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Video Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch
17:45   |   views   |   04/08/2017


  • deliciously like potato cake the first
  • big thing that I remember of the kid was
  • taken and beans so this is like a
  • literal rendition except we're using the
  • most amazing pancetta Ernie come on
  • disappear go chase the mice snap a knob
  • to get nice and hot I'm going to turn
  • these beans into glamorous beans
  • pancetta into the pan lightly seasoned
  • that is cured so it doesn't need that
  • much seasoning now start firing off a
  • fan Jetta
  • it's amazing how individual taste of
  • baked beans they're somewhat bland I
  • always like to make them a little bit
  • more spicy so a nice finely chopped
  • chili with the seed chili in now a bit
  • of garlic crushed phenomenal
  • get that bacon really nice and crispy
  • fly off the chili and the garlic and
  • then onions my top tip for dicing finely
  • sliced downwards slice across then cut
  • down to simply dice bacon onions chili
  • garlic but flavor all contained in that
  • little pan once you sweat getting off
  • little bit of sugar in there the brown
  • sugar will start to caramelize darken
  • and enricher as well at the same time
  • well as beautiful now couple of
  • tablespoons spider vinegar these later
  • the pan got that really nice powerful
  • kick to it now spike that up with one of
  • my favorite seizing Worcester sauce
  • bring now the boil and add your stock of
  • pureed tomatoes
  • turn that down simmer the source of
  • reduce then adding the classic baked
  • bean haricot beans you can buy how the
  • beans dried or canned they're packed
  • with protein and have a lovely soft
  • texture turn down the heat and that the
  • beans absorb all that beautiful spicy
  • tomato sauce and just let that simmer
  • now five or six minutes now for my
  • potato cakes they're a fantastic way to
  • use leftover bored potatoes are so easy
  • to make I'm making a simple potato dough
  • by adding flour and butter to the mash
  • that gives it that nice sort of cakey
  • texture and it goes from this leftover
  • ball potato there's nice light flowery
  • potato heaven take a nice spoon of
  • potato lightly flour your boss we're
  • going to fry these crisps on the outside
  • and just nice and fluffy in the center
  • now do you kind nice and hot go start
  • off with olive oil into the pan so for
  • the butt around the outside because it
  • starts heating up a tire goes into the
  • center so once those nut brown gently
  • over love that nice light crisp hello
  • beautiful
  • now take them out tear the cake in the
  • middle and a nice beautiful spoon of
  • beans growing up with beans on toast as
  • a treat still to this day not all those
  • years have not changed my love or
  • attitude for beans especially cut my
  • back
  • [Music]
  • by smoky spicy homemade baked beans with
  • light and cream potato cakes comfort and
  • satisfaction on a plate fish fingers
  • with a delicious chip butty
  • secret of a good chip butty is in the
  • potato now these are Desiree potatoes
  • one of my first ever jobs was working at
  • a chip shop I used to put sacks on sacks
  • of potatoes into the rumble app which
  • was then the potato peeler all day long
  • today I'm gonna do something a bit
  • healthier for my oven chips for the
  • twist simply peel slice and blanch for
  • three to four minutes drain season and
  • cover well with paprika spread evenly
  • over an oiled baking tray and place into
  • a preheated oven for 20 minutes simple
  • as that
  • next up easy fish fingers this is
  • Pollock a really nice firm delicious
  • fish to the fish and finger size
  • patterns of fish put them onto your
  • plate and just lightly solve them you
  • can do that literally 20 minutes 30
  • minutes before you start cooking the
  • fish it firms the fish up beautifully
  • and it allows it to become a little more
  • durable especially in the pan now for
  • the coating start by thoroughly coating
  • the fish in seasoned flour and then just
  • rolling to get rid of those little sharp
  • corners because then they stop those
  • corners almost burning in a pan in your
  • egg wash and really code them wonderful
  • and then this is dill running the well
  • with a fish I'm done the deal through my
  • breakfast that makes it more aromatic
  • maven on to your breath comes nothing
  • wrong with the chip butty nothing wrong
  • with fish fingers
  • just give it a lovely modern twist
  • beautiful once the fish fingers are
  • thoroughly coated they're ready to pan
  • fry and they'll need around three
  • minutes on each side all the fish
  • fingers will be nice and crispy get a
  • really nice color on them first and then
  • we'll flip them over and finish them
  • with butter bring the heat up into the
  • pan a nice little knob of butter that
  • worked wonders with the breadcrumbs in
  • the deal I can carefully take them out
  • they look smell incredible so nice and
  • crispy now to assemble my chip butty
  • starting with buttered big crusty bread
  • [Music]
  • it's nice the best mop up amazing flavor
  • on straighten half never slice in an
  • angle my mouth is salivating beautiful
  • on weather chip butty one thing missing
  • and it signifies that I've never
  • forgotten the joy I've come from food
  • but my god that makes me feel like a
  • nine-year-old excuse me for a moment we
  • want to stuff my face
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • homemade fish fingers and my ultimate
  • chip butty so simple to make but trust
  • me it tastes amazing
  • my ultimate Scotch eggs with a twist I
  • go fishing a lot and Scotch eggs are the
  • perfect all-in-one mini picnic papers
  • firstly get your eggs cooks bring water
  • of the ball onto the spoon and lower the
  • mixed in water that way they don't hit
  • the water and crack two and a half
  • minutes that will keep the center nice
  • slightly running now ground sausage meat
  • I make mine a little bit spicier on a
  • crumble in black pudding that helps to
  • season stop shades inside little touch
  • of salt and pepper and then just to make
  • it a little bit sweeter and a lot easier
  • for the kids to eat some grated apple
  • combined that blend in the apple and the
