos
  • I just cooked the whole thing as a regular steak but today I'm gonna show
  • you the best way to enjoy Japanese Wagyu A5. This is a steak to be shared and even
  • though it is expensive one steak is enough for a family of five I know that
  • sounds crazy but if you cook the way I did I can guarantee you you will be a
  • hit with your family and when you're taking consideration an expensive steak
  • like this split with five family members it is expensive but not that bad.
  • When opening the bag it is an experience by itself
  • forget about your regular steak from your grocery store. As soon as you put it
  • in your hand the steak starts melting and it feels just like butter. As you can
  • see the marbling is ridiculous. And for today I'm going to show you how to
  • prepare this wonderful steak for a family of five.
  • So let's do it!
  • For this Wagyu experience I am going to show you how to have Wagyu
  • three different ways. And to start I sous-vide some eggs at 135 degrees
  • Fahrenheit for one hour and what this does is it a hundred percent
  • pasteurized the eggs leaving the yolk nice and creamy so we
  • can have it with our Wagyu. Once it was completely pasteurized I removed all the
  • egg whites and just kept the yolk and our first preparation was done, it
  • doesn't get any easier than that. Even though I am cooking the eggs for a
  • hundred and thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit for one hour you are welcome
  • to leave the eggs in there up to eight hours and you will not change its
  • texture. That's fantastic because it gives you enough time to prepare that
  • wonderful Wagyu. For cooking for my second preparation I am using this
  • Japanese rice. I have to confess with you that I learned this from Master Sushi
  • Chef Hiro and when he cooked it there for me I was in love with it and lucky
  • me he taught me how to do it and I'm gonna show you guys how. As you can see
  • the grain of this rice is different from any other rice I've ever cooked look how
  • small and thick it is it is a premium rice from Japan and when eating this
  • rice the texture is quite unique it's kind of chewy soft and delicious. It
  • is hard to describe do not think that your regular rice at home is the same
  • because it is not trust me. And if you're interested in getting this rice remember
  • everything is always on the description down below another thing I learned from
  • Chef Hiro was a vinegar sushi rice. I've tried regular sushi rice vinegar
  • from my supermarket and always hated the taste but this one is different and even
  • Angel that hates every type of vinegar loved this seasoning, and this is the one
  • I'm using today. Another thing I learned was to cook rice properly. I've always
  • cooked my rice in a regular pan with boiling water and steaming it after and it
  • comes out pretty good. But Chef Hiro recommended me to get a rice cooker so I
  • did. And this one was only like 20-something bucks on Amazon and he said
  • their life is a lot easier when you use a rice cooker and he was right. To cook
  • the rice I started off by using three cups of rice filled all the way to the
  • top then I washed it about four to five times into the water was clear. By the
  • way it will never get a hundred percent clear just a little clearer than the
  • beginning. Once washed I immediately drained it and put it on
  • the rice cooker. Now this is probably the most critical part that I learned from
  • Chef Hiro it is important to use one cup of rice with one cup of water, any more
  • or less it won't be the right texture. After that all there's left to do is put
  • your rice cooker to cook. Once cooked I was rewarded with perfectly cooked rice
  • To finish it off all you have to do is put the rice on a bowl and your sushi
  • vinegar mix it well and your rice is done, To enjoy this rice with our
  • wonderful beef i shaped it up into sushi style shapes and it's pretty simple and
  • easy to do just use cold water and shape it in your hand as best as you can. As
  • you can see by no means in am i a sushi chef master but I'll tell you what they
  • did turn out pretty good. Check it out.
  • Now that we have our eggs and rice ready
  • it is time to get back to the king of the show. I started off by removing the
  • fat which will be used for several different things.
  • I even showed you how to make Japanese Wagyu a5 fried rice, if you haven't seen
  • that video make sure you check it out. Then I split the rest in three
  • different pieces
  • Now that I got these beautiful pieces the very first one I am going to be
  • slicing very very thin. From previous experience the best way to slice it thin
  • is by first freezing it a little bit, so I am going to put it on my freezer for
  • no longer than 45 minutes. And the second one I am going to be doing the same
  • exact thing as well, I'm going to be slicing it very very thin so that we can
  • enjoy it in different ways. Now this piece here which is mostly fat as you
  • can see we still have a little bit of meat on it and I'm gonna slice it off so
  • that we can enjoy that piece as well. The fat there's several different uses for
  • it besides making Japanese Wagyu fried rice today I am going to be using it to
  • grease up my grill. For the last piece I am going to be cooking it as a regular
  • steak. I'm just inserting my thermometer to ensure I cook it at perfect doneness.
  • Today I am shooting for a hundred and fifteen degrees Fahrenheit. I wanted rare
  • to medium-rare. I'm also not seasoning anything only until the end when we're
  • ready for tasting. After 40 minutes of being in the freezer my steaks were
  • ready to be sliced. Check it out!
  • Now that we have everything ready including this beautiful steak it is
  • time to cook it. I am going to be reversed searing the regular steak like
  • I always do. The thin ones I am cooking at a very
  • high heat on my grill grates which goes right on top of my slow and sear.
  • But enough talking it is time to cook them.
  • So let's do it!
  • Alright everybody we have our wonderful Wagyu experience here. You're ready
  • Angela? I'm ready but there's one part that looks a little bit weird to me. I
  • know you think that the egg is kind of funny so do I but I've seen a lot of
  • people eat it in Japan and I said it must be good, if they all eat it.
