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The Best Boba In Vancouver | Best Of The Best
The Best Boba In Vancouver | Best Of The Best thumb The Best Boba In Vancouver | Best Of The Best thumb The Best Boba In Vancouver | Best Of The Best thumb


  • - Good morning, everyone!
  • So today I am going to be hopping on a plane to Vancouver,
  • and I'm very excited because I'm meeting
  • Emma Choo, otherwise known as @vancouverfoodie,
  • in real life. I've always been
  • a little low-key jealous of Emma because
  • based off of her feed, it seems like she's just eating
  • delicious, tasty-looking food all the time.
  • Seems like Emma really knows the best spots in Vancouver.
  • One of the things that I asked Emma
  • if we could go try together is boba tea
  • because I feel like I haven't really gotten a lot
  • of variety or just great options here in Manhattan.
  • So I'm very excited. I have a plane to catch,
  • I have to get ready, so I will see you
  • and Emma in a bit. Bye!
  • Emma: I'm on my way to meet Herrine for the first time,
  • and she has no idea what's in store because I'm gonna
  • take her to three different boba spots in one day.
  • So I'm born and raised in Vancouver,
  • British Columbia, Canada,
  • and this is the place, besides Taiwan, that is,
  • the land flowing with milk and tapioca pearls: boba!
  • And with boba, there are a ton of varieties. I mean,
  • there's milk-based, there's fruit, slushies, you name it,
  • but because you can't try so many all at once,
  • we're gonna focus on one, the one that is all the rage
  • right now, and that is brown-sugar pearl milk.
  • So is it boba, bubble tea, tapioca pearls?
  • It's all interchangeable, really!
  • I would love to tell you more, but I'm just about to arrive
  • at the first stop, so let's go in!
  • Herrine: Our first stop is Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea.
  • - Yi Fang is popular because people are keen on the
  • vintage interior style and also the authentic
  • Taiwanese flavor.
  • - Yi Fang's pearls are great because they're like
  • the just-right amount of chewiness, and they're not
  • overly sweet, but they're also not plain.
  • - Our top-selling drinks would be Yi Fang Fruit Tea
  • and our Black Sugar Soft Pearl Milk and milk tea.
  • Herrine: The Black Sugar Pearl Milk is only made
  • at 3 p.m.
  • and 7 p.m.
  • Tapioca pearls imported from Taiwan are stirred into
  • a boiling pot of water and cane sugar.
  • The pearls are ready to go when they start
  • floating to the top.
  • A generous amount of dark sugar makes the pearls complete.
  • Then, the pearls are topped with ice and milk
  • to create a pretty gradient.
  • - We will never shake the brown sugar for customers.
  • We will present it to them and probably let them
  • take picture first, and then we will ask them
  • to shake it before they drink it.
  • - So this, this by far is the most popular drink here.
  • - This is the one that people line up for.
  • This is the Brown Sugar Soft Pearl Milk.
  • - The Brown Sugar Soft Pearl Milk.
  • - Yes.
  • - How does one drink this? Do you just shake it or...
  • - There's this one word they call "Mudflip," and
  • it's a one-flip kind of scenario.
  • Ready?
  • - Three, two, one!
  • Oh, I see! It is trickling down.
  • - Yi Fang specializes in simmering it over time
  • so that the pearls actually soak up that flavor,
  • that rich, caramelized flavor that brown sugar actually has.
  • Yi Fang was like one of the first places to actually
  • bring it over from Taiwan.
  • - Is there a way to, like, stab it so that the hole
  • isn't just like a gaping mess?
  • - Yep.
  • - What's the trick?
  • - The trick is to have confidence.
  • Confidence is key.
  • - That's where, that's where it lacks.
  • - She lacks confidence?
  • It's OK, I'm gonna teach her a lesson right now.
  • Confidence, one, two, three!
  • Yaaaas!
  • - Confidence, the key to everything.
  • - Cheers.
  • - This is, one more time, the Brown Sugar Milk Pearl Tea.
  • - How'd I do?
  • - Brown Sugar Soft Pearl Milk.
  • - Mmm. - Ooh, that's nice!
  • - Fave!
  • - So I definitely get the brown-sugar taste,
  • like, kind of like a caramelly taste.
  • - Yes. And you know it's kind of been simmering there
  • for a while or else you won't have that
  • deep, caramelized flavor.
  • - It is like burnt sugar, kind of, yeah.
  • - Yeah, that's the key.
  • - OK, so boba now. I'm scared because, you know like,
  • when you drink the boba, sometimes it just, like,
  • shoots to the back of your throat...
  • - And then you choke, and then your life, like,
  • flashes before your eyes?
  • - Boba is the "treat yo' self" kind of dessert drink.
  • - Right, but it's also like, you could die.
  • - Yeah. - You could choke.
  • But it's a risk you're willing to take.
  • - Exactly, it's worth it.
  • - OK, all right, let's do it.
  • - Mmm.
  • - Oh, wow, OK.
  • - Soft, dense, chewy.
  • - So regular boba kinda just is like a blank-slate flavor,
  • right? It's just more of a texture thing.
  • - Pretty much.
  • - But because this was simmered in the brown sugar and
  • cane sugar, right...
  • - It comes out even more.
  • - There's more flavor, and that's why it's so popular.
  • - Yes. - Got it.
  • - Boom!
  • - Our second stop for today is Xing Fu Tang.
  • I hope I pronounced that right.
  • - Spot on.
  • - And what are they most known for?