  • black pudding eggs once they're cooked
  • drain them and then run them under cold
  • water cracking and cooling the eggs
  • quickly will prevent the yolks turning
  • gray tap them on the side of the pan put
  • them back into the water and what
  • happens the water seeps underneath the
  • shell see the shell come off so much
  • easier it's still slightly soft and
  • center on that little bit of richness
  • for the yolk next you see yourself
  • organized with a mini assembly-line
  • siedel flour a little egg wash and bread
  • crumbs
  • take your mince golf ball-sized spread
  • the pate mini-state with your thumb and
  • then sit your egg in there spread the
  • sausage over the egg and you just steal
  • that over it's really important to keep
  • that nice even coating of sausage meat
  • around the egg you don't want it too
  • thick otherwise it gets too dense and it
  • unappetizing
  • give them a light dusting in the season
  • class you don't put the flour on the egg
  • wash won't stick if you don't put the
  • egg wash on the bread crumbs won't stick
  • into you roll it around shake off any
  • excess egg wash roll it into your
  • bathtub you can use this same
  • three-stage method to breadcrumb
  • anything you'd like from chicken GU
  • Jones and fish Phillips to FINA
  • schnitzel
  • these are panko breadcrumbs Japanese
  • white bread crumb
  • so no crust you can experiment by adding
  • flavors to your breadcrumbs like
  • Parmesan herbs or citrus zest always
  • like to push the actual break them into
  • sashimi so it gets that really nice
  • golden brown and stops any of the
  • outside burning once bread crumbs know
  • the eggs carefully into four centimeter
  • deep bath of hot vegetable oil for 10 to
  • 12 minutes the eggs actually cook top
  • and running the center so the objective
  • logistics cook the sausage Lee and the
  • black pudding that's great in it Galang
  • grenade there's something so magical
  • about a scotch egg on a picnic because
  • it's like this little mini treacherous
  • useful bring them onto the paper
  • all them rounds just to get off any
  • excess oil and then to transport them
  • some greasing paper that for me is the
  • perfect start to the fishing trip
  • there's no wonder I never catch any fish
  • I'm always too busy eating my Scotch
  • eggs
  • my ultimate black pudding lace God's
  • eggs and irresistibly delicious picnic
  • breakfast mole chakra doughnuts street
  • food is all about satisfying your
  • cravings these doughnuts are sweet
  • sticky and absolutely delicious first
  • off we're going to make the dough now
  • this dough takes a bit of time that's
  • really exciting I'm heating all of the
  • milk with the sugar is yeast easy to get
  • hold off I only make fresh donuts
  • you need fresh year an exam of the warm
  • milk to the yeast will activate it which
  • will help the dough to rise just us give
  • that a quick whisk the sugar dissolves
  • in the milk the fresh he puts in the
  • grate instantly set the yeast mixture to
  • one side while it does its job it's not
  • the main dough mix and Manning half the
  • butter to the remaining milk that gives
  • the dough a nice silkiness a little
  • light so melt the butter into the milk
  • flour interest if that helps to make the
  • dough like a flu and you know what we
  • got a smooth dough it sort of Rises
  • evenly add a pinch of salt and two egg
  • yolks
  • pouring the warm milk and melted butter
  • then start over mixing it and you over
  • mix the dough of a doughnut but it's
  • really time you know my area youth in
  • nice and warm a little bit of smell now
  • I'm looking for a sort of that icky
  • section just dropping off the spoon nice
  • flower on the board take the dough out
  • lightly sprinkle some flour just pull it
  • over and push in every time and sort of
  • turning it almost like you're turning
  • the dough into itself the dough should
  • just sort of relaxed I should be stick
  • to your fingers now it's just nice and
  • pliable set that a nice clean Bowl or
  • sprinkly flour in there does it starts
  • to rise doesn't stick
  • couple that with simple
  • leave the dough to rise in a warm place
  • for 60 to 90 minutes until it's doubled
  • in size this stage is called proving now
  • I'll start proving that a panel
  • for the chocolate filling or ganache
  • pour 500 Mills of double cream into a
  • saucepan and add honey bring the mixture
  • to a gentle boil traditionally we always
  • put jam in there but chocolate and doner
  • Wow
  • to die for had me clean now give that
  • good mix the butter elevates the ganache
  • into a really nice shiny chocolate coat
  • so that will give it really nice whisky
  • wicked gives about aerated texture we
  • can actually just lightening the load a
  • little bit chocolate filling done put it
  • in the fridge to cool and it's time to
  • gently roll out the dough just let it
  • roll naturally but a centimeter half in
  • depth slice one two
  • place them on your tray and let them
  • rise again once the donors have had 30
  • to 40 minutes arrive it's time to
  • shallow find them in a pan filled 1/3
  • full with hot vegetable risen but look
  • this was a little pockets of air right
  • here we go place these in nice and
  • carefully or maxima but there's too many
  • in the pan the oil will go cold and the
  • donuts will come out soggy turn over
  • peaceful
  • I come out into some sugar mixed with
  • some malt powder 50/50 how do you tell
  • that actually cooked in the center tap
  • on top should be hollow in just sprinkle
  • the malt and the sugar shake off the
  • excess I get so excited every time I
  • make donuts now it was beautiful these
  • are delicious eating as they are the
  • ganache is going to be the icing on the
  • cake piping bag seal the bag over your
  • hands
  • don't forget pop the novel in I want the
  • texture almost like a little liquid
  • inside some a pipe then when I little
  • bit warm
  • hopefully for that burst of magic
  • operation donor looked up the donor
  • squeeze push in and fill just do start
  • seeing our chocolate oh yeah get that
  • back down
  • nice
  • get them on there I've got a little bit
  • heavier and we all know why no that
  • one's got my name on it
  • [Music]
  • that is amazing
  • [Music]

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