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Video Fortnite Diss Track (Official Music Video)
10:11   |   views   |   01/11/2019


  • Wow that's not funny no you're going too
  • far the diss track is completely done
  • and this is not going to be a normal
  • district ladies and gentlemen what we
  • are doing I am about to call up shadow
  • Cole he has to be unblocked on discord
  • we're not on horrible terms right now
  • but what I'm going to do I am going to
  • present him the district literally live
  • to his face I am going to get his
  • reaction this is going to be absolutely
  • insane
  • ladies and gentlemen I haven't talked to
  • shadow cool since yesterday but I am
  • about to make him cry because he removes
  • me on everything he blocked me and this
  • is what he gets even yesterday he told
  • me he doesn't want to be my friend
  • anymore so ladies and gentlemen the
  • district is finally here I'm gonna
  • invite shadow cool to a party I'm going
  • to call him up hopefully he's going to
  • answer and I'm gonna let him know I
  • finished the district what do you want I
  • got something to tell you what joy wife
  • party
  • I don't know if you even taught yep
  • you're on for tonight join my party what
  • do you want
  • what is this joy all right ready up
  • everybody think it is everything's gonna
  • make sense just ready up okay this is
  • bad like I don't know what did you what
  • do you want from me what do you want
  • dude dude are you gonna keep asking that
  • do you actually not know what I want I
  • mean I think is this the district no
  • it's not the district okay then what do
  • you want that like you're wasting my
  • time here I got stuff to do
  • just kidding it is the distraction all
  • right well guess what nice coming out
  • it's gonna be better all right but dude
  • the only difference about mine is that
  • you don't exactly know this but I
  • believe you might this track right now
  • I'm not uploading it I'm literally going
  • to present it to you live and you are
  • just going to cry dude dude no I'm not
  • gonna cry are you kidding me
  • dude are you nervous or what not really
  • mine's gonna be way better dude like
  • great well whatever you say I literally
  • got it ready dude and honestly say
  • goodbye to everything what do you mean
  • goodbye dude
  • okay all right wait on me then lay it on
  • me if you're the rap genius dude I have
  • the rap sheet go just go just go
  • honestly more like bat achill I wasn't
  • trying to diss you but you know the
  • issue you're a fortnight pro but you're
  • not you got no flow article not radical
  • what are your we thought you should know
  • I made you grow from a hundred Cape Wow
  • me you have to go there you had to go
  • there this is nice unplug beep a tackle
  • and we'll be all round and then you said
  • goodbye you're garbage
  • but nobody can figure out why different
  • night skills make oh wow you have three
  • wins fortnight pro that makes no cash
  • what I'm just getting started I also
  • just farted you're wrong that's horrible
  • this is gets a tackle I didn't want to
  • concede you but you're good I need a
  • tissue
  • good afternoon you eat pizza with the
  • food Wow hey buddy now you're going too
  • far sonic oh hey man I'm back honestly I
  • deserve your YouTube black
  • Wow wait man
  • I'm actually glad whatever you raised my
  • views go up like my age well guess what
  • mine do too
  • [Music]
  • no you're pathetic your wins are three
  • my own luck okay be my friend again and
  • your wins will hit 1000 no leave me
  • alone
  • no naw you went too far I user your
  • plaque are you kidding me
  • wait what you know I earned those hold
  • your keys says well on my own now
  • without you
  • What's Wrong dude well what's not funny
  • that's not funny at all which is far
  • what you do look at me know what because
  • your disgrace man
  • mine's gonna be way better are you
  • kidding me that's all you had and you
  • had to go too far with that to your
  • disgrace you're actually disgrace
  • catechol are you so bad dude because
  • your disfigure actually disgrace your
  • disgrace to humanity and fortnight and
  • everything I stand for what do you use
  • your discretion just leave me alone
  • leave me alone dude what's wrong
  • leave me alone third you literally
  • blocked yeah everything can I get the
  • unblock now or what
  • no you're not getting your block why
  • because you take enough a tell it's out
  • a go look at me look at me
  • white what do you want dude what's wrong
  • no you went too far you said that you
  • know you said the thing about Hannah you
  • weren't supposed to say that in public
  • no dude that's not funny
  • yeah it's not funny why because you're
  • not supposed to say that about Hannah
  • third you have three wins you have nine
  • you got left unread by Hannah okay well
  • guess what what at least I had Hannah
  • before you dude oh my gosh man you're
  • singing about what are you right dude on
  • blogging on battleblock me dude why just
  • like dude let's be friends again no dude
  • you're sort of suspect for to me this is
  • so sad achill it's not even funny
  • go that's it you're going down I'm
  • turned on through slick I'm going to t2