  • - They're most known for their stir-fried
  • brown-sugar pearl milk.
  • - Stir-fried?
  • - Stir-fried!
  • - I've never seen boba stir-fried, let's go check it out.
  • - Let's go!
  • Herrine: Black sugar, is this the best store to get it?
  • - Yeah, I think it's the best.
  • Herrine: The shop stir-fries the pearls to get
  • a more pronounced char flavor.
  • The dark-sugar pearls are ladled on the rim of the cup,
  • topped with ice and milk.
  • Caramel salted cream and a dash of more brown sugar
  • add an extra element of flavor.
  • - So as you can tell, this lid, you don't have to...
  • - Stab with confidence!
  • I mean, there's a nice hole at the top, so, uh, bless.
  • - Ooh! I wanna stir it 18 times.
  • - OK, go for it.
  • - One, two, three, four...
  • - That was like, 19.
  • - Oh, sure, sure. - That's OK!
  • - You wanna fight?
  • - I don't know, which one do you like?
  • Do you like this?
  • Any critiques?
  • - I am more of like, I like the roasted flavor
  • of having it soaked in the brown sugar over time,
  • whereas this one they sort of just, like,
  • put it together, whereas they kinda do have that
  • show aspect at the front, but then Yi Fang cooks it
  • a little longer.
  • It, the chewiness, and the softness of the pearls
  • depends on how long you cook it, so it obviously starts off
  • very hard and dense, and the longer you cook it,
  • the softer it gets.
  • - Right. - Yep.
  • - So does this stir-fry, isn't fully, like, cooking it
  • to the point where it's, like, soft and squishy
  • like at Yi Fang.
  • - Yeah, no, I think they cook in the back first
  • and then they just incorporate it...
  • - Got it. - On the spot.
  • - I don't know, what wins for me here is that top.
  • That salted...
  • - That's what sets it apart.
  • - Toffee cream is, like, delicious.
  • - They do, it's almost like a crème brûlée topping
  • where they just little, add a little fire at the end
  • with the brown sugar.
  • Herrine: Our third and final stop is OneZo Tapioca.
  • OneZo is known for its different flavored tapioca pearls.
  • The shop also makes the pearls in-house.
  • Still, the Brown Sugar Dirty Mix is a top seller.
  • - I come here at least once a month.
  • I like the pearls, everything's, like, handmade,
  • and it's probably the best brown-sugar
  • tea in Vancouver.
  • I like Xing Fu Tang, but this is the best.
  • It's going everywhere!
  • Herrine: It starts with homemade dark-sugar
  • tapioca pearls,
  • ice, and milk.
  • - They made their boba in-house,
  • so I'm expecting this to be like
  • when it comes to the pearl part.
  • - Confidence?
  • - Oh, I got some spillage.
  • Confidence was not key. Cheers!
  • - Gonna mix it up a little bit.
  • - Whoa!
  • - Mmm!
  • Those pearls are good, very chewy!
  • It's interesting 'cause, like, when you see the pearls
  • up close, they seem a little more, like, translucent
  • than opaque. - Oh yeah, you're right!
  • - So maybe that's what happens when it's, like,
  • freshly made.
  • I feel like this one, like, blends
  • really well together, the flavors. It's not like
  • too, contrasted?
  • It's almost like a nice, warm feeling, sitting by the fire,
  • kind of caramel.
  • - This by far, like, the flavor of the brown sugar
  • is the strongest, the boldest.
  • And the pearls are like...
  • super soft.
  • - Super soft and chewy.
  • - And absorbed that brown-sugar flavor.
  • - This is good!
  • - This is real good.
  • - Ooh! Third time's the charm.
  • - We just finished our boba adventure. We went to
  • three places. Can you list 'em for us one more time?
  • - We had Yi Fang, Xing Fu Tang, and also OneZo.
  • - After a long day of just trying out all three places,
  • we picked our favorites.
  • - Yes, are you ready?
  • - Three, two, one. OneZo!
  • - OK, OK, OK! Unison, I see what we're doing here.
  • - Why was OneZo your favorite?
  • - I really liked how all three elements of
  • the fresh milk, the brown sugar, and the handmade pearls
  • really worked well together as a whole.
  • - I totally agree with you, and I think, just like,
  • the handmade aspect of it really sealed the deal for me.
  • The pearls were super, like, soft and chewy,
  • and just the right amount of texture, and it had that
  • very saturated, dark-brown-sugar taste.
  • All right, Emma, thank you so much for taking me
  • all around Vancouver and taking me to the best
  • boba shops. - The pleasure's all mine!
  • - I wouldn't have done it with anyone else but you.
  • I learned so much.
  • I'm gonna go lay down. What're you gonna do?
  • - I'm gonna hand over all the leftover boba
  • to my boyfriend now, so I'm gonna head out.
  • - All right, well, I'll see you again soon!
  • - OK! Hugs! Bye! Oh!
  • That's OK. Bye!
  • - Bye! - Bye!
  • Check out the goods! Gonna go back, bye! Have fun.
  • Herrine: Byeeeeeee!

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Herrine Ro visits Vancouver, BC and meets up with Emma Choo. Emma is a Vancouver native and person behind @vancouverfoodie on Instagram. Emma takes Herrine to the top three boba shops in the city. They try out the single most popular drink across all three places: the brown sugar pearl milk tea. In the end, they share their favorite place.

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The Best Boba In Vancouver | Best Of The Best

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