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Video Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 27 Review
07:56   |   02/22/2019 at 18:22


  • Blue Rock Fest ha okay that's I heard an
  • overly afternoon considering who the
  • main focus of this episode is all about
  • or they just miss Delf blues rock the
  • fusion music genre which if that's the
  • case can we get ac/dc on on this because
  • this episode kind of needs them
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • thanks to a nomination from Misaki I
  • always been managed to score spot the
  • aforementioned blue Rockfest ignoring
  • the overly symbolic name of the festival
  • oh he was just excited over the idea
  • that she was going to achieve her dream
  • of being able to play on the same stage
  • that her idol was going to stand on and
  • she ended up sharing this little detail
  • with me talk to yourself who whispered
  • tell your husband dr. Khanna yeah we'll
  • get back to that in just a bit
  • anyway due to a science schedule change
  • Ally misaki's band ended up sharing a
  • timeslot we each take you a different
  • stage so yeah they got that whole always
  • vs Misaki part of the title out of the
  • way pretty quickly and it ends up being
  • a total curb-stomped battle with a
  • little-known indie band of course losing
  • out to the established professionals in
  • terms of crowd draw all he still
  • performs admirably but it's clear that
  • the small turnout and the fans leaving
  • in the middle for performance doesn't
  • quite fit well with her okay while this
  • whole set up is kind of cliche I still
  • kind of like it how he clearly strives
  • to become a great artist who is all
  • about the music and such but here's the
  • thing 9 times out of 10 whenever
  • somebody says during it only for the art
  • they're lying yes they might have a
  • mostly sincere dedication to the art but
  • many deep down wants some form of
  • recognition for their struggles it's
  • only natural up until now I always
  • likely never experienced this problem
  • because she's never expected a larger
  • than normal turnout she comes from a
  • small town in the hills after all
  • however now that she's playing at a huge
  • event where there's hundreds of people
  • walking around looking for a good
  • performance she can't help but feel that
  • everything she's worked towards has been
  • for nothing
  • all he claimed that she had achieved her
  • dreams but true be told she still had a
  • ways to go
  • Misaki was disappointed with her because
  • she knew always still has a lot going to
  • do both as a person and as a musician so
  • the death toll could keep the belfie
  • Arts how more up than not things will
  • work out exactly the way they want to
  • and that's a right to be frustrated just
  • long as you get up dust yourself off and
  • try again tomorrow
  • test
  • too bad the execution here is a little
  • off with her performance is over for the
  • day all we headed back to the past year
  • to rest stop and for once it was a
  • reasonable location as a poll
  • to stay on the water something stupid
  • like that wine to cheer up her teenage
  • tried to make some simple sweets with
  • her gummy candy unfortunately they
  • didn't turn out so great since they
  • thrown in a little bit too much gelatin
  • and they had become very chewy yeah
  • someone who'd recently worked with
  • gelatin I can tell you could try use as
  • little as needed
  • cuz this stuff could sneak up to high
  • heaven
  • ichika tries to write them off by saying
  • that they're good since they represent
  • what's always all about however the only
  • thing how he currently saw herself as
  • was meanwhile Elisha had arrived at the
  • festival to essentially steal kya karu
  • from the concession stands oh I think I
  • can already hear one poor bastard crying
  • out in despair over this drink is elfs
  • not great he spots all you running away
  • in tears and like many Precure villains
  • he is creeper tendencies come out and
  • dokay seriously of all the frames they
  • could amaze with fine detail they told
  • that oh please don't give the dosing
  • author's ideas no he instead manipulates
  • always disparage brainwasher into
  • becoming a savage lion
  • you sir are officially a fair villain
  • dan do Konaseema with a popsicle monster
  • back here up all he almost destroys one
  • of the festival stages until didn't kind
  • of go over this already
  • I don't know it's good how Denis here
  • yes thank you convenient flashback
  • oh and that's all it takes
  • hold on it what seriously that was way
  • too easy
  • I'll save talking about it for the end
  • of the video anyway I always snapped out
  • preparing watching Korb transforms just
  • like she else and they defeat a frozen
  • abomination for the second time in a row
  • the episode ends with always sharing her
  • gummy candies with Misaki and
  • essentially telling her that her
  • pursuits to become a great musician were
  • far from over and that she would one day
  • surpass her idol this episode was so
  • close to being really good I just kind
  • of is the mark alright first let's talk
  • about the positives the bits of always
  • tensing up over realizing she was
  • playing to a near empty crowd were
  • directed really well her face changing
  • from overly excited to absolutely the
  • played were really well drawn in fact
  • all the subtle touches giving turn the
  • scene really helped to create a good
  • sense of unease for the struggling
  • musician yes I've seen a lot of stuff
  • like this in more beautiful kiss anime
  • but the fact I'm seeing in preacher
  • being handled with generous amounts of
  • maturity is pre novel major props at
  • Ulmer naka who is piping the second
  • youngest in the cast really hit all the
  • right emotional notes that's it those
  • are all the positives I have with the
  • first half of the episode the second
  • half is where it kind of falls apart for
  • me okay actually another good part I
  • liked was Eliseo he's become the classic
  • Precure villain by being creepy in all
  • the right ways manipulating people's
  • weaknesses working from the shadows he's
  • just a good villain
  • so I think his scheme of brainwashing
  • oli was well done it's just the
  • resolution that really bothers me it was
  • way too sudden and in my opinion doesn't
  • match up with the morals that the
  • episode was building towards wasn't how
  • he's struggling with the realization
  • that her family was still a relatively
  • insignificant little indie group so what
  • the heck is being herself have to do
  • with anything I mean I guess the
  • defining aspect of her character is her
  • love for music but that's still rather
  • roundabout way of coming to such a
  • conclusion that instantly undoes the
  • brainwashing when they seen have been
  • more effective as Misaki or even her
  • bandmates played a part in waking her up
  • either
  • flashback or just coming out and telling
  • her not to destroy the stage they could
  • done a lot more is what I'm trying to
  • say I don't dislike this episode I'm
  • just disappointed I always want my
  • favorite characters of the season so I
  • expect more out four episodes if you
  • haven't seen them yet I just posted up
  • two new videos this week the first was a
  • reaction to the nuclear force doki-doki
  • true yeah they're at it again and the
  • second was a cooking video this time of
  • always buying ice cream I swear to God I
  • did not plan for things to work out like
  • this it just so happened that this
  • episode matched up perfectly with my
  • recording schedule and it was also the
  • episode where I use gelatin for the
  • first time and hopefully the last time
  • nonetheless I am now switching gears to
  • focus on reviewing pre-clear all-stars
  • deluxe to still report to it and until
  • then Dolph Aeroflot my friends in hold
  • on it don't worry I'll get to review
  • your guide to show soon up just God
  • review a couple more movies okay don't
  • worry your time will come your time will
  • come
  • it's never easy trying to satisfy
  • everyone

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Magical girls and Beck style band drama. Will a combination like that plus some sweets thrown in turn out something good?

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(Section 107 - 118 of the Copyright Law)
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