  • you're such a disgrace man you're
  • actually gonna get destroyed now what do
  • you mean I'm warning you right now third
  • your content makes me nap bro maybe it
  • makes you nap
  • I make the best content okay I make okay
  • contact just leave me alone
  • okay it's better than yours though dude
  • here's my long shot I'm just good
  • started bro you getting started okay
  • you're taking a fat L bro you took it
  • where are you dude shadow cool have been
  • enough one no what are you doing eating
  • chips stop what did you literally set a
  • pizza to my house bro yeah and I took
  • the W yeah but if you'd be my photo get
  • you your wins are gonna hit then okay I
  • don't need no wins
  • I don't need your wins dude you're suck
  • you're so lame dude why are you so bad
  • you literally this is what happens when
  • you block me just unblock me let's be
  • friends to get it oh man it was really
  • good okay won't see it alone the dish
  • okay got me good okay wait are you
  • admitted I got you good yeah wait dude
  • yeah so you joined in season two right
  • yes what about it
  • so what he of three wins because I never
  • got good at the game okay oh my gosh bro
  • listen you blocked you on everything and
  • I tried so hard I literally got you a
  • four night girlfriend to make up for
  • everything
  • no you did it you pretended to be a girl
  • you never did the scoreboard video with
  • me bro did I check their stats and I
  • said you bro
  • honestly man the only reason I made the
  • track was to just show that I am NOT
  • going to give up I just really want to
  • become your friend again shattuck oh
  • please let's be friends again please
  • dude I will never make anything like
  • this again if you just please be my
  • friend
  • alright fine whatever whatever wait
  • really yeah I'm tired of this I'm tired
  • of all this stuff I guess you know what
  • fine we'll be friends dude no way I
  • can't tell if you're serious yes I'm
  • serious whatever dude I'm so happy I
  • literally carefully but I just goes wait
  • wait go away go away the refrig sick
  • head
  • we're not friends okay wait what are you
  • sure they get close to you so I can
  • eliminate you okay you tell me you're
  • taking an al al al
  • oh you're taking Al's bro big house hand
  • I left you on red bro okay well guess
  • what
  • Lisa talk
  • before you did did you realize such an
  • ell thing to do bro you're taking else
  • for that weight shot uncle what you're
  • not radical yes I am that's why I made
  • the name are you sure yes did I just
  • farted are you out of your mind it was
  • part of the track bro yeah part of the
  • track very funny dude hold up let me uh
  • let me show you something dude okay all
  • right come here
  • where are you I'm right down what do you
  • want what
  • where are you bro I'm right here what do
  • you want alright so basically you better
  • not you ha your track was horrible
  • you're Hannibal you're a bad person Elle
  • dude listen shad I kill the only reason
  • I'm doing this I really wanted to become
  • your friend again but it just doesn't
  • seem very likely do know my track I'm
  • getting your track now yeah if you're
  • for tonight bro why are you so bad
  • because sometimes you gotta just change
  • the way the world works I don't know
  • what to stop every hole in shadek oh
  • where are you no no I'm not falling for
  • it again no no I'm not gonna eliminate
  • you I promise I promise were you oh you
  • promise yeah I promise
  • yeah like you promises a scoreboard
  • video right yeah al you're taking else
  • what do you want I did I promise I'm
  • knockin eliminate you how okay well
  • guess what I know I don't know why
  • listen listen your skin I'm like look at
  • your skin it actually looks like a trash
  • bin no it doesn't
  • I'm sorry shadow cool dude you're sort
  • of respectful to me and my skin what do
  • you read I wanted to become friends with
  • you again yeah did you call my skin
  • looking like a big like what does that
  • even mean
  • a trash bin why dude I just wanted to be
  • your friend you wanted nothing to do
  • with me that's like you're disrespectful
  • you're taking else
  • I just wanted to become your friend
  • again I only called you a trash bin
  • because he wouldn't unblock me yeah but
  • it's the truth
  • the fact that you know you don't deserve
  • to be unblocked you know your district
  • is pretty bad like I'm not gonna lie you
  • better not you better not
  • I better not what dude where you fell
  • what do you be this game I'm tired of
  • this game I'm tired of you your dis
  • shock was horrible and so are you gotta
  • go gotta go
  • he left the call alright ladies and
  • gentlemen I actually feel so bad hello
  • shot of coal what do you want dude
  • I don't know man I heard you dis track
  • and you know what I think out of respect
  • we should be friends again yes it worked

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Fortnite Battle Royale Diss Track (Official Music Video)

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Today, we show Shadical to FORTNITE DISS TRACK!!


Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

(pg family friendly fortnite gameplay)


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