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Video 5 things YOU need to tighten on your HARLEY
10:45   |   12/15/2018 at 21:37


  • what's up guys welcome back
  • it is another wonderful day right here
  • on the channel today we're talking about
  • well finally not just one model multiple
  • models and what comes loose on them five
  • things you need to be checking to make
  • sure they're still tight on your
  • motorcycle so ah fancy transition to
  • work
  • I don't know so for those of you that
  • don't know me my name is John max I'm a
  • highly trained unprofessional right here
  • at Chattahoochee harley-davidson and on
  • this channel I bring you guys to work
  • with me so if you want to learn more
  • about harley-davidson you should
  • consider hitting the subscribe button
  • right down there like I said before
  • today we're talking about multiple
  • models that all have something that
  • comes loose some of them are critical
  • fasteners some aren't it's just stuff
  • that I see all the time in the shop that
  • you guys should know about so you know
  • to check them every now and then so
  • we'll start with Sportsters this one's
  • my very own and I always find front
  • motor mounts loose on them all you
  • really need is a 5/8 wrench Paul I guilt
  • nothing let's go to the other side
  • also tight I'll be perfectly honest I
  • don't know what the torque spec is on
  • that I'll look it up in a minute I'll
  • put it right there so the reason why I
  • don't know though this because to be
  • honest I don't think it's tight enough
  • I've only tighten mine one time I've
  • only tightened the ones that I see for
  • service one time I don't continuously
  • have to tighten it I guess you could
  • take the bolt out and relock cider and
  • all that jazz but I don't really think
  • it's all that necessary
  • you torque it tying it just a little bit
  • past the actual torque spec and it
  • should be fine from there but I found
  • them straight up missing all the time so
  • I figured I'd bring it up so you guys
  • know to check yours and you won't end up
  • losing a bolt touring we've talked about
  • this before this whopping is but the
  • back lever can get loose to see that
  • second camera angle maybe takes forever
  • to replace that spline shaft you got to
  • pull the whole transmission out loosen
  • the shift rod
  • [Music]
  • once the ship fraud is out he's a
  • quarter-inch Alan bit socket and a
  • breaker bar because there's no ratchet
  • head here so it's a lot easier to fit it
  • between the primary and the cylinder
  • without messing up the fins I'm gonna
  • make certain that the shaft is and the
  • lever are lined up where they need to be
  • set the bit socket in first now you
  • can't use a ball island for this you
  • have to use a straight cut Alan
  • just a small little turning its back
  • tide again
  • he's a bond though it'll slip out of
  • that bolt round it out and then you
  • can't get it tighter or looser to get it
  • out of there
  • to replace the lever you have to pull
  • the entire primary off now I didn't
  • replace the bolt on this one because
  • this is a freebie during its service I'm
  • not charging the effort of all or the
  • time to do it it's your bike you can
  • replace the ball altogether and it comes
  • to block match already on it
  • now everything else on this guy's bike
  • is still loose but I already talked
  • about that I'll link it in the
  • description
  • Dinah's pulley bolts get loose it's
  • expensive
  • this time the torque is extremely
  • important it's actually a two-step
  • process when you're actually putting a
  • pulley on the wheel
  • tie them up in a star pattern just like
  • you would on a car wheel the lugs 50
  • foot-pounds to start back off everything
  • 180 degrees retighten 63 to 71
  • foot-pounds I think it is for some
  • reason Oh for a little while there it's
  • not real common but they do get loose
  • and when they do it's expensive the
  • pulley bolts will back out just a hair
  • and you there should be warning you
  • notice that the pulleys like you know
  • well somehow people don't notice and the
  • bolts back out enough to then contact
  • the swingarm
  • and by the time that happens the pulleys
  • all round it out the swingarm gets
  • damaged the bolts break and the threads
  • in the hub are all messed up so it is
  • easily the most expensive issue on this
  • whole list today but you can fix it all
  • by grabbing a 5/8 wrench
  • all right yeah I'm not gonna go all the
  • way around but this one is good this is
  • something that I check every time I do a
  • rear wheel at one point pulleys bolts
  • were a critical fastener that's since
  • fallen off the list of critical
  • fasteners for Dyna
  • and there you have it either way though
  • yeah check these because it's high now
  • this guy doesn't actually have to worry
  • about it though because he has way
  • bigger issues to worry about so his bike
