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  • In order to start the video i want you to blow up the like button
  • It's very important, i want you to be on my side
  • We cannot approve that kind of action, it's impossible
  • And all of the people,
  • I mean, if i manage to claim some usernames, some phone numbers...
  • We'll send them directly to the police.
  • And we'll film all of this, okay ?
  • Ok friends, we just launched chatroulette and the main idea is to trap,
  • As you understood, some sexual aggressors.
  • Some pedophiles ok ?
  • So now my friends we are back on chatroulette.
  • So huh we...
  • Typed the title.
  • Eva, and we're gonna try to catch some..
  • Some people really... Not very nice!
  • We are asking his age so we can tell ours.
  • Let's try to turn on the mic in order to check if he is talking.
  • I told him that i was 13.
  • No problem, really! take care of yourselves on internet.
  • So
  • It's like...
  • He is still here.
  • See ? he is still there.
  • These are.. People ...
  • So now i'm gonna tell him that i'm here to discover.
  • We'll see, it's sad, it's really sad but yeah.
  • I hope i'll manage to get his nickname or something like that,
  • Maybe a phone number, sometimes people give them away.
  • So i wanted to tell you, no matter what i'm gonna say,
  • this person should have left the conversation.
  • *CHAT TRANSLATION*: Him: "What do you want?" You: "I want to see how a man looks like" Him: "Ah ?"
  • You: "well, a penis." Him: "ok wait." You: "show me please."
  • So, listen Eva. A penis works like that
  • so this is made of the penis (no way) and the testicles.
  • The penis is here, a bit curved
  • and testicles are right here
  • So, testicles are also called balls, nuts or bollocks as you want.
  • So the testicle is creating the sperm.
  • Which is led in the deferent duct.
  • Deferent, not different it's not the same thing.
  • Then goes around, up to the bladder.
  • Wow that's completely disgusting!
  • Well, MaxEstLa i see you made another video about me
  • I will unscrew your jaw bud, understand that ?

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HeY KEnTin HeRE leeve a like i'm deficient
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