  • I'm down to try it bro. But we did pasteurize the egg. Yeah, yeah the egg is completely
  • pasterized. We are careful!
  • Even though eating raw egg is not a big deal but some for
  • some places it is. But I say enough talking, which one would you like to try
  • first. That one. I know cuz this is what we already know it's gonna be good . Yeah kets go with that
  • one. You want to try this one first. Yeah. All right. I got a little egg on the chop
  • stick. You got un poquito de egg on the chopstick. We're gonna put a little bit
  • of salt, yeah. This one is what we're normally
  • used to. I gotta go bro. Enjoy my brother enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it. Tell me how you like
  • that one. Huh how is it Angel?
  • Its been a while that I don't eat some Wagyu everybody
  • it isincredible. I haven't had steak in a while
  • either, but right now I just put it in my mouth and I just first chew just
  • shhhh the juices. Big explosion in your mouth everybody this is incredible
  • this is what we're used to and it's fantastic. I knew it
  • Which one let's go for the rice. I knew it! ou you want to go over the or you want to go
  • with egg on the rice? Let's get over it bro let's go for the egg.
  • Go for the egg, go for it Angel,
  • Tell me what you think.
  • oh all right fine oh all right fine it's good all right
  • well it's amazing okay fine. Wow are you as surprised as I am Wow
  • it's so creamy everybody it gives a creamy texture. Yeah you guys got me. Wow
  • this one is good what are you doing Angel, you ate it
  • already? Oh you even putting it back on the egg! Guys I recommend it with the
  • sous vide egg it is fantastic, fantastic. Wow I didn't expect it to be that good.
  • If all right if you like eggs and you like steak... Steak and eggs! Steak and egg Angel.
  • This is incredible. I didn't see that coming. I didn't think it was gonna be that good I promise you
  • everybody I didn't think was gonna be that good that is incredible. I have to
  • decide which one is the best one, hmm let's go for the last one. All right
  • you ready for the last one? I don't think there's any way that just can be better
  • than this one. I'm not that great with chopsticks I'm not gonna lie. You gonna go
  • with the hand. I'm gonna try I'm gonna try it with my
  • chopsticks. You gonna try it with a chopsticks okay go for it buddy. I'm not
  • Jackie Chang. This is a wagyu experience so are we just gonna go straight forward
  • we're gonna dip it on the egg? I feel like I want to deep it on the egg
  • No lets go like this man, straightforward go for it
  • that rice is fantastic though. Ah Angel? It fell in my hand man. It fell in your
  • hand, go for it. See but now since it broke in half I can
  • try something. Put it in there. I can try something. Wow that is incredible!
  • So now we have to pick a winner Angel, which one did you like the best out of
  • all of them? It's hard though because they're always hard it's not hard is just I
  • can't believe it. Oh which one? The one with the egg . The one
  • with the egg ! I was talking the most trash about that. He said oh the egg
  • looks weird and it doesn't look that good, but guys eating it with the egg it
  • is incredible. I wonder if any other steak would taste just as good probably
  • will be good as well. A prime? Yeah like a prime steak if you don't have Wagyu
  • everybody try it with any steak. I would say pet pasteurize it though. Yeah no
  • definitely pasteurize, just be safe about it. Because what happened is
  • very, very creamy, right? This egg is 135 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour it's
  • super creamy and it is incredible it gives a very unique flavor. I'm so happy
  • I gave this a try. Anyway as you guys saw it we have a lot more steaks to cook for
  • our family members they want to enjoy it as well. This is a Wagyu experience
  • not only for me and you but also for the family everybody. Guys... there's two other eggs
  • and everything so they can try that too. So yeah we got more eggs as well. I hope you guys
  • enjoyed this video if you do enjoy it make sure you give it a thumbs up if
  • you're not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if
  • you're interested in anything I use everything is always on the description
  • down below thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys on the
  • next one everybody. Can you believe you like the egg better, can you believe this?
  • Okay I'm what what I'm not a kidding bro look
  • I went all out I probably I drowned it. You drowned it in the egg the egg is
  • incredible. Im gonna do something else I'm gonna do something I'm gonna just dip the
  • whole thing. oh yeah I mean you have to live it now you broke the whole thing. I
  • know right my sushi rice. Hiro I'm sorry Hiro I tried right Angel? I tried
  • Yea we tried. But the flavor the sushi rice with the sushi vinegar
  • the vinegar doesn't taste like vinegar, let me tell you, it is a special vinegar
  • thank you so much Hiro for teaching me how to make this rice this rice is
  • amazing everybody. Oh my god this is delicious
  • mmm I'm gonna do something I'll be right back.
  • what are you doing? You're cheating! You are already heating it up.
  • nothing happens you cheat him you put it on there barbecue I'm sorry your life
  • Nothing happened, You cheated, he heated up a little bit more everybody guys will have more
  • family members ready to try we'll see you on the next one take care bye bye. Do
  • that egg that egg is amazing. Do the egg. Do, do the egg! All right, I'm doing this again.

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I show you how to experience the best grading steak in the world. This steak is expensive but when cooked 3 different ways for a family of 5 the price is justifiable. This steak experience is not something you do everyday, it is for something special and if you get a chance to cook this amazing steak, I recommend cooking it this way.

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