  • doesn't roll pulley loose or not I'm
  • going to watch now all right now all
  • models need to have the battery
  • terminals checked at least every 5,000
  • miles we've talked about this before on
  • the channel but I really didn't want to
  • leave it out and this particular video
  • because it is that important every model
  • has a battery located to replace though
  • your Sportsters for years have been
  • under the left-side cover whether it be
  • an old one well that's promised not even
  • a cover or a new one it's underneath
  • left side cover they're really new ones
  • you actually get to the positive battery
  • cable
  • underneath the seat the Dinah's are
  • under the right side cover for as long
  • as they've been around and touring and
  • softails both underneath the seat
  • v-rod's are pretty much the
  • never you gotta take the airbox off all
  • this stuff I don't even have a
  • we're the example to show you guys
  • the reason I bring this up and probably
  • the most common ones I see we're like an
  • issue has arisen because of battery
  • cables is the Dynamo I've had a few
  • times bikes come in on the trailer or
  • get towed in by a tow company
  • the whole thing could have been avoided
  • if the battery terminals were tightened
  • I just had one last week that they got
  • attributed to another issue and I see
  • that a fair amount where people are
  • expecting it to be something like kind
  • of more complicated something that
  • really needs to be diagnosed and all it
  • really is is a battery terminal that
  • needs to be tightened up so that's why I
  • even bring it up really is because it
  • can save you a fair amount of money in a
  • potential tow truck and it'll save you
  • some time in your garage chase it down
  • something that's non-existent
  • anyway guys that's pretty much what I
  • needed to say right this second when I
  • get done with lunch we'll get back in
  • the shop and I'll show you a couple
  • other things softails most of them come
  • with smoked wheels even the new ones 18
  • Softail heritage have spoke wheels it's
  • like the only model left almost you need
  • to check those seems like the pulley
  • side is always what is loose checking
  • with a spoke wrench I'll start at the
  • valve stem and once I make it back to
  • the valve stem that I know I've checked
  • them all got a loose one
  • now you don't go all crazy and crank
  • down on them either or your wheel will
  • get all like that's the tightness of
  • each spoke is how you know how straight
  • the wheel is so if you crank down on
  • that loose one so it's super tight it's
  • gonna pull that rim over and then the
  • wheel won't be true anymore and chewing
  • a wheel I know joke a lot of dirtbike
  • guys don't know what's up they can do it
  • like not even really thinking they just
  • true a wheel but it's not fun so for the
  • average guy
  • don't mess your spokes up yes
  • quitting time finally it it's been a
  • really long day but that's pretty much
  • the video this week five things you need
  • to check out tighten up Dyna pulley
  • Sportster motor mounts or stabilizer
  • links whatever you want to call it
  • Touring shift lever which is really kind
  • of all big twins up until seventeen soft
  • tail rear spokes all spokes really but
  • especially the pulley side
  • y'all solovey what am I talking about
  • but check this out guys I got my first
  • bit of fan mail today I've never gotten
  • any fan mail that's why I said it's my
  • first bit message me and let me know
  • it's coming some can you see it cigar
  • City Brewing microbrewery little craft
  • beer from down there where he's at in
  • Tampa my boy Dale did I already say that
  • I don't know I'm really excited about
  • this so fortunately I don't put it in
  • the fridge probably should have put this
  • in the fridge you know like when it got
  • here this morning but oh well guess I'll
  • do it no all right dudes you know the
  • drill if you liked this video give it a
  • big dirty thumbs up if you want to see
  • more videos like this one make sure to
  • hit the subscribe button tap that Bell
  • notification to that way you know that
  • I'm upload and when I'm uploading all
  • that good stuff and share this with your
  • biker boys I don't know they might have
  • a diner that the pulleys about a fall
  • off or something which would suck yeah I
  • guess I'll see you guys in the next one
  • [Music]

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5 things you need to tighten on your Harley Davidson motorcycle! I see the same things loose all the time. I find loose bolts on Sportsters. Softail models seem to always have the same stuff loose. Those touring models seems to always want to have a shift lever fall right off. Even our beloved (RIP) Dyna model needs some extra love! I'll give you some info on every harley model in this video! Thanks for watching.

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