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Video Welcome to my OG Skin Fortnite Clan (RARE Skins Only)
13:21   |   01/22/2019 at 18:44


  • is that what I think it is oh that's it
  • that's the RICO expert oh my god it's
  • the rare skin in the game
  • alright ladies and gentlemen welcome
  • back to a brand new Fortnight video
  • before I go ahead and show off my og
  • fortnight clan I just wanna let you guys
  • know the today's video is sponsored by
  • EA command & Conquer rivals an epic
  • real-time one versus one a mobile
  • strategy game they're having a launch
  • celebration January 12th on Twitch so
  • make sure to check that out and click
  • the link in the description to download
  • this app for free a big thank you to EA
  • for sponsoring today's video and without
  • further ado welcome to my urging
  • fortnight clan welcome to the ergy
  • fortnight clan headquarters sorry first
  • up let's get all the renegade raiders in
  • this corner over here let's get all of
  • the elves in the middle and let's get
  • all of these skull troopers over here no
  • recon experts no goal troopers and no
  • aerial assault troopers so the elf is
  • the most common OG skin that I have
  • allowed for this video but sigh it's
  • good to know that we've all got us going
  • alright let's go to participate in our
  • first activity we're gonna go over to
  • retail road and we're gonna go dance in
  • front of the og sign
  • so everybody peacefully make their way
  • out of here I'm not gonna take the plane
  • but you know what I'm not saying you
  • can't do it yeah in fact it would be
  • good actually everybody outside the
  • front no plane no plane no plane
  • everybody on me everybody on me
  • single-file line behind me
  • everybody crash and follow me we're
  • gonna go in town everybody followed me
  • yes oh my god we're gonna win a full
  • walk speed full walk speed full walk
  • speed or crap speed I mean crap speed
  • alright let's go G clad Robin oh dude
  • this is why they need to get rid of
  • playing stone Sam
  • alright again we're gonna meet up at our
  • G headquarters but okay well there's two
  • RG headquarters there's the mansion and
  • then there's this like hideout because
  • it's got a G written on the wall oh we
  • lost two lives I think someone was on
  • the ground as well yeah I hate to see it
  • you really do no no
  • oh just your homes day we've been
  • ambushed by faker geez alrighty
  • it looks like a lot of our og brothers
  • didn't make it this round here is this
  • gonna happen guys because we didn't get
  • enough players here we're all gonna jump
  • off the edge and commit not living
  • commit not living alright we need more
  • people we more clan
  • we need more client members alrighty
  • this is perfect okay everybody let's
  • back up and go behind that line again
  • we're waiting for the other bus to come
  • in should all be in very very soon this
  • time we've got the Regal troopers that's
  • awesome still no aerial assault troopers
  • all right we're gonna group people up
  • again let's get the renegade brand it's
  • in the corner over here it's got elfs in
  • the middle again it's get skull troopers
  • in this corner over here and let's get
  • gold troopers over here where this
  • couches I know about you guys well
  • that's a pretty big orgy clan alright
  • alright there's planes ok I don't know
  • how we're gonna do against that I want
  • to form that line outside the front
  • let's go Gege here we go guys
  • single-file line we'll go in a retail
  • row I've pinned it from my team we're
  • going with the og sign this time we're
  • actually gonna make it no bubs what are
  • you doing you bet you're not an orgy
  • alright let's go actually I have a
  • better idea nice big horizontal line go
  • my oh jeez this is the best spot ever
  • alright destroy the truck leave the wall
  • there can I get everybody lined up in
  • front of the urge east Sun everybody
  • lined up in front of you okay I'm coming
  • back down
  • modern balls I don't appreciate that can
  • I have everybody please lined up on the
  • RG sign lined up against the wall and
  • then if that's full I want you to then
  • go one in front of the person that is in
  • front of the ogee oh we got one more
  • edgy coming in okay no you're not oh gee
  • hey it'll Royalle night try them anyway
  • do you think you're doing
  • you're doing your honor gee uh yeah
  • everybody lined up no one passed this
  • elf and no one passed this skull trooper
  • and honestly guys I just want to see
  • your best dance moves let's just see
  • your best urge you dance groups oh well
  • we got some flosses I've got more people
  • flossing here than a New York event all
  • right all right let's oh wait is that it
  • okay then
  • lemonade power is Bend all right sir
  • we've got four six planes to choose from
  • so that's a max of 30 players that we
  • can get on planes let's try and keep the
  • planes coordinated I'm gonna have all
  • the renegade Raiders on this plane if
  • you're not a renegade Raider please step
  • off the plane so I have an elf plane
  • behind us have a goal trooper plane have
  • two else up off you get come on guys
  • I forget let's have everybody yes oh if
  • we can have people T posing like a gold
  • trooper pilot plane they're doing a
  • phenomenal job as many T poses as we can
  • would be greatly appreciated follow me
  • into the sky and we're just gonna go for
  • a straight line all right nice little
  • straight line that's up we go nice and
  • slow try to stay in line with me in line
  • with me use your boots and brakes to
  • stay in line with me I've got a dura
  • burger skin on yeah there's my in fact
  • if you guys could go in front of me
  • nice work called troopers you guys are
  • doing a great job all right let's speed
  • up a little bit to catch up with gold
  • troopers everybody else behind me catch
  • up please I want you guys in front of me
  • look at the oh geez boys skull trooper
  • come back a little bit you're bit far
  • forward oh that got that skull trooper
  • planes on point boys that's awesome
  • where's the elf plane going they'll play
  • in you too far front you got to catch it
  • you got to slow down oh it's just
  • perfect
  • this is perfect place this is a lot of
  • edginess right here all right let's go
  • Park our cause at the near oh look at
  • that Shaw that's awesome all squads well
  • just follow me we're gonna pop them here
  • in this area before dusty divot Park
  • them all if you can park next to me
  • that'd be perfect nice work elf plane
  • good stuff
  • okay well I think our planes were inside
  • of each other but it's okay let's
  • continue it a little bit shall we
  • and let's uh let's just everyone on me
  • so just got a dusty divot inside dusty
  • Dingle sorry alright yeah I'm gonna I'm
  • not seeing any movement guys come on me
  • and you guys didn't stop blessing I'm
  • not seeing enough movement
  • alright everybody actually floss now
  • let's go oh look at that you know what
  • this might be world record amount of
  • losses
  • oh there's two defaults they've
  • infiltrated nice work teammates get it
  • cuz Jack show my team or there's actual
  • player here let's all let's old delete
  • him everybody on my team to lead him
  • with your edginess of your pickaxes
  • everybody guard
  • alright show them how RG we are yeah we
  • don't care
  • oh geez rule the world oh geez rule the
  • world
  • yeah damn boy well yeah we got more left
  • get these not oh jeez yeah with pickaxes
  • there guys pickaxes oh there's more
  • faker cheese coming in people of my team
  • get these faker jeez am i faker geez
  • they're just not oh geez get the drift
  • he not oh gee it's not teaming cuz we're
  • on the same team see oh there there
  • alright that's all guys swimming oh jeez
  • it's time to go swimming oh we got music
  • boys everybody dance out let's go
  • everybody dance out your urge eNOS og
  • Ward let's go and delete this not OG
  • right in front of me let's go go go
  • delete him for not being hurt nice work
  • there very nice work
  • okay everyone going to the block but
  • dark jump into the bounce pads just yet
  • is that an aerial assault trooper oh it
  • is we got an aerial assault trooper or
  • is he been this whole time
  • alright everybody meet where that chest
  • is on the on the top look at this guy
  • he's so RG can we get some claps out
  • there golf claps normal claps whatever
  • you've got
  • behold slide just look at this guy he
  • saw oh jeez like we do now if you were a
  • recon expert on the other hand you're a
  • shout out seize my boy whoa I'm the real
  • one I'm the real one
  • okay no oh it's actually a player
  • okay well there was a player there yikes
  • okay I'm gonna fly over and then we're
  • gonna jump in everybody come to this
  • little Bowl whether it's just for
  • balance pads in here right in the middle
  • that's where the big fun is that
  • everybody come here all righty
  • doggone that's not cool
  • a jumping castle has been deaf okay
  • noodles that's not cool all righty I
  • think I see it I see it is that is that
  • what I think it is oh that's it that's
  • very good expert oh my god it's the rare
  • skin in the game dude it is like the
  • leader of the pack today boys I have to
  • step down you know America this YouTube
  • channel and that's cool well this guy
  • has a rare skin in the game right now
  • all right
  • although you guys destroyed the ergy
  • wool wait who's that reindeer
  • it was the reindeer wasn't it it was the
  • reindeer just did it all right that's
  • fine guys let's everyone everyone
  • everyone leave quickly we got to try and
  • get away from the reindeer no don't
  • shoot me I'm the real one that's gonna
  • be here everybody line up on the road
  • all right let's have the groups let's
  • have skull troopers out the back of the
  • group so skull troopers here on me skull
  • ship is right here gull troopers right
  • next to them over here
  • I'll grab elves over here oh okay thanks
  • guys they're shooting come on
  • they're shooting come on guys come on
  • now we got to be good we're gonna be
  • good all right everyone up against the
  • back wall let's do this guy's
  • let's go our jeep plan let's do it
  • all right this corner is the elves in
  • the middle I want to see my orgy skull
  • troopers over here I want to see my gold
  • troopers and renegade Raiders you guys
  • can hang out a little bit
  • ladies and gentlemen the RG Klan we have
  • the elves can I give it up for the elves
  • let's go give us your best dance moves
  • us guard we got the purple scope we'll
  • try that again to think we almost had it
  • too
  • I actually want to cry the full orgy
  • clan we've got the elves give it up the
  • elves yeah that's the suck
  • we got the skull troopers yeah looking
  • fresh love to see it we've got the
  • renegade Raiders and the gall troopers
  • big mind blood and then last but not
  • least we have buttered bowls as the
  • aerial assault trooper and of course the
  • one the only literally H with the Recon
  • export oh jeez skin give it up for this
  • guy sure will dance why not you know
  • that's our G that's so our G all right
  • so now we need to do a meet up in retail
  • Road everybody let's leave and meet me
  • at the front we're gonna do a
  • single-file line to retail right or do a
  • big ergy celebration all right it could
  • be done much time guys on me don't get
  • rid of the plain autos royale night here
  • just leave it for now or if you can kill
  • me and kill him all right oh all righty
  • just go just go
  • no everybody go fly away my orgies we
  • must get to our G place go go go go go
  • before we all die all right I said we're
  • gonna camp fire this is a great time for
  • a campfire all righty
  • Oh campfire everybody on the campfire
  • yes let's go let's go they can't take
  • the orgy away from us like that all of
  • my oh geez welcome thank you for being a
  • part of this experience I really do
  • appreciate it we are the number one orgy
  • clan and I can't take that away from us
  • until the campfire runs out then they
  • can if everybody could just before we
  • die when the campfires run out come over
  • to the ER g sign and do a little dance
  • move default dance preferred I'm a big
  • default dance in front of the oh geez
  • let him know that uh quite literally we
  • are just so Oh G all right my fellow
  • wedgies I bid you a farewell
  • [Music]
  • so sad

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Welcome to my OG Fortnite Skin Clan (Shoutout Lachlan Discord